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3.3 out of 5 stars119
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2012
I just bout this game on november 4th and it arrived today, however, from the 9th of octovber the game's support was dropped. Upon installing the game and trying to sign into windows live i was told that the product key was invalid. This has happend for all copies and there is no way to get a new key because support has ben dropped. Please do not purchase this game. Unless you only want to play camapaign. This isnt this suppliers fault, although the game should stop being sold since it doesnt work properly. Do not purchase!!
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on 15 October 2012
Product key doesn't work and support from Microsoft no longer exists regarding this game. Will not activate when you log onto Windows Live so don't waste your time and money. Avoid.
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on 11 October 2012
Just got my game and installed it just to find out when i go to play it with my Live account that the product key is invalid. And what makes it worse i called Microsoft about it and they don't support the game anymore. No wonder some people pirate games since legit copies have this much trouble.
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on 11 January 2013
Halo 2 was my favourite, and since Halo 4 isn't getting the updates it deserves naturally i wanted to play some Halo 2 again.

Campaign, loved it. Great music, the title menu music still gives me goosebumps, classic. Using 2 different characters in campaign, telling two storylines, at two different times, switching between each mission is a nice touch. Can't wait to play it again!

But if you've never played Halo, this may not be the place to start, unless of course you don't mind the older generation of FPS, in which case you should enjoy it. It also ends with a boss, which these days doesn't seem to be so common.

Multiplayer for this game on xbox was legendary and pioneered some may say. Endless amounts of fun, unlike the limitations of other games including COD. (i say COD, because everyone can relate to it). While the multiplayer now is very limited due to a low population, it's fun for the nostalgia.

So how did i get it to work, yet others seem to not be able to?
Simple. It's an old game, just requires some updates.
Install the game.
Uninstall Game for Windows.
Go to ""
Download and install the Halo 2 update and Games for Windows Live.
However i'm unsure if you need a 'gold' membership to play online, or can just use a Microsoft Passport. I just signed in with my Xbox account. Accessing all my friends etc.

That was it.

My computer is a basic off the shelf system with an I3, 4gig of DDR3, Nvidia 315 with 512mb. The game runs at 1080p on a 32" tv with no issues.

For the price the game gets 5*. But for fun 4* because multiplayer now lacks due to a low population.
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on 7 November 2012
Just a heads up for anyone considering buying Halo 2 on the PC. The game installed fine on Windows 7 64-Bit and the Product Key was accepted during the initial installation via Windows. The game proceeded to load up until it got to the stage where I had to login to my GFWL account. So I logged in and went to register only to receive a message about the Product Key being invalid. I double checked but it was the same code that was accepted fine during the installation of the game, still no luck after re-entering a few times.

To cut a long story short, Microsoft stopped supporting Halo 2 on the PC on the 9th October 2012 and the GFWL team have stated that the servers are now switched off for Halo 2 which basically makes the PC game almost completely redundant as you can not use the GFWL service.

This game should no longer be sold by resellers as it is basically a dud.

Avoid to save disappointment.
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on 12 October 2012
Well I love Halo games, But This is stupid. The product key I was provided is invalid. So I can't even play multiplayer. Thanks A lot amazon.
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on 14 July 2010
First of all I have to say, that it is really fun to play Halo 2!
Great story telling and the new features, like using two guns simultaneously are also a great benefit of this game.
But unfortunately a lot of people have problems to play Halo 2 on Windows vista or Windows 7.
I also had the problem and it took me several days to find the solution in the internet. Here now the guide how to fix Halo 2 if you also experience the Halo Live error to initiate problem.

First install Halo 2 on your computer. I installed it on Windows 7 64 bit without problems.
By starting the game a box popped up and told me, that halo 2 can not start because of a failure to initiate the Live server...
Just click ok to get back to your desktop.
Now enter your windows folder and enter the inf folder.
Now mark all oem files (oem.inf and oem.pnf files) cut them out and put them in a newly created folder on your desktop
Now start Halo 2 and you will see, that it starts.
Close Halo 2 again.
Now comes the working part.
You have to figure out which of the oem files is responsible for the error.
In my cases I allways put ten of the oem files at once back to the C:/windows/inf folder and start again halo 2 to check if it is still working.
Do this as long as you find the oem file or files which are responsible for the error.
In my case the oem94.inf and oem95.inf caused the error.
The oem files which are causing the error I stored in a separate folder for the case the system my need them sometime in the future.

Now I wish you fun with your Halo 2 Game!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 September 2007
The Original Halo was a ground-breaking title. The expectation for HALO2 was so great that Microsoft decided to greedily milk its own users...
PC users have been waiting for HALO2 to be released for Windows for over 3 years. Now is too little, too late. Not to mention the shameless WinVista promotion.

All these years Microsoft was dragging its feet. Why? The release of (compatibility-hell) WinVISTA was coming - and HALO2 was planed to boost sales. Then WinVISTA got repeatedly delayed - and so was Halo 2.
RESULT: In 2004 the graphics were cutting edge, in 2007 they are just presentable. Even though the game requires an above average (and quite expensive) Hardware configuration, it actually looks worse than UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004.

QUESTION: why is HALO2 only compatible with WinVISTA since it does NOT take advantage of DirectX10?
ANSWERS : (1) let's help sell those WinVISTA finally!; (2) there are hardly any affordable DirectX10-compatible video-cards available; (3) let's charge the users for playing OnLine with WindowsLIVE!!

The gameplay and overall presentation is not that different from the original Halo. Sure, surfaces got better textured, shiny reflections got added and now (limiting and clumsy) dual-yield is available - but do these actually make a difference to a real gamer?

It is truly a shame that PC users get exploited in such shameless way. After all, HALO3 is getting released for X-BOX.
Wow! We get the privilege of playing the previous generation game! Aren't we lucky...
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on 27 October 2007
I have always been a fan of the Halo series, I have both halo 1 for PC and xbox and halo 2 for both PC and xbox.

Halo 2 for PC should have been a good game. they have changed little bits here and there from the xbox version and it plays a lot better and you will think it's great at first (if you have played the xbox version) but then you will start not to notice the changes. The AI has been upgraded and is now smarter which makes a real difference in the game, your enemies are smarter and so are you allies which seriously helps during combat. They have also played around with the movement settings so you have cleaner movements on the game and have changed the enemy settings so your enemies will move more realistically, will speak to each other when they don't know you're there and will work together more in combat situations.

The main problem with this game is that it's Windows Vista only. However, that doesn't mean you cant get around this. There are many places you can find software to run halo 2 for Windows XP, I don't have Windows Vista and run it on XP fine. A simple Google search will find the software (be advised, if you decide to run halo 2 on XP be sure that you search the internet for a "gravemind fix" for level 12, otherwise the game will keep asking for the original DVD, even if it's in the CD tray)

Running Halo 2 on win XP does have some problems. The single player runs flawlessly, I cant fault the performance in any way but the multilayer wont let you connect to servers without vista. If you get this for XP, you will only be able to use the single player functions only.

The graphics have been improved from the xbox version but only slightly on high settings. They could have done more to make the game look better, it still has some of the old xbox graphics glitches that should have been sorted by now.

This gets 3 stars from me because they could have done more to make it a better game, what they have done makes it a great game without a doubt, but there is so much more they could have done to make it a superb game. However, when you are playing the campaign, I cant say it's not fun, despite the multilayer not working (due to XP, it works on Vista) I would play the campaign again and again.

This is well worth getting if you are really into the halo series.
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on 30 July 2012
I'm probably a fair bit biased, because I generally am not a fan of Halo games, but that doesn't mean I'm unable to get some enjoyment out of playing them on occasions, hence my purchase.

Having progressed a little bit into the game, I have found, with regards to today's graphics (yes, I'm aware this is 2012, and that isn't the point) that this game's graphics CAN be a little off-putting, however it does have its moments, and there are other aspects to enjoy, when the graphics don't quite whet the apatite.

As for technicalities, I had no problems with Games for Windows - Live, or the actual game installation, with just ONE exception: for some unknown reason, I was unable to install the game into my games folder (a HDD other than C) and so this was sort of unusual, but since the saves are kept in My Documents and my C drive is fairly bulky, I found it a fair sacrifice; the entire game, for organisation.

The storyline, well, again, being biased, and 26, I'll just say that I find it less than desirable, overly patriotic, somewhat arrogant, and somewhat immature, but that said, it does have its moments... I'm told. I guess me and Halo have our differences. :P

The music, it goes without saying, is pretty sweet.

The game is a pretty decent value, considering how rare it is to see this game on the shelves, at your local store. The game is indeed a legitimate copy with a legitimate and working activation code. The delivery and packaging were both prompt (thanks to Amazon Prime trial) and secure/undamaged.

All in all, it's an OK game (in my opinion) and I recommend it if you think Halo is your sort of thing, like collecting achievements, and utilising the XBL-based interface.
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