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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2006
Perhaps the reason this series has a "love it or hate it" reaction with gamers is the fact that the entire series is not a realistic driving simulation (with loads of car customisation etc) and instead it has an arcade feel to it, right down to the steering and drifting.

That said, Ridge Racer PSP is fantastic fun to play as an arcade racer while you're going down to the shops. Cars zoom along the tracks and drift spectacularly around the courses. Drift loads and you get nitro/turbo boosts. Despite all the visual polish I was surprised at the smooth gameplay on the PSP, so I was very impressed. Winning races in the lower, slower leagues opens up new cars,courses and rounds, so the game itself has a very good learning curve for old and newer gamers alike, with easy controls and game rules.

If you like Need For Speed titles or Gran Tourismo titles, perhaps it would be best to steer for something a little more realistic, other gamers looking for a quick racy thrill might be well chuffed to get a hold of this slice of driving fun now it's so cheap.
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on 28 April 2009
This game is tremendous fun and sees a selection of old courses from the Ridge universe get a next gen (compare to the originals) make over. I'd rate it 5 stars however a short while after this was released Namco made RIDGE RACER 2 for the PSP which is more of the same... literally, here's what they did:

Main Intro - Changed (Although you can unlock the original)
Title screen - Identical (+2)
Menus - Identical
Game Intro - Identical
Cars - Identical (but more)
Tracks - Identical (but more)
Tours - Identical (but more)
Ending - Identical (but you can unlock many extra videos)

Honestly anyone buying this after playing Ridge Racer 2 is going to be gutted. However anyone considering buying this should just skip it and get Ridge Racer 2 for the PSP.

This game see the return of MANY of the tracks from
Ridge Racer
Ridge Racer Revolution
Rage Racer
Rave Racer
Ridge Racer Type 4
Ridge Racer V (Some, but only the ones from the first Ridge Racer)

HOWEVER RR2 sees the return of ALL of them (except RRV)

There are excellent multiplayer modes (via wireless options), classic RR physics (sideways cornering) and some interesting remixes of familiar tunes covering a complete RR history (up to RRV).

Overall an excellent game at an excellent price... as long as you buy RIDGE RACER 2!!!
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on 31 July 2013
Having played Ridge Racer in the arcades and on a ps1. its the same game but, it still delivers. to be honest there is more on the PSP version than the Psvita version.

So your getting a arcade racer. graphically its very good. and all the music and new stuff from the arcade game. The replay value is good as you progress thought the game. and i have not got bored of it.

Overall Namco have done a great job on this game. there is lots of cars and tracks to get into. and overall the experience is great.

So get going what are you waiting for

Riiiiiiidddddgggge Racer.

Great game. well done.
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on 20 January 2011
Imagine this: A "Now That's What I Call Music!" CD. Except it's not a CD, it's a UMD; and it's more like "Now That's What I Call Ridge Racer!" That's the best way to describe Ridge Racer on the PSP; but unlike the cash-cow music compilation albums, Ridge Racer is great.

This PSP game takes all the best tracks from previous games in the RR series, most notably the arcade and PSone games, and puts them together in this neat little package. But before you access any of the tracks or cars you're invited to play an old Namco arcade game called New Rally-X. You drive around, capture flags, and avoid other cars. When you're done it's time to sample the delights of Ridge Racer.

After the spectacular intro, and the title screen, you reach the main menu and have several options available to you. The options menu allows you to adjust sound settings and switch the New Rally-X game off if you don't want to play it, although I do advise you to play it as much as possible. If you do you'll eventually receive a nice little surprise. Single Race allows you to pick a course, a car and just go off racing in a field of twelve cars; Time Attack lets you have the course all to yourself with a chance to set the fastest lap possible; whilst Wireless Battle allows you to race against your friends (8 players possible) via the WLAN.

However, as you've probably noticed by now, you only have access to three cars and six courses. Looks like we need to unlock the other cars and courses, and we do that via the World Tours. Here the mode is split into three difficulties: Basic, Pro and Ex; and in each category is a series of tours. A tour is a mini championship where each race requires you to finish in a certain position or higher (eg: 3rd or better) in order to move onto the next race. Successfully completing a tour will unlock cars, tracks, other tours, and other nice extras. It's a highly addictive mode, and one that will keep you occupied for quite some time.

When selecting a car you have three different types of cars to choose from: Mild, Standard and Dynamic. Mild cars are hard to drift with but are easier to control. Dynamic cars drift easily but are tough to straighten out. Standard cars are an average balance of Mild and Dynamic. You should make your decision on which car to choose based on your Ridge Racer experience.

The one feature introduced for the first time in the Ridge Racer series, for this PSP outing, is the nitrous gauge. As you drift your car around the corners on each course the nitrous gauge, three mini tanks displayed on the left side of the screen, start to fill up. The more speed you have whilst drifting, the quicker the tanks fill up. When you have a full tank you can press the R shoulder button to activate the nitrous and give you an extra boost of speed. The actual use of this boost, and when abouts you use it, is vital to beating your opponents to 1st place and setting fast lap times.

This all sounds like good fun, and I'm glad to say that fun is accompanied by fantastic graphics. Everything looks so realistic. Light shimmers off the windows of buildings at Seaside Route 765; neon lights glow brightly on the Midtown Expressway; and the sunset sky looks so appealing at Crimsonrock Pass.

The music is top notch too, and once you've heard some of the tracks they'll be stuck in your head all day long. Mostly made up of dance beats with the occasional bit of jazz, some of the tracks are new to this game whilst others are remixed from previous Ridge Racers. With 30 tracks available the law of average says at least one of them will become your personal favourite.

Ridge Racer for the PSP is simply brilliant. It has great courses, great cars, great tracks, and the feeling of drifting your car around corners at 300kph is...yes, you guessed it, great. Buy this game now!...?...Well what are you waiting for?! Go on!
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on 16 July 2010
Ridge racer 2 is an arcade racer and the 14th in the series, produced by Namco and released during october of 2006. The game is known for its over the top style and big drifts, as well as a host of cool cars and challenging tracks. But this game isn't a sequel in the true sense of the word, instead it is more of an update as nothing really new is added except new cars and tracks, with a slight reworking to controls here or there.

The game is all about the driving skill known as "Drifting" , this involves oversteering the car with a mix of braking and hard acceleration. This causes the cars back to swing out and send it drifting around the corner, doing this gains the player many bonus points as well as a great overtaking move.

You get a chance to use this thrilling style of driving in many modes throughout Ridge racer including : Arcade, Time trials, Duels, Survival and World tour.
The first four are the same race types with slight variations, Arcade is the basic one off race against your opponents to finish first, Time trials puts you against the clock to beat a certain time or your personal best, Survival knocks out the last place racer after every lap leading to desperate races to get ahead , finally their's Duels which puts you against a high level AI opponent and go one-on-one around the track.
But the main hours of the game will be put into World tour, seeing you travel to all areas of the world to compete in these varied races. As you race you unlock new tours by finishing top of the pack, a nice feature with this is that you can set the time you want to play and it will provide a equal amount of rounds, this means you can tailor your playing to the time you have during travel or breaks. The rounds are fun and the variation means no tour is the same, so a great experience as you go through all the different areas.
The final element of gameplay is the standard use of No2 or nitrous oxide , in arcade style races. Ever since its appearance in the fast and the furious everyone arcade game has used this system to offer a boost, allowing you to push the car to big speeds not normally attainable and so leaving your opponents for dust.

The game also features a multiplayer mode, however the structure behind this is very badly done and feels quite rushed. The community isn't there to support races but this may be because it is so difficult to begin a multiplayer race over Wi-fi.

As you are racing you will begin to notice just how busy the HUD is on the screen, it's bright and shines out at you as you try and make your way through the track. It seems everything you even slightly need is on the screen, although some can be taken off. These include your speed,position, track map, race map, lap information and all on a tiny screen, it soon becomes really annoying as you clip a curb because the speedometer is dancing away.

Their are over 60 cars split into multiple classes, meaning their is bound to be a car to suit your style. One thing the game severly lacks in in licensing, their are no true to life cars in the game and thats a bit of a shame as I would have loved to have driven some ferrari's around the track. But the cars do have unigue and intresting designs , as well as seperate handling styles, acceleration and braking stats which add some tactical edge to the next race.
Dont expect the cars to handle too realistically though as these are physic's defying machine, the ability to control a car over such a big drift is impossible but thats what's nice in the game, it's more of a pantomine than a west end show.

The tracks have all been seen before in the Ridge racer series and are based in several countries including China and the USA, in total their are 21 tracks although every track also has a reversed option. This seems a little poor on Namco's part as they try to sell the game by saying 40+ tracks and that's not completely true.

The game has a wealth of neon, vivid colours albeit in the PSP's blocky style, but this doesn't take away from the game as the action still comes through as good looking and although it may not be the prettiest game, it's certainly not the worst.
Cars are recognisable against each other and they look very stylish as they speed around corners and the vibrant tracks. The environments have different times of day, with dusk being my favorite but also the most difficult as the falling sun hits your eyes on many corners.

The AI is some of the best I have seen in a portable racer, they seem to have their own agenda and will try and block you when coming off drifts as well as breaking past you when there is a opening. Especially in the later levels , games can become very frustrating as their always seems to be one car in your way.

It's a really techno soundtrack designed to get your heart beat going as you race around, this is supported by the symphony of car noises produced by tires screeching, engines revving and the sound of cars hitting the wall.

The game uses the PSP setup well, the difficulty comes in drving with the D-pad and stick , as keeping these in complete harmony let you take on turns at incredible speeds. This is extremely rewarding though as the rush after passing a group of hairpins or not even touching the sides as you drift past an opponent in awe is great.

A good bargain if your in the market for a arcade racer, however be aware that Motorstorm and Gran turismo are better racers but not of this style.
If you have the first one then their isn't too much of a incentment to buy the 2nd installment.
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on 12 September 2006
The Ridge Racer Series has been going for a long time ' but this is by far the best version of all.

Classic arcade racing.

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on 7 June 2014
good racing game - but not as good as gran turismo which is the master of racing games. however its worth a punt at only a couple of quid.
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on 10 October 2014
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on 17 August 2006
Ridge Racer was one of the first games i bought for psp, at fir it seemed fantastic, but soon other racing games came out, and ridge racer couldn't compare to them. The graphics are fairly good but the handling of the car is well un-realistic, it is so slow to react and under steers by a mile. It has few track selections and few cars, basicly i would advise you not to buy this game, their are lots of other racing games that beat this one by far.
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