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on 27 March 2006
Although this DVD has yet to be released, i did stay up to watch and record this PPV. And by god it was ace!
9 Man Cruiserweight Championship Match -
Gregory Helms (champ) vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Paul London vs. Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy vs. Psicosis vs. Funaki vs. Nunzio - 8/10
I'm not the biggest CW fan, but this match changed my mind
The athlatesism is incredible, action packed, a lot of near falls, quite lengthy as well
JBL vs. Lashley
Quite frankly boring, but its always great to see Lashley in action + the ending though spawned one hell of a rivalry between Lashley and Finlay
Matt Hardy & Tatanka vs. MNM
MNM are an awesome tag team, but Matt has ALWAYS been my fave tag team competitor (not to forget his now TNA wrestling bro Jeff), quite an average match (7/10)
Booker T (champ) vs. Chris Benoit (United States Title)
The match that ended this rivalry that started sometime in October. Since then these 2 have been at it for the US title. This match wasn't the greatest of their matches, but it was still great, good to see the better man win (7.5/10)
Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio (WM22 title match on the line)
Back at the Rumble Rey shocked the world when the eliminated Orton to win. So Orton peed rey off enough with sickening eddie (RIP) chants which caused this match. We see more of a brutal side of Rey in this match, still the ending is upsetting. But afterwards it's touching with eddie's widow. (8.5/10)
Kurt Angle (champ) vs. The Undertaker (World Title)
First I'll mention that I have been watching WWE/WWF since around 1997/98. And I have seen some great matches, but I mean it when I say that this is the best one on one singles action match I have ever seen. I was on the edge of my bed watching this action. The momentum swings are incredible, I love this match, gunna be MotY candidate. (10/10)
SO this was a great PPv, but none of the matches could compare to the main event.
However, I cannot comment on the DVD content as I do not have it, but knowing WWE DVDs it'll be great.
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on 1 May 2011
No Way Out 2006

Cruiserweight championship

Gregory Helms vs Kid Kash vs Psicosis vs Super Crazy vs Paul London vs Nunzio vs Brian Kendrick vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Funaki

A good opening that had a reasonable build up. Its always great to see the worm but shame about the winner 6/10

Matt Hardy and Tatanka vs MNM

MNM were not pushed as much as they should have been during their time and here they were quite good against Hardy and Tatanka. An even contest but quite forgettable 5/10

Lashley vs JBL

Two brutal athletes going head to head was a strong powerful encounter that had a controversial ending 7/10

United States championship

Chris Benoit vs Booker T

After their best of 7 match series finalised this was a chance to wrap it all in anticipation again as the two great performers did battle evenly with twists and turns in story and match 8/10

WrestleMania title opportunity

Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton

After the late passing of legendry Eddie Guerrero Mysterio's talk was revolving around doing it for him and there are many good moments in this match and story plus sad ones to 7/10

World Heavyweight championship

Kurt Angle vs Undertaker

Fantastic match that for some reason claimed neither had ever tapped out before when they have. However great blows, great twists and turns and vintage moves from two of the best wrestlers in the business. Bit of a disappointing ending for such an even classic match 9/10
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The SmackDown Road to WrestleMania in 2006 was a highly memorable and (mostly) excellent one. With Kurt Angle on top as the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton's star burning brighter (after coming off his legendary feud with the Undertaker) and Rey Mysterio shocking the world by winning the 2006 Royal Rumble...the build-up for WrestleMania 22 was indeed shaping up nicely.

WrestleMania 22 (as we know) was an absolutely exhilarating event, one of the best WrestleManias in history. This No Way Out before WrestleMania 22, can easily be placed in the same league. Needless to say, it's place in history is forever cemented because of the main-event pitting true legends Kurt Angle and the Undertaker against each other in one of 2006's most epic clashes.

However, No Way Out is far from just a one-match show. The rest of the card is very strong indeed, boasting terrific performances all-round, some great build-up and a great crowd from Baltimore, Maryland.

9-Man WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Gregory Helms (Champion) vs. Kid Kash vs. Psicosis vs. Super Crazy vs. Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Nunzio vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Funaki
Oh, goody! Cruiserweights kicking things off! Again, I MISS this division so much, and this opener shows us why. A wonderful funfest complete with aerial offence and spectacular moves from a bunch of awesome talent. Another fine chapter in Helm's record-breaking run as Cruiserweight Champ. If there's one thing to criticise, it's that it deserves longer. (8/10)

John "Bradshaw" Layfield (w/Jillian Hall) vs. Bobby Lashley
A very physical, hard-hitting battle. Lashley's WWE tenure may have been short, but the powerhouse achieved success and could've realised his full potential if things had worked out. Against main-eventer JBL, Lashley looked impressive, matching the rich Texan blow-for-blow. JBL likewise hits hard and performs with legendary heel flourish. The seeds for the quality Finlay/Lashley rivalry are sewn here. (8/10)

Special Appearance by Batista
Earlier on in January of that year, Dave was forced to relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship due to a torn triceps (courtesy of Mark Henry). Making a surprise appearance, Batista delivers another heartfelt speech to promote his future return, the main-event and WrestleMania. Not as memorable/excellent as his more famous promos (i.e. relinquishing the title/honouring Eddie Guerrero) but still good. (7/10)

Matt Hardy & Tatanka vs. MNM (w/Melina)
Never quite understood why this couldn't just be a straight-up tag title match, given that MNM were the champs. In any event, Matt picking Tatanka as his partner was most bizarre but the result was solid here. The old WWF veteran turns in a fine performance along with Hardy in a very good effort against the white-hot heels. The outcome is pretty much meaningless given the non-title situation and that the belts (or MNM) wouldn't even play any role for WrestleMania 22, but there's still quality action here. (7/10)

WWE United States Championship Match
Booker T (Champion w/Sharmell) vs. Chris Benoit
From WCW to WWE, these rivals went at it again in another excellent exchange. The storyline here was fantastic with Booker (and Sharmell) playing the role of expert heels to perfection. From the opening segment to crunch time, the result is another high-stakes gem, with an outcome that's so pleasing and heroic. I miss these days, and all-the-more wish that the Benoit Tragedy had never happened. (8/10)

Winner Goes To WrestleMania
Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
I had VERY mixed feelings about this storyline. Rey winning the Royal Rumble was awesome. His pursuit of the World Title and doing it in honour of Eddie and his family was fine and plausible, but when Rey carried that over all throughout his first reign, that was when WWE overdid it entirely. And Randy's scathing remarks against Eddie's memory were downright tasteless, disregarding that it was just used to fuel the emotional stakes. Having said all that, this is a great encounter between Mysterio and the (then) Legend Killer. As one of the double-main-events, you can expect this to have great back-and-forth action, a shocking ending, and an aftermath that evokes genuine sympathy. (8/10)

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle (Champion) vs. The Undertaker
It'd been a long time since Kurt and Taker had locked horns, let alone in such a big match scenario. As you'd expect, this features two of wrestling's greatest legends in a showdown of epic proportions. This is simply a thirty-minute masterpiece, with both the Olympic Gold Medallist and the Dead Man at their very best. A scorching classic that no wrestling fan should miss. Match of the night. (9/10)

A good array of Home Exclusive extras round things off here. Namely Josh Matthews interviewing Kurt Angle, a tense face-off between Batista and Mark Henry and a Booker/Sharmell segment (featuring the god-awful Boogeyman). Mostly satisfactory special features indeed.

I've always considered SmackDown the superior brand of WWE, and this is more justification why. No Way Out 2006 is a near-perfect show, headlined by two of the biggest stars to ever compete in a WWE ring. Angle vs. Taker NEEDS to be seen by all wrestling fans, but the main-event is supported by several bonuses which makes this No Way Out one of the purest wrestling events ever. Essential SmackDown purchase!
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on 20 December 2013
I thought this was one of the best SmackDown! only pay per views ever, I understand that SD! only pay per views have a poor reputation but this was a cracking show.

Cruiserweight title: Gregory Helms vs Kid Kash vs Psicosis vs Super Crazy vs Paul London vs Brian Kendrick vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Funaki vs Nunzio 8/10
A very good cruiserweight match with many impressive moves and many good near falls.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield vs Bobby Lashley 5/10
Far better than forecast, this was perfectly acceptable.

In between matches the injured Batista put in an appearance and cut a promo vowing to regain the World title upon his return, I thought it was one of Batista's better efforts (although admittedly that's not saying much).

Mercury and Nitro vs Matt Hardy and Tatanka 5/10
A decent tag team match.

US title: Booker T vs Chris Benoit 8/10
A very good match, although not the best these two have had together. It doesn't help that this was the third pay per view match these two had had in a three month period, and if you factor in all the SmackDown! matches they'd also had you can understand why enthusiasm for this match wasn't very high. But still both men put in strong performances and Booker even pulls out his ever impressive Harlem Hangover.

Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton 9/10
A very entertaining match with a very logical story, Orton works over Mysterio's hand. There are impressive moves from both men, I was surprised by the finish as it made Rey look quite weak.

World title: Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker 10/10
An outstanding main event and the match of 2006. They were out there for nearly half an hour and it was a fabulous effort from both men. There were some great counters and reversals and I thought the finish was clever since it made Angle look good while protecting Undertaker.

So this was a quality show, and a massive improvement on Royal Rumble 2006. The main event was superb and it had a refreshingly clean, interference free finish. The undercard matches all provided at least some entertainment and many of them were very good.
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on 21 August 2013
I recently bought this DVD and overall I would say, this is a very good pre-WM show.
-The opener was an open the challenge for the cruisherweigh championship. Fast paced action, some nice spots but kinda felt like there was so much people in the ring at the same time. ***
- Second match was JBL vs Bobby Lashley. The match was bad I think, it was slow and crowd was bored. The stuff they did with Finlay and Lashley was ok and JBL's bloody face was impresive but this doesn't make the match better. **
- Next match was MNM vs Matt Hardy and his mystery partner which was Tatanka. This was eh, typical TV 10 minutes tag team match. Tatanka work was fine but nothing speciall. ** 1/4
- We started the second half of the show and here is where the show really started to pick up well. Booker T and Chris Benoit had a pretty good 15-17 minutes match for the US tittle. The story of this match was Booker trying to not defend the tittle selling a fake injury but finally, Theodore Long made him defend it. The match like I said was good, nice storytelling and Benoit winning the tittle was also a good moment. Pretty good. *** 1/4
- Rey and Orton was next. Some people didn't like the story of this match with Orton mocking Rey for the death of Eddie but I think that this was good because Rey's moment at Mania winning the WHC was more emotional. Orton challenged Rey for the nº1 contender at Mania and the match was very intense. Good storytelling with Orton working on Rey, nice sequences and the dirty finish helped a lot to make Rey look like a poor man. Very good match, could have been better, but very good. *** 1/2
- And the Main Event. Taker vs Angle for the WHC. Just awesome. 30 minutes of pure gold. Fantastic storytelling with Taker selling the injured leg, Angle putting him on the ankle lock, good spot with Taker breaking the table, matt work, drama, nearfallls, nice counters... You know when a match is important and this was sure of those. One of the best matches I remember for this belt.
Finish was kinda confusing but doesn't hurt the much. Brilliant. **** 1/2

-Overall: Really good show, specially the second half. Two average matches but the rest was good and the ME is a classic. 7.5/10
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2010
No Way Out is packed full of interesting, dynamic matches. There isn't a single damp squib on the card, nor is any match only given a couple of minutes. What results is a great wrestling show, where it is the wrestling that takes the focus (there are very few backstage segments). As a result, stories are told in the ring, and the matches are all the better for it. One of the best single-brand PPVs of all time, culminating in a superb main event.

Gregory Helms vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Paul London vs. Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy vs. Psicosis vs. Funaki vs. Nunzio
This was a great match, with a number of interesting spots and most participants getting a chance to shine (particularly Paul London,who I'm a massive fan of). Whilst the match could have easily gone for longer, the match was long enough for a convincing finish and an entertaining match. ***1/2

JBL vs. Lashley
Lashley enters this match undefeated, but is facing some stiff competition in JBL. Both men work well together, and put a lot into the match. A very good powerhouse offering. ***

Matt Hardy & Tatanka vs. MNM
MNM are a great tag team, but they seem a little lackluster here. Probably down to Tatanka's age and style not really meshing with the others, I wasn't massively impressed. This would be a very god match on free television, but is mediocre on a PPV (particularly this one). **1/2

Booker T vs. Chris Benoit
WHilst this is not their best match, we still have a solid outing here. Benoit and Booker both work well together, and have a lot of chemistry in the ring, and they tell an interesting story. There's enough variety to the movesets to keep the viewer engaged. ***1/2

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio
There's a good, if controversial, storyline going into this, and both Orton and Rey reflect this in their intensity. Both look impressive and put on a good showing. Great match ***1/2

Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker
A phenomenal match (easily a candidate for match of the year) with plenty of back and forth. Undertaker's brawling, MMA style contrasts really well with Angle's more polished wrestling (a story echoed earlier in the night by JBL/Lashley) and the way this forces the wrestlers to adapt is very well executed. A number of exciting near-finishes leave the result up in the air, and the viewer on the edge of their seat. ****1/2

In terms of extras, you get some throwaway WWE Home Video exclusives foreshadowing future feuds, which aren't anything special. I'd much rather see a few matches from Smackdown.
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on 2 January 2008
royal rumble 2006 was a fine event,this event occured a month later and contained some glorious stuff indeed and the odd dull moment but not that much to be fair so the signs for 2006 were very good in the wwe after two pay per views.
The opening match pitted ten men,the champ being gregory helms all vying for the single pin that would bring a winner and perhaps a new champion,as you can easily imagine,the match was action packed,high moves a plenty and tons of jaw dropping ability but with all the men featured it was nigh on impossible to keep up with all events so the match became a blur in places leading to a winner who probably didnt deserve it but thats the way it goes and this was a good opening.
Next up was JBL against rookie with great potential bobby lashley,lashley didnt give much away against his wizard in the ring oppenent at all but with interference culminating in match altering then this match ended with the birth of a new feud and the death of this short lived feud.
Matt hardy with mystery guest were paired up against MNM next in a solid enough match,the guest was past it although he did ok here,it was what he did in the following months that proved that he wasnt up to scratch but here he is ok in a match with few memories but not a complete waste of time.
The united states championship was contested next,the holder booker t who was crying that he was unwell,he didnt actually win the belt himself,do you remember that dear readers,was pitted against a relentless chris benoit whose world title reign seemed a distant memory at this stage.
Next up was a belter of a match,the prize at stake was the opportunity to fight the champ at wrestlemania 22,rey mysterio who was the owner of that right went up against randy orton.The match was emotional as eddie guerrero wasnt long dead and orton had said some ruthless things about eddie to ensure that he got this match so the impetus was on rey to shove those words down ortons throat,the match had some great crowd chanting and the outcome shocked the arena and certainly seemed cold and callous,a great match though,one to watch again,no doubt.
The main event was out of this world,certainly one of the greatest matches of all time,the undertaker against the champ kurt angle,the match had everything and the taker had to change his formula at times and he did ,the match swung all over the place and plenty of quality followed,near falls,skilled mat wrestling,submission moves,fist to face beatings ,the works so there you have it,a four star show then,well done to all.
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on 24 February 2012
This pay per view was average for me the best match was undertaker vers kurt angle.angle was brilliant a true legand.The most shocking match was ray mysterio vs randy orton its a really shocking ending to the match,i feel sorry for ray olthough he still went on two win the world heavy weight championship at wrestlemainia 22 i olso injoyed booker t vs chris benoit some really good back and forth action . as for the rest of the pay per view it was ok but could have been better.i definately recomend this pay per viw.
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on 19 October 2011
The main event is one amazing match. 30 minutes of pure excitement. What a performance by both! But it is no surprise bacause when these two wrestled, they always torn the house down.I don't think WWE has ever put on a better match since this. Buy this video just for this match alone, it is absolutely worth it. It is sad that Angle is no longer in the WWE and Undertaker is retiring. They are two of the best, ever!
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on 27 August 2008
I have been watching wrestling for over 20 years !

One of the Best WWE/WWF Main Event Matches of ALL Time , That didn't involve Shawn Micheals

At over 30 Mins this was Superb action , Best Undertaker Match I ever saw

Buy this DVD for that one match Only , Dont watch the Rest ! I didn't bother

Although Rey Mysterio Vs Randy Orton deserves a mention

This is a 5 Star Main Event
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