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4.6 out of 5 stars55
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2007
In my humble opinion, Resident Evil 4 is the perfect game. It looks fantastic (really the acme of PS2 graphics), sounds fantastic and plays fantastic. There is heart pounding action, horror, gore galore and even a little comedy. While the game isn't exactly scary, it manages to achieve something few have done in the genre - there is a constant feeling of dread, like you are just waiting for something bad to happen around that next corner or through that door (and particularly when you hear the revving of a chainsaw in the distance or the throaty breathing of one particular monster on the island that just won't stay dead....). The missions are challenging, and not overlong. The visual style is breath taking, from the village shrouded in an eerie fog to the dripping sewers of the castle. The voice acting is often cringe worthy, but there isn't a wasted frame and the cut scenes develop the story along nicely, as well as giving a little more insight into the main protagonist, Leon S Kennedy.

You feel 2 things when you finish this game. First, there's an overwhelming feeling of achievement. But that's quickly followed by a twinge of sadness 'caus you want it to go on forever! At least the bonus missions with Ada and the Mercenaries mini game can prolong the experience for a while at least. This is the one game I have that I play again and again and again...I really can't wait for the next installment. To see the way Capcom have blasted what was a series of games that were becoming increasingly stale up the jacksie and come up with something so good...I can't wait for Resident Evil 5.
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on 17 August 2007
It took a while since Resident Evil 3 for them to bring the next installment onto a Playstation but they've done it to great effect. The game play makes the movement of your character a lot easier than in any of the previous games, though in some senses the older ones added to the suspense because they were so rigid and slow to turn. But this game does not do much in the element of suspense, but instead makes it an action packed adventure that will keep you glued to the tv, in a run through in normal mode you can potentially kill up to 1000 enemies (but this is only possible once you've played through the game at least once and have unlocked some of the special weapons).

The first thing that should be noted is that the enemies in this game are not zombies, not anything like the ones that infested Raccoon City in the previous games. They are more intelligent because they're humans infected with a plague that allows their minds to be manipulated. Their movements are a bit more erratic and they know to duck away from your gun when it's pointed directly at them.

The range of weapons at your disposal is an extra bonus, not only are there plenty to choose from you can also upgrade certain features (eg. firing speed or ammo capacity). Choosing the right weapon and upgrading the right features can play heavily into how you get through certain parts of the game. Boss fights require a range of weapons, each differ in style, movement and speed. Having the right gun is essential, especially in the first run through where you have limited ammo and money.

The most enjoyable part of the game actually comes from completing it for the first time because it unlocks certain extras automatically, if you load your first completed save file you can keep all the items in your attache case. Firstly you can have a change of costume (there are two changes to unlock), then you can get the infinite rocket launcher (which comes in handy with large groups and bosses), but most of all there are the mini games that it unlocks: Seperate Ways, Assignment Ada and Merceneries. Playing through them will slowly unlock all the weapons and features available to you and this only heightens the games re-playability as you want to test out the new weapons etc.

Along with playing some of the mini games and getting some unlocked items, this game is hours and hours of fun. You will not be bored of it and instead appreciate the great effort into creating an exciting sequel to the Resident Evil series.
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on 6 October 2010
I was a big fan of the first two Resident Evil games on the old PS1, and was somewhat sceptical that they could be improved on that much for the PS2. I was also less than impressed at the news that the game didn't actually feature any zombies at all and took place mainly in the open air. What??

Luckily, Capcom have totally pulled it off. Yes, it's a bit of a departure, but come on - not so much so that they've "destroyed the series" or whatever. The old Resident Evils were always eerily atmospheric shooters with a few puzzles thrown in, and that's what you get here, only better.

The shooting is more accurate than it's ever been, with a handy laser sight pointing at exactly where you want to hit the dead-eyed possessed villagers (and other far worse baddies) before they can stab/bite/pitchfork/chainsaw/throw dynamite at you. The puzzles are even easier than they were before, but I can't say I was really bothered - I just wanted to get straight back to business. Talking of which, there's a masked weirdo who periodically appears for the sole purpose of selling you bigger and better weapons. Brilliant. And you can sell the guy whatever tat you've found lying around too (jewels, ammo for guns you don't want, etc etc). Also, this same masked stranger is quite happy to "tune-up" your weapons for you - pay him enough cash and your basic handgun will soon be powerful enough to blow someone's head off with a single shot. Which is handy towards the end of the game when the ammunition is getting thin on the ground and your enemies are around every corner.

Whether it really is the best Resident Evil ever, I'm not sure, but it certainly is at least as addictive, creepy, and compelling as the classic first two games. Oh - and it's also by far the best game I've played on the PS2 (which I only even bought to watch dvds on, if I'm honest).
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on 28 November 2008
Wow, this game had me gripped from start to finish. I usually like to do other things in-between my game playing but for at least a week this had me stuck in my bedroom all day with hardly any breaks at all. I just couldn't put the controller down!

Firstly, it's a lot different than the previous Resident Evil games. Whereas previously the games were more adventure/survival related, Resident Evil 4 is much more of a shoot-em-up with insane, trance-like villagers coming at you from all directions. However, there's still a great deal of exploring involved in the game and you get to explore three large areas: the village, the castle and the island. As I'm not a fan of shoot-em-ups in general, the fact that I'm rating this game the highest I possibly can, that ought to say a lot about how amazing this game is.

The scare factor is still there and a lot of the times it had me jumping out of my skin. With quite a few very large enemies to kill it literally had me on the edge of my seat (well, I was actually on my bed) during these epic battles. With a wide range of weapons and upgrades and ammo aplenty it's hard to get well and truly stuck on this game. It has its difficult moments but then again, no one likes a game to be really easy.

Truly an epic game. I highly recommend it.
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on 12 September 2009
This game is made of perfection !!!, for the first time on the ps2 the graphics look so real and the action is stunningly ace. Leon kennedy a survivor of Raccoon city escaped along with Claire Redfield. He used to be a rookie policeman now an extremely brilliant top secret agent working for the United States. He goes off on a daring mission to rescue the presidents daughter she has recently been sighted in a strange village with these people infected by Las Plagas that made them go mad !!!. That is where the group of strange villagers that have kept her. The United states believe shes in Europe and leon sets off to find and rescue her. This is a brilliant game to spend your money on. I have just finished the game and it is the perfect game for me the extras are exciting plus you have new costumes, and new weapons with unlimited ammo.

The special weapons are:

The chicago tipewriter
The powerful plasma gun
The Handcannon
The ultimate rocketlauncher

This is not just resident evil.

THIS IS RESIDENT EVIL DEFIEND !!! with new more menacing enemies (not zombies) but would be good if the village had zombies in it, plus it has a crazy chainsaw man that would cut your head off!!! watch out RESIDENT EVIL fans!.

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on 8 October 2011
I played this game a few years ago now, and it stands as one of the best games I've ever played. There is so much to do on this game you can play it for days on end and still not complete the whole thing, if you wanted to.

The storyline sees Leon take the lead as an agent protecting the presidents family. The daughter is taken by a mystical group and Leon is sent to get her back, it turns out not is all as it would seem. Umbrella pay a big part to play in the game, with turns and twists that reveal a couple of characters.

I'm trying not to spoil it for any readers, but the storyline is sublime, battle through several different scenes, and several different zombies, one of which I found particularly scary that you encounter later in the game. The guns on the game are a good mix, and upgradeable, meaning spend your money wisely. For any experienced shooters there are different levels of difficulty, the hardest means there is little ammo laying around.

A little tip, shoot the crows ;)

Enjoy the game, it's a game that will always stick in my mind, voted the best ever for Gamecube, I'd arguably have it top 3 on my PS2 list. (Other essentials include Gran Turismo 3, and GTA San Andreas).
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on 7 May 2007
Six years have passed since the original t-virus outbreak in raccoon city we catch up with resi 2 protagonist Leon S Kennedy know working for the president of the united states sent to locate the presidents kidnapped daughter in a remote European village finding the locals less than friendly Leon struggles to carry out his mission & more importantly survive what's in store as a few old friends pop in to say hello.

It took nine years for Capcom to change the resi formula but it's been well worth the wait as what we get is one of if not the best most visceral exciting pulse pounding action games ever. Its full to the brim of amazing weapons, edgy interactive cut-scences, memorable villains, sensational set pieces & a great story, whether your riding mine carts, running from boulders, in furious knife fights, under siege in a abandoned farmhouse, fighting regenerating monsters, using a jet ski to escape an exploding island or taking on chainsaw wielding maniacs the action is relentless never letting up.

You have to play the game to fully grasp the scope of what people rave about & it's a step up from the GC version as well with separate ways the five-hour side quest & several extended sections in the main game.

Other additional features include the mercenaries' mode, a movie viewer, assignment Ada mini game an exciting array of unlockable weapons

First timers will take about 18 hours to play through with all the extras mentioned above you'll be playing for a long time & its great for replayabiltily as well. Hail to the REvolution & eagerly await for resi 5
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on 16 February 2007
Wow! Resident evil 4 is not only top of its genre on the PS2, but is also the best gamee on the system, if not ever. It is a totaly different game and experience compared to the other Resident evil titles.If you have played the previous games, you will know that there was much exploration, little combat, awkered movemant and a dodgy camera.

This time round, you play as Leon Scott Kennedy, a goverment agent sent to a remote Spanish Village to rescuse a girl called Ashely who is the presidents daughter. After gathering clues aboout her where abouts, leon sets of on a quest spanning over 3 locations to find her.

Gameplay-first off, if your used to slow, survival horror games, ypu may be dissapointed. This game is an action game unlike the previous titles. He new camera over Leons sholder shows the weapon what weapop he is carrying, as well as giving a clear view of his enemies. There are many weapons htat can be used and upgrounded, inluding a shotgun, TMP, rifle, Broken Butterfly and the magnum. Leons defult weapon is a knife, that can be used ot slash villagers and various other enemies at close range.

The graphics are SUBERB throughout the game. The most detailed textures you will see on the PS2, great motion capture, kick ass animations (like when you pull out your shotgun and blow a villagers head off) and good drawdistances. the enemy design is great, though one of my improvements would of bee more variation with the villager character models. The bosses completely steal the show though. Think that the boss designs were good in Metal Gear Solid 3? Well thats nothing compared to Resisident Evil 4. You will see mutated creatures with huge tenttacles, spines, heads. The detail on them is imense.

What would a scary action game be without violence and gore? Head shots, stabings, scenes where Leons gets various weapons chucked at him, slitted throats, body parts exploding, drownings, chockings, neck snapping and last of all decapitaion. One of the most coolest enemies ar the D.r Savlovs. Equiped with chainsaws, they will rush towards Leon. howling manically as he does. Player to slow to react? Leon will briefly struggle with the enemy, before the chainsaw drives deep into his neck, blood soaks the screen and Leons head rolls onto the ground. Sick

Last off all,the sound. Unlike the previous titles, the voice acting is suberb. The orcherastal score adds to the experience, along with the hideos and gruesome sound effects. Guns, screams, bullets making contact with flesh, all of which is spot on.

Resident Evill 4 is a truly classic game made up of epic preprotions

and value. Now go grap 15 pounds, buy it, and absorb the experience for yourself.

Dave, gamer from Brighton
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on 8 July 2011
This has to be one of the greatest games ever to grace the PS2, if not any gaming console/medium. It was produced close to the end of the PS2's shelf life, and it really showed what potential the machine had. Not many games can match this one, in terms of graphics, playability, and the way it immerses you into it's world.

You start the game in a field, wandering from path to path, finding the odd abandoned house, and from there you end up in a myriad of different places and areas, the originality and thinking that went into this game is huge.

If you're a Playstation 2 owner and are yet to play this, please buy it soon as you're missing out an important piece of PS2 history. At the prices PS2s are going at these days, it's almost worth buying one to play this game, I imagine you could get both for around £70 (don't quote me I'm kind of guessing).

I've actually yet to finish it, but the fact that I still want to play it even though I'm stuck, is testimony to how brilliant it is.
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on 25 May 2007
This has to be one of the best playstation 2 games of all time. Capcom achieved what many believed to be the impossible when porting this console shifting Nintendo game onto the lesser powerful PS2.

The atmosphere is cleverly built up from the start of the game with intertextual reference to films such as Evil Dead (The rickety bridge that colapses and the ominous log cabin) in order to immerse the gamer into and build up a sense of unease.

The over the shoulder view works very well, especially when Leon is overwhelmed by the infected villagers. When they are very close, the camera shifts to first person which creates a sense of panic.

There are some seriously unnerving moments at the start. Most memorable being the villagers working together as a team, errecting ladders into buildings and relentlessly persuing Leon. The chain saw wielding maniac is terrifying and the game is certainly not for the feint hearted.

I like the way that Capcom have developed the franchise. With Resident Evil 5 in development using the power of the next generation of consoles, this certainly seems like an attractive prospect.

If you have not played this game and enjoy games in the action / survival horror genre then this is the one for you.
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