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4.5 out of 5 stars37
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2006
Any fans who saw Justin Lee Collins'programe "Bring Back The A Team" on Channel 4 this year, would no doubt have found it pretty damn interesting to hear how personalities clashed on the set of this classic series - namely George Peppard (Hannibal) and his alledged ego problems with other cast members. However, it's great to see that none of the off camera disbutes showed through at all in the programe. You really do believe that these guys are a solid team who can pretty much handle anything! THe A Team is just top banana - for several reasons. Firstly, unlike many shows that were on TV at the time, it doesn't really follow any particular fashion trend. And this makes it almost timeless. Look at others of the same genre now - Knight Rider, Airwolf etc - and unfortunately, you spend more time giggling at the outragous hair styles and dodgey leather jackets than actually enjoying the show. THe A Team is a bit different though - sometimes you could almost be convinced that it was filmed in the nineties or even more recently. Often the only giveaway is the massive hair styles and mandatory 80's make-up of the damsels in distress who hire the team.

Secondly, the show is essentially based around four brilliantly developed characters. Hannibal, BA, Face and Murdock are simply impossible to replace in their roles, and some of the writing is wickedly humourous (particularly many of Face and Murdocks scenes together). Episodes like "Cup a Joe" and "The Big Squeeze" are fine examples of the team at their best - fistfights like only the A Team could carry off, gunplay that demolishes everything in sight plus sureal comedic performances mainly from Murdock. I think to make a movie of the A Team would be a sad mistake. These guys ARE the A Team!

Most importantly, one big improvement on this seasons boxed set, compared to the previous two, is the re-insertion of the pre-opening title teaser sequences. You know, where you get thirty seconds of a person in trouble, a meaningfull line from Hannibal, a crazy few words from Murdock mixed with a couple of punches and finished off with a big explosion and another quick line from one of the team. I particularly enjoyed Face's "They don't make the bad guys like they used to, do they?" line at the beginning of "skins". I was hugely disappointed to find these sequences missing on seasons one and two. But here, the package is complete. I was about 13 when these episodes first appeared and even I find it quite incredible that they hold together so well, more than twenty years on. Shows like this just do not exist nowadays, so enjoy. Close certain parts of your brain down to avoid plot holes, and unrealisic situations or outcomes, and just enjoy. The makers of this series must surely have loved it when a plan came together.
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on 29 March 2010
If you have a problem and no one else can help ...

...maybee you! ... Can buy this Series! :) ..

Once again the A-Team talke you through many life tretening problems and Tasks!
if your a fan of the others, Buy! :)
It was very Cheap, Very fast delivery! ..

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on 30 January 2010
I have been a fan of the A-Team since I was a teenager and I have been slowly getting through the series, series 3 shows a marked improvement in the acting of the team and they work together. It is amazing how the think up all the situations the A-Team get into, and thinking up new ideas of vehicles to work on and equipment I feel has kept this series going, the stories have I felt been 99% good, you can hardly ever get 100% :P I saw that there was a boxed set of the A-Team but to be honest, it is cheaper to buy them all seperatly.
The two part episode The Bend in the River was classic, the pirate captain plays a great role and it is funny how it all ends.
Bounty is also a good episode as bounty hunters are after the A-Team and they actually have a good plan to catch em!
The A-Team is one of the best series I have ever watched, and I have heard there may be a film of the A-Team. No matter who they cast or how good the story could be, it will never be the A-Team to my mind :)

5 Star
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on 8 February 2014
The A-Team season 3 is funny, entertaining, and has lots of; very good episodes. Season 1 of the A-Team was quality 9 out of 10 in my opinion. Season 2 was very good and a 7 out of 10 in my opinion, but not as entertaining; as the first season. Season 3 is an improvement on the second season and returns to the variety of different stories, like the 1st season. Every episode is different and unpredictable. The third season returns to it's roots, BA not wanting to fly, the A-team doing jobs for certain rewards. Because in the second season I found it a bit predictable, and the A-team seemed to do all the jobs; without pay. Which seemed confusing because in the first season, they only did jobs; for money or rewards. Anyway this season is a very good dvd, and a must buy for all A-team fans.
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on 24 June 2013
This gets 5 stars because it's a timeless series 3 with lots of excitement, comedy and action!

Delivered on time and packaged well.

Recommend to all A-team fans & worth collecting as it's almost 30 years since this was on TV!
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on 28 January 2015
Just about as good as previous seasons, this season for me is the last season where the show was still on top. You can see a very slight decline in some of the weaker episodes, and there were more episodes that were not as good as the others in this season compared to the last season, but overall the episodes were still brilliant! All the action and comedy from previous seasons are still here and you won't be disappointed.
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on 13 February 2013
i love this because it is a action packed series filled with fun, humor and heroics i would definatly recommend this to anyone i know
,also try to get the A-team series 1,2 and 4.
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on 20 March 2013
Again as a present so no complaints back so sems like it done the trick and is keeping the pewrson happy also for me the order and dispatch time were perfect thanks
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on 22 July 2012
Yes the third season was and is fantastic !!The A team was like a parent to me ,ones I wanted !! The improvisational nature of the show where the characters find themselves in challenging situations to get out of and work so well together despite their differences and have a total can do attitude .Love the crash landing episode when BA is drugged and taken aboard a plane again and and Hannibal makes a deal with him that he completes the mission , he gets his revenge on Face & Murdoch . Two buddies out adventuring he says ,and Murdoch says I think he just threatened me colonel.Buy this masterpiece !!Oh FYI ,despite what some say ,I love the 2010 A team movie !!Open mind needed as it is a movie in a completely different era and ..its a movie and only the original characters could be the originals .The movie characters have aspects of the original dudes , but don`t try to imitate them which is disrespectful.Yes greatness which would probably be perceived by the left as evil nowadays .This TV is about good triumphing over evil and overcoming adversity .
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on 18 March 2014
Family fun, good action, comedy enjoyable for all ages would recommend watching all 5 series we made it a family weekend marathon.
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