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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstandingly easy & breathtakingly effective
This is the first ever UPS I have purchased or used. After reading all the reviews (which I do religiously), this appeared to be perfect for the system I have.
After recent power cuts, various spikes & periods of "on-&-off's", it was time to 'bite the bullet' & get something to protect my very expensive system (instead of the standard power surge sockets I already...
Published on 1 Feb 2011 by T. Searle

34 of 40 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Power loss not communicated to PC (buy the ES550 instead)
The whole idea of buying a UPS instead of just a surge protector is to protect your kit from sudden power loss and the risks of data corruption. How can you do this when the UPS fails to communicate the power loss to the attached equipment? Every other capacity model within this range has a sensible USB connector and cable to let attached equipment know about power loss...
Published on 30 Aug 2011 by M. D. Speight

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99 of 100 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Outstandingly easy & breathtakingly effective, 1 Feb 2011
T. Searle "FanTC" (UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is the first ever UPS I have purchased or used. After reading all the reviews (which I do religiously), this appeared to be perfect for the system I have.
After recent power cuts, various spikes & periods of "on-&-off's", it was time to 'bite the bullet' & get something to protect my very expensive system (instead of the standard power surge sockets I already had). My system is a self-built, AMD 6-core system & cost me more money than I would be willing to pay for again. Together with my 20" Panasonic T.V / Monitor, 1TB external drive & Logitech Air Mouse - all worthy of full protection.
For such a heavy package, it was delivered within 4 days - very good considering I got FREE Super Saver delivery (Yet another great service by Amazon).
The connection took about 2 hours, but this is only because I was wary about the connection of the battery, which, as it turned out, was very simple. I also had to untangle all the cables at the back of my desk, label all the plugs so I knew which was to be plugged into either the UPS or Power-surge sockets. I specifically took time to read all the instructions, options & features of this exceptional UPS.
The Set Up:
The battery cover just slides off, tilt the unit until the battery starts to slide out, connect the short cable to the battery terminal (there are a few small sparks, but nothing too scary), & slide the battery cover plate back on - easy!
Decide which peripherals you need to be powered during a cut (PC, Monitor, Router, etc.) & which ones you just need surge protection from (printer, speakers, phone, etc.). Then plug the relevant plugs into the sockets. Because these are UK sockets, there's no need to mess around with 'kettle plug' type leads to connect to peripherals, just plug in & go.
There's also Ethernet sockets for your router protection, + another one for the data cable (Ethernet one end & USB the other), this gives instant access to the current state of the battery, via the supplied software.
The Software:
PowerChute Personal Edition is supplied & versions for Vista, 2000/XP, 98/Me & Mac are on the same disk. This is simple to install & has many options, including: how long you want your system to run on batteries before sleep/hibernation, which alarms you want it to use when there's a power outage, & the current power state of the battery (how long it will run with your current power drain). This isn't 'all singing, all dancing' software, but it has enough options to cover most users shut-down preferences.
The Hardware:
As described in the Tech Specs, this unit has 4 UK sockets for UPS with power surge, & another 4 UK sockets for power surge only. Obviously, the less you have plugged into the UPS sockets, the longer the battery will run for. Surge protection sockets for your ADSL router are placed on the opposite end to the power switch. The Power button is self explanitary & the GREEN light shows when there is power & RED light shows when the battery is being charged. Also, when you just want to turn everything off which is plugged in, you can just hit the POWER button & all is shut down (handy too if you have all your TV, PVR, Bluray player, PS3, etc plugged in & you turn them all off at night). The MASTER ENABLE button allows you to power down all other peripherals when the Master socket has been powered down. So, for example, you have your PC tower plugged into the MASTER socket, when this socket has been powered down, the other UPS sockets will do the same. There is a way to set the 'threshold' of this, but I'm still trying various options to get it how I want it. Anyway, the instructions take you through this process.

All-in-all, this is an excellent UPS for home/small office use. Brilliant if you have limited space for a 'tower' style UPS, as it's size is minimal. The UK type sockets are ideal for a 'plug & play' set up, the software is adequate & the features are all very handy. APC has put a lot of thought into this piece of kit, & it isn't surprising that they are the world leaders in UPS.

I have added a few pictures, which may help if you're undecided which UPS to get.

Really, I can't recommend the ES 700 highly enough.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very Good value, 24 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm running a middle range PC, and needed a UPS to replace my old Belkin which just didn't have enough sockets, so thought I'd give this one a try. So far, I've nothing but praise for it. I have currently plugged in my pc, monitor, phone, two printers, scanner, desk light, and speakers, and it is coping with everything. The plug in sockets are solid - you can't swivel them around - but the space between each socket means even my biggest plug fits neatly. It's not a thing of beauty, and it is quite large, but for peace of mind should there be a power outage - and I get a lot of those - or power surge it doesn't really matter what it looks like. It also comes with everything you need so you don't find yourself racing out in order to buy usb cables, or plugs, so full marks APC
One con - the battery comes with one connection not fitted - presumably for safety in transit? - and it is fiddly to connect. There is no way you can get it out using your fingers - believe me I tried! You have to stand the battery on its side then tip it slightly and the battery slides out. And you need to affix the connector with the smooth side *down*, and the ridged side *up*. Took me a while to figure that one out! Push the connector hard, and, no, it doesn't need to slide completely over the metal connector - again, I discovered that by trial and error. Half way over the connector is far enough, then slide the battery back in. I used a pencil to keep the wire pushed far enough back so it didn't slip off again, because this black wire needs to be out of the way of the cover or it will slide off. Oh, and that cover. Use two thumbs and push away from you to get the cover off. Took me a while to figure that out, too! Once the battery is in place, charge for 16 hours, plug everything in, and you're good to go. I've tried switching it off at the mains, and it gives me fifteen minutes power which is more than enough to save everything, and switch off.
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5.0 out of 5 stars An essential piece of kit, 11 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I live in a village which regularly suffers from power cuts; power surges and spikes. I have tried using power surge protectors, but these tend to work just once - when you have suffered a power surge the protectors will work but cannot be reset. The most recent power surge knocked out my PC's power supply (which cost me 70 to replace), so I decided to invest in a UPS.

I was persuaded to go for the Back-UPS ES550 partly as a result of the previous reviews from Amazon customers (all very positive and helpful). My one reservation was the capacity of this particular model. Would the ES550 be large enough for my system? I needn't have worried. With my PC (a fairly powerful beast with an 850w power supply); my monitor (a 24" Dell) and my modem and router plugged in, the software tells me that I have an incredible 45 minutes of backup power! I have to say that I find this a bit hard to believe, and I haven't tested it by unplugging from the mains, but I am sure that there is enough capacity to allow me safely to finish any work and shut down, in the event of a power cut.

The ES550 has eight available sockets. Four of these provide full back up power, the remainder offer protection from power surges and spikes. There is also protection for your Ethernet connection with RJ45 inputs and outputs.

The UPS connects to your PC using a supplied (non-standard) USB lead. My PC (running Windows 7) recognised the UPS immediately and automatically installed the appropriate drivers, but there is a supplied DVD with all the necessary software on it. Once the software has been installed, you have the ability to configure the UPS as you wish. As an earlier reviewer noted, you can disable the alarm (which I think is an important feature when using these at home). Even better, you can configure the alarm so that it will only sound when your PC is switched on - and remain silent during specific hours. I have set this to disable the alarm between 10:00pm at night and 8:00am the following day. I really don't want the children waking up in a panic every time we have a brief power cut at night!

The software will shut your PC down safely automatically in the event of a power cut. Again, you have options. You can, for example, set the software so that the PC will only shut down when there is a certain amount of backup time remaining (say, 5 minutes). alternatively, you could choose to shut down after, say, 8 minutes after a power cut, if the power is not restored during that time. It really is very flexible.

One tip - if you intend to register this product (recommended), may I suggest that you write down the very small numbers on the very small white label on the back of the UPS before setting everything up and plugging in all your equipment. This may save you a little frustration!

In summary, this is a great piece of kit. it's relatively inexpensive; it's versatile; it's extremely easy to configure; and it appears to offer more than enough power for a home set-up.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Potential Lifesaver, 8 Dec 2011
I recently purchased the APC UPS ES8 700VA uninnterruptable power supply from Amazon to protect a PC I have (Core i7 2600k 3.4Ghz, nvidia GTX graphics, with 500watt power supply). I was worried coming up to the winter time about bad weather causing power outages in the area - plus the eletrical supply occasionally cuts out for a second or so randomly every few months.
A few years ago I had the misfortune to be connected to the internet during a power cut (caused by a foolish cat that decided to get a bit too close to some thinjgs it shouldn't be near in a local power station)that knocked out my PC and completly destroyed it. Since that day I dreamed of a world where such accidents could be preventable....a world only a laptop could provide for....or so I thought until the words UPS entered my life....

I never knew such a product existed before I read an article in the newspaper about these uninterrupted power supply devices.

Thankfully there haven't been any power cuts so far (touch wood!) - but I have tested the UPS by pullig out the plug from the wall socket while the computer and monitor were attached and it works perfectly!

The package arrived (delivered by the always reliable DPD delivery service) and the first thing that struck me was the weight of it. It is very heavy and you wouldn't want to drop it on your foot by accident.
Others have mentioned some difficulties attaching the battery cable and some have offered excellent advice on how to go about doing it but I'll just repeat the steps anyway:
1: slide off the back cover completly by pushing down on the two indentations on the plastic back plate. It can be very stiff to move but don't worry, it does come off if you give it a firm tug.

2: Put the UPS on it's side and let the battery slip out a little bit so that the metal connector thingy is revealed. Don't let the battery come out completly because it is connected at the bottom by another cable.

3:Connect the dangling cable to the metal connector. Push it on firmly.

4: Now try to put the battery back inside. This can be a bit tricky becasue the cable extrudes slightly. Poke it with the back of a pen to make sure it goes in and doesn't obscure the door compartment when you try to slide the cover back on. Be patient and it will go in.

5: When you've got the cable safely tucked inside, slide the plastic cover back on.

6: Remove the warning sticker on the front of the UPS that is covering the 4 top plug sockets (the ones that provide power to your connected devices whenever the power fails; the bottom 4 sockets are 'surge protected' only).

7: Plug in the UPS to a power socket.

8: Switch it on by pressing the 'on' button which should turn green.

9: Plug in the devices you need protected by the UPS (computer and monitor in the top sockets, surge protection only devices in the bottom 4).

It says it takes 16 hours for the UPS to charge the battery so if you are unlucky to suffer a power outage within that inital time then too bad! But when it is charged it is ready to go and will take care of your comouter and prevent data loss or worse.

I didn't install the included software for shutting down your computer. I didn't find it necessary as i prefer to manually shut down my computer (plus I never leave it on when I'm not around anyways).

For the price this product is great. It provides security for very expensive equipment and also stops me going crazy when sudden random power cuts occur that would normally make me fearful of swithcing the computer back on in case another power cut happened during boot up that could mess with the system.

Hopefully this UPS provides all the prtection I need and nothing goes wrong. Until then, I highly recommend the APC Back UPS ES8 Power Saving Outlet 700VA to anyone looking for peace of mind at a reasonable price.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 18 Mar 2010
Charged overnight, set up and running in well under half an hour. There is no application shut-down control in PowerChute Personal Edition, but for home / home office use I debate whether that's necessary. The software is simple to use and takes over battery control in Windows 7 without a hitch. So, some detail for those trying to make a decision:

My PC is (whilst sparing you the detail) a fairly top-end, AMD dual processor system with 2 Gb RAM, two optical drives, single hard drive, NVidia PCI Graphics and a number of USB devices connected. Display is a Sony 19" X-Black LCD and I also have an IcyBox NAS drive connected to the UPS. I plan to power the wireless router from it as well but haven't got round to that yet. So, currently it's the three 'essential' components of the system. Brief test this morning by turning off the power on the switched socket that the UPS is connected to showed an estimated battery time of 12 minutes. That may not seem long but it compares well to the Belkin UPS (similar spec) that I've replaced and is plenty of time to ensure that you finish what you're doing, close everything down nicely and power off to save battery life. That's all I want to do in the event of a power cut at home. Interestingly, having had this unit plugged in and running for an hour or so now, and running the test above, I'm at 89% charge with an estimated battery time of 15 minutes, so things look even better...

There is a review here somewhere, moaning about the need to connect the battery before using / charging the UPS. For the life of me I can't understand how it would take two people 20 minutes to do it! It took me less than 5 minutes, more like 2 or 3...but let me give you further instructions:

When you've opened the battery compartment cover and 'fiddled out' the loose battery wire (the one you have to connect), tip the unit up gently on it's end and lean it slightly so that the battery itself begins to slide out. You'll easily be able to grab it at that point, lower the unit down flat on the floor and lift the battery out far enough so that you can connect the battery cable. Lift the unit up on it's end again so that you slide the battery gently back into place without just dropping it in, replace the cover (two simple plastic clips) and that's it - job done. Plug in and charge for 16 hours.

Hope all this helps someone else make a decision.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Linux-Based Review, 11 July 2012
M. Davis (London) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I just wanted to add a review to confirm how well this works on Linux. I have kubuntu 12.04 on a fairly meaty tower. Being based in (and working from home in) rural France, we've seen quite a lot of power cuts (especially when there are storms) so I figured this was an essential purchase.

Connecting the battery for the first time is a piece of cake - it shouldn't even need instructions.

Once charged for 16 hours (the recommended time) I plugged the supplied USB cable from the UPS to the machine and installed apcupsd (the command is "sudo apt-get install apcupsd" - or just pick it out of your package manager). The apcupsd package needs a few tiny changes to /etc/apcupsd:

#DEVICE /dev/ttyS0

Then you must edit the file /etc/default/apcupsd and change the no of the ISCONFIGURED with a yes. (See [...])

I tested it, and also made a script to shutdown all virtual machines running on my box as soon as a power out is connected (called from the "onbattery" script in /etc/apcupsd), and configured the apcupsd daemon to shut down the physical box three minutes after power out. I've got one (of the two) LCD monitors, an external hard disk and the main computer all connected to the UPS and it reports I have just under 20 minutes of runtime when power dies. I haven't tested that duration - all I'm interested in is an orderly shutdown ASAP! And it does that swimmingly. Very pleased.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Nice little UPS, 12 Aug 2010
This is a great little UPS, perhaps the simplest and nicest feature about it is that it takes standard UK plugs and these are well spaced so it is easy to plug in the AC-DV adaptors most computer related equipment uses. It also has full UPS, plus surge protection only. So you can use the non UPS sockets to plug in all your high draw computer peripherals like printers and such that do not need the full UPS, replacing the ugly gantry plugs you typically use. It only has a small battery capacity though, and you will only get a few minutes use of any desktop PC on Battery. But that is all most home users need, I am only interested in getting a few minutes use to save the file I am working on and shut down gracefully without the risk of data loss.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Does what it's supposed to!, 16 Sep 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: APC BE400-UK 240 Watts /400 VA,Input 230V /Output 230V, Interface Port USB Power-Saving Back-UPS (Electronics)
Changing from laptop to desk top + flaky electricity supply = big potential problems! A bit of research (and a healthy regard for value) brought us to this item and we haven't been disappointed.

Some reviewers have mentioned that attaching the battery was a bit of a fiddle, but I can't say we had any problems - a swift and painless attachment, followed by a charge up and the two we bought have been happily doing their thing ever since.

The proof of the pudding? A few days ago we had a patch of flicking power (I later found out a thunder storm inland had caused all the fun) and throughout we could hear these units clicking in and out just as you'd want them to do. Not a flicker on the screen and our wireless network, router and printer (all protected on the battery and surge side) performed faultlessly throughout - and NO DATA LOSS!

Bottom line, for simple, straightforward power back up, I don't think you can beat them on price or performance.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great piece of kit, 11 May 2011
Elma McMenemy (Stonehaven, Scotland, United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This runs totally silently, and doesn't heat up as my previous UPS did. Being able to plug in standard 13 amp plugs is a big bonus, and the power-saving feature is useful. The only negative (and reason for less than 5 stars) is that this was bought for my first Mac, and although the description said it was compatible, the box indicated it only worked with Mac OSX up to 10.4.6, and mine came with 10.6. Contacting APC produced a speedy (but wrong) answer, however, second time lucky - and in fact, Mac OSX 10.6 includes UPS management, and is better than APC's shut down software (their comment, not mine!) It's certainly very easy to set up and check on with the Mac software. I'm very happy with it, and the price and delivery time (over the long Royal Wedding weekend) was great.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not just for computers, 29 Dec 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Excellent piece of kit. It can keep a table lamp (with energy saving bulb) running for hours, and could probably keep a cordless phone going for days, absolutely essential if you live out in the sticks and have regular power cuts. It ships with the battery disconnected for safety so be sure to flip open the panel on the underside and plug the battery in. I'd recommend this model as the rather annoying alarm which beeps 4 times every 30 seconds can be easily switched off using the supplied software (you only have to do it once) that comes with the ES550 and ES700. Note that the ES400 doesn't allow you to do this.
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