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4.2 out of 5 stars81
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2009
The Darkness knows how to impress. A great story, interesting charachters, a strange and weird voice within you which talks while you killing some dudes. The Darkness is a great entertaiment package in a very brutal form. There are lots of Emotions which take place in the game. Hate, Love , Revenge, Fear. The focus of the game is on the story and its depth. The combat is very great and the missions do a lot of fun. The darkness can also keep you busy for hours if you are interested in the achivements. The only minus point is the multiplayer. No one uses it, no one is interested in it. Maybe because of the lags which are unavoidable in this game. Nevertheless a great game. Buy it. Play it. Enjoy it.
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on 10 September 2014
A definite good game with lots of fun, a great plot, and a few flaws. Most of the flaws are really down to the the fact that most of your Darkness powers don't deal damage and you can't bite things with them like you can in the second game. Honestly, they really kinda messed up on that point - you have two triggers for the guns, and two shoulder buttons which are NOT used to make the left and right side heads attack. That makes things kinda disappointing, but sending the Crawling Darkness out to attack at range makes up for it somewhat. My only other gripe is that nobody in the plot actually reacts to you having demon arms - not even random goons are frightened of you, though civilian NPCs are.
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on 11 September 2013
One of the best games I've ever played. Product arrived in reasonable time and the disk was in good condition so no reason for me not to give 5 stars :-)
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on 8 March 2009
Hi folks, been playing this game for awhile now, extremely addictive,totally submerged in it's lore and gameplay.
Allows you to grow and evolve your skills.
Story line is impressive, only down fall is that at some point you have to return to reality! I miss my darkness and my buddy the darkling as there have been many a situation that I could have used them.

Play it, it's a must.
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on 2 July 2007
From the opening you know this is going to be special. You play an American Gangster (think an emo Al Paccino) who on his 21st birthday is betrayed by his uncle and mob boss. He unsuccessful tries to kill you and so you head off on the old revenage path. As in every other video game ever made.

But here's the twist. Your taken over by an evil deamon type thing known as the darkness. This thing is just plain cool. It manifests itself as two heads ever side of you and when call upon can impale you foes, slither though small holes to access locked areas and eat you dead enemy's hearts! Using it's power's as well as a wide range of guns you must kill everything in site to extract revenge. And damn is it fun!

The game is heavily plot driven with the ablilty to make your own choices at certain points. It's an incredabley immersive expericene. If you've played "Riddick: escape from butcher bay" you'll know what to expect. I won't spoil it for you but there are lots of plot twists and intresting locations to explore.

But it's not all good. This game has truly awful freezing problems. At points it froze randomly just 2-5 minutes into the game. It's a shame as it ruins what is a brillant game. But be assured a patch will most likey be released on xbox live which will correct this problem in the near future....hopefully. Also the level design is not great and sometimes can results in you getting lost. Let's not talk about the horrible multiplayer as the laggy tacted on rubbish is not worth looking at.

So a great single player experiene which I would recommend to everyone. It would have been five stars if not for the freezing problems and terrible multiplayer.
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on 1 July 2007
The Darkness is an excellent game on several fronts - the graphics are top notch, the sound is superb (both the sound effects and the great voice acting) and the combat is fast and brutal. But most of all, it is emotional and compelling stuff - something a lot of other reviews of the game haven't really mentioned.

From the lead character Jackie's monologues that take place when the game is loading (a great touch), to the feeling of really interacting with other characters, The Darkness does a great job of sucking you in and making you empathise with Jackie, making you feel that you really are playing as him.This is most apparent in the sections between all the combat, action and violence. In one of these you visit your girlfriend's new flat, where she has baked you a cake for your birthday, and where you sit down together to watch TV (you can actually watch hours of real television - cartoons, films and music videos - on the games televisions by the way). As you sit watching a film your girlfriend cuddles up to you and falls asleep - a genuinely moving and involving scene, which made even more emotional by the amount of violence and darkness that has taken place up to that point. Without giving any spoilers away, later on in the game this emotional involvement gets cranked up even higher, as Jackie visits the orphanage where he and Jenny (the girlfriend) grew up - and where Jenny is being held hostage. As events unfold I found myself getting more emotionally involved in this game than any other game I have played in the past.

The darkness powers are a great part of the game too. When you become emotionally involved in the game, killing enemies by ripping their hearts out with your darkness power becomes grimly satisfying. And the darklings, small goblin-like creatures that can do different tasks for you, are great fun to use to.

All in all, I enjoyed this game much more than I thought I would and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a game with strong characters and a compelling story. It is dark - violent, brutal and very adult - but is also extremely enjoyable, and a game which is going to drag you in and not let go until the finish. It isn't the longest game in the world, but the hours you do spend playing it are going to be some of the most intense hours gamiing you'll ever spend...
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on 1 July 2007
Based on a comic called THE DARKNESS (and, no, it's nothing to do with that Spandex-wearing rock band from the early 2000s!), you play Jackie Estacado, a contract killer who was 'adopted' by Paulie Franchetti following the death of his parents at a young age and a spell in a tough orphanage. Now, on his 21st birthday, and with only his beloved Jenny as his guiding light 'so beautiful and pure', suddenly he is on the run from his adopted 'Uncle' Paulie and his minions.

Trouble is, Jackie is no ordinary contract killer. He is cursed with some kind of demonic possession known as The Darkness, which manifests itself on-screen as what looks like a pair of snakes with lots of sharp teeth and a bunch of tentacles. The Darkness, as you gathered from its name, thrives on darkness, and you have what's called Darkness Power that constantly tops itself up while you remain in shadows (sometimes you might have to shoot out lights to gain some darkness). Also, The Darkness will sometimes blurt out some dialogue in a creepy, demonic voice.

As well as various guns with which to dispose of foes (you can also get various close-range attacks with the guns, which differ depending on the weapon and where Jackie is standing), you can also use The Darkness' unique powers; you start off with just the one called Creeping Dark (but you can amass others later on in the game), which allows one of the snake-like heads to creep along, even up, walls etc, and you can also use it to kill guards while Jackie himself stays out of harm's way, or even on occasions get it to pick up objects that Jackie cannot get to, or even unlock a door from the other side so Jackie can progress further.

Using Darkness powers uses up Darkness energy, but this can be increased not only by staying in the shadows, but also by using the snake-heads to devour the hearts of any foe you kill. If your snake-heads eat enough hearts then your Darkness powers increase.

While The Darkness is activated (you can turn it on and off using the Left Bumper), you can also see Gateways littered around the place; these contain Darklings, which are a group of minions that are at the beck and call of The Darkness, and you can summon one such Darkling to help you, either in battle or perhaps to remove an obstacle blocking your path.

As in other FPS, if you take damage, it's one of those games where you can regain health if you simply stay out of the line of fire for a while. You'll know if you're taking too much damage because the screen goes red, so if this happens you need to hide somewhere and wait for the screen to lose its red colour before going back into the fray.

It's not all shooting. Sometimes you have to perform certain tasks, such as finding someone or something (these are logged in a Journal as you uncover them, and this Journal -- which also includes a Map and a list of all the Darkness powers at your disposal, together with a brief description -- can be accessed with the Back button), and occasionally you might have to talk to other people (you simply go up to someone and press A), and occasionally you get a list of choices as to what you want Jackie to say.

This game is great. It's better than I could have ever envisaged. I was afraid that it was just going to be another first-person shooter with little new to add, but it is actually different enough to warrant checking out, and largely thanks to The Darkness, which adds a whole new dimension to the game. The best bit about it is that it has a really interesting story that draws you in, and this is helped by some superb voice acting (Kirk Acevedo voices Jackie, while other cast members include Lauren Ambrose [Claire Fisher in TV's SIX FEET UNDER] as Jenny, Dwight Schultz [Howlin' Mad Murdock in THE A-TEAM, Lt. Barclay in some episodes of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and the film STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT] as Paulie, and Mike Starr [SUMMER OF SAM] as Butcher Joyce). Oh, and it's really easy to get to grips with the controls, as you are guided one by one at key points where you might first use certain powers etc.

Other distractions include picking up little notes that contain phone numbers that you can dial when you find a phone (they don't affect the game as such, but unlock some bonus features), or you can even change the channel of every TV that you come across; these contain things like music videos, an episode of Flash Gordon or even the classic Japanese 1970s martial arts flick THE STREET FIGHTER starring KILL BILL'S Sonny Chiba(admittedly badly-dubbed English version of it)! This little extra bit raised a bit of a smirk!

Graphics are excellent, with some moody and foreboding scenery and amazing animation on the moving things. Sound is equally excellent, and suitably gooey for the icky bits such as using The Darkness to devour a heart from a dead body. Gameplay, as I mentioned above, is great, and the whole thing is done well enough to keep you going and getting absorbed in the story.

Yes, I did say 'icky bits'! This is one to be kept away from the kids, as it's bloody and violent, and also contains frequent strong language in the dialogue. Because of the violence the BBFC have classified it with an 18 certificate.

One to consider adding to your XBox 360 collection, or at least consider renting. I think you'll be impressed.
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on 29 June 2007
Well, you get the box and the front cover just screams at you that this game will be mildly fun, how wrong was I.

This game brings some great new elements into the FPS genre (which now is getting a bit bland.) You play as a Mafia Hitman who on his 21st birthday becomes imbued with The Darkness (scary, eh?) Your Uncle tries to kill you and the story un-wraps from there. I must personally say, this is one of the most engrossing games I have played, ever. From the word go, your thrown into gun fight, a great opener to any game. Well, maybe a bit more about the specifics;

Graphics: 8/10

While the graphics are superb, some textures up close look really distorted, thats the only gripe with the graphics I have, other than that the lighting is superb, the character detail is amazing and the level layout stops you from getting bored.

Sounds: 10/10

Wow, the sounds are amazing, the main reason for the 10, is purly because of The Darkness, when it speaks to you, it sends a chill down your spine, your in "control" of it, but you know its something to be scared of, and belive me, The Darkness is not out for a Summer's holiday.

Longevity: 8/10

I havn't completed the game yet, but this is definatly a game I would play again, I haven't tried multiplayer neither, but i'm sure it will be fun.

Story: 10/10

The Story, the main focus of any game, without one, a game would just be mindless activity, lucky enough, this game has a story, a brillient one at that. You will WANT to progress through the game to see what happens next, unlike a lot of games where you progress through the story because you want to get to the next area for the new things. The story has kept me engrossed constantly for 6 hours straight (yes, my eyes were messed up afterwards, but damn was it worth it!) I only stopped playing as I felt like I didn't want to rush the story, it is something to be desired, not another tick in your book saying "Yep, I've completed that game."

Achievements: 7/10

While the achievements on this game arn't great for us who prefer to play single player, the majority are for offline goals, and even the online ones don't seem too hard.

So, to sum up, this game is an action packed, gore filled, adrenaline building peice of art, if you like Horror, and you like FPS, this game will be your new best friend, just make sure you get someone to feed the dog!
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on 1 August 2013
I got this game because of recommendation by a friend. At first I was rather apprehensive about it and didn't really take to it, but after playing the first couple of missions and unlocking a few of the abilities for the darkness I started to enjoy it a lot more. A great game if you like tactical killing and shooting games.
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on 8 December 2007
this game restored my faith in console FPS games. it's got a good, solid story and some amazing cut scenes. It looks awesome, gameplay is amazing and the darkness powers are great to use. The only downside is that when you get lost, you get lost for a while. it's a bit of a short game, but worth playing through. i loved it.
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