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4.1 out of 5 stars29
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 April 2010
This is one of my 'fall back' movies, a post-apocalyptic sports movie, centring on a young woman who joins a nomadic team of Juggers as their `quick' (the fastest member of a 5 man team, 3 fight with metal staffs while the other uses a long clawed chain) in order to escape her poor village, the team journeys from village to village playing for food/money/companionship, until they get so good that they go to one of the last surviving cities to play a league team to see how good they actually are. The games are exiting and brutal and the now several well known actors lift the `B' movie nature above the other dross with stand outs from D'nofrio, Lindo and Hauer. Enjoy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 December 2012
Rutger Hauer is an odd actor. You sometimes get the feeling that he is going through the motions for the sake of the money. At other times, he's enthralling, absorbing. Here, he is not going through the motions. The plot is fairly simple, but well-handled; the cast is excellent, their performances strong & believable; it is beautifully shot & visually immersing. If "post-apocalyptic" & "sport" do not put you off buying, I can't imagine you won't enjoy this.
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on 4 April 2007
Many years ago I went to the States to see a mate who had moved over there. Bored one night we decided to get a video out(yes it was a long time ago) I decribed this film, he'd not heard of it, so he said he had seen 'The Blood of Hero's' and it was great! Of course it was the same film - with a different title in the States. We both enjoyed watching it again.

If you like action to be tough,and realistic within post apocolyptic setting, then - despite it's low budget, this is a gem in the Mad Max vein.

Yes they could have done more. The story is thin - at least the hero gets stuck in, and gets a kicking from time to time. They did not waste millions on it - like 'Waterworld' & the 'Postman'. Compared with the realism of many of todays films it was years ahead of its time. The dialog is understated, but that is not Hauer's style.

If you are a 'rugby playing type' you will enjoy the fight scenes enough to not worry about its rough edges - its not quite a 'sports' film. It's not quite Mad Max, but works in a similar way - with a lot of subtle messages about how things might be!

Give it a try!!!
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on 27 October 2010
I saw this film years ago and had it on VHS. Times move on and not knowing what I wanted for my birthday I asked my wife to update, onto DVD, parts of my old film collection. So glad she did! This film is a true testament to a solid script, great imagination and Rutger Hauer's awesome minimalist acting. There is not a weak role in this film and, thank god, precious little sentiment. A good addition to any film collection that doesn't wallow in O.T.T. CGI and weak story lines. It's up there with the original Terminator and Alien films even if it never had the same budget or high level promotion. Clasic post-apocolyptic vision to satisfy all good film buffs appetites.
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on 29 July 2015
This is kind of like a mix of Mad Max and Rollerball.Gritty and Violent.
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on 30 December 2014
Amazing film full of action seen it when I was 17 now in my fifths and have watched it hundreds of times so exciting great cast and production
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on 6 August 2014
I came across this movie by coincidence.I had first seen it some 25 years ago,and I failed to appreciate it fully at the time.With hindsight I realised that I failed to see its true qualities.
This movie is a "classic".A "cult"one.Although the main theme has been used exhaustively by the movie industry,this is one for the records.A post-apocalyptic society ,with only two classes.The lords and the proles.The former live in luxury,the latter try to survive another day on a barren land.Their sole recreation is a bllody game where two teams of six try to win by maiming each other and slamming a dog's skull on a spike.Each poor village has one team.Our "heroes"are a "nomad" team who fight against village teams for the great prize of food and temporary shelter.There are no heroes,just people who just try to survive.There is,however,a "catharsis" ,at the end.
This is an excellent sociopolitical movie,masked as an action one.Everything is way above par.Script,direction,acting,sets,and,of course,the final message.
I rate it as one of the best of its genre.
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on 13 February 2010
I watched this movie when i was about 8 years old, and it just stuck with me for some reason i can't explain. When I think back, I just had this feeling that it was something special.
When i bought it I was a little worried that i would be disappointed, but it was far from it. It was just as awesome now as it was back then. The other reviews pretty much tells why this movie works, so I wont go into that. I'll just say that this movie, is a hidden diamond and one of the most effective movies I've ever seen.
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on 22 January 2014
Made at a time when these post apocalyptic movies were heading right down the pan, Salute of the Jugger, is one of those films I wanted to watch for a while, and, 22 years after its release, I get to see it, and be sorely disappointed.

I for one, we're expecting some sort of Mad Max meets Rollerball, with some fun chucked in for good measure.

What I got was a miserable bunch of injured people walking across the desert, with a little bit of Land Of Doom and Solarbabies thrown in.

It's not the casts fault, Hauer and Co are perfectly fine, it's just edited poorly, lit poorly, and so uninvolved, you really care less what happens to the 'rag tag' team.

Some people call this a cult movie, and a film for the ages, it's not, it's a cheap, miserable little film, with an okay performance from the cast and little else.

If you like maundering people walking across the desert chucking a skull on a stick,then welcome to the pleasure dome.

Otherwise, stick with Mad Max and Blind Fury.
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on 19 May 2013
Excelent film set on ruined earth much in the future following the exploits of a team of Juggers as they try to gain entry to the league, where hopefully they will impress the powers that be so that they can stay in the city.
With todays outlook to the future it is pretty far fetched but still an enjoyable way to spend a couplre of hours
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