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3.7 out of 5 stars94
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2007
I bourght this as one of my first wii games to see if sega could rectify their abissmal attempts at sonic over the last few years and i must say - They've done it!

Although i'm not a big fan of the story line and the first levels are awfully short and with alot of boring cut scenes in a comic book style - when you get down to the decent levels they can offer hours of fun game play. The grapics look good in 3D and the speed is fantastic. The missons are fun and you won't want the levels to end.

An excellent use of the wii and a highly recommended game!
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on 4 June 2006
so after four disasterious attempts at using the sonic adventure formula and almost reducing one time popluar hedgehog in to a franchise that gamers would wish would go away Sega have decided to push sonic in a different direction for his exclusive Wii release and thank god because the ps3/360 version is quite possible the worst yet.

Sonic Wii plays much different to all reacent sonic games think of it as a racing game with platforming much like what sonic originaly was back on the megadrive you will be racing through levels weaving swerving and jumping out of the way of hazzards. firstly The camera is automatic so it is not nearly as retarded as other 3d sonics as it just follows behind you, sonic altomaticly runs and to steer him you need to tilt the Wiimote left or right, this may seem a little difficult at first but it soon feels natural and easy to controll. If you hold down the jump button sonic will come to a stop and perform a high jump enableing him to reach out of reach areas or by simply tapping the jump button sonic will perform a running jump.

When you start off sonic will be gimped and by compleating missions in each level you can unlock abilities there are 100 total, there are a variety of missions like compleating a level with a certain amount of rings or finish a level with out getting hit. These missions get HARD but thats ok as the missions are generly hard and require skill not because the game has not been programed right so if you die it is due to a lack of skill. Anyway buy unlocking new abilities your hedgehog gets faster, better controll and better jumps.

The graphics are good for the Wii you can see the game was built from the ground up for the wii because it is the best looking game out there and the levels have a cool arabian nights theme to them aswell.The sound is more or less the same as sonics previous outings if you like rock you will like it if not tough.

so what is preventing the game from getting top ratings? well there are a few problems.

the onrails camera only points fowards you can not turn the camera around, if you miss some thing you cant turn around and run back you need to start again. you can walk backwards but still the camera dont turn around so walking in to bottemless pits is easy and annoing.

Sometimes the level design seems a bit lazy with things such as rocks in stupid places and sometimes the camera dosent let you see too far in front of you causing you to die, oh and who can forget the terrible voice acting that comes with a sonic game?

overall this is the best 3d sonic game ever released and i look forward to a sequal because there are alot of good ideas in here that need just a little more development time and polish to become a real classic sonic game and restore him to his place at the top.
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This game is the first storybook game of Sonic but unlike previous sonic games, this one leaves you lost on where to go and how to play. I was ready for a new gameplay when I first tried secret rings but what you have to know straight away is that everything is different...Forget anything about the controls of Sonic the hedgehog or his trademark moves, it's all different in this game.
Although the general plot is good and I can't fault the excellent music and feel of the game I have to warn you that if you don't pay attention you will wind up lost. Reading the manual usually isn't necessary but I'd advise reading anything that helps you remember what to do.

When you first start up the game it looks good and you have a great intro movie that sets the mood but as soon as you start to play you'll find that the movies warp into looking like pages of a book. This might not sound so bad and Sonic and the Black Knight did good cut scenes that looked 'papery' but with this game you feel a bit cheated. Characters are drawn statically on the page and most of the plot is explained by their words with just a few still pictures to help you understand. This straight away raised big disappointment for me and smacked of sega being lazy.

Once gameplay begins it is very hard to get used to the controls. Sonic is always set to running. You can slow him down using the 1 button but doing this at the right time takes skill and if you tip the wii remote either left or right even a little bit he keeps trying to walk there and if you let go for a second he'll start running again.

You are given a turorial mode, a place to learn different skills. Basically there are different skills that sonic can master. Every time enough points are gained through general playing of the levels Sonic's skill level up and he's granted a new skill he can add to the ring he wears. Skills can be anything from the ability to charge forwards at extra speed at the start of a level to an increased ability to stop quickly. A set amount of skills can be placed on a ring, and depending on what style of gamplay you want you can choose which skills to put on the ring.
Unfortunately this whole skills thing was lost on me for the first couple of weeks I played and I kept playing the game with no skills on Sonic's rings.

While there is a tutorial chapter, each skill is learnt in a different level/mission. Each chapter of the storybook has several levels/missions within it and unfortunately it's not ever clear where you should go next. I could jump into the main story before completing all the available tutorial(prologue) levels.
This gets more confusing after completing a story level. Instead of being presented a new level and moving the story forward like you are in normal sonic games you are instead given several side missions within that chapter. For example a chapter is called 'Evil Foundry' and before moving onto the next level I have to complete some side missions within evil foundry. What was more confusing to me while playing is that the game leaves no indication that I can actually move the story along -that the new chapter was available to play but instead just sais new levels/missions are available. You have to exit the chapter and look for the new one in a sort of menu.

If you can get past this confusion and lack of decent cutscene movies then you do have a good story though. When I manage to get into the game I actually really enjoy playing but there is still such a frustration at not knowing when I can move on or how many missions I have to complete first.

Party mode:

Party mode is another area that this game has and unlike Sonic and the Black Knight, you CAN play party mode as a single player...I often do!
The games in party mode are not hard to do but are fun to have a go at and even more fun with friends. There are different games to choose from, the treasure hunting game is my favourite. You have to find three pieces of treasure within a board game style area, but how many moves you have around this 'board' depends on where you came in the little party games you play. There's a good selection of fun party games to play and you can unlock others as you complete missions in the main game mode. New characters to play with in party mode are also unlocked in this way.
I think I've played party mode more often than I have the main game, the controls are easier, and although some games are very silly and easy to play, if you are a single player you can set the cpu opponents difficulty level to hard.

There is one other feature that I find annoying with both storybook games, this one and Black knight. That is the fact that music isn't freely available. There are a lot of things you can unlock along the way, there is a whole library of trophies, pictures and music but they are slowly unlocked through gameplay. I know this probably doesn't bother most people, but I've always enjoyed having access to level music without having to complete missions over and over until I reach a certain rank. Especially as doing this in this game is so much harder.

Id recommend this game anyone of any age but beware that knowing where to go can be tricky. Sonic fans might dislike this game more than some for its difficulty in playing, new controls and the fact you can't connect a gamepad of any kind like you can with sonic colours. However the party mode is well worth it and the amount of unlockable content will keep you replaying...unless you give up first. Overall I give this game a 3 for fun in the main game, a 5 for fun in party mode so an overall 4...just!
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on 27 December 2011
the story is about sonic sleeping and was woken up by a genie named sharha who pops out of a giant ring. she tells sonic that the world of the Arabian nights was disappearing by an evil genie named erazor jinn,so sonic decides to help and he enters the world of the Arabian nights(which is inside a book).after doing some training levels, sonic meets the erazor jinn and gets struck in the chest with a arrow and has to get the 7 world rings or his life will end. can sonic get the world rings in time?,well play the game to find out.

the gameplay for this game is pretty good. there are a total of 8 worlds in the game and each has a lot of missions to complete,like getting to the goal(which are too easy)to killing a number of enemies and clearing all the missions is a big challenge,because some missions are so hard.after clearing a mission,your score adds up and you are ranked with a medal,like gold,sliver,bronze to nothing at all.
what's weird is that you can unlock the next world before getting the world ring,so when you complete the game, you have to playback to get the rest of the rings to fully complete the game.the training levels are so boring,but I'm glad I did them because the controls can be hard in some area's.the boss fights are fun,but too easy when you know what to do and I swear, that's not hard. there's also a party mode but its terrible because it just gets boring and the controls are terrible.

the graphics are gorgeous,every world has fantastic designs and the character models are beautiful,but you cant explore the levels since this game plays on rails,so your stuck going forwards,so you cant explore and that's the good thing about games.the cutscenes are terrible,I know its supposed to look like a book,but a book that looks 1000 years old,no.however the CGI cutscenes are gorgeous and is teaming with life and colour.overall,the graphics are good,but the cutscenes are bad(apart from CGI cutscenes of course).

the sound in this game is OK.the music is good in a few worlds, but the rest is so irritating and annoying!the voice for sonic,tails and knuckles are so good,but sharha's voice is a nightmare!what's annoying is when you play a level,sonic and sharha spit out all sorts of crap!sonic's OK,but sharha gives you useless advice which is so annoying!then sharha gets so annoying,you just wish for sonic to say"will you just shut up"!why did sega have to put sharha in,why couldn't they put in a genie who actually gives you good advice when you need it and knows how to shut up! overall,the music is fine,the voices are OK and sharha is so annoying!

the controls for the game could only be described as.... hold the wii remote on its side and keep it like that to run.the 2 button is to jump and the 1 button's to attack by shaking the the up arrow on the d pad to perform a speed break and the down arrow is to do a time break(you have to unlock both of them)and that's all I can say about the controls.

overall sonic and the secret rings is a fantastic game with great graphics,fun game play and great controls.its a game thats fun for all, but the only downside is sharha and the party mode.
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on 31 December 2009
I've been a fan of Sonic since childhood, and bought Sonic Heroes on PS2 years ago, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After purchasing the Wii I couldn't wait to buy another Sonic game. This was on offer, but I was already eager about buying it. Those that have played Sonic heroes and enjoyed it, and might be expecting this to be similar, are wrong!
This game is quite different, possibly because the controls are very different to the Playstation controls. Not only that this is much harder and advanced I'd say. It has taken me a while to get used to the controls - makes sense why the beginning of the game is quick/basic levels. Presumingly this is why some have put a low rating on this game, however the starting of the game is only getting you used to the controls, making sure you pick them up etc. It's quite good in my eyes starting the game this way, although it would have been better to have made them an option, rather than part of the game. Having said that, this doesn't affect the main part of the game, as they only take a short amount of time to complete, with only being very short. Anyway, back to the controls. My only problem with the game is the pace, more than anything. You're moving forward all the time (where I am up to anyway). You can slow Sonic down at any time, and obviously jump. But annoyingly the player doesn't have a lot of easy controlling of the character. Unlike in Sonic Heroes where you can move at your pace, this you can't. What makes it even harder is when you suddenly have a life lost by whatever object you ran into that was dangerous - leaving little warning there was anything soon appearing. I don't understand why the controls are set with just the remote, and why each option is set the way it is on the remote. Again, it does take time getting used to. I don't at all regret buying this game as it is actually really good and seems to have a lot to offer inside each level. Shame it's so difficult though.
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on 13 September 2007
Oh dear. I had really high hopes for this game after playing Sonic Rush on the DS, that is a great game. Really in the spirit of the early Sonics. I read some reviews for this and decided to splash out on it. Boy, was that a bad move. By now you've probably read some other reviews which will have mentioned the frustrating controls, the boring comic book cut scenes, the sheer tedium of falling off the edge of everything because the stupid game can't tell that you've tilted the controller. (which must be one of the most un-natural movements ever) I also hate the whole idea about the power ring thing where you have to choose which special moves you take into each level, what the hell is that all about?

I could go on about the multi player mini games where I would say about half the games are uncontrollable and just the sheer lack of effort that's gone into this game, but I'm going to have to stop because I can feel my blood pressure rising.

To sum up then, I feel cheated out of the money I spent on this game. If you think you really want this game please rent it first and don't get ripped off like I did. How the hell can sega put out a game that is so clumsy and frustrating and expect people to play it is beyond me. Sonic should be about racing through levels at 1000 miles an hour. This game is certainly not that. I have given it 1 star for fun because I couldn't give it none (which it deserves) and 2 stars overall because it looks nice.
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on 20 September 2007
Finally, a 3-D Sonic game that isn't rubbish! It's just high speed Sonic action with just the blue hedgehog himself. Even with a new style, this game works well.

We begin with our hero Sonic bored out of his wits, until he gets taken into the story of the Arabian Nights! After a tutorial, Sonic begins his quest to get the 7 World Rings... World Rings, Chaos Emeralds, either way, Sonic's gotta collect them.

It may start out slow. In fact, I stopped playing for a while due to it's slow speed, but as soon as you level up Sonic and give him some speed boost powers, it will be an exhilirating experience. High speed Sonic is brilliant, especially when you don't randomly fall through floors. Heh...

However, you might get a tad stressed with Sonic only going forward. To those I say "Pffft." The change is good, and you always have to go forward anyway. The bosses are now original to kill without usually having the obvious weak point you need to jump at.

Besides usual racing through levels, there's other challenges including getting to the goal with 0 Rings (purposely getting hurt is the key!), destroying an amount of enemies and defeating a speed spirit in a race. Ok I did say besides racing but still! :P

The multiplayer is ok, but it's not Mario Party. Some minigames are awesome such as swinging a metallic ball to destroy your opponents (it's on the advert) and attacking skeleton soldiers with a sword and shield. This game however is meant for it's single player, and it's a good attempt and thankfully back to it's roots of being awesome and not lame.

I recommend this for your Wii collection, it's worthy of being there.
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on 9 November 2008
Sonic at the Secret rings is ultimately a fun experience depending on how you approach it. If you've never liked Sonic games then the chances are that this wont really change your mind. Its the first on-rails Sonic game, and actually is a lot of fun, and boost the Wii graphics with some great artistic backrounds. The only faults however is its camera which can be horrible at times, and the controls. The camera is great when your going forward but as soon as you go backwards, its a different story. You are ultimately going backwards blind folded, as the camera is always behind you, not in front. The controls can get VERY frustrating at times, especially when you try and go back or stop. Sonic is moving all the time, and its hard to do exactly what you want at points.

That said its one of the best 3D Sonic games out there, behind Sonic adventure. And compared to SEGA's attempts to make exclusive games for next gen, its pretty descent.
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on 23 May 2007
Wow, this game really is aesthetically pleasing, I was quite astounded at most of the visuals and it really does throw you into the action immediately. The speed it moves at is quite frightening, and sometimes you can feel a little helpless as Sonic zooms around the screen, but it serves to create an entertaining and immersive experience nevertheless. The only gripe I can see people having with this game is the difficulty, as it is genuinely very tricky at times, though I do personally think the controls are extremely precise. Coupled with a great multiplayer mode (that makes excellent use of the remotes sensory abilities) I'd recommend this title to people who love a lengthy challenge. And get the swear-box ready!!! ;o)
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on 20 August 2007
We've got our Wii for the multi-player aspect, so the party game side of things is alwasy important to us. The main 1 player game is ok, but I wouldn't go mad for it to be honest (but then I'm perhaps not the target market). The multi-player is bad, though. It's slow to get through levels, and the games are uninspiring (and in some cases the controls are dysfunctional).

Ravin' Rabbids, Monkey Ball and now a whole plethora of other games give you good multiplayer. Don't buy this one for it, we traded our copy in.
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