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4.5 out of 5 stars17
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2006
This album by the 3 piece band who are now based in Oxford and signed to Transgressive Records (the same stable as ladyfuzz and regina spektor and such musical luminaries) have put together an album full of English whit and good music.

I used to work with Oli and House of Lords (so named because "he's big and all all important decisions have to go through him") in HMV in Oxford and know that their musical interests are as varied as this album is impressive.

It's a well crafted record with some amazing songs:

Part Timer -

The album starts with a riff driven, high tempo affair. And sets the tone for much of the album. very much the bread and butter of the band. the lead vocals being taken by Henry (guitar) and with the usual inserts from House, its a good, raucus opening.

The Decision -

the song that made me love the band. with some of the greatest lyrics. "i'm the prince of Wales, i'm the prince of Wales and if all the else fails i am the prince of Wales" is a case in point.

Weekends and Bleak Days (hot summer) -

the latest album released just before this album. It's a great song looking at working through the summer, being fed up of having to and then bunking off. The video for this is excellent - as are all their videos. The song itself is classic indie pop. I really great song with a chorus that will be sung at all the festivals!

In the pink -

It's a slower-paced affair. with a nice plodding beat and a nice tune. for some reason it harks back to 1970's rock to me. it comes across as a little more sinister than the rest.

Mystic Energy -

a great song that would fit into many an indie bands reportoire. With Henry taking the lead again on vocals and a nice swift pace it's a good one. The chorus is one to jump swiftly up and down to!

Here comes the Ruour Mill -

This is possibly my favourite on the album. it features some of the best lyrics. Great building of the song and some nice inserts from House. Again the Chorus is one to seriously rock out to!

Tailors -

Tailors starts off with a beat built out of the sound of scissors and slowly progresses to a super-grass esque friendly tune. As twee as possible the song is sweet with the lyrics "button button button button. needle needle needle needle. cotton cotton cotton cotton." being a favourite of mine!

Half Timer -

This short moment that includes some hilarious lines 'spoken' by house. its more of an interlude in a jazz style. but its another great track.

She's Attracted to -

A great song about meeting the parents. not the film. the ordeal. This song is amazing to see live and translates well to record. "you were screaming at your mum and i was punching your dad" is an awesome lyric! a stand out track!

Dialing Darling -

is my favourite track. the middle section where house starts to speak. using lyrics from a song i cant remember but recognise. its absolutely perfect. i love it.

Another Hollow Line -

A mid paced song that is again packed full of good lyrics.

Coastgard -

is a faster paced song with a very strong classical indie feel. less poppy than many other songs.

Loughborough Suicide -

is a song about someone who always tlaks about attempting suicide but will never do it. very wry and whitty lyrics. a great song on the album.

Tremblings of Trails -

The end of the album is anothger great song. a slower paced but equally indie.

Its diffcicult toexpress how well this album works. it hangs together perfectly and is very well produced and well mixed as well. It's an amazing album by a group that will be big in the next few years.

i urge you to buy this. now please!

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on 2 November 2006
I'm usually rather cautious when I've looked forward to an album for so long that I'll be disappointed to find, as so often in the past, a couple of singles, two or three decent enough songs, six fillers and a 'meaningful' closing ballad. Something about the Young Knives made me much more optimistic, and wasn't I just right to be.

Based in Oxford and dressed by Oxfam, I am stunned into endless euphemism by these marvellous three kings of English indie-pop.

English is a word that will be used in just about every review of these boys and their work, and it's not hard to hear why. It travels effortlessly between wit, whimsy and wallop. It makes you dream of bunking off work on a hot-hot summer (Weekends and Bleakdays), laying in a corn field dressed in tweed and drinking scrumpy. "The Decision" is a delicious, ingenious piece of insanity that teaches you how, when all else fails, you can still be the Prince of Wales. And there's still time for a fight with your girlfriends dad under the security lights, thanks to the raucous anthem "She's Attracted To". "Coastguard" is dark and clever, and you can feel the unfluence of Gang of Four's Andy Gill who produced the album. "Loughborough Suicide", despite it's deseperate subject matter is one of the most uplifting songs I've ever heard, like when you felt joy at how damn good the Smiths were at despondency. The lyric "I will never go down fighting" has been in my head for a month.

The Knives are sharp, and their music is too. It's uplifting to know that amidst the pompous herion-chic look-at-me-what-a-rock-star-I-am bands bloating the music scene these days with their inspid mewlings, someone like the Young Knives can knock out a piece of perfect pop in brown corduroy and still get down the Dog and Duck for a real ale and a game of dominoes before Pete Doherty has even arrived for his court appearance.
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on 29 November 2007
I first heard the young knives on MTV2 when they played the new video for 'the decision' i was hugely amazed and decided to look for moer on their music on youtube. ater listening to some more of their tracks i decided that i was going to buy this album. I was indisicive after listening to the album for the first time. Their were 4 or 5 tand out tracks and nothing else. I thaught i had just wasted another tenner on a album of a few singles and some moderate other tracks to fill the album out. As ave continously listened to the cd i now have the view that it iw one of the best albums of the century. I will now review 3 of my favourite tracks.

The Decision- As the song that got me into the band i have to admit that this is a work of pure genius. The song is more mellow than the opening track but yet it has has a great bouncy rhythm. Do not expect ,much of this song to make sence as it has some extremly bizzare lyrics especially the opening lyrics to the chorus. "the horses in the new forest, are running in their sunday best". 5 out of 5.

Shes Atrracted To- This song shows of the more comic nature to the young knives song writing talent. The song describes a character meeting his girlfriends parents for the first time. However, he is not impressed by them, and they are not fond of him. The song has some great quotable lyrics eg "your dad cornered me while you were in the loo, he gave me a right talking to, he said i was a terorist!" And a catchy chorus and outro with some rememberable repetitive shouts. 5 out of 5

Tailos- This is definately one of the most remarkebly strange yet brilliant song i am yet to hear. The song, as you can imagine is about tailors. It is a slow track with some 'lullaby like' singing by Henry Dartnell. It also has some moments which still make me laugh for example the "button button button" section. I love lis song yet loathe it. 5 out of 5.
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on 21 February 2008
Brilliant, it's not often these days that I stumble across something this outstanding, I was watching Glasto coverage and saw The Decision which intrigued me enough to find the Young Knives on MySpace and that was it, Hot Summers, The Decision, She's Attracted to, an inspired collection of indie based songs with Smiths/Gang of Four/Xtc influences, only probably more catchy than any of them.
How this didn't win Mercury Award I'll never know but that should at least ensure another year or two of this unpretentious approach before fame and money take over!
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on 29 February 2008
Initialy it struck me as good album that had a few standout tunes on it. But the more I listened to it the more it consumed me. It's an awsome album. And unlike a lot of 'new' music I dont seem to get bored with it.

It's probably my favourite album of the last 12 months.

It's punky, quirky, balsy, inteligent but uncomplicated.

A real gem.

Not a lot of point describing the tunes as you can go check em out on you tube.
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on 29 January 2007
This album was bought from Amazon on the spur of the moment while I was trying to get hold of some new stuff for my collection... I picked up this, some Be Your Own PET, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Giant Drag.

Out of all those, this is the one that I've been listening to the most. I like it a lot... good guitars, lyrics can be extremely funny (very clever) and poignant too, and the singer's voice is definitely very English - something that I like. My favourite tracks would be Track 9 "She's Attracted To" really funny and Track 13 "Loughborough Suicide" - but that's not to say the first track off the album doesn't get you going straight away... "I was bored, I was bored!" ... "And everything stays the same!"

Yeah - this is great... head-rocking tunes with the odd whoop of joy! As I'm writing this review I've been going through the CD again, I must say that Track 2 is damn good too... "I was a difficult child, Ì was abstract and mild"...

Why only 4 stars? Well, it's not perfect, and I can be quite a harsh reviewer. 4 stars is really good and a solid recommendation from me.
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on 30 August 2006
Poppy, spikey, catchy, witty, exciting, interesting and very, very English. Best of all is the way it holds together as a complete album and makes you want to keep returning to it. At first listen, it comes across as very simple musically but each repeated listen reveals something new, and soon the interplay between the instruments, the imaginative chord changes and drum patterns and the great vocal shenanigans all add plenty of depth and energy. Franz Ferdinand and one or two other bands could do well to take a few notes here. This is my album of the year so far by a country mile. Go on, give it a shot!
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on 20 February 2010
If you have any of the other Young Knives albums you'll already know how good they; if you are a first time buyer you won't be disappointed. I've said this before but these guys deserve so much more publicity. This album is just as good, if not better than, the previous ones.
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on 2 October 2006
This album is a breath of fresh air. It delivers poppy, punky, lyrically intelligent songs from beginning to end - and they are catchy too. I've played this a few times now and it gets better with each listening as the songs have more going on in them than you first realise.

The band's style reminds me of of Wire and Blur amongst others - the lyrics are interesting, the music is guitar driven with catchy choruses and the singer delivers in an English accent.I'm really enjoying listening to this and would recommend it to anyone.
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on 22 August 2006
I was lucky to see this AMAZING up an comming band.. live at a local festivel.! this festivel.. the over-rated automatics and charlatans were the main attraction, But to me...the young knives STOLE the whole show.. . with catchy lyrics..great on stage act - inter-song speaking (comedy). Plus they look great in old mens trousers with green ties and rather thick glasses ! this is there debut album and if your heard the single (HOT SUMMER..what a bummer)- then the rest of the album wont dissapoint at all !. The interlude is a good listen! and i am sure this band will have fans growing by the numbers... I see them as a cross between Weezers's image and the Hives hard and fast rock n roll with cathchy lyrics. I am proud to have this CD in My Collection... and You Should get it !
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