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4.3 out of 5 stars18
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2002
This is a very good horror/documentary about a monster living in Texarkana U.S.A and the real people who experienced the moments do re-enactments on the screen of when and where they found him. This film does not show any innapropriate content but at times it is very intense and scary. This horror film is wonderful fun especially in the dark with friends or a bunch of friends.This is one of those films that should appeal highly well and you could watch it with your kids as long as they don't scare easy. If you don't have kid's it is still fun. Get your self soooooooooooo scared you can't sleep and enjoy.
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on 1 December 2012
"The Legend of Boggy Creek" is a cult classic from the 1970's. It comes close to being a turkey movie, but somehow manages to stay clear from this questionable honour (just about).

Part documentary, part low-budget horror flick, "The Legend of Boggy Creek" confirms our most deep-seated prejudices about fly-over country. Set in the Deep South, in a small community where rodent-hunting, cow-ranching and bean-cultivation are the major pastimes (whenever the locals are brave enough to leave their trailers), the film tells the story of the Fouke Monster, a hairy giant roaming the swamps and scaring the living daylights out of pretty much everyone from teenage girls to stray cowboys. Country music plays in the background, while the narrator expresses his sympathies for the presumably lonely monster who simply wants some human company. Best lines: "Mary Beth, there's a draft on the baby" and "HE ALWAYS TRAVELS THE CREEKS".

All actors are amateurs from Fouke or Texarkana in Arkansas, and the film is based on real events, in the sense that a Bigfoot-like creature really was spotted in the area a few years earlier. Sightings have continued to this day, and the TV show "MonsterQuest" recently sent an expedition to track down the monster (unsuccessfully).

It seems the big guy got away. Hardly surprising, since he got three toes and is immune to hillbilly bullets!

I'm not sure how to rate this pop culture icon, but since I don't want to be followed by an armed posse of hooded cryptozoologists in the dead of night, I suppose I have to give it...five stars. :P
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on 22 October 2015
It's like the Lochness Monster, thousands of people go about their daily business and never see a thing, and then once or twice a year somebody notices something that they can't quite interpret what the've seen so it must be a monster???? Still they all can't be senile surely. And one other thing who's idea was it to put that stupid music in the film. If like me you like mysteries give it a go it' ok. Nothing proved.
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on 11 September 2013
i saw this movie years ago on vhs & was pleased to find a dvd. this is not your usual monster movie but more of a docu/movie telling the story of the supposed hairyman creature that haunts the swamps some scene's use real people recounting there encounters while other are acted out.ok its not super scary but bigfoot/creature fans will love it.
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on 30 March 2015
Love sasquatch movies , I thought I would try this , as it is one you must see, what a laugh, some good scenes of what appear to be sasquatch , country music blended in, terrible picture quality, a kid breaking the mile record at the beginning, but quite thoughtfully enjoyable, this film gives a glimmer of hope the do exist, don't brake a leg to purchase it if you don't believe,
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on 22 April 2015
could have been better given all ther retro hype i was hearing, but to be fair this movie is actually really cleverly put together for what it is, B-Movie horrer sludge at its best.. stick it in and switch off your brain with some Ben and Jerry's.
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on 19 December 2003
Something has troubled the tiny town of Fouke, Arkansas since the 1940s right up to present day--and residents claim it is a tall, hairy creature with hands like a man and glowing red eyes. And after a series of somewhat spectacular sightings in the early 1970s, director Charles B. Pierce decided to make a movie about it.
I saw LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK in original theatrical release when I was twelve or so, and it scared the blazes out of me. When I found this inexpensive DVD version, I grabbed it for the sake of nostalgia--and discovered that what scared me at twelve can barely elicit a raised eyebrow nowadays. It may still frighten the kiddies, but from an adult point of view, LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK is pretty tame and lame.
Although the film has a few effective moments, they seem to have happened by accident instead of design. The cinematography is a weak effort at a documentary style, and the costume for the Fouke monster is hardly more than a long-haired suit, but now and then they do combine to give you pause--especially in shots when the creature is largely motionless and obscured by trees. But on the whole, the movie consists of a mix of interviews, scripted actors, and the occasional pause for some hilariously bad "ballad of boggy creek"-type country music.
The transfer quality is flatly awful. Made on the cheap, the look of the film was probably never great to begin with, but after some thirty years in the vault it is now in a truly sorry state. Colors are bleached, the picture is riddled with blips and scratches, and the soundtrack is occasionally crackly. My final take on the whole thing: if this has some nostalgic appeal, by all means buy it, but don't expect too much. And if you've don't have those childhood memories to fall back on, pass it by, because that's really all this DVD has going for it.
GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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on 19 January 2016
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on 10 April 2014
Love anything to do with bigfoot really recommended. Been into this kind of thing for a while really. Excellent buy.
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on 9 March 2013
dvd arrived in good order and it was great value, old film but i knew what i was getting when i orded it.
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