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4.5 out of 5 stars39
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2006
This is an amazing game-without debate-graphically, it is ALMOST (not quite) as good as it's PS2 counterpart-and it has not suffered for the conversion in terms of controls.

The areas in which you fight are incredibly detailed, most of the backgrounds being found in tekken 5, including the ice cap level with the penguins (yes!) The characters are incredibly detailed, and the cut scenes are extremely good.

Now, this game is basically TEKKEN 5 ON PS2 WITH EXTRAS! I cannot emphasize this enough, every ending is the same as Tekken 5's, except for the new characters which have been added. Lily is an excellent addition to the franchise and armour king has also made a return, the russian chappie who makes an appearence is quite bluntly not very good. Now whilst the fighting is excellent, each character has a tonne of moves, combo's and throws, there is the chance to customize characters using money earned-can i just note that in the US version (the english may be different) there isn't all that much to choose from! They say there is a lot more than Tekken 5, personally i wouldn't say there is that much, although i expect you'll be able to download some of the stuff from the internet.

The inclusion of Tekken bowl, a survival mode, a hard hit mode (hit your enemy as many times (and as hard as you can) for money) and Dojo-where you fight in competitions, increasing your rank until you move on to the next dojo are welcome.

Best of all, you can verse other plays via the internet connection which means lots of competition, or you can download other players ghosts, so that you basically fight an opponent that computer has created based on another persons fighting style and rank, however magazines are saying there is some slow down, fingers crossed, this will not be the case in the UK release.

So any drawbacks? This is basically tekken 5 with extra's, so if your looking for something totally different guess again. Except for new characters, all the endings remain the same, but the mini games and dojo are great. Plus, this is tekken on the move-it does have great graphics, gameplay and life, so overall, this is still the best beat em up on the PSP
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on 22 March 2007
The first thing you notice about Dark Resurrection is just how good it looks. When we think back just a few years to the time when the Gameboy Advance was the standard handheld of choice, it's clear just how far technology has come. Dark Resurrection would look good on a plasma TV at home, so it's a brain fryingly bizarre experience to see it on a tiny little machine in the palm of your hand.

Gameplay-wise this conversion is perfect. The main problem with fighting games on handhelds is that they are not the same game as you play at home - they are rebuilt, simplified versions that are completely unsatisfying to anyone used to the full home incarnation. Tekken: Dark Resurrection is not like that, it has all the moves from the arcade (and soon to arrive Playstation 3 version) and, although the detail of the models has been slightly lowered to render them more clearly on the PSP's smaller screen, all the juggles, combos and throws work exactly as they do on the original Dark Resurrection.

But time out. Just quickly, in case people don't know what this game is. This is an upgraded version of Tekken 5, a game which has been very popular on the Playstation 2. The differences are that certain powerful characters have been toned down (Nina, Bryan, Steve and Heihachi mostly), every character has at least two new moves, and there are three new characters: Armor King (last seen in Tekken Tag), the Russian commando Drakunov (all new) and German teenager Lili (also completely new to the series).

What I enjoy about Dark Resurrection in single player is the Tekken Dojo mode where you choose a character and move around different "Dojos" in Japan, fighting progressively harder opponents and earning money to buy new costumes for characters, as well as raising your in-game "rank" with that character. This, along with the new modes "command attack" and "command training", is a great way to learn how to play the game, as, unlike earlier Tekken games, the computer plays a range of different opponents and plays intelligently, instead of being susceptible to the same cheap tricks that make a game get too easy and hence boring.

These new modes that better "teach" you to play Tekken are also excellent practise for multiplayer, which works wirelessly between PSPs in the same vicinity. Although the game occasionally lags in this multiplayer mode, it's not enough to spoil it or be unfair. Multiplayer will probably be a rare occurrence for most people, but it's brilliant when you can set it up with two evenly matched players.

Personally I think this is the best game on the PSP. It's got a huge amount to unlock, a ton for the player to learn, and it complements the home versions perfectly as you can practise on the move for home sessions either with PSPs wirelessly or playing Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection on a Playstation 2 or 3 in the living room.

I think I only have three genuine criticisms of the game: 1.) Tekken isn't a strategically complex as Virtua Fighter or certain 2D fighting titles and as such can get a bit repetitive and uninteresting. 2.) The lag in multiplayer is slightly irritating. 3.) There's no online multiplayer, which would have really been the icing on the cake if Namco had managed to include it.

Overall, it's a superb conversion though and I think fairly uncontroversially the best handheld fighting game conversion ever produced. It's a must buy title, unless you really don't like fighting games or have a particular dislike for the Tekken series. I would even say that it is worth fighting game fans buying a PSP for.
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on 24 September 2006
I was kinda sceptical about buying this as I already have the PS2 Tekken 5.

It actually turns out to be better than it for these reasons:

*The A.I. is a lot more balanced - no longer do you mercilessly get juggled and bashed against the side of the screen. It seems more fair now.

*Jinpachi (the end boss) is now toned down a bit and has less annoying moves - its much less frustrating this way.

*The tweaked fight money system now gives you a lot more money than it did in T5. This makes it much easier to accumulate points to buy accessories, and you can now buy character endings instead of having to complete the game with them. All of the costumes are unlocked from the start - you dont have to buy them.

*Lots more game modes like gold rush (you get money per hit), command attack (similar to DOA's training mode), tekken dojo (similar to a tournament), and my all time fave tekken mini game - tekken bowl! Each game mode allows you to earn a fair bit of fight money to spend on stuff.

*Lots of stats, as well as a win ratio per character. You can upload your stats to the internet and win things if you rank high.

*The new characters are excellent - especially lili.

They have done a stunning job with this - nothing is left out at all. All the costumes, all the movies and endings (including the ones from T5), MORE accessories, all the moves, all the backgrounds - its an absolute technical masterpiece, where the fights are silky smooth with no jerkiness or slowdown at all.

My ONLY minor gripe with this is that i like to play tekken with my fingers on the attack buttons rather than my thumb, and its quite uncomfortable playing for long periods like this, but thats just my personal preference.

I highly reccomend this - its the best handheld port ive ever played, and perfect for on-the-go gaming.
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on 12 December 2006
Well I bought Tekken as I am a long time fan started off with me playing it on the ps2 Tekken Tag I got into so I bought tekken 5 another EXELLENT game by Namco. The when I got my psp I had to get Tekken: Dark Resurrection when I got the game I was thrilled. The game play of the game is quite hard not easy to pull out moves, the graphics for the game are superb!, the online features are amazing as you can do so much it amazes me you download content fight people and loads more. With this new added feature called 'Ghosts' is a very smart idea were you get the chance of uploading your ghost on and allowing other people to play your ghost which is brillant.Overall there is no faults with the game at all well not that I have come across but there is a lack of people online in the servers which is annoying but that is lifted with the tournaments were you get the chance to play and get your name on the highest scores and actually get money (game money) to customize your character which is a GREAT idea so I give this game a 9/10 for graphics 9.5/10 for network 8/10 for game play a MUST have for all psp owners the best psp beat em up out there.
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on 22 September 2006
This game is like tekken 5 only it's got extra levels and new charictors and the story line carrys on. The graphics have not been hindered there just as good as the ps2 and the music is good as well. The psp controlls work great with this game i was a bit worried at first but its fine. The dojo is a nice add-on and so are the extra charictors and game modes. Its cool how you can download ghosts that other people have done. The cutomize feture (which was also in 5) is just as good and even better than in 5. The bottom line is if you have a psp and you like fighting games then BUY THIS BECAUSE IT RULES. :)
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on 20 September 2006
At first i was a bit sceptical on whether or not to get this game, i thought the replay value would be fairly limited and the novelty of a handheld tekken would wear thin after a while - however this is not the case. thanks to all the different game modes (and thank god they bought back tekken bowl!) you will never get bored of this game, or the look of confusion on other peoples faces when you are sat on the train screaming at your psp because the 4th dan paul wont let you land a hit! if you are having any second thoughts about this game then dont, it is by far the best game on the psp, even better than the two GTA's, the graphics are lush and smooth, the gameplay is quick and exciting, there are a plethora of classic tekken characters plus half a dozen new ones, and the more you progress with your character through either the arcade mode or the dojo mode the faster it becomes at pulling off moves and the faster your oponents become too, a new feature i enjoy is the character customization, because when you train up a character you can then beam it to another psp so other players can play your favorite player using the moves you use most commonly and fight in the style you fight in, namco have included a character customisation so you can change your characters appearence in all manner of ways, just like the sims/tony hawks/baulders gate etc its fairly comprehensive plus you get to add silly items to your characters as well, such as a pipe and oversized sunglasses, or a stuffed kitten head for king, or a back mounted shark for law - as well as some cool items such as the gattling cannon for jack-5. you can also add an aroura (a glowing shroud) round your character to give it either a spooky or more powerfull presence. all in all, tekken:dark ressurection is the beat 'em up we've all been waiting for - and its on the psp!
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on 4 October 2006
tekken 5 dr is amazing and yes you heard tekken 5 but dont let that put you off the graphics are so amazing tekken bowl is back and so is dojo mode plus when you finish the dojo mode you can douwnload a ghost pack with harder characters there is one down side to this game though infact 3 i dont think you can play as jinpatchi the graphics are so amazing that it kills off the psp battery quick and all the characters are unlocked but namco made up for this by adding a game sharing mode which runs so so smoothly and by doubling up how much clothing items u need to unlock then tekken 5 and i bet your thinking how did they do this since a umd has less then half the memory then a ps2 disc well all i can say is i dont know and need to ask namco themself but i can confirm that their statement was true well worth the wait.
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on 25 September 2006
This game is simply incredible. I've been waiting for something like this to come around which will really show what the PSP hardware is capable of, and Tekken doesn't disappoint. The graphics are quite simply sublime, and run at a very nice pace. The sound and music is also top notch.

The only minor complaint I have against an otherwise perfect game would be the PSP's directional pad not being able to hit the diagonals properly. In particular my favourite character is Hwoarang, who I like to use the Hunting Hawk move (jump forward and then a combination of kicks). To pull this off on the PSP controller is very difficult as you have to hit the diagnoal direction very precisely in order to jump forward.

Apart from that, excellent game and I would strongly recommend it.
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on 18 August 2006
I got this game a coupe of weeks ago from the US and it's simply stunning. Anyone who has played Tekken before will know what to expect, anyone who hasn't, the best fighting game around on PSP - not that there are many.

Excellent graphics, contrlos are easy to master and cool sound as well.

All the characters are unlocable from the outset, you just earn money/gold to but extra clothing etc.

The mini games are nothing great, but not to worry as the main game is so good, single player of multi.

Anyone who likes a fighting game, GET IT!!!
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on 2 August 2006
The thing about tekken, no matter what platform it's on - is that it's immediately pick up and playable. It's not necessary to memorise all the special moves to have fun and win (as you do with mortal kombat for example). Once you start putting moves together it's great but it's not strictly necessary.

This version is brilliant, the graphics are as good as any version of tekken I've seen anywhere, it's smooth, fast responsive and there are loads and loads of characters to choose from - even a panda bear (really !)

And if you fancy getting a japanese import - just set it to europe and 90% (including the voice overs) changes to english.

Unlike most games on the psp - this one will never get stale.

It's kinda like the pinball game, as there are no real important goals the game will always be as good as it was when you got it.

Oh yeah and a lot of the moves from previous tekken games work, so if you've played it before you don't have to relearn moves.
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