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3.5 out of 5 stars10
3.5 out of 5 stars
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It was only as the opening credits of this film rolled that I realized the story was based on a novel by Ramsey Campbell - one I had read a few years ago. The only thing I clearly remember about the novel is the horrible ending, which I described as a betrayal of the evil Campbell had spent so much time creating. This movie, on the other hand, does things absolutely right in my book, creating a bold, shocking ending that made me want to stand up and cheer - not for what actually happened, but because the filmmaker ended the film in such heroic fashion - American filmmakers always seem to cowardly sell out at the end of films. The Nameless is in fact a Spanish production (Los Sin Nombre), directed by Jaume Balaguero, the same man behind the film Darkness. The film is dubbed in English, but I have no complaints about the dubbing whatsoever.
I love European horror. There is a completely different mood and feel compared to American horror films, which at this point basically consist of the same few movies made over and over again. Watching unknown actors, I had no predilections as to where the story would take their characters. The story begins with the horrible mutilation and murder of a little girl, likely the work of some cult or other. Then, several years later, the child's mother Claudia (and I must say Emma Vilarasau gives a wonderfully distraught performance as the traumatized mother) receives a phone call from her daughter, begging her to come get her. She goes alone to the location, braves the absolute creepiness of the place, and finds enough evidence to make her think her daughter may actually still be alive. She begs for the help of the cop (now former cop) who worked the case, and the two of them begin a search for what turns out to be a mysterious cult known only as The Nameless. It apparently has links back to the old Thule Society of fascist Germany, with a really weird Crowley-like guru (now incarcerated) holding the key to what his nameless children are up to these days. Carlos Lasarte is deliciously evil in the role of the madman Santini; he almost steals the whole show with his one scene. With the help of a paranormal magazine writer, Claudia and her partner finally draw a bead on the location of the cult - but suddenly it's not so clear just who is the hunter and who is the hunted here. I would love to talk about the ending because it's just fantastic, but you really have to witness it for yourself.
Maybe this movie doesn't translate all that well to the general American public. I for one thought this film was fantastic, and it certainly won a slew of awards in Europe. Ramsey Campbell's horror is of a somewhat erudite form, but Jaume Balaguero managed to take Campbell's story and bring it to vivid, haunting life in the most effective of ways. Best of all, he cast away the novel's disappointing ending and fully embraced the horror that fueled the entire story. I love The Nameless, and I hope those who come across it will give it a chance - it's really a terrific horror movie.
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on 18 July 2013
I've been a massive fan of Ramsey Campbell for a long time now. I have even met him, and got his signature. After watching The Nameless which is based on Ramsey's novel. I was completely overwhelmed on how mind blowing and horrifying it is. It's such a shame it's not a widely well known horror film, however that does not stop it from being a masterpiece.

Like the novel it focuses on how one woman can be haunted by the death of her daughter, and will do what ever it takes to find out the truth. I once asked Ramsey on what he thought about the film, and he said ''It truly captures the feeling while remaining faithful to my story.'' If your a fan of Ramsey Campbell or horror in general I really recommend buying it!

5/5 stars.
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on 2 June 2013
I enjoyed watching this film a lot, it's a creepy horror thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. The performances are understated which works to accentuate the horror of the story. Along the way you experience some creepy moments. For me creepiness is the mark of a good horror film. All too often films rely on shock or gore to scare the audience, but for me creepiness is much more unsettling. And 'The Nameless' does this well.

If you like horror stories and don't mind subtitles then you should check this out.
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on 7 October 2006
"Los Sin Nombre" (aka "The Nameless") is an outstanding Spanish horror thriller based on a novel by Liverpudlian author Ramsey Campbell. The film begins with a grisly discovery by police then moves forward in time to focus on a grieving, divorced mother trying hard to get on with her life but never quite getting over the horrific events of her immediate past. Suddenly she starts receiving mysterious phone calls from a desperate young girl begging her mummy to rescue her.

The mystery behind "Los Sin Nombre" unravels intelligently and unhurriedly with little in the way of excess. Grotesque images are kept to a minimum but are devastating when unveiled. The atmosphere is appropriately creepy and haunting throughout. Had this been made by Hollywood I'm sure it would have been mangled with a romantic subplot between the mother and the kindly detective who helps her. Thankfully it remains focused from start to finish and does not resort to a cop-out ending.
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on 6 February 2012
Great,tense Spanish horror film which boasts a great atmosphere and superlative acting. I loved the way the labyrinthine plot slowly unravelled. Highly recommmended
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on 11 May 2013
I was so disappointed. I found the plot confusing and I really couldn't fathom out who was doing what or why for a lot of the time. Why was that photographer swanning around all over the place and what was that bleeding statue of the boy all about? So many confusing things not explained. Things weren't explained properly and the poor subtitiles didn't help with words wrong and missed out. Completely forgettable film. No lingering memories. Yet again, a modern horror film cannot compete with horror films from the 1970s.
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on 24 August 2011
I have just finished watching this film, about 5 minutes ago.
It is very hard for me to speak of this film with kind words, the only good things I can say is that its well shot and well acted. However this is where the positives stop. The plot is poor and its not terribly well explained either, sometimes this is good as it allows for personal interpretations, however with this film it doesn't. There is only one interpretation.
For me the plot takes an age to get going and when it does it goes to a place I wish I had never visited, then completely fails to justify the actions of the characters in the final scene. Its just poorly explained.
If you want a good psychological horror/thriller in the spanish language, watch KM31 instead.
Maybe some people will like this film but I really don't know why. The soundtrack was repetitive and at times didnt add anything to the mood of the film.
Overall, its 90+ minutes that I consider well and truelly wasted.
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on 20 June 2012
I have recently been watching Spanish Language DVDs to help me learn the language. Being a horror enthusiast I have gotten some horror films going cheap.

Perhaps it's because it helped reinforce vocab that I can even give it three stars. The script was confusing and illogical whilst the ending and characters were totally cliched. Also the sound was so badly handled, the dialogue was quiet whilst the makers used the cheap technique of using speeded-up film clips with deafening sound effects to shock. Lastly the saturated cinematography felt really hackneyed as well.

On the plus side, the production design was fairly good and there was a genuine atmosphere of unease. I wouldn't deny there was a strong mood of tension, but it isn't a film I'd really recommend.
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on 6 July 2011
yawn yawn yawn. irelivent bullcrap about angels and nazis for an 1hr and 30mins. no scares. no tension. no horror.and the lead actress is extremely dumb
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on 6 December 2006
I found the opening scenes to be unwatchable and I did my best not to listen too closely to what was being said. After this unpropitious start, I nearly did not watch the rest of the film. However, I am glad that I did, as I found it to be a skilful and atmospheric thriller about a secret organisation.
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