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3.3 out of 5 stars20
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2007
Having purchased the PS3 only very, very recently i didn't know what to expect. Genji, i'm happy to say is a game worthy of getting. Although it is inevitably a hack n slash game there are more refined points to it. I believe that Genji mirrors Oblivion in terms of environment as everything is beautifully created. There are unlockables available which i shan't mention so as not to spoil it for the gamers out there which adds to playability/gameplay.

A disappointing point would have to be the combat system. Though moves are again beautifully and gracefully produced, smooth and pretty life like with no jumping or glitching, there seems to be no system. A system that rivals that of maybe Devil May Cry 1 + 3 would push this game up to 5 stars easily. Unfortunately you end up repeating the same combo over and over, though this can be changed with a quick flick of the analog stick either forwards or to the side.

This game is challenging, make no mistake and very addictive. There is plenty that goes on in the world of Genji to keep you occupied. Enemies do respawn at many points throughout levels.

Though it is a hack n slash game there are times where tactics have to be implemented, down to the best character to do the job, and in particular inflicting damage on the stronger oppponents like the juggernauts. There are many different pickups and the character enhancing system is pretty good. However you can only increase the damage done by the weapons and as far as I can see can't get new moves.

I would say that this game is well worth a go, maybe it's a better idea to rent it first as there are a fair few gamers out there who wouldn't like the hack n slash gameplay. Yes it does sometimes seem like a button mashing exercise but there are finer points which can be enjoyed by the most cynical of gamers.

Give it a go!
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on 3 February 2007
Had a PS3 for over a month with five games. This looks quite nice and has some good cut scenes but I agree with the reviews in some of the magazines that the camera angle is a nightmare. You end up not focussing on the character but on the map to see where the enemies are off screen. Massive mistake by the developers. I got this game as part of a package and to be honest am not a great fan of slashing my way through waves upon waves of enemies. I got bored quickly and haven't gone back to it. Of the games I've got I really like Resistance and Ridge Racer but I'm sure these will be surpassed by the next batch of games to come out.
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on 25 May 2011
I have to say, i was looking very forward to it. Even the beginning you play as the guy on the cover, and he is really good. The fighting system is very fluid and easy to get used to, but the camera is the biggest pain i have ever experienced. It does not let you move it around. And it is not the nice fixed camera like Devil May Cry, it moves around, then moves in really awkward ways. This makes fighting a little annoying.

The next 2 characters fight styles are not good. The next guy is slow with powerful attacks, and the girl has a really inaccurate weapon she throws and grabs mobs.

I gave up after the 3 meet. There is not enough information about where to go sometimes and even though you can switch between characters on the fly, you HAVE to use specific characters for certain things.... so i spent ages trying to hit something with the girl's inaccurate weapon... i did not enjoy this.

Sorry, but the game is not good. Cut scenes are FANTASTIC cgi, and the sound track and fight system are good, but nothing else compelling me to play.
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on 24 November 2008
I picked this up in a bargain bin and it is where it belongs. To be fair the graphics are ace but it is the only thing going for it.

First up the camera. Or lack of it. There isn't one. As a result half the time you can't see the enemy so you need to use the map to fight your opponent standing in front of you. Then there is the controls. You character can't run straight and there is a delay between your command and the character moving. Excellent in the heat of battle? There are plenty of these. All you do is hack 'n' slash. Once you think you've cleared an area another 10 or 20 enemy magically appear. It is a relentless slog.

Then the music. Utter rubbish that picks up the pace to a thundering drone when things get heavy and you can't turn it off. Fortunately the save points recharge your health. Unfortunately there are few of them and you constantly have to revisit to save and top up health only to be met with a bunch of enemies around every corner, even areas that you've cleared. Getting back to where you left off is a chore.

I'd tell you what the game is about but it is beyond me. Its got something to do with japan and thats about it. Running back and forward killing enemies over and over again seems to be about it.

Eventually I got stuck and just gave up. The game is so frustrating to play it is not worth the bother.

If you love hack 'n' slash and want one that will test your patience then this is the game for you. Otherwise you are better devoting your time to something more meaningful...and entertaining.
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2007
While not being overly good in any respect, Genji is simultaneously not overly bad in any area either, but the whole thing is still a little unsatisfying.

It plays just like it's predecessor, but with the 'Kamui' mode changed and, in my opinion, made a lot worse. It's a straightforward fighting game with minor exploration elements to it and some decent ideas such as instant switching between characters and weapons on the fly, something all games of this type should offer in future I believe. It's fun, but not overly so, and one of the characters(Shizuka) is actually rather annoying to play as.

The visuals betray this game's origins as a PS2 game upscaled to PS3 standard, with a fixed camera you can't change(Did Onimusha Dawn of Dreams teach us nothing?) and some rather uninspired visual detail mixed in with some very pleasing visual effects in places. It looks okay, but not great by any means. Though I will give it that it runs incredibly quickly and smoothly, even with huge numbers of enemies on screen.

A very average game that plays way too much like it's predecessor but somehow isn't as much fun. It's worth a look of you can get it on the cheap, but at full price? Avoid.
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on 11 March 2008
to be honest i only bought this game because it was only £12.99 from gamestation knowing full well it must be completley crap just because of the price, and this was back in new year.

from only playing about a hour maybe two of gameplay it was like having a ps1/2 from having un-control of the camera so there isnt any control of where you actually need to look and the graphics are like something that has just come out when the ps2 did.

i was in a ninja hack n slash gaming mood which i also bought ninja gaiden on the same day and that is a trillion times better alone with having 60 frames per second graphics and you can do literally everyting that is needed in a ninja game.

so its really upto you.. if you like retro style games to play then go full steam ahead and buy this but it just puts the PS3 to shame.
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on 7 June 2010
Just to make things clear, I don't have any problem with Sony or the PS3. I absolutely love my PS3. What i'm trying to say is that I don't have any grudge against this game or Sony! And you know what? I'm not even a very demanding gamer. I mean I enjoyed Haze, how about that? So here goes. Genji: Days of the Blade is truly the worst game I have ever played. After giving it yet another chance I have come to the conclusion that this truly is the worst game I have in my whole gaming collection! I always try to finish every game I buy, no matter how awful it may be but this game has finally beaten me. There is not one redeeming factor in the whole thing. Sure it has pretty graphics but in 2010, with Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4 they don't even impress that much anymore. Other than the graphics every single thing in the game game fails in a way you really ask yourself: How is this even possible?
The camera is, again, the worst I have ever seen in a video game. Its so bad you don't even see the enemies most of the time! I mean how can you fight a boss when the camera doesn't even let you see it? You have to use a mini-map to find the enemies! I swear to God i'm not joking! And then, wait for it... you actually have platforming sections where you cant even see where to jump to! Seriously! You fight only five or six types of enemies the whole game! Its waves after waves of fighting the same enemies, using the same methods, over and over again! You have four characters but other than one that is ok and which you'll use for most of the time, the other three are useless! They're either too slow, too weak or too bland to even care! In fact the whole game is bland! The music is sickening, the story is almost non existent and most of the missions you don't even know what to do or where to go, because its all hallways that look the same! You'll be stuck, trying to find where to go, after you defeated all the enemies, going around feeling stupid, until you give up and find an online guide! There is not one redeemable thing about this mess! The checkpoints are long, you cant save the game sometimes for 45 minutes or more, if you die you go back to the beginning of the level! I truly hate this game and I beg you, even if you see it cheap and think, as I did: Well it cant be that bad, right?
Oh yeah, it really is that bad! Stay away!

EDIT: I did finish the game! It did not beat me! But oh God!!! Really, stay away, far, far away!
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on 26 July 2007
The Graphics are very beautiful. The fighting system works well and its very enjoyable and the characters are very good too. The only thing that I didn't really like was the story, the spark wasn't there.

I wouldn't really recommend this game to anyone(unless you're desperate for an RPG). It's more something to kill time with.
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on 9 August 2010
Compared to the PS2 game - brillant action packed story line and game play with quirky controls. Awesome cut scenes!
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on 9 May 2007
I have a PS3 for over 4 months with four games. In this game, the story is great and the graphics are awesome. I love the ways I fight against the enemy in this game, but the bad thing about this game was the camera angle and when I died, I have to do the mission all again but it still a good game.
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