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on 30 September 2006
The first thing that you notice about this item is the size,It's huge.It was quite hard to put it together and it was a little bit pricey but it was worth it in the end.i was using it for hours pressing all the buttons and watching the column wizz up and down.I especially like the flip up console pannel (as seen in the boom town and parting of the ways episode.)Overall i think this is a great item and well worth the money.
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on 27 November 2006
The Tardis Electronic playset is scaled to fit the 5" Doctor Who figures (available separately). Press a button on the console and lights flash and you hear authentic Tardis sounds. There are lots of bits to play with: the doors open, panels on the floor lift up, etc. and as long as you have a couple of figures to go with it, play value is quite good.
Be warned that this is not pre-assembled. It took us about an hour to put all the bits together. The pieces are a mixture of plastic and card. You need to follow the instructions for building it quite carefully, and it's a job for adults rather than younger children. Once we'd worked out which bit was which, it wasn't that difficult to build, just fiddly, as one piece would pop out of place as you pushed the next bit in. If you're buying this as a Christmas present, it might be necessary to put aside some time on Christmas morning to build it! And then rebuild it when the doors fall off.
Once built, this takes up a lot of space - it's about 60cm (24") across at the widest point, and needs to be stored somewhere it won't get kicked or trodden on, otherwise the card bits will tear. Most of it can be taken apart and reassembled, but it's fiddly and the card pieces will bend or rip if you're not careful. It's difficult to move once assembled without bits falling off.
The set is normallly sold in demo mode, where only one of the buttons works to make a noise. There is a well-concealed switch just under the control panel, near the demo button, which slides to activate play mode. This gives a constant background noise and allows you to press a number of other buttons on the control panel to make different noises and effects. Slide the switch to off to silence the background noise and save batteries.
Overall, a good toy for Doctor Who fans, as long as you have time and space for it!
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on 6 October 2007
I was amost put off buying this toy after reading the reviews but so glad I wasn't. My son got this for his seventh birthday and he was overjoyed. It has the buttons , lights and everything a mad doctor who fan would want. Agreed, it won't stand up to a lot of bashing and I'm not sure I'd pay the £40 that it's priced at in most places, but for under £27 it has to be the ultimate dr who gift!!
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on 3 July 2007
For most young, fanatical fans of Doctor Who, this object must surely be on their wish list. The six buttons, twelve sounds and the moving time rotor (the rods in the middle of the console) was certainly enough for me to go and buy one.

The problems begin as soon as you remove it from the large cardboard Amazon box. The packaging for the Playset has been designed with the "Try Me" function in mind. This is probably a nice thing for the kids looking in awe at it on the shelf of a toy shop, but makes it a regal pain to get out of the box. As you carefully open one side of the outer box and slide the inner box out, the sheer terror of sellotape and nylon ties greets you.

When you do finally extract the parts from the box, the assembly process is quite simple as long as you read the instructions carefully. Certainly I would recommend this process be done by a patient parent rather than a young child.

Whilst assembling it, it is very important to note that, unlike the fictional TARDIS itself, this is a truly rickety object. As others have commented, what this toy really needs is not a Doctor, as Harold Saxon announced, but a base. Unfortunately this toy can't be moved intact without making your own tray for it to stand on and, even worse, you can't replace the batteries without taking the whole thing to bits either.

If assembled and displayed in one place relatively untouched, this toy is wonderful. If you intend to buy it for a child to play with, you will quickly find that it is a pain. A great idea poorly executed.
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on 21 September 2007
I bought this toy for my son's birthday. It didn't take particularly long to set up, looks more daunting to set up than it is. He loves it. However, I know the cardboard on top of the tardis is not going to last long.. the effects are good and the detail great.
There is a huge let down on this toy, it says from 5 years upwards. My son was playing with it today, his birthday. It fell apart at least 9 times. Ive suggested to my husband perhaps we can superglue it in places to try and make it more robust and stay together. So we are looking into this how we can do it and still make sure we can access the batteries at the same time.
If this can't be done then this toy is really going to be a total pain in the neck. I can't understand why they made it so flimsy that things fall off it if played with too much , afterall he has the figures to go with it, and tries to play with it with the figures and things fall off.
I didn't pay the full £40 for it, and Im glad I didn't. the price I paid , I still feel, it is a bit of a let down. Great idea, great detail, but structurally, unless left as an ornament, bit of a let down.
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on 13 January 2007
The toy is absolutely fabulous, but for the price you pay you would not expect parts of the toy to be `tearable` cardboard.

My son loves his TARDIS but it has cost me extra for A3 laminating pouches to laminate the cardboard floor and wall segments.

In this day and age (and for the price you pay) these bits should have been `plasticated` - or even made of plastic!
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on 24 May 2007
The Tardis is unfortunately a good idea very poor exercuted. Every time it is moved it falls to bits. The parts are poor quality and is not really worth the price even at the Amazon price. Talking to the manufacturers customer service will provide you only with a sarcastic reply.
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on 28 December 2007
My four year old son received the Tardis Playset from "Father Christmas" and to quote his words exactly, "this is the best toy that Father Christmas has ever brought me". Praise indeed considering the amount of toys that have come his way during his short four years of life.

Seriously though, I was extremely pleased when I purchased this item for my son for Christmas at the then reduced price of £26. Having seen it in the shops I was already extremely impressed.

Once it was delivered I decided to have a look to see what other customers thought of the playset. My heart sank when I saw some of the poor Amazon customer reviews. Some said that the playset was too flimsy and broke easily while others suggested that it was impossible to move it once assembled without it falling apart. I was gutted and hoped that it wasnt as bad as it sounded.

Having now put it together for my son and seen first hand the enjoyment that he has got from it I have to say that I really had nothing to worry about. I have found no problems with the playset whatsoever. I have picked the playset up from underneath many times now when moving it around and have had no problems with it falling apart. I also found it a joy to put together and found the instructions extremely easy to follow.

Overall I have to strongly disagree with the complaints from other Amazon customers on this product as I have had no such problems. As far as myself and my son are concerned, it is an extremely well made and accurate representation of Doctor Who's Tardis and would make a superb gift to ANY Doctor Who mad child out there (especially for the bargain Amazon price of £12.99!!).
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on 21 January 2007
I bought this toy for our 6 year old son for Christmas and I really regret it. It has caused no end of frustration and heartbreak. It was a bit difficult to get together as the instructions are a bit unhelpful but it didn't take more than half an hour, the toy itself is flimsy, the cardboard bits constantly come off and we decided to just leave them off in the end. The door to the Tardis comes off very easily, the floort panels come off easily and become uneven at the slightest movement. The hub of the Tardis stopped working entirely after a few days, new batteries do nothing for it. All in all it has been an expensive waste of time and we've only ended up with a very upset little boy.

I think this may be find for adult collectors and older kids but in no way should be purchased for a child under 10. It just can't take any kind of abuse no matter how mild (Dr Who battling Cybermen & Daleks in it should not be enough to break it entirely!).
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on 29 December 2007
For £12.99 this is a bargain! I agree that it can be a bit flimsy in it's construction but at such a cheap price and the smiles it generated on Christmas morning i'm more than happy!
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