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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent collection, almost perfect. Almost...
Some of the best episodes of all the series are undoubtedly the borg chapters. These episodes present a summary of the Federation's history with the borg from their first discovery to their final defeat and make facinating and entertaining viewing that could almost have been justified as a series on its own. The cross-series collection also provides the opportunity to...
Published on 4 April 2007 by Brw Mccrann

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3.0 out of 5 stars more bog than borg
This collects all the star trek episodes containing the borg. I'm not a trekkie by any means but the borg were inspired,well designed and unusually creepy by star trek standards, along with this it always seemed the story writing went up a notch so that tension was heightened and fear became the driving force behind each borg episode.

I enjoyed all these and...
Published on 7 Jun 2006 by Amazon Customer

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57 of 60 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent collection, almost perfect. Almost..., 4 April 2007
Brw Mccrann (Oxford, United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
Some of the best episodes of all the series are undoubtedly the borg chapters. These episodes present a summary of the Federation's history with the borg from their first discovery to their final defeat and make facinating and entertaining viewing that could almost have been justified as a series on its own. The cross-series collection also provides the opportunity to compare the design and effects between the different series (Enterprise, Next Generation & Voyager).

The only shortcoming of the collection is that a couple of episodes key to the borg storyline are glaringly absent from the lineup. The most noticable discontinuity is the leap from Voyager abducting a stranded seven of nine drone at the end of the Scorpion two-parter (with her vowing to fight and assimilate or destroy voyager) and at the start of the next episode (Drone) she's miraculously well groomed and humanised and a happy member of the crew trying to convince a futuristic borg drone that the federation is wonderful and that he should help them fight the borg himself. Fan-voting the favorite episodes or not this series would have such greater continuity for the inclusion of that one extra episode showing Seven's transition from Borg drone to Voyager crewmember (Janeway reasoning with her and researching her past and the doctor adapting her cyborg body to be more human). The episode would then have connected all the later voyager borg episodes, explaining how the borg to human transition occured. The episode is a fascinating insight into the concept of the borg and how they work as this one drone is successfully rehabilitated to be human.

Including the transitional episode would also explain what happened to the crew member present in the 'scorpion' borg episodes but missing from the later borg episodes (Neelix's telephathic alien love interest who evolves into a non corporeal state that is so energy based that she's involuntarily putting the ship at risk and leaves voyager just as 7of9 is joining the ship.) The episode involves 7of9 still being distrusted as a recent ex-borg drone and voyager still trying to escape Borg space, a very valid episode for the borg storyline of this boxset.

It would have transformed what is a collection of slightly disjointed episodes into a cohesive, self explanitory series in its own right. As there are only 3 episodes on the third and forth discs in the set and 4 on the first two discs they could easily have included the extra 1 or 2 episodes alongside the voted ones that would have completed the story. I wouldn't disuade anyone from purchasing this or the other collective boxsets as an alternative to investing hundreds upon hundreds of pounds in getting the whole star trek saga. The boxset contains fantastic episodes that are unmissable to any casual star trek fan but without the whole borg storyline it just feels slightly incomplete. A slightly perplexing and dissapointing mistake for whoever brainstormed these otherwise wonderful boxsets up to have made.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A handy collection of Borg related episodes, 22 Aug 2006
russell clarke "stipesdoppleganger" (halifax, west yorks) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
In terms of tele-visual baddies Star treks Borg are very nearly up their with The Daleks And The Cybermen and are, in many ways superior. They have a definable story arc and their collective mission of cultural assimilation resonates down throughout human history -indeed it holds true in contemporary terms looking at American Imperialism, or if you put the boot on the other foot, the way Muslim fanatics wish us all to live under Shariah law. Socio -political views aside the Borg are special because like the Daleks they are believably terrifying and have a memorable catch phrase. Resistance is indeed futile if like me you are a fan of the pasty faced walking power tools- this box set is a must.

The set comprises fourteen episodes on four discs including some double headers and two two hour "Voyager" episodes , Chronology wise, this may , seem at first out of sync, with an "Enterprise" episode "Regeneration" first. This is as a result of the Star Trek "First Contact" movie which had pieces of Borg technology falling to Earth which is why the Enterprise crew were able access it even though it is many years before actual first contact with the Borg via the "Next Generation" crew. Some Trekies got in a right tizzy about this episode but I, not being that anal, feel it sits in well with the shows continuum though I concede its unlikely pre TNG federation personnel could defeat The Borg. .

TNG crew first encounter The Borg in "Q Who?" When John De Lancies superbly irritating Q in his third attempt to put humanity in its place spins The Enterprise 7000 light years into deep space to meet the hive minded assimilators of other cultures. The Borg do not fully resonate in this episode, they are proto-formed -just pale clumsy automatons with minor attachments and lacking their signature phrases but the brilliance of their Cube shaped vessel is first seen here. Still the Enterprise escapes by the skin of its teeth and avoids them until the superb double header which ended season four and kicks off season five. "The Best Of Both Worlds" has stoical "Jean Luc Picard"(Patrick Stewart who portrays Jean Luc as mechanical at the best of times) kidnapped by The Borg in order to conquer Earth. He is transformed into a Borg "Locutus" and again the crew are stretched to the limit in order to prevail. The episode "I Borg" though beautifully done is a mistake I feel. A Borg, who the crew nickname Hugh (Jonathon Del Arco), is separated from the hive mind and attains a level of individuality. To endow The Borg with humanity is to weaken them and render them less terrifying, never a good idea with your shows finest villain. Still in another double header "The Descent" "Data's" evil twin "Lore" ( Brent Spiner excellent as usual) commands a ramped up version of The Borg who have individual personalities in order to help him achieve his nefarious aims.

The Borg returned in "Voyager" as that ship attempted to navigate Borg controlled space. In yet another double "Scorpion" that ended season three and ushered in four Captain Janeway( Kate Mulgrew) whose voice alone should scare off the Borg , seeks an alliance with them in order to counteract the menace of The inter-dimensional -"species 8472 "as The Borg have classified them- who have been kicking Borg ass. This introduced us to "Seven Of Nine" (Jeri Ryan) a Borg who becomes a member of "Voyagers" crew and who looks tremendous in her cling film tight costume and is thus worth having on board for that reason alone. She provides much of the Borg related drama to come and thanks to Ryan, who proves a fine actress, imbues the character with an internal dichotomy that convinces. In "Drone" a rather lame episode that old staple a transporter malfunction mixes up her and the ships holographic Doctors bit's and pieces of technology to create a Super Borg. "Dark Frontier" tell us some of her back story and those pesky Borg try to re-assimilate her into the hive. Finally another double header "Unimatrix Zero" a tale of a virtual Eden leads to the shows thrilling finale "Endgame" in which a" Janeway" form the future guides the one in the present to utilise Borg technology in order to precipitate their journey home. This features a guest appearance from Alice Krige as The Borg Queen from "First Contact".

There are some flimsy extras though the commentaries on "Regeneration", "The Best Of Both Worlds" and "Unimatrix Zero Pt 2" are worth hearing. Some fans will no doubt view this DVD as a rip off, but as a means of speed accessing some of the franchises finest episodes it's hard to beat. Much as I love the show I don't have time money, or indeed the will, to plough through entire seasons of the shows various guises in order to access my favourite Borg episodes so for me this is a great idea. A minor quibble can be made about the transfer to DVD, some of the TNG episodes have poor colour definition and the sound is flimsy. Even the later episodes aren't top quality but the drama and performances more than compensate. The Borg is one of sci-fi, s great villains, implacable, emotionless, and almost unstoppable...rather like the Swedish tennis player whose name they filched.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Borg box set, 26 Oct 2011
N. Dutton (Newcastle, Staffs, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
This 4 disc compilation is a worthwhile buy for people such as myself who consider the Borg to be the highlight of the Star Trek franchise and who don't want to spend a lot of money on the numerous individual series where good episodes are frequently followed by mediocre and awful ones .
Disc one kicks off with the "earliest" in terms of timeline, but in actual fact the most recent Borg episode, "Regeneration" from "Enterprise". The conceit here is that the audience knows everything that the Federation characters don't about the frozen cyborg bodies they discover. It's a reasonably tense episode and worth inclusion, but has what will become familiar failings as the set unfolds: repetition of plot elements and the inevitable eventual frustration of Borg plans so that "good" can triumph over "evil". Next up is "Q-Who" from the "Next Generation", being the Borg's first appearance proper. Altough their appearance and modus operandi are far from their "Voyager" peak at least they are only prevented from capturing the "Enterprise" by the machinations of the super-powerful entity Q. Completing disc 1 is the excellent 2 part TNG "Best of Both Worlds" which sees a single cube devastate the Federation fleet before being fairly implausibly seen off by our heroes.
The quality declines somewhat on disc 2. "I Borg" concerns a drone disconnected from the hive mind and a dilemma for the TNG crew about what to do with him. It has some interest, but is ultimately unsatisfying, although it is made to look wonderful by the dismal 2 parter "Descent" which follows and which is utterly devoid of merit. The final episode on disc 2 is "Scorpion Part One" from "Voyager" which, along with part two which starts disc 3, is to my mind the finest Borg episode of all as they are forced in to a precarious alliance with the "Voyager" crew in order to survive against their greatest threat.
Disc 3 continues with "Drone" which, like "I Borg", really adds nothing to the canon and the double-lenght "Dark Frontier" which is largely excellent but starts the trend of routine victories over the supposedly mighty collective by Janeway and co.
This trend continues into the final disc with the two-part "Unamatrix Zero" which despite a reasonable basic plotline peters out with 7 of 9's tiresome love life and a particularly unconvincing manner of victory from a supposedly assimilated Janeway. Finally we have the double length concluding episode of "Voyager" where the crew finally find a way home at the expense of you-know-who. It's a good episode, with a particularly fine performance from Kate Mulgrew as both Captain and Admiral Janeway.
All-in-all this set shows both the strengths and weaknesses of the entire ST franchise. If you are looking for consistent excellence you are better off with "Babylon 5", but you'd have to go a long way to find a better nemesis than the Borg- it's just a pity they weren't used to their full potential more
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great but, 1 April 2006
By A Customer
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A lovely idea and a really good selection of stories but why, oh why, are they all single episodes. Why not join up the two parters into one episode. Smells like money being saved. Also you'll find "Endgame" in the new Time Travel" collection as well so they can get your money twice for similar items. Still, it's great to see the episodes and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. It's strange to see how the Borg make up evolved over the years into whast it was in First Contact.
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5.0 out of 5 stars individualism vs collectivism, 5 Dec 2013
Marcia "marcia" (england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
"We are Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile". This menacing statement from the fictional bad guys in the TV franchise Star Trek is now as iconic as the foe of Doctor Who, the Daleks, "Exterminate".
However for me the Borg are far more interesting and convincing. And this excellent collection of selected episodes offers an almost perfect history of the Borg in Star Trek and their dangerous ways.
The set would have been better still if it had included the other missing episodes that featured the Borg, and lets face it there are not many so it wouldn't have hurt to collect all of them together.
However I like the way they have put the selected episodes in order of the Star Trek timeline rather than production order. This is because we begin with the episode featured in Star Trek Enterprise which was the last series to be made but is actually set in a time before the other series. Then we move onto Borg episode from The Next Generation and Voyager.

What I like about the Borg is the concept. When the producers brought Star Trek back with The Next Generation they lacked a bad guy since the previous bad guys like the Klingons from Kirk's era were now allies. The producers began with a race called the Ferengi who were to be the bad guys but it didn't work because their appearance was more comical.
Its also interesting that the producers used the Ferengi as bad guys using the notable obsession for the Ferengi with Capitalist and free enterprise notions.
However the Borg with their dark, frightening appearance, immense power and sinister motives became possibly the greatest villains in science fiction,

The thing that is interesting about the Borg is the themes of Individualism versus Collectivism. This theme is with us in a own lives with the pressure, control and manipulation by other people, society and governments. And its easy to identify with the threat of the Borg.

The Borg are fictional characters in Star Trek,. They are a COLLECTIVE of various species that have been turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones of the COLLECTIVE one mind. The COLLECTIVE of Borg force other INDIVIDUALS from individual species into their COLLECTIVE and connect them to the one mind or Hive, They call this act ASSIMILATION and it is achieved by force, abduction, absorbing culture and technology, violence and injections of microscopic machines called nanoprobes. The ultimate goal is POWER, CONTROL AND PERFECTION.
During the episodes the subject of the fear of loss of INDIVIDUALISM has echoes of the TV series The Prisoner, Each drone of the COLLECTIVE would never use the term "I" but instead would use the term "We" illustrating their lack of ability to think for themselves and instead need the collective opinion of the COLLECTIVE Borg. As explored in the TV series The Prisoner, where Number six is being controlled by the Village and the Society he had resigned from, the idea or threat of the Borg can be seen in our own lives where we are often manipulated. The threat that the characters, may lose the right to think for themselves and lose their true freedom is strongly resisted. The plots show exciting struggles to resist and there are plenty of creative twists on the theme.

This is a great collection of episodes and a nice package.
We are the Borg, Your Biological and Technological distinctiveness will be added to our own, Resistance is Futile.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Borg from inception to destruction., 2 Aug 2006
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
The Borg have always been one of the star trek franchises most powerful weapons in the war on ratings and publicity, sometimes in more recent years used in desperation to cover treks' more embarrasing moments in its relationship with its viewers. I am of course talking, about "regeneration" but apart from this hiccup, and possibly a few more little let downs with the Voyager episodes, this box ser has them all. All the major encounters, all the plot changing moments. standouts include the TNG episodes "best of both worlds" and "Q,who?" which show the borg back in the early days before their slow morph from powerhouse into staple diet baddie.

One thing I'd have loved to have seen on this DVD, is some artwork..some concept sketches and interviews with cast and crew. Instead fans are treated to a rather tiresome commentary on the Enterprise episode, and the odd text commentary on other selected episodes. Hardly a "Fan" collective. This box set is fantastic if you loved the borg, but not so great if, like were hoping for slightly more out of paramount for your money. Unfortuntaley these days its all about the money for star trek, especially since theyll be using it all to build the sets for what could possibly be an "enterprise" movie *sigh*.

The good:

the borg, all of it, in nice DVD format :D

Alice Krige reprising her role as queen in "end game"

Picard being assimilated and kicking federation ass in "BOBW"

An insight into the borg as the most powerful force in the galaxy

and a look at their latest and rather weaker incarnations

Overall, worth buying if you dont own the other trek season box sets..oh and of course if youre a borg fan.
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5.0 out of 5 stars 'Assimilate!' - Borg episodes from Star Trek!, 20 Feb 2014
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
This is a collection of Star Trek episodes in its various incarnations featuring the most exciting and scary villains in the franchise - the Borg. This ranges from `Enterprise', `The Next Generation' and `Voyager'. What had the `Original Series' and `Deep Space Nine' done to upset the Borg then?


This is an episode from the `Enterprise' series. I have yet to see this episode, so I can't really say much about it since I don't know what goes on in it. What I can say is that in this episode there are remnants of Borg drones that attempted to prevent the test-flight of Zefram Cochrane's first warp-drive technology in the film `Star Trek: First Contact', which I'm sure is very interesting and intriguing.

`Q, WHO'

This is the Borg's first proper appearance in the `Star Trek' series. They first appeared in the second season of `Star Trek: The Next Generation' with the crew of the Enterprise-D led by Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). It's also the third appearance of the recurring character Q played by John DeLancie, who is a recurring thorn in the Enterprise crew's side.

This episode has Captain Picard kidnapped by Q who takes him aboard a shuttlecraft far out in space and away from the Enterprise. He's returned back to the Enterprise, granting to hear Q out who has a request to make to him and his crew. Q wants to be a member of the Enterprise crew. Picard suspect Q's motives. But Q tells them they have so much to explore in the universe and are not ready for it, not knowing what to expect. But Picard is resolute and denies Q's offer, resulting in Q's arrogance sending the Enterprise and crew light years across space where they end up in the Delta Quadrant. There they meet for the first time and confront a powerful enemy - the Borg.

Guest starring in this episode is John DeLancie as Q, but also there's Whoopi Goldberg as bartender Guinan who knows Q already and the Borg as well since they are the ones who destroyed her world and its people. There's also Colm Meaney who plays transporter chief Miles O'Brien and Lycia Naff playing Ensign Sonia Gomez who works with Geordi La Forge in Engineering.

I liked this `Star Trek' episode. It's an entertaining episode and a great introduction featuring a deadly monster in shape of the Borg. To find them unstoppable and relentless when they're interested in technology and hacking into the Enterprise's computer was chillingly terrifyingly. They can adapt to phaser fire very quickly and are so zombie like when they move above and walk. They're a cyborg race that live in ships the size of gigantic cubes which was pretty terrifying compared to the small size starship Enterprise up against it. I enjoyed it when Riker takes an away team consisting of Worf and Data as they explore the vastness of the Borg cube, finding drones in their regeneration chambers and finding the Borg nursery with babies having Borg implants on them in their maturation chambers. The chase sequence with the Enterprise running away from the Borg cube was very on the edge of my seat and terrifying to watch. But Q manages to save the Enterprise crew, sending them and their ship back to where they were before. But it means the Borg knows about the Federation now. They're on their way to meet them. They are coming!


A two-part story. This episode is the big finale of Season 3 of `Star Trek: The Next Generation' and ends the season on a cliffhanger. It's got to be one of the most famous and popular cliffhanger episodes of `Star Trek' ever and it certainly gave me the scares and nightmares after first watching it.

The Enterprise now knows the Borg has finally come to invade the Federation. So they're ready to confront them once they find they're destroying various planets in Federation space. They engage with the Borg cube, and find that the Borg want Picard and do whatever they can to prevent them kidnapping him. They try to hide in a nebula away from the Borg. But it doesn't work as the Enterprise is soon boarded and the Borg take Picard away with them aboard their cube. The Enterprise have to get Picard back whilst trying to stop the Borg reaching Earth.

The guest cast in this includes Colm Meaney as Miles O'Brien, transporter chief; Elizabeth Dennehy playing Lt. Commander Shelby (who's trying to win Riker over to get his place as first officer to Captain Picard, which he doesn't like); George Murdock who plays Admiral Hanson and Whoopi Goldbery who plays Guinan the bartender and has a nice scene with Picard in the first episode of the story.

This was an exciting episode to watch and one that I will always remember. I found it thrilling and terrifying when the Enterprise came across the Borg cube for the first time and Picard ordered Starfleet to be notified that `they have engaged the Borg'. Knowing this was going to be an impossible battle, I got apprehensive when Picard got taken by the Borg and brought to their ship. The Borg have chosen Picard to become their voice and that `resistance is futile'. When Shelby takes an away team to the Borg cube consisting of Worf, Data and Beverley Crusher, they are too late as Picard has already been assimilated by the Borg. He has become Locutus of Borg. The Enterprise crew are horrified when they see him on screen. And despite Riker's order to open fire, I was wanting to know what would happen in the next episode. I got sleepless nights afterwards, wondering whether I was going to be taken away and assimilated by the Borg.


`Part 2' opens up the fourth season of `The Next Generation' on a high and resolves the cliff-hanger.

The Enterprise now have to recover Picard and find some way of de-Borgifying him whilst having to stop the Borg reaching and invading Earth. There are casualties and losses on the way as starships get destroyed during the Battle of Wolf 359 where the Enterprise mourns for the lost lives. Riker gets to be captain of the Enterprise and has to make some hard choices in stopping the Borg and rescuing Picard. Eventually they manage to rescue Picard as Locutus from the Borg cube, but now have a difficult challenge in trying to reach into him and break his link to the Borg collective.

I can tell you I did not know how the Borg were going to be defeated in this episode. They seemed unstoppable and were a more terrifying opponent compared to the Klingons and the Romulans. I just did not know how they were going to be defeated. But when Data links up to Picard using a connection, he manages to find the answer. He puts the Borg `to sleep' during their regeneration cycle. This stops the Borg attacking Earth and shut down before the cube blows up in space. Luckily Picard manages to survive which made me happy and relieved. But it's left a lot of scarring on Picard on how he used to be, and it makes him a changed man haunted by the experiences of being in the collective. A great two part story in `Star Trek' and one of my favourites. One I will always remember.


This episode is from the fifth season of `The Next Generation'. It features a single Borg drone and provides an interesting and intriguing insight on the Borg collective and its individuals.

It's been a long while since `The Best of Both Worlds' and the Enterprise crew find a survivor - a Borg drone - on a desolate planet. Picard, not too happy with the discovery, grants it to come aboard. Once restoring it to full health, the crew intend to use the Borg drone as a weapon to destroy the collective. But as Geordi and Beverley get to know the Borg drone, they find there's a lot more to him than they realised. He's a young boy who's confused and they give him a name called `Hugh'. Pretty soon he regains a sense of his individuality and no longer becomes a mindless drone. It becomes a hard choice for Picard and everyone else on board as they decide what to do with him.

The guest cast includes Jonathan Del Arco playing Hugh the Borg and Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan the bartender.

This is a really good episode of `The Next Generation' series as it takes a sidestep in an examining a single Borg drone and what he's like as an individual. I like how we get to break down certain pieces of the Borg's character and making them less and less as mindless monsters and more interesting characters. The Borg are individuals who are linked together by a single mind collective and can't have thoughts of their own since they're shared. But Hugh is on his own and through interaction with the Enterprise crew seeks his own identity and wants to be like Geordi who becomes his friend gradually over the episode. It's an interesting story and very enjoyable to watching in understanding and humanising the Borg in some way. In `Doctor Who', they did something similar with a single Dalek in the recent series in an episode called `Dalek', but that was taken in a completely different direction.


This is a two-part story and the first episode is the finale for Season 6 of `The Next Generation'. It's a Data story that features the Borg, but these are Borg that completely removed from their zombie-like counterparts.

The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Starfleet outpost where they find the crew all dead. They find some Borg drones, but they are aggressive, emotional and fight like Klingons as they battle with the away team led by Riker. They're not part of the collective as they refer to themselves by names calling themselves `I' instead of `we'. This has something to do with letting Hugh go in `I, Borg', Picard and crew are sure of. Curious about the mysterious goings on with the Borg, Data has his own problems as he experienced an emotion of anger and killed a Borg drone cold-bloodedly. All of these things are connected somehow and it results with Data taking a shuttlecraft with a Borg drone leaving the Enterprise astounded and confused.

Guest starring in this episode are Natalija Nogulich playing Admiral Nechayev; Brian Cousins as Borg drone Crosis and a special guest appearance from Professor Stephen Hawking who makes a cameo playing poker with Data at the beginning of the story as well as with Sir Issac Newton and Albert Einstein.

This is a great story to feature Data as well as to featuring a group of rogue Borg experiencing emotion. I often wondered what a group of rogue Cybermen will be like experiencing emotion, although that could be chaotic. Data in this story is puzzled as to why he killed a Borg in anger as well as experiencing pleasure in doing it. He soon gets seduced and manipulated by one of the Borg drones captured by the Enterprise, and joins him when they go to an alien planet through a time-space portal. Brent Spiner excels in this particularly story not only as Data, but also as his evil twin brother Lore who has returned to this story since the last time he appeared in the season 4 episode `Brothers' and is in charge of the rogue Borg group.


The second episode of this story begins the seventh and final season of `The Next Generation' and resolves the cliff-hanger.

With Picard, Geordi and Deanna Troi captured by Data, Lore and the rogue Borg, they try to find a way to escape and call for help from Riker and Worf who lead the other away team parties trying to find them. They also try to persuade Data and bring him back to his old self. But Data seems to despise Picard and the others through his anger since he's being manipulated by his brother Lore who controls him through the emotion chip that was meant for him given by his father Dr Soong. Geordi experiences torture by Data through his blindness and Lore has in mind to destroy the Federation when he controls the Borg drones who work for him. It's going to a tough task for Picard and the others to save Data and stop Lore in his evil schemes. How are they going to do it?

This episode also features the return of Jonathan Del Arco who reprises his role as Hugh from the story `I, Borg' previously.

This is a great follow-up to the previous episode that resolves the cliff-hanger in season 6. We get to have some interesting revelations about Lore and how he controlled the rogue Borg and how he's manages to control Data. It's an interesting brother relationship between the two of them that ends quite shockingly on a sad note, especially when Data has to make a hard choice in whether to kill Picard or not under Lore's supervision. What becomes of those rogue Borg is uncertain, but it's intriguing and exciting to watch when they soon have Hugh to be their new leader. An entertaining two-parter and great to watch.

The Borg would crop up now and again in further episodes of Star Trek in many incarnations through appearances and cameos. They briefly appeared in a flashback sequence for 'Emissary', the pilot episode of `Deep Space Nine' when it was revealed Benjamin Sisko was in the Battle of Wolf 359 during `The Best of Both Worlds' and lost his wife. They also later appeared in the movie 'Star Trek: First Contact' where they fought Picard and the Enterprise again invading the Federation and travelling back in time to stop Cochrane's warp drive test flight. They also appeared in `Voyager' episodes where they briefly appeared at the end of 'Blood Fever' and in the episode 'Unity' with Chakotay.


This is the first episode of a two-part story that ended the third season of `Star Trek: Voyager'. The Borg would become recurring and popular villains for the Voyager crew and this was one of their major appearances.

The Voyager crew under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) are about to enter Borg space when lost in the Delta Quadrant and are preparing themselves for anything that could happen. But the Borg are having problems of their own and are facing danger when many of their cube ships are being destroyed by a monster more powerful than them. This is a new alien race that is deadly and terrifying to which the Borg call...Species 8472. These are a group of aliens that look like they're from `War of the Worlds' with long legs and sharp claws. They come from a universe of fluidic space and are not easy to kill. The Borg try to assimilate them but are easily destroyed by them. The Voyager crew want safe passage through Borg space, and Janeway has to make a decision in making a deal with the devil.

This episode features a guest appearance from John Rhys-Davies who plays Leonardo da Vinci on the holodeck with Captain Janeway. For me, John played Gimil the dwarf in `The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, so to see him in this was a real treat.

I like how this episode opens with a teaser sequence that ends quickly with the Borg saying `Resistance is...' before getting destroyed by Species 8472. I used a similar opening for one of my personal `Doctor Who' stories with the Daleks saying `You will be ex...' and screaming when getting destroyed by a powerful enemy. I like the idea of there being an enemy far more powerful than the Borg in Species 8472. Big Finish have done a `Doctor Who' story where there's a threat more powerful than the Daleks called `The Mutant Phase' and I've certainly done my own story where I created a villain more powerful than the Daleks. The `scorpion' in this story is the one in a fable Chakotay tells Janeway when he's doubtful in the decision she makes in making an alliance with the Borg.


`Part 2' of this story opens up the fourth season of `Voyager'. It resolves the cliff-hanger in season 3 and introduces us to a new member of the Voyager team.

The Borg and Voyager team have come up with a way to defeat Species 8472. The Borg utilise one of their drones to speak on their behalf. She is Seven of Nine (played by the sexy Jeri Ryan). Seven of Nine and the Voyager team work together in order to beat Species 8472. It's not an easy alliance and it results with some plot twisting revelations.

This is the first time we meet Seven of Nine in this series. She's completely Borg before we see her broken down to her human feminine babe self. She's a really interesting character and very complex. I thought it was terrific idea to have a Borg crew member aboard the starship Voyager. She certainly has proven to be a terrifically popular character and Jeri plays her extremely well with such precision and believability. She's a popular one with the Trekkie fans.

The Borg would appear more frequently in 'Voyager' episodes such as 'The Raven' and the Season 4 finale 'Hope and Fear'.


This episode comes from the fifth season of `Voyager' and it's about Seven of Nine teaching a 29th century Borg drone to live on Voyager who was born on the starship itself.

During an away mission around a nebula, the away team consisting of Tom Paris, B'Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine, the Doctor returns to Voyager through a difficult transport. This results in the Doctor losing his holo-emitter where it's kept in science bay to be repaired. But something strange happens to the holo-emitter as out comes from it Borg implants that begins to convert the entire science bay into a Borg-fied horror room with a maturation chamber inside ready to give birth to a new Borg drone. This Borg drone is enhanced with 29th century technology, since the Doctor's holo-emitter comes from the 29th century in the two-part story `Future's End' in season 3. Seven of Nine has to teach this new Borg drone to adapt to a new life and teaches how to live on Voyager.

The episode's guest star is J. Paul Boehmer who plays the Borg drone named One. He has an interesting paternal relationship with Seven and is wonderfully played by the actor.

This is a good Borg episode again examining a single drone on the Voyager ship much like Hugh in `I, Borg' from `The Next Generation'. This episode is about how Borg grown the Doctor's holo-emitter adjusts to life on the Voyager ship and gets curious especially when it comes to the Borg. I like how they added the 29th century enhancements to this Borg drone, making him really interesting and exciting. One the Borg makes a huge sacrifice in saving the lives of the Voyager team from a Borg ship, which results in a very emotional and moving climax that becomes devastating for Seven of Nine towards the end.


Another episode from Season 5 of `Voyager'. This is a two-hour movie-length episode featuring the Borg that is the equivalent of a two-part story. It's a brilliant Borg story and I immensely enjoyed it.

The Voyager team have destroyed a Borg probe and recover some salvage. They hope to get a transwarp coil that will hopefully get them back home faster than before in their current journey in returning to the Alpha Quadrant. This has the Voyager team going on an undercover mission on a Borg ship, including Janeway, Tuvok, B'Elanna and Seven of Nine. Seven however is experiencing sensations when she's regenerating and it results in her abandoning the Voyager crew and re-joining the collective. She's taken to the unicomplex (that is essentially `Borg City' in space) where she meets the Queen. The Voyager team now have to rescue Seven from the collective and bring her back home to the ship.

This episode's guest cast includes Kirk Baily and Laura Stepp as Seven's mom and dad - Magnus and Erin Hansen, and Katelin Peterson who plays Seven when she was a little girl - Annika Hansen - before she was abducted by the Borg. There's also Scarlett Pomers playing little Naomi Wildman; and Susanna Thompson for the first time in Voyager playing the Borg Queen (not Alice Krige apparently).

I liked how this episode opened with the Borg ship coming across the Voyager ship and confronting them, with its scary Borg corridors and clever visual direction on the director's part. This episode is filled with plenty of Borg moments. I love how the Borg Queen construction sequences was done in this compared to last time in `Star Trek: First Contact'. I also liked the action sequences where Borg ships were chasing the Delta Flyer in a time portal or when the away team went undercover to retrieve the transwarp coil and Borg drones chasing them. Seven gets to explore her family records which features flashback sequences with her parents and with her as a little girl before we was assimilated by the Borg at a young age. It's a great feature-length episode from Voyager, and certainly should be enjoyed over a pizza during a late evening.

The Borg continue to return in Voyager later on in episodes like 'Survival Instinct' and even an episode featured Borg children in it called 'Collective' as well as an episode called 'Child's Play'.


This is the finale to season 6 of `Voyager' and is the beginning of a two-part story. This is one of the best Borg episodes I've ever seen and allows us to see the Borg in a new light.

Seven has been experiencing vivid dreams which turn out not to be dreams at all. She is in fact experiencing a virtual reality created by the Borg called Unimatrix Zero. It's a place where Borg drones can go to and become their original selves before they were assimilated by the Borg. It's a dreamscape that's like an exotic jungle and is just paradise. But the Borg Queen doesn't like it and she wants to bring her drones back to reality. So she sends Borg drones to invade and to take people out of their dreamscape and destroy Unimatrix Zero forever, robbing them of their individuality. The Borg drones seeking paradise ask Janeway and her crew for help, and they willingly offer it.

Returning to `Voyager' is Susanna Thompson playing the Borg Queen again, who I must say is equally remarkable to play the villain as much as Alice Krige. There's also Mark Deakins playing Axum, a former love interest of Seven's. There's Jerome Butler playing General Korok, a Klingon converted into a Borg. And Joanna Heimbold playing Laura.

This is a good episode with lots of interesting moments with the Borg. I found that first scene really disturbing where the Borg Queen disconnects one of the drones from the hive mind. I liked Seven's relationship with Axum when she discovers they were once a couple and she feels rather uncomfortable about it. Seven gets to look more human than ever when in Unimatrix Zero as her Borg implants on her face and hands are completely removed. The cliff-hanger for this episode was most exciting as when Janeway, Tuvok and B'Elanna go on the armoured Borg cube to infiltrate its central plexus, they get assimilated immediately. They become Borg drones, which is definitely a terrifying way to end an episode as well as end a season.


This second episode of `Unimatrix Zero' begins the seventh and final season of `Voyager'. It resolves the cliffhanger and certainly begins the last season of `Voyager' with a bang!

Janeway, Tuvok and B'Elanna manage to regain their senses as Borg drones and penetrate the Borg cube's central plexus by injecting a virus to liberate the Borg drones in Unimatrix Zero. But soon they're captured, and Janeway gets to meet and confront the Borg Queen residing in her unicomplex (Borg City). Soon the Borg Queen kills off many of her Borg ships one by one that are infected with liberated Borg drones in order to win her way with Janeway in making her surrender. It's a hard choice and decision for Janeway to make, one that could result in the destruction of Unimatrix Zero itself.

This is a great episode to resolve a cliffhanger and end a Borg story. I found Susanna Thompson's Borg Queen really evil and seductive in this, especially when she visits Unimatrix Zero itself and meets the little boy there. Seven gets to reconcile with Axum who she was involved with, and both fall in love with each other again. I found it really heart-breaking towards the end when Axum and Seven have to sacrifice everything to save each other. But it's great battle between Voyager and liberated Borg against the Borg collective, and certainly smashing opener for `Voyager's last season.


This is the series finale to `Voyager' at the end of season 7. It's a two-hour finale featuring the Voyager team, that sees them returning home after their long voyage through the Delta Quadrant.

The story begins in the future in the 25th century where it's been 10 years since Voyager returned after 23 years in the Delta Quadrant. Everybody's home. Janeway has become an admiral, Harry Kim becomes a captain, Tom and B'Elanna are still married with their grown-up daughter and the Doctor now is married to a gorgeous blonde. But not everything's plain sailing, as Seven was killed during an away mission, Chakotay has died and buried following heartbreak from the loss of Seven whom he had a romance with, and Tuvok is ill and unstable due to a mental condition he's had. It's a future Admiral Janeway's not happy with. She becomes determined, goes on a mission travelling back in time and returns to Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, hoping to get them back home sooner than later. But they have Borg to deal with first as well a hub of potential gateways.

The story's guest cast includes Alice Krige reprising the role of the Borg Queen, who she played in `Star Trek: First Contact'. There's Dwight Schultz playing Barclay who was a recurring character from `The Next Generation' and was the one responsible for making contact with Voyager in the Delta Quadrant during season 6 of the series. There's Vaughn Armstrong playing Korath, a Klingon with a superiority complex who he also played in the LA exhibition `Star Trek: The Experience'. Manu Intriaymi playing the Borg child Icheb. Lisa Locicero playing Ensign Miral Paris, Tom and B'Elanna's daughter. And Richard Herd playing Admiral Owen Paris, Tom Paris' father.

A touching and well-deserved finale for the Voyager series and great to see them up against the Borg for one last time. For those who watched the `Voyager' series from its beginning to its end, it's a very emotional and heartbreaking series finale.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Borg, 12 Aug 2013
Sofia Marta (Leighton Buzzard, UK) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
I have always liked all the Borg episodes in the different Star Trek series, so this collection was just perfect for me.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great box set!, 4 July 2006
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
This is the second themed box set of Star Trek. (the first being the jean-luc picard dvd set). This set has almost every borg episode on it which means that fans of the borg do not need to buy the season box sets if they don't want to.

The quality of the borg episodes have always been high, therefore this boxset contains some great Star Trek episodes. Buy it!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Borg Box Set, 24 Mar 2011
This review is from: Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective [DVD] (DVD)
This was a great purchase especially for the price. I was only after 'The Best of Both Worlds' which is more expensive as a separate product so it made much greater sense to buy this box set which has all the borg episodes. Recommended.
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