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4.2 out of 5 stars81
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 July 2007
Unlike the other review currently listed, I've actually just finished playing and completing The Darkness. Let me first make one very important point - I've never, ever, felt compelled after purchasing any product to go online and write a review. I always wondered why people bothered. Maybe if it's really good or really bad and you want to warn the public sure, but never if it's mediocre. But this game, The Darkness, makes me want to sit every single person I know down, give them a controller, and MAKE them play it because it's one of those things that you just feel is SO good that everyone should have the joy of experiencing it.

I watched the gametrailers review before I bought it and whilst they were positive, they weren't sure about the controls. Let me set the record straight, they are numerous ways of customising the speed, precision, acceleration and accuracy of the control system. Get the sensitivity right, turn off auto-aim and lower the 'free look' option and you can get it just perfect - so much so that even when I had the bigger guns later in the game, I always favoured the pistols because if you get a headshot, they go down, accurate, satisfying. The graphics are simply the BEST I have ever seen in a first person shooter with NO EXCEPTIONS. Gears of War looked amazing, this is in a different realm of realism - you'll be blown away. The voice acting and motion captured movement of the characters is faultless. But if there's one thing that makes this game stand out as one of the best games I have ever played, it's the story and the way it evolves with you. From the intro to the credits, you move with the story, enveloped in its twists, highs and lows. It really makes you feel like you're controlling the anger and emotion of the main character - experience it for yourself.

Can't comment on the multiplayer - that's not why I bought it. There are so many multiplayer deathmatch games out there, none of them as good as the Halo experience and few with a solid single player, so it's great to have a brilliant single player game on the market.

My only criticism is that sometimes it can be annoying travelling between destinations for those impatient amongst us, but in the grand scheme of things, if you plan what you're doing at each location, it doesn't effect your enjoyment of the game one bit.

In sum - BUY THIS NOW. I'm a videogame enthusiast, I have good taste, I don't buy rubbish and I don't get excited about a game unless it's really good 'cause normally I don't have the time to sit and play. So a game has to be good to get me to sacrifice everything else - The Darkness was it. Became obsessed, completed it, now want a sequel. I only hope Starbreeze Studios read this review and get on with Part 2!
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on 5 February 2008
Hi everyone this is my review of one of my favirate games on the 360 The Darkness. As usual ill go throgh, GAMEPLAY , GRAPHICS , and OVERALL verdict (No multi player this time :( (as i never played this online) so lets get down to it.

The Darkness has you assume the role of Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado who was adopted by his mafia don uncle Paulie, The curse of the darkness (an ancient evil passed down the gene pool) dwells inside Jackie and all males in Jackies family (until the host is 21). So on the night of his 21st birthday Jackie and 2 mafia friends are sent on a hit for paulie which ends up being a set up after finding out his uncle paulie wants him dead Jackie turns on his former boss and sets out for revenge little does he know that the darkness is awakening inside him with its own evil intentions.

The Darkness is 2K games new horror themed FPS, at first Jackie is just a normal guy with normal abilities yawn boring right? NO Jackie does have some really good up close killing moves that can be satisfying to watch and easy to pull off simply stand close to an enemy and press RT.
Like most FPS games when Jackie takes damage all it takes is a little cover and he respawns his health
(same as gears of war when the red circle appears). Not long into the game Jackie finds himself with some pretty nasty powers (at first you get to use the creeping dark and summon a demon known as a Darkling from hell)
as you progress new abilities will be learnt and improved this is done by feeding the Darkness with the hearts of fallen enemies.

Jackie has the power to summon little demons called Darklings they come in 4 tyes each with their own personality and uses e.g. Gunner will assist Jackie with a huge mini gun if he is in a fire fight as you progress through the game more darklings are availible.

Fans of the comic are going to be in ecstacy here everything in the game is based on the comics and follows it very closely.

The Darkness is similar to the chronicles of riddick game in which Jackie can explore the new york subway and talk to people for side quests, this is'nt as great or successful as it could of been but its still a nice feature. The auto aim is great but abit annoying for shooting lights... yes lights the darkness takes damage if exposed to light but by feeding it shadows itll be fully recharged again.

Everything in the Darkness is incredibly detailed from characters to surroundings, this game is deffinitly not for the faint hearted if you shoot somone in the head you'll see a huge hole in their face and gore spewing out and the heart eating animation is grusome but incredibly detailed. every actor/tress is motion captured for the extra realistic feel and no one looks the same
(in some cases the mafia hitmen cant look the same) but some of the actors look like they were mo capped by a manequin but thats not a bad thing this game has soooo many good points.
Even loading screens are detailed with Jackie sat in the middle of a room explaining whats going on and telling us breif memories about places and his past thses can be boring when repeated but the loading times are so quick you can skip them with the B button.

The Darkness is a great well put together game with plenty of action and plot twists to keep you entertained the atmosphere is great and acting is solid. The games difficulty varies depending on preference i reccomend normal defficulty if you like a challenge, The games missions are well structured and sensible objectives the story line is absolutly brilliant.
For those who love fast run and gun games you probably wont be completely satisfied here considerin Jackies top speed seems to be more of a speed walking pace but the action in the gun fights should excuse this.
The Darkness is deffinitly worth buying as it has such a great story line and good gameplay , if your not really into games of this type then consider renting it it really is worth it unfortunatly i never got to play on live with this but ive been told the multi player is great playing as darkilngs and humans, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Thanks for reading hope you find this helpful

by Jay *Sniper Wolf 1989*
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on 31 August 2007
The Darkness: a videogame adaption of a graphic novel written by Garth Ennis. This is something that I was not aware of when I purchased this game; I was only aware of the fact that I was getting a 360 and had to buy two games to complete the bundle.
My response when I saw this game in motion when I jammed it into my console was simple: this is the greatest shooter of all time!

The story is surprisingly engaging and, although I won't spoil it's great twists and turns, I'll just say that it revolves around Jackie Estacado, a hitman who inherits the violent, twisted force known as The Darkness on the night of his 21st birthday. Betrayed by his Uncle Paulie he sets out to wreck havok and mayhem - as well as getting revenge on Paulie along the way.

The graphic of the game are superb; first-class FPS shooter graphics and literally no glitches within the gameplay.

The music is also both chilling and beautiful, with a combination of metal beats during the violent shoot-outs with the enemies of Estacado's family and melodic melodys whilst you are travelling about the city and the train station.

Also, it's important to note that this game is HUGE! The main story lasts approx. 10 or so hours, however there are so many sidequests that you can undergo to help out your 'family' that it takes you well into 20+ hours to finish the game 100%.

After playing this I then purchased The Darkness: Ultimate Collection, which - it turns out - shows just how true the game stays to the original issues.

The voice acting - as important as it is for a FPS - is solid and believable, with The Darkness sounding more menacing and demented each time it talks to you.

The violence is also very high in gore and blood. With upgradeable Darkness abilities and finishing gunshots at close-range (which look incredible) you can find so many ways to punish those who are unfortunate enough to get in your way.

This is still my favourite game on 360 - even aboe Bioshock, Dead Rising and Gears of War - and I recommend it to all FPS-lovers.

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on 1 July 2007
Honestly, I've never had so much fun. The level of immersion and atmosphere in this game is unbelievable.

It starts with a dramatic car chase, which wouldn't be out of place in a mega-budget action movie. From there you can explore the subway station. Lights hum and flicker as you get near to them, people go about their own business, trains come and go, you can even use telephones, call customer services and even watch the TV, change channels, and watch entire films, cartoons and music videos. The level of realism will freak you out.

At the same time the game is so creepy. Ultra-realistic lighting makes the game almost photorealistic at times. The use of sound effects and eerie music, along with the voices of the darklings, will make your hairs stand on end.

The ultimate next-gen experience. If you have a 360, you really must get this game. If you don't, buy one today!
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on 31 July 2009
After getting rid of FarCry 2 (because it became buggy and just boring) i started looking for another worthy and cheap shooter. Thus I found THE DARKNESS on sale, a game I had wrongly overlooked back in 2007 probably because it didn't sound good or it wasn't a big title, or maybe it was, can't remember. Anyways I checked some reviews which were all positive, good comments were said about the story, characters and graphics. At a very low price, I was submitted to buying!

What a great purchase it was, the graphics are indeed top notch, even better than current top titles. The more adult characters and storylines are welcomed, forget what kids want! The whole 'darkness' thing is really cool (it comes in many forms to help you and terrorize others) and never get boring. Its gory and has swearing in it, yay! And a nice selection of guns to choose from!

The game is not that long, however I didn't complete many of the sub-missions from random people that walk around nor did I find all the collectables. You'll find that you spend most of your time in the subway stations, travelling from one to the other completing objectives and all. This could be annoying if you accept a quest thats located in the area you have just come from.

The multi-player aspect like farcry 2 is more of an extra rather than a game mode, it isn't that appealing.

But for a game this good and for this price. Forget about the negatives, in fact you won't even find any. You'll be too busy enjoying the world of THE DARKNESS
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on 10 July 2009
This is not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination but it lacks the sort of depth it seems to try so hard to achieve. I'd imagined a Hitmanesque escapade, roaming New York streets finding out who I had to track down and kill and why etc, and on this level it just doesn't deliver. It has lots of features that are intended to add richness and depth, such as TV channels that show movies in full (a nice gimmick but unless you want to watch the movie a little pointless after a short time) but then the TVs are the only things you can interact with in an entire apartment. Apart from sometimes being able to flush the loo.

The Darkness element to the game, aside from being gratuitously gory, adds another element to the gameplay. When you first encounter it it is shocking and unpleasant, then when you get the hang of it it's a whole new way of approaching levels. However, despite this feature, the best tactic for most of the maps is simply to hang back and pick people out with headshots. So an interesting element but ultimately a little redundant later on.

The Darkness really doesn't do anything particularly badly. So why the three-star rating? Because it's painfully obvious while playing it that it intended to do so much more. It wants to be an interactive movie with complex gameplay and lots of points of interaction on the map but it just doesn't deliver on this level. It's quickly apparent that what you're actually playing is just another shooter, with a few extra nasty weapons bolted on, but ultimately no better than any others out there. To be honest in many ways it feels more like a PS2/Xbox game than an Xbox 360 title - were it not for the light and dark effects I suspect it could have been ported over fairly harmlessly.

That said, some of the levels are a lot of fun and there are some genuinely great moments in the game. If you like running around and savagely killing lots of people and eating their hearts then this is for you. If you like your story-driven games to really let you play a part in the story, then look elsewhere - this one's got the cut scenes but the gameplay is fundamentally very simple.
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on 20 June 2009
I've just finished playing The Darkness (only recently got an XBox) and I would have to say that this is one of the best games I've played ever. Recommended it to a friend (with a PS3) and he is in complete agreement with me.

. The graphics are excellent, very interesting use of other-world effects etc which makes it more interesting to look at than say Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) (played to the end). Same with Fallout 3 (Xbox 360). I just never really caught myself looking at the screen in either of those newer games thinking "now that is awesome" (although I've not finished F3 yet).
. The story is brilliantly done, small (<20s) cut scenes put into the action often with little stories or couple of lines keeping you (me) interested while loading. The longer cut scenes not too frequent, never made me itch to get back in control.
. The controls are satisfying to use, the best features for me being the two handed pistols (use both/either triggers to fire) and the creeping darkness, very satisfying.
. And, the ending was excellent. Endings have often been a bit of a let down for me, you just kill the biggest bad guy and then the credits start to roll. The Darkness's ending was (imho) absolutely brilliant. I'll just leave it for you to see it.

If you don't have this game yet then buy it, right now, no matter how old you think this game is, you will enjoy it a lot, and look at how cheap it is.
Buy it.
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on 23 January 2008
Wow, I bought this very cheaply earlier this week and have been ploughing through it at nearly every spare hour I have. It is basically a first person shooter with a well scripted story, its not as epic as halo but far more personal. The graphics are excellent, dark but it is still possible to play without being too dark. The Darkness itself is an excellent gaming tool, it justifies super human powers and gives the story a strong narrative. I won't give away details of the plot, save for that , IT AIN'T FOR KIDS. this is 18 material through and through. The controls are well laid out and very smooth, the plot compelling and it manages to be cinematic without being too linear.
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on 22 July 2010
Having looked through some of the negative reviews of The Darkness, I'm inclined to offer a few words of caution. If your idea of a good FPS is based on "fragging" the hell out of things while some NPC grunt shouts cheesy lines out of a Vietnam B-movie, then avoid this game entirely.

I played the first few levels of The Darkness, saw what was essentially just a gangster-themed FPS, and then put it away for a couple of months and forgot about it. When I finally came back to it and got a little way into the story, I realized just how awesome it was and what I'd been missing out on. The game looks beautifully dark. If you're familiar with Starbreeze's Riddick games; well, it's more of the same in that department. But there's enough praise for the graphics on here as it is.

Jackie, the game's protagonist, is refreshingly real as far as FPS frontmen go. Instead of the familiar gravel-throated Solid Snake type voice, he sounds like Steve Buscemi and looks a bit like Antonio Banderas in Desperado. The loading screens between sections consist of Jackie telling a funny mafia-related wiseguy story about the level you're entering, offering you a bit more of his character. During the periods where you're playing as him, The Darkness (the demonic force which you are now host to) talks to you directly, both as the player and as Jackie.

The voice acting, as with Starbreeze's other games, is superb. It seems bizarre that a Scandinavian company can get such emotionally real dialogue out of their actors when big-budget American developers repeatedly fail to do so. There are a few real gut-wrenching story moments that I won't reveal here, but if you're looking for a mature piece of storytelling in game form then look no further.

If you're a fan of being repeatedly shot in the head by 12-year-olds in online games of COD, this game probably won't appeal, and you'll be on here within hours, writing a review of how sucky it is. I found the game increibly well realized, and absolutely gripping in terms of the story. After a few levels of real-world grimy gangster-on-gangster action, The Darkness quickly descends into something else. Older gamers will probably find later sections of reminiscent of Quake and Doom.

The sense of player empowerment comes gradually, with only a few guns, limited ammo, and a gradual increase in the power of the Darkness itself. This means that some levels may seem too easy, but this, I believe, is done on purpose as part of the story (see also Riddick's robot suit rampages). But I'm sure there's a Stupidly Hard mode for anyone too proud to spend their time playing anything remotely enjoyably.
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First off I shall apologise I have never read the comic that this game is based on, but have played a good 4 hours of the Darkness and can give you an idea what to expect from the Darkness!

You play Jackie a young mafia Hitman who along with two other wise guys has managed to bocth a simple collection job given to him by the Don uncle Paulie. Now uncle Paulie is less than pleased and thinks Jackie boy has pocketed said dollar, and when you decide to carry on with your 2nd assignment taking out a forman on a building site, Paulie takes his revenge, and you suddenly have the cast of soprano's on your ass.

This would normally mean the end of Jackies short but eventfull life, he's only 21 and today happens to be his birthday. What does Jackie get for his 21st? a new car? No a new puppy No? not even a new shotgun! He gets possessed by the Darkness! which not only speaks to him with a very cool demonic voice but also manifests it's self as two snake like creatures that come out of his shoulder blades and sit each size of the screen. These don't only look freeking sweet but they move, snap, snarl and hiss making them look really alive. The Darkness also allows you to see better ( the darkness) and when you kill some sumbag it is very rewarding to stand over a body tap A button and watch the snake thing rip out his heart, the other head even trys to grap it from him and tug the heart till it rips in half!!!! You can even control the arms independantly by the RB button. Stab them through someones chest, run one thru an air vent and kill an unreachable thug or create a black hole and suck them into oblivion plus loags more cool stuff. yes I do love this game.

The game plays very well and is very fun, the graphics are great, the story is very well written and really drags you in to it and you actually care about the charcters. It's a fairy lengthy game too which makes a refreshing change nowadays (cough GOW, GRAW2). BUT there is always a but isn't there! the game does let its self down a bit, when I read the box I thought cool turn into demonic beast and send hardened criminals running scared! erm no. Not one enemy seems the slightest but bothered you have huge snake like demons coming out for ur back or glowing eyes! In fact i din't think they could even see them till one shouted "Ur demon s**t don't scare us??? Even the main charcter Jackie doesn't seem to notice them, he doesn't even wonder whats happened to him! he seems more bothered about his uncle being cross with him than being possessed by this darkness he doen't even mention it in a cut scene for the first 4 hours!

These are minor gripes that just bother me probable not any one else, this game is still the best FPS i have played in a long time and would def reccomend it especially to anyone who is bored of your run of the mill shooters this is definatly different!

Not sure what Marlon Brando would make of it?
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