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4.6 out of 5 stars18
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2006
This is the third offering form Indie Scottish alterative band "Camera Obsurca" and is cut form a similar cloth to the also Scottish based alterative band "Belle And Sebastian".

"Lets Get Out Of This Country" is like listen to a dream burned into a disc, its ten songs are lush, well though out and extremely well crafted songs.

The album opens with "Hey Lloyd I am Ready To Be Heartbroken" floats along on strings which is aided by the soft vocals that match.

Just as your getting used to the soft sounding songs, "lets get out of this country", is positioned in the perfect place as it acts as much needed alarm clock, to wake the listener up.

Then " Country mile" is puts listener back into the dreamy landscape of pervious songs, before "If Looks Could Kill" throws you out of the dream landscape once more.

In a lot of songs the dream like structure of the songs hides the pain of the lead singer. You can listen to this as nice meandering piece of ear candy, which it dose brilliantly.

If you pay attention to the lyrics you will notice that juxtaposes painful lyrics with soft meandering music, which adds a emotional gravities to the whole record, chaining the tone of the whole album.

Never having really heard of the band until know, this album provided a pleasant surprise, as there are many bands that I have heard this year that have a released great singles, but the album was, less then fulfilling.

It really good when you hear an album that on first time listening to it, you are wowed by how good it is and how different it sounds to anything else around, hats off to this Scott based alternative band, get this album, you shouldn't be disappointed.
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on 23 June 2006
This is a truly wonderful album that will be the soundtrack to my summer, and deserves to be heard blarring out of windows and cars everywhere.

I've had Underachievers... for a while, and whilst it was enjoyable it never became a must-play record. But Let's Get... has instantly seized control of my iPod. Surely Hey Lloyd & Tell Me Where It All Went Wrong would be number 1 for 10 weeks each in an ideal world.

On an initial listen it appears similar to Underachievers... - a touch of 50s/early 60s American pop, some joyful happy adrenalin rush pop. But after a few listens it's apparent that it is all that Underachievers... was but much much more - better songs, better instrumentation, better lyrics, better vocals - not a weakness on there.

A poor man's Belle & Sebastian? Pah!! This record wipes the floor with The Life Persuit, and is the record that you hoped The Concretes In Colour could have been.

Camera Obscura - your new favourite band, making the world a happier place.

(In case you're not sure - I quite liked this record)
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Breaking up is painful and miserable, though sometimes necessary. And evidently that's what was on the mind of Camera Obscura as they created "Let's Get Out of This Country." These Scottish indiepoppers created a smooth, nostalgic, rippling little pop gem full of doleful emotion, and boy does it feel good.

The opening song "Lloyd I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken" is a deliciously catchy pop number full of soaring strings and rattly tambourine, which is a response to Lloyd Cole's "Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?" Most of it, though, is just about a girl who has "a life of complication to sort out."

It's followed up by the folky, accordion-riddled little melody of "Tears For Affairs," an anguished little song played in a very peppy, upbeat manner. That is the basic template for the songs on this album: frolicking catchy indiepop, warm ballads, rippling organ rockers, bouncy alt-rock, and ambient, wintry pop filled with strings.

And every single one is about breaking up with someone, cheating on someone, or leaving someone behind.

Camera Obscura are always working to break out of Belle & Sebastian's shadow, since they're both quirky chamberpop bands from Scotland. But "Let's Get Out of This Country" shows that their music is of a totally different kind -- it's darker, less pensive and bookish, and more filled with raw emotion.

The music is overflowing with peppy instrumentation -- violin, trumpet, tambourine, some mandolin and subtle accordion laid over the basic bouncy guitars and drums. And of course, there's warm waves of organ adding a colourful edge, and helping to accentuate just how fun and pretty the music is.

Until you actually listen to the words: all of them are sad and anguished, except maybe the cryptic "Razzle Dazzle Rose, which seems a bit out of place here. All of it is in Tracyanne Campbell's pretty mellow voice. "Come back Margaret, he wants to adore you/Come back Margaret, I'd like to explore you/Can't you see the tears in my eyes/With love for him I disguise?"

"Let's Get Out of this Country" is the sprightliest album ever to be filled with woe and relationship misery, and Camera Obscura did a brilliant job linking the two sounds. Definitely worth hearing.
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This is a really terrific album from a talented band, packed with marvellous songs. The singer has the most exceptionally pretty voice. If you like wistful indie stuff you will find it here in spades. And after 20 years, finally, someone has replied to Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' enquiry, "Are you ready to be heartbroken?" (Camera Obscura are, apparently). My only disappointment is in the production. It simply does not do the group justice. I've seen them live and know their arrangements are great. On the album though, they are drenched in too much reverb. Thankfully the vocals come across well but behind that the sweep of strings, keyboards and guitars forms a bit of a mush at times. There is nothing wrong with that big echoey thing in principle, but there is too much going on here for that approach. It sounds pretty flat in places, which is a shame, because this band deserve better. If ever there was a band that would benefit from the widescreen treatment its this one. The production here just lacks ambition. Its still a must-buy though for anyone who likes thoughtful melodic pop music. And I really think this group are going places. Catch them live if you can.
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VINE VOICEon 3 September 2007
I came late to the band - this was the first Camera Obscura album I'd heard. Now I'm buying the back catalogue.
A terrific mix of apparently light-hearted tunes and melancholy, reflective lyrics. All beautifully played and sung. It sounds like a distant relation to early St.Etienne at times, and that's high praise.
Most importantly, it still sounds good after being played to death for weeks. This album is one of those that I will still be playing in many years time.
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on 4 June 2006
This is an absolutely fantastic record, that I just can't stop playing.

Following on from their two memorable earlier records, this new CD shows them taking things to new heights and it does not have a weak track on it. With the band now having a slightly bigger (but still subtle)sound) they have made a gem of a pop record that has moments of genuine emotion.

The highlight for me is "Country Mile" which showcases the lead singer's voice perfectly with its achingly simple chorus about missing someone far from home.

I think John Peel was a fan of this band and I can totally see why. Once you listen to it, the songs really get into your head.

I'm very glad to have discovered them and I'm sure they are soon to make it very big.
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on 24 July 2006
This is just one of those groups that here in Lima/Peru has so many followers since its first release.The vocalist has the ethereal touch that captures without any complication and it's music without time.Their sonic sphere Let's Get Out Of This Country certifies it all. Explicit brightest side of the camera

to all that one to take a sonic pic.An amazing sonic gem with only belle musique.



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on 23 December 2006
Camera Obscura have made one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. Three, in fact. It is hard to believe, to be perfectly honest. This album's probably the easiest to get into mainly because of one song: the first one, Lloyd, I'm ready to be Heartbroken. Definitely one of the best openers ever. Definitely one of the best pop songs ever full stop, in my opinion. But the good stuff does not stop there, oh no! This album is consistantly brilliant, and whereas I thought that the previous album, Underachievers, had some filler in it, this is just pure genius.

So an obvious 10/10 from me! Try it, and you'll probably love it if you're open to brilliant pop music.
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on 26 June 2006
I bought this cd after hearing them being compared to belle&Sebastian (Super band!).

I thought it was really good, the best track being "Llloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken".

You probably would like this record if you like Scottish indie, give it a try! It's great to wake up to in the morning.

I'd compare it to the other album/albums, but i haven't heard them, sorry.

This Cd comes recommended by me.
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on 2 March 2007
This album is awesome, I first heard of them when I saw them support B&S in Edinburgh last year, and I thought they were amazing.

Theres not a bad track on this album, and when you listen to razzle dazzle rose...well, I've never heard a better close to an album since the stone roses- I am the resurrection.

Just Brilliant, buy it now and love this band.
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