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on 18 July 2008
Ahhh... Nintendo. Nobody can beat Nintendo when it comes to the handheld gaming market. Nokia had a go with the N-Gage. I've only ever seen one N-Gage. And Sony had a slightly more respectable go with the PSP, which, while fun, broke fairly easily, became scratched and generally fell out of favour among those who wanted a more pick-up-and-play gaming experience.
The DS Lite improves on Nintendo's original release by making the console thinner, lighter and considerably better to look at. It's clear the Japanese gaming gurus took onboard all of the initial criticisms (of which there were not many) and built something that defies all expectations of handheld gaming.

To start with: the graphics. 2d graphics are crystal clear with bright, vibrant colours and a great resolution. The majority of DS games use a 2 dimensional system which, although not as good looking as 3d graphics, still work astonishingly well withing the context of the games. 3d graphics come as standard a lot more on later DS games as it's capabilities were put to better use, but graphics are not quite on par of those on the PSP.

The sound out of the DS is also fairly impressive. Sporting a pair of small speakers- one on either side of the upper screen- the DS is capable of producing stereo sound. For those who like their sound crisper, the DS also has a headphone port. The volume control is on the closest edge of the DS, meaning it is very difficult to change accidentally while playing a game.

The DS Lite is compatible with both DS cards and Gameboy Advance cartridges. Sadly, it is no longer compatible with the original gameboy cartridges as the Gameboy Advance was. As DS software is region-free you can play US or Japanese imports on your DS without having to resort to risky modifications.

One of the main things that the DS has going for it, however, is the multiplayer aspect of the games. Most games have some sort of multiplayer mode built in meaning with more than one DS you and your friends could all play on the same game together. Several great games also have a DS Download Play feature, where only one game card is needed for a group of people to play all or part of the multiplayer game.

The new lines of the DS Lite makes it look gorgeous and more than a little bit elegant. The case is hard-wearing and has a feel of quality about it. All of the buttons are responsive but solid and the screens do not scratch easily. The folding clam-shell design further protects the screens when not in use and the stylus has been thickened slightly since the console's predecessor to allow it to be used easier.

The DS Lite is a great console for family and friends. With a strong focus on the multiplayer market, Nintendo have created a wonderful console with a massive range of family friendly games for fun for all ages.
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on 24 November 2011
I got my first ds in 2005, shortly after they came out, complete with nintendogs: labrador and friends. Since then I have owned every ds console since (including the 3DS) and none can compare...
I find the ds lite to be truly remarkable, the perfect blend of size, texture, battery life and just good old-fashioned playability. I could easily play my ds lite for hours, engrossed in whichever game i am playing! While the ds lite is not crammed full of extra features, nor does it have a camera, it suits its purpose! The point of the DS System is to play games and I find that this concept seems to have become lost amoung trying to add extras in, to a point where the gameplay is almost irrelevant. The graphics are not as good as newer models but the Ds lite is incredibly durable (I haven't had one problem in near 5 years of owning this system) and has a look about it that is appealing. This brings me to my nex point, the ds has a huge range of games at a reasonable price, i have seen pre-owned ds game for prices as low as £10! And the ds lite itself, in my nearest gamestation is £50 pre-owned! I am aware that some of you readers don't want to sit and pick through my review for the actual helpful bits :P and so i have prepared a list of pros and cons:
+ incredibly durable
+ good battery life
+ good range of games
+ decent price
+ looks good
+ pictochat (being able to chat with other ds

- graphics are not as good as newer models
Hope that I helped :)
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on 8 July 2008
I don't do games. It's as simple as that. I can't be fussed with all the controls and if I do try to learn them, I'm rubbish at the games when I do figure them out. However, the DS Lite has changed all that. I bought it on a whim as I'm going to be spending a lot of time travelling soon, so I thought it would help with the boredom. I opened the box, set it up (without even reading the instructions!!!!) and have hardly put it down since! I mainly play the Brain Training (because I'm ancient), but have Super Mario Olympics too, and have even won some races - amazing...
No matter your age, ability, interests etc. Buy one of these. You won't regret it. It's compact, blissfully easy to use, and above all FUN! Go on. treat yourself.
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on 8 October 2007
Nintendo are really trying to sell their DS to females and comuters (I'm female and a comuter). Having seen the DS advertised on the tube, I was keen on researching them to see if I would like it.

I haven't really played computer games since I was about 13 and I must say, its really come along way since then (I'm now 28).

Firstly, the DS lite is a lovely small size and fits nicely into your handband. In fact, its much smaller than a book. I love playing my DS on the tube it really makes the time fly by. Normally, on the tube, I read a book or listen to my ipod, so its a nice change to be able to do something different.

The games for the DS are great. My initial concern about getting a DS would be that the games were for males children. I'm not really into sports and fighting games but there are loads of games out and I'm sure you will find something you like. YOu can do puzzle games or even manage your own town, so games have come along way since the traditional view of games.

This review is written from the view of a female so it might not be helpful for everyone, but if you are thinking if getting a DS - I recommend it.
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on 28 January 2013
I purchased a Ninetendo DS lite in March 2012 for my 65th Birthday money from my Grandchildren, Machine not used every day , but at least once a week.Machine now does not work properly, the bottom screen has stopped working down the left hand side, although I agree machine is 10 moths old it should not pack in in that time, and it is now unusable.
I have sent various emails to supplier all of which have been ignored, Amazon say they can not help ( out of their control) so PLEASE WOULD NOT SUGGEST ANYONE BUYS FROM MIBO TRADING AS THEY APPEAR TO HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2008
I've had my NDS Lite for about eight months now and have never regretted buying it. The Black NDS Lite is so cool - I wish the NDS Lites were available in this colour at the time I bought this. I was initially put off with the bulky original DS, but after seeing an NDS Lite thought I would bite the bullet. I also bought an external see through case/skin and a small hard pouch/case to put the nds lite and its peripherals into it. If your going to spend this much money spend a little more to protect your investment. I'm glad I did - Ive dropped this a couple of times onto the floor some time ago (not recommended!), but the hard crystal case/skin (which i bought separately) appears to have saved it.

The NDS Lite itself is incredibly addictive many games use the touch screen stylus and microphone as well as the buttons. I have since played with a PSP and been overawed by the PSP - the games on PSP look way more better than on the NDS, but again Nintendo have got the mixture just right and I still don't regret buying the NDS Lite, would still buy it over the PSP - its my faithful companion that I even take to work (to play during my breaks). Although I initially bought this for myself, my wife is forever 'borrowing' it! This is where another coloured DS Lite would come in handy!

I hate carrying all my cartridges around with me so I ended up buying a m3 ds real, a flash cart that you use instead of the game cartridges. This is a bit if a grey area as although it doesn't invalidate your Nintendo warranty, its usage is frowned upon as a lot of people use it for piracy. But its advantages cannot be denied - Ive got a 8gb micro sdhc card which slots into the m3, and allows me to carry 8gb worth of games all on one cartridge! (you have to download the games, and you can download legal home brew software, but please support the game developers and *only* download the cartridges you own). I tend to find prices on very good for buying nds cartridges. The m3 also allows me to play video, music and pictures on the NDS Lite - something Nintendo should have done ages ago.

Also with some games you can actually export your saved characters onto the Wii!! For example Pokemon Daimond/Pearl on NDS to Pokemon Battle Revolution on the Wii!

If your debating whether or not to buy - just buy it, you wont regret it! (Now all you have to do is choose what colour you want!)
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on 26 September 2007
I bought a DS lite to play the brain training game - Not being one who played computer games in my youth, I found this console simple and easy to use. In fact, I am quite addicted to it! It holds its charge and is easy to charge. Nice bit of techno for the older gen!
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The Nintendo DS is a brilliant piece of kit.

Eschewing the normal focus on graphics, the console has been designed to be different - the dual screens are a refreshing change, and playing games with the touchscreen opens up a whole new world of gameplay.

The graphics on offer from most games are more than good enough to enjoy the game, but it's clear that the main focus is on playability - exactly as it should be!

The DS Lite takes the excellent DS design, and offers it in a smart-looking, compact device, with some upgrades to its capabilities and better battery life. There's now a wide range of DS games on offer (including some of the newer games which will only run on the DS Lite, requiring its higher performance).

Perhaps the best feature of all of the Nintendo DS is the wireless multiplayer facilities - with most games, you can sit down with your mates and play games wirelessly, and with many games you only need one game cartridge - not one copy of the game per player, as all other systems seem to require. The player with the game cartridge hosts the game, and all the other players download it using the wireless facility.

Grab yourself some multiplayer classics - Mario Kart, Bomberman, 42 All-time classics etc, and enjoy hours of multiplayer fun - you won't regret it.

You can play wirelessly with up to 8 friends (depending on the game) in one room (the coverage will normally work from room to room too), or over the net using the Nintendo Wifi Connection - Nintendo's online multiplayer gaming facility, matching you up with other players from across the globe. For that to work, you will need a wireless access point for your DS to connect to - but unfortunately the DS does not support WPA, so you cannot use WPA on your access point, making it insecure. If you're technically minded you could set up another access point, firewalled off from your internal network - alternatively, Nintendo supply a USB device you can plug into a Windows PC, install their software and play away.

The only criticism I could offer is that, as the device is pretty small and I have pretty big hands, playing for extended periods can lead to slight hand cramps. Just pause every now and then and stretch your hands, and you'll be fine.
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on 11 December 2006
I have bought a DSlite for each of my brothers for christmas( so hope they don't read this!) and couldn't resist buying myself one as well. For the Gadget lover in your life this will take some beating.

The feel and finish is very much like the iPod and it is smaller than I expected, it just oozes quality. Unlike the Sony PSP the DS lite is truly pocket size.

I thought Nintendo games would be too babyish for me(37 yrs old!) but MariokartDS is fantastic. Its like Sega rally but with weapons and power-ups all in a cartoon style.It has new tracks but also all the old tracks from the SNES version for a bit of nostalgia. Its amazing fun to play! Also the brain training game is fun and makes me feel like I'm using whats left of my grey matter for a change.

You absolutely cannot beat this sort of thing for a fun christmas or birthday present, and Dont forget to get yourself one!
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on 28 August 2008
I love this little bundle of joy. Is excellent fun, keeps me entertained and out of trouble. Is easy to take anywhere - excellent for those being sent on courses or away from home through work, or just for something to do in the evening. The range of games available to use with this are increasing with plenty of choice for all, and there's no need to power up, plug in, or go to the study/spare room/computer room if you fancy five minutes on it. Is also very easy to use so no hours of trawling through a manual before enjoying the fun.
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