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  • Loose
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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 3 August 2006
Having heard reports from disappointed fans I wasn't sure if buying "Loose" was a good idea. I can see why some don't like it - if you prefer the old stuff this might come as a shock. However I think it's great that she has explored a different genre and with such success but without losing the Latin rhythms. You also get the feeling that plenty other artists were happy to collaborate with her. As a HUGE Juanes fan my fav. track is "Te Busque" but "No Hay Igual", "Maneater" and "Showtime" are excellent too. After listening to it you can only wonder what she'll do next!

Conclusion: The more you listen, the more you'll love it!
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on 14 June 2006
This new album by Nelly Furtado is pretty different than her past singles and she stepped out of the box for this one and for that I give credit. I havent listened to her first two albums, but I did fall in love with her previous singles which is why I had to listen to this album.

I thought it was very interesting when I found out that she released three diffrent lead-off singles 'Promiscuous' (USA, Australia), 'Maneater' (Eurasia), and 'No Hay Igual' (Mexico, S. America). These upbeat tracks are very fun and are full of attitude, sure they're fun to dance to but they are not strong songs like 'Powerless' and 'Try' which are amazing songs. None the less, the singles are probably the best ear candy on the album and are very radio friendly. On the album "Loose" there are some what touching ballads and upbeat songs about lust, inner battles and relationships.

Don't expect the sounds of "Folklore" because the majority of the production on this album is Timbaland's work, which is strictly R&B and hip hop. It's a more "Whoa!, Nelly" sound which I'm not too fond of due to the fact that its an old sound and it's been done. There is a touch of an atmospheric 80's dance pop sound with synthesizers in a few songs like 'Say It Right' and 'Do It' and " which is nice but not sure if it goes well with Nelly. There were also nice acoustic songs like 'What I Wanted" and "Te Busque", a duet with the popular Mexican band Juanes which I found was the only song I genuinly love from this album.

Something that did annoy me were the little spoken intros in between some songs, I didnt think they were necessary but I can see how Nelly and the producers found it funny or whatever. I expected to hear a more fresh and diffrent sound since Nelly was kinda known for her original style of music. It seems Nelly wanted to be more mainstream with this one since her sophmore album failed to reach the succsess of her debut. If that was the intention of this album then I am disappointed.

Although the album sometimes doesnt flow well due to its diffrent style of music its a nice sounding album overall. Maybe a DVD including the making of this album would have got me into this album more and would've helped me and others understand why Nelly decided to do an album like this...
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on 15 June 2006
Hmmmmmmm, so the long awaited Nelly return. Im sure your wondering how it will sound and which direction it will go in. Well the album is very different to folklore, it has beats and drums and bass. It has escaped guitars for rnb beats and is ratherly good. Criticism is that shes gone mainstream and sold out but on average a good album. Afraid, maneater, promiscuous nd say it right being the highlights, a great album for 2006. Too many laughs and comments on the interludes tho.
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Nelly has long been an artist that, for me, produced either really infectious songs or ones that left me competely cold. Her second album, FOLKLORE, did not last long in my CD sollection until I decided to pass it on. Then, the singles "Maneater" and "Promiscuous" were released from her third album, LOOSE. That was when I started paying attention again. However, it was not until I heard the single, "Say it Right" that I finally decided I had to go out and buy the album itself.

As with all her other music, I have found that LOOSE includes some tracks that you could happily listen to over and over, whilst others you easily forget. "Afraid" is a strong opening track, setting the tone of this dance album from Nelly. Unfortuntately, by the time you have reached track 4, "Glow", you may be feeling as though you are just hearing the same sort of thing over and over. "Glow" is easily the weakest song on the album - as another reviewer suggested, the beats are too heavy on this track, so much so that it just becomes noise rather than anything else.

"Say it Right" remains my favourite song from the album, far surpassing any of the others. But, there are two other tracks which I think are notable; "Te Busque" (in English apart from the chorus) and "In God's Hands".

All in all, it is good to see that Nelly is experimenting with her sound. When she gets it right, it is amazing. But she really has to pick the right songs for her voice - there are times I think she can sound quite nasal, which quickly becomes irritating. Hopefully, her fourth release shall bring all the good qualities together.
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on 18 June 2007
Ok she`s back and her popularity has gone through the roof with Loose. After a deep introspective second album that flopped Nelly has choosen a pop dance route for her new album that works well with her limited vocals.

When the album works it really hits big, tracks such as the euro club smash Maneater,the sublime Say it Right and All Good Things Come To An End hold the album together and nearly reach the highs of Madonna`s 80`s career.

The problem is that the album is hard to listen to in full cycle,tracks such as Do It and Glow sound like bad left overs from Gwen Stefani and you get the nagging feeling that Nelly has sold her soul to gain a younger crowd.Gone are the deep,political songs from Floklore and what we are left with is a collection of shallow songs that are empty of emotion and heavy on beats.

I would like her to find a balance on her next album between the old and new Nelly as I believe she has great creative talent but could find herself lost in the hype machine that so many artist fall into these days.

Best Track. All Good Things

Worst Track. Glow
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on 1 July 2007
I really liked Nelly's first single off this album 'Maneater' as I thought it really got you up dancing and the video to it was pretty good too. It's a totally different sound you'd expect from Nelly furtardo.

The rest of the album is alright, it isn't absolutley outstanding when it comes to lyrics and subject as they are mainly about the same thing. Set to a catchy dance, spanish-style soundtrack it's made so people will dance to it. I think she has gone a bit Madonna, changing her style of song and music and reinventing her image but I don't think it makes her look better.

The spanish tracks don't actually do anything for me, I don't see the point in them and neither is 'Say It Right ' ' All Good things Come To An end ' and ' In God's Hands'. I have wasted my money.

But if you just want something summery on in the background, get this.If you want a seriously good album, don't buy this.
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