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4.8 out of 5 stars25
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2006
Last Tuesday morning, my radio alarm went off at 6.20am as it always does, stationed on Radio 2. I woke up to the most amazing piece of music which really moved me. It was a mix of orchestra with a ethnic/arabic sound. Wow what a start to my day. I couldn't move out of bed until I had heard it all and hoped Sarah Kennedy would announce who it was. She did, it was Globus and the track was Spritus Khayyam. So up I got, made a cuppa went on line and did a bit of research and placed my order.

In the meantime thanks to some free downloads I was able to listen to the snippet of Prelude (On Earth as in Heaven) which was equally as good.

My CD arrived today and all I can say is THANK YOU to all who made this. It is wonderful. It is a mixture of classical, orchestral, choiral and the different styles take you on many different journeys. Love the "French" track at the end which is very apt as we are off to France in 3 weeks. I can just imagine sitting in a cosy French cafe with "Porque Te Vas" playing in the background.Bliss.

Some of the tracks remind me of other songs/artists. In particular Enigma who I absolutely love and own every one of their CDs. I am also reminded of Consumo Percifio by Enya. The track On Earth as In Heaven reminds me of the recent single by Jem.

I would have LOVED to have gone to this concert. Hopefully they will do a tour and please please come to Aberdeen!!! I bet that concert would have been absolutely mind blowing.

To summarise - a fantastic album which takes you through your emotions, a mixture of different world musics and a blend of eroticism in this music. Enjoy.
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on 7 August 2006
WOW! I've listend to the whole album several times already. The music takes you on a journey of epic proportions. Its a phantastic mix of great rock, choir and orchstral tracks, an instant classic. A must have for anyone who loves film music, big operatic rock and classical music.
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2006
this is easily one of the best albums I have heard in a very long while - and my father and sisters all agree with me on this one. Diem ex Dei truly blows you away, as does orchard of mines, prelude and mighty rivers flow, although I have to say there isnt a bad song on the whole album. has a gorgeous orchestral sound, with modern beats and great vocals. well worth buying!
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on 29 July 2006
I saw the premiere of this album at Wembley and it was breathtaking. The combination of orchestra, choir and rock band

worked perfectly. Awesome !!
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on 28 June 2010
This album is a miracle of musical mastery. For anyone who loves the infinite variety that movie soundtracks provide, this is a must!
A small word of warning, though, if you already own TrailerHead. You will recognise many of the tracks from that album, although they have been gifted extra vocals and lead singers, all of which step the works up to a new high and in every case (in my humble opinion) improves the music.
Epicon, like TrailerHead before it, sweeps you across the Earth, takes you into the heavens and beyond to the stars whilst plucking at your hearstrings.
An Epic Journey from Epicon.
Recommended for fans of Amethystium, Magna Canta, Lesiem and Era.
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on 14 March 2008
A truly outstanding modern and original 'cinematic' aural work, pivoting on a classical/choral base. Contemporary and lucid without pretence, this work has a 'big sound' not due atleast to the 120 or so musicians who participate in its creation. There are some really outstanding vocalists, who in my mind keep this work 'grounded'. Additionally the work is conceptual in the scope appealing to the dreamer, the thinker and philosopher in us all. Mind breaking. With so many creative talents I look forward to their next 'tour de force'.
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on 7 April 2010
Well, this is certainly one of those albums that's a feast for the ears! Here we have Orchestra and Choir, mixed in with contemporary styles such as Rock, Pop and World Music, which in my opinion is a great combination! As for the Pop aspect, with vocals from Daniel Pursey, it may take some time getting used to. I for one wasn't fond of the Pop aspect, but has grown on me a lot! Now, for the tracks themselves! We start off with a very good start to Epicon; Preliator. A very epic track with lead vocals from Lisbeth Scott, which has a very ethnic and somewhat Celtic voice to the track, originally called Lacrimosa from Immediate Music. Next track, we have Mighty Rivers Run, a haunting track with lead vocals from Anneke Van Giersbergen, which has a calming melody and has a deep story to it. Next, we have the first Pop-based track Prelude (On Earth As In Heaven) with lead vocals from Dan. P. which vocals have a beautiful and very nice feel to it to again give a deep story, but about a lost loved one. Next, we have the more Middle Eastern feel to things with Spiritus Khayyam from lead vocalist Shadia, who gives that very sensation of being in the deserts of the Middle East. Next, comes track no. 5, La Coronacion, which is indeed a very beautiful track with acoustic sounds throughout with a very nice choir accompaniment. Next, comes my 2nd favourite track, Europa, with lead vocals from Dan. P. which is all about the history of the European Union; the melody itself is pretty fast-paced and has constant epicness throughout and makes one feel strong and victorious. Next comes my 3rd favourite, Diem Ex Dei, which is arguably the most passionate-sounding track on the album. It is based from my favourite Immediate Music track, Fides en Lucius Dei from Trailerhead! There is a constant build-up all the time through this track, with the explosive effect right near the end, then fades off very slowly with Anneke's voice electronified somewhat. Next comes Orchard of Mines, with lead vocals from Dan. P. which again is a very, powerful and uplifting track that is inclined to give anyone goosebumps, especially near the end! Next track, Crusaders of the Light, has a passionate Choir singing throughout, and has a very sweet, epic melody. Next track comes Madre Terra, whilst although may not sound as powerful of a melody as the other tracks, one can still enjoy the very calm and unusual Operatic voice of Scott Ciscon, which makes a nice accompaniment with this track. Next comes Illumination, which is definitely one of the lesser tracks of Globus in my opinion, with lead vocals from Terry Wood; a good track, but not great. Next comes the exhilirating journey and feel of Take Me Away, which has one of the nicest tunes produced by Globus with Dan. P. again, as the lead vocalist. Next comes the penultimate track and arguably my favourite track from Epicon, Sarabande Suite (Aeternae), with Dan's last vocal appearance. Incidentally, Sarabande Suite is based from Handel's track, Sarabande. If there was ever only one track you could buy that had an uplifting sensation about it, it would definitely be this one. I do not know if Globus will ever be able to top this track. Co-founder Yoav Goren should be proud of his work and effort into this song. First off, the track starts very much like a very beautiful Classical track with a wonderful Choir, Dan comes in about 2 minutes in, there's a break, then POW!! Everything just builds up into one crescendo, awaiting the middle part. Once that kicks in, there is a great sense of epicness and a truly uplifting feel to the track, whilst maintaining that beautiful melody. Dan really sings from the heart throughout, and ends off truly beautiful at the end of the middle, then the track ends off kind of the way it started, with a very similar melody, but ends off the most beautifully. TRULY A LEGENDARY TRACK!! Now, we come to the last track from Epicon, Porque Te Vas (Globus Version), the most disappointing from the album. It has a much different feel to all the other songs and simply doesn't deserve the last spot, where Sarabande Suite would have been placed much more appropriately. It has lead vocals from Tal Badani, who although has a nice Spanish voice, the track should simply not be on this album. Overall, this is one truly remarkable album, although it does have its flaws. I'm giving a 9/10 mark nonetheless. If it weren't for the flaws, definitely a 10/10 mark from me. I highly recommend other albums like Trailerhead (especially if you want some of the original tracks from Immediate Music themselves), Epic Live (Live Globus concerts from Wembley, London and Santa Monica, California), and of course the three superb albums from E.S. Posthumus: Unearthed, Cartographer and Makara.
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on 2 July 2008
If you love soft rock with passionate vocals and the dramatic and comanding music and chant you hear in movie trailers.
Then welcome to the invigorating world of globus as they blend the two,
style's of music to spectacular effect and complexity.
With the lyrics telling of love and loss,hate and war ,life and death, hope and freedom.
And with all the guest vocalists going for that "top of the mountain style" power ballad.
It all blends perfectley with the emovite peaks and crescendos of the chant and rich sweeping music.
And was worth every penny.
if your still unsure check out there Website,it's got music videos etc to watch and samples to listen too.
just type "globus music" in to your search engine.
And if you find you like this hunt down the following artists there, almost identical in quality and style to globus as in ENGLISH LYRICS,with DRAMATIC CHANT some where along a rich/sweeping SOUNDSCAPE.

(LESIEM)is chant and music with english lyrics cutting through on every track and is big on the lush and sweeping chillout feeling,with main vocals and lyrics by scottish singer/song writer maggie reilly of the "moonlight shaddow"fame.Although has some other male and female guest singers,(still sung in english)a great german chant group with a modern but rich sound and a slight ENIGMA vibe to it.There's three albums so far there best one to start with is auracle ,link hereAuracle

(WITHIN TEMPTATION)Is a mixture of female operatic vocals,dramatic chant globus style,heavy metal and a slight medieval vibe, not being a heavy metal fan i was'nt sure i'd like it.
But have'nt stop play there ablums since, as the heavy metal stays in the background allowing there main female singers vocals to be front and centre(all lyrics sung in english) backed up by the dramatic chant .
Start with THE SILENT FORCE link hereThe Silent Forcethen THE HART OF EVERYTHING Link hereThe Heart of Everythingand MOTHER EARTH link hereMother Earth
as these have the most chant runnig right through them.

(ERA)is chant and music with english lyrics cutting through on "some"
tracks and has a modern upbeat feeling of well being.reminding slightly
of the lord of the rings score.i'd start with the best of ,link hereVery Best of Eric Levi

So please do yourself a favor and check them if you like this,hope this helps.ENJOY!!
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on 7 June 2007
If there is any one who just loves to listen to movie soundtrack, this album is juste made for you!

Great combination of classical, orchestral, choir and nowadays music! A must buy.
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on 18 September 2007
If you like E S Posthumus, Enigma or Era you will love this mix of orchestrations, choirs, drums and vocals. A full bodied CD to be played loud in the car. Excellent
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