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Pest-Stop Electronic Rat Killer
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on 20 February 2008
Having read in the mouse trap reviews that this unit was far better, I decided to purchase one of them. It arrived promptly on a Thursday.

The batteries are a pain to install, as suggested elsewhere here, and the battery cover is a joke. I found that the best way to get the batteries in is to start with the spring end (-ve) ones first. They have to be pushed firmly to get them through the clips. Then put the base ends of the other batteries in so they rest against the top (+ve) end of the first ones and lever them in so they compress the spings and you can then get the top (+ve) cap down into the compartment!

I baited mine with a lump of bread roll as my mice had been ignoring peanut butter and cheese etc on my conventional traps for weeks! Placed against a wall where I knew they ran and a few crumbs trailed into the entrance to lead them in. Switch on and the green LED flashes briefly to show it's working. This was Thurs evening.

Fri morning, came down, periodic slow green flashing LED (about 10 secs between) 1 dead mouse, zapped against the end wall of it. Was in a rush, so emptied it out and dumped the unbaited unit back on the floor and switched it back on. Fri pm, another dead mouse, with no bait! Re-baited with bread roll, out on the beer! Sat lunchtime - 3 dead mice!! Re-baited, watched 1st Rugby international - another dead mouse! Re-baited again, watched 2nd Rugby international - yet another one! 7 in 2 days!! No more since then but no more signs of them either. The unit has been left switched on since then (now 2 1/2 weeks) and it appears to still be working fine on the same set of batteries. Very impressed!
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It arrived yesterday - brilliant delivery from Amazon, arrived the day after ordering by standard first class post (just click 'buy it now'). Set it last night. Big rat in it this morning - I am totally freaked out!

Ok - so - it says on the instructions, put peanut butter in one of the lower holes on the back with a wood or plastic knife (so you don't electrocute yourself) - even if it is turned off it still holds some charge. We didn't have any peanut butter, and in my experience of mouse traps - chocolate works every time - so melted some chocolate (hint - don't try to melt chocolate in the microwave - it burned!) - second attempt - melted chocolate in pan, let it get a bit thick again, then used plastic star-shaped cookie cutter to daub some inside hole and a bit on the outside, set trap and went to bed after cleaning up every scrap of crumbs and food from the room. Put it against skirting board near where we knew activity had been. (Hint - it won't fit under a radiator and needs to be right up against skirting board) This morning - a tail sticking out and a big rat. So I was going to just pick it up and empty it in the bin, but couldn't and freaked out. Partner had already gone to work, so neighbour came and did it for me. Now need to re-set it again. I want to move out!

So how did we know we had a rat. Well - something has stolen 3 apples and a kiwi fruit from the bowl on the dining room table over the last two days and taken them behind the sofa where they have been half eaten - either an awful lot of mice or something bigger. Also something has been playing football with the sealed mouse traps we have put down. So sent for this, based on the good reviews and the fact it works for mice and rats - and sure enough it is a rat. And as neighbour said, there will be a Mum or Dad rat still to catch, plus the babies. We have found a hole in the wood floor where the radiator pipes go down and one in the skirting board in corner of room, so will block those up when we have caught everything.

Catching mice isn't pleasant - but rats - aargh! And just when I had a really important busy week and needed to keep focused.

Anyway the good news is - this works - well done to manufacturers. Do be careful handling it - it says it is for professional use and don't ever put your hand inside it or touch any of the metal parts, even when it is switched off. Read instructions on side of box carefully before using it.

My sympathy goes out to anyone else who is having to sit in their living room every night, thinking about having to clean up every crumb and set this thing before going to bed every night. We live in an old house in a rural area near the river, so rats and mice do occasionally get in - oh the joys of the countryside.
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on 16 September 2007
First a little introduction to my story. We had a rat problem. We could hear it, and we could smell it coming up from under the floor boards. It was'nt a dead rat smell, but more like a rotten milk smell.
We could see where the thing had been eating away at parts of the house and found a massive hole under the kitchen sink near the pipe work.
At first, I filled the hole with expanding foam and put a couple of glue traps down with a little peanut butter as bait.
The next day I checked under the sink, and the rat had eaten through the foam and you could see where it had got stuck and panicked, and managed to get away.
I was awoken the following morning again at about 3am and came down with my wife to investigate. Armed with a stick I entered the kitchen looked around and walk cautiously into the downstairs bathroom. My wife at this point had followed me into the kitchen. Then suddenly she screemed and ran upstairs. "What!", said I, "I saw something on the kitchen shelf", said she. I turned around to face the kitchen and there was this enormous f*!king rat on my larder shelf. Just then my heroic instincts kicked in and I jumped as high as I could onto the toilet seat kacking my pants!
The thing ran in towards me and darted down a hole in the floor boards that it had made. Well, that was it! Enough was enough!
The following day at work, I decided to order the Electronic Rat Killer from ebay and got the guy to deliver it for Saturday AM. I was not going to wait another three days for delivery.
Anyway, it arrived bright and early on Saturday morning. I popped out and purchased the four required "C" type batteries it needs to run and set myself a mission to rid my house of this bloody pest.
My first impressions of the product were that it was cheaply made, but I went ahead and installed the batteries. The fitting for the batteries is a little awkward at first but eventually I managed to get them in, or so I thought.
I put a little peanut butter in as bait, as suggested, and turned on the device and placed it under the kitchen sink and went away.
I then had a thought. How could I be sure that is was switched on? I read the outside of the box fully and it mentioned that on switching on, the green LED on the top would briefly turn on and a brief humming noise would be heard. Mmm, I thought, I don't recall that happening. So I went back and turned the unit off and then back on to confirm.
NO HUM, NO LED. Whoops! So I rejigged the batteries and put the lid back on and turned the device on again. Bingo! This time the LED came on briefly, as did a humming noise. Now I knew it was ready for action. I popped it back under the kitchen sink and left it alone.
The next day (Sunday), I opened the door under the sink to take a look (after moving the chair away that was wedged against it), but no dead rat or nothing. Then it occurred to me that if I were a rat and a couple of days ago I tried to eat some peanut butter and nearly got stuck on a pad, would I enter a black box to feed on some more? The answer is obviously NO! So with those thoughts in mind I switched the trap off and cleaned out the peanut butter from the back of the trap with some kitchen towels as I did'nt know if it would be ok to use water on it. Oh and by-the-way I did not get any manual with the thing or cleaning instructions, the setup instructions are printed on the box. I have emailed the company today to ask them how the trap should be cleaned, because it is a little awkward getting my hand to the far inside end of the trap to clean it. Anyway having wiped off all of the peanut butter, I decided to check on a couple of government websites regarding rats, and each of them pretty much repeated the same thing - a rats favourite food is cereal.
So I chucked a good handful of Otaflakes into the back of the trap and this time I also left a small amount (one or two flakes) just outside of the traps entrance (sort of a temptation). I switched the trap back on, making sure I heard the familiar hum and LED flash briefly and then closed the kitched sink door making sure to wedge the chair back up against it.
A couple of hours later that Sunday, I had a quick look under the sink and to my amazement the LED on top was flashing meaning the trap had been activated. I pulled it out and there was the rat that had caused all the trouble, DEAD!!
Opened a plastic bag and slid it in. Tied the bag and dumped it into the outside bin - job done!
I have since then re-set the trap and placed it elsewhere in the house where I have found rat activity, it maybe from the rat that has already been killed, but you never know. I'm not sure how long the batteries will run on stand-by, but I do know the company claim about 10-12 kills.
Overall an excellent product, but could do with including cleaning instructions and a better battery compartment, as well as general tidying up of the wires that connect the internal plates.
Highly recommended, I think I will finally get some sleep tonight.
Mario Yiannakou
Colliers wood, South London, England.
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on 31 July 2009
I have been unlucky with this product. Twice I found a rat which appeared to be dead. I switched off the killer. When I came back to bury the rat, it had disappeared. I suspect that the machine had only stunned them.
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on 29 May 2009
I can honestly say that when i first brought this item from amazon i had very very high hopes after reading all the positive reviews on this product.When i got this product i bought the batteries which went in the battery compartment within 30secs and put the rat killer where i "thought" the rats/mice would enter.After i would say about 2weeks,NO RATS!! I was really disappointed with what i'd waisted my money on and oh my god how wrong i was.I moved the rat killer to where i'd actually seen small rats/mice and left it there,6 rats/mice DEAD IN 4 DAYS!!! I could'nt beleive the rate at which these little monsters were coming to feed inside the rat killer which i'd baited with cheese and put nutella chocolate spread on top of the cheese.Remember to put some sort of "starter" inmy case abit of chocolate spread on the entrance so they could enjoy the "main course" inside the rat killer.Is worked for me and will work for you aslong as you place the rat killer in the right place
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on 4 February 2009
Had a mass invasion of mice and after investigating all the options plumped for this one as - despite being absolute pests I didnt want the blighters to suffer and the live mouse catchers required checking every 4 hours which I could not do. Also, once dead I wanted them contained, not stinking the place out.

Despite my abject hate of Peanut Butter I purchased a jar as recommended and set it all up (yes batteries are a pig to install) and waited for the expected genocide to begin. Days past, Weeks past. Nothing. Dont know if my family of mice are smarter than the average mouse, but whatever bait I stuck in, they totally ignored and attacked my bin instead.

In the end, at the end of my tether I went for poison (wrapped up in cheese, as mentioned clever blighters)which cleared off most of them, but whilst still infested I accidently spilled a bit of muesli on my kitchen surface. Left the kitchen, came back and it had been eagerly hoovered up. Inspired I re-baited the Zapper with said muesli (trailing small bits into the trap then leaving a big teaser nut at the back. A couple of days later it finally did the trick TWO at once. Since then it has zapped one more time but I think the poison has seen most or even the rest off (I have not seen a mouse for about a week now.

i'd say with the right bait this is a steady solution. Though mice being naturally cautious beasts I suggest that not every mouse will fall for this. I think if they re-designed the zapper to have both ends open it would be more effective as the mouse would be able to see an entry and exit route without having to double back. It is great though that once killed they can be easily evicted from the house and not left to rot in some obscure cranny of the house.
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on 17 March 2008
I must confess to being being sceptical about this product at first, which I bought on another site to deal with a mouse problem at a family member's home. However, none of the people in my family like handling mice - a bit phobic in fact - so I was attracted by the generally positive reviews, and the suggestion that you don't have to see or handle the dead rodent's body when disposing. Anyway, I baited the zapper with peanut butter and set it down Saturday evening, went away, and returned to my family member's home Sunday morning - the result? One dead critter, easily disposed of! I reset the device and again returned the next day to find another dead mouse that had received the 'San Quentin' Treatment....We've put down poison as well to deal with the overall rodent problem but have ordered another zapper as so far so good. Most traps are unreliable - the mice ignored them - but this one is proving effective. Highly recommended.
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on 23 October 2008
What more can you say? Ok the batteries are a pain to fit but when you eventually do it works a treat.
You can rid yourselves of the problem in a humane way and no mess so you don't have to come down to a decapitated body in the morning.
I was dubious at first but out of desperation had to get this device as we are plagued with mice.
Great stuff!
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on 22 June 2008
Originally intended to buy a mouse killer but reviews suggested that the rat killer would be more effective.Bought one a few weeks ago from Amazon and have found it 100%! effective.Baited it with peanut butter and in 10 nights have had 10 successes.Also found that rechargeable batteries were suitable(at least for mice).
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on 27 August 2008
Most of the reviews for this product seemed to be about mice, so if you are looking for a good rat trap here it is!
I thought that we would try this as we had a persistent problem with rats in our out house. We have baited the trap with chocolate buttons and had three kills in three nights. The rats have been very large, filling the trap but it has been powerful enough to do the job.
The trap has done a better job than using poison, and also there is no need to touch the rat, it just tips into a bin bag.
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