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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 10 January 2013
You don't see or read a lot about Airborne but this is a very good game, IMO. It can be a bit frustrating as check points are far apart and you can be continually sent back to where you started - which is a long way from where you were shot!! Lovely graphics and plenty of good weapons and locations. I often wanted to stop fighting and take a look around but got shot if I did! The only minus point is the fact that sometimes you will be shot and never know where it came from and you can't defend against this. I felt cheated when this happened. Overall, a brilliant game.
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on 19 December 2007
Although it would be unfair to label this game as awful, its certainly not what we were expecting. The original MOH games defined the genre, yet the franchise is now looking stagnant.

The most infuriating feature (or missing feature) is a player controlled save. The game saves automatically once you achieve certain small aims, but you can't save the game yourself. This makes it difficult to progress, as you have to complete the whole goal in one go, which means you battle your way up the same hill, kill the same enemies only to have to restart at the bottom every time (or parachute to the top and die instantly).
Although the levels are large and well constructed, the game is still quite short. As an average gamer, it took me around 10 hours to complete. Whilst there is an element of replayability, in order to find the secret drops and improve your weapons, it feels more like a chore than a pleasure. Certain games in various genres have you looking for a reason to replay them (Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, Elder Scrolls, all previous games in the MOH franchise) yet the reasons for replaying Airbourne just aren't there.

As far as positive points go, there are some intense moments of fierce combat. the first mission is probably my favourite, with street fighting in an Italian city. Leaning round corners to pick off machine gunners with headshots is quite fulfilling. The weapon enhancement system is good too; the more you use certain weapons, the more unlocks you open for it such as increased accuracy and larger magazines. The parachuting element is a brave idea and does add an extra dimension to gameplay. The parachuting alone doesn't make up for the game's shortcomings and frankly, only really affects a small time in each level. You tend to land where you're supposed to land as that's where the support is and where the game is designed from. Trying to be clever and drop behind enemy lines or in a slightly different place just gets you killed, or you have to battle your way through the enemy just to get back to your own troops to start the level 'properly'.

The bottom line? It's not bad, and I wouldn't be upset if someone gave me a copy. The developers probably believe the parachuting is their 'killer feature' or 'USP' but it doesn't really cut it. Fans of the MOH series will be disappointed as will fans of FPSs. If it were released a year or so ago, it would have been seen as much better, but now the competition is too stiff; there are too many other games which are better.
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on 10 May 2010
You follow a group of paratroopers on various missions. The levels are partly free roaming and open-world with lots to explore. The action is bloody and intense and is better than most WW2 shooters. The online multiplayer is some of the best I have played with little or no lag whatsoever and someone always online for a game.

A strong WW2 shooter with brilliant multiplayer.
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VINE VOICEon 4 May 2008
The latest game in the 9 year old Medal of Honor series,is a strong return to form. Ever since Rising Sun was released back in 2003, Medal of Honor games have quickly declined, with European Assault and Vanguard, but I'm pleased to anounce that Airbourne is a very different story.
As soon as you start playing the game, you instantly feel that you are meeting up with an old friend, as the classic Medal of Honor gameplay is the same as alway, with great graphics, new ideas, great missions and a good selection of weapons.
The best new aspect of this game is when you jump out of the plane at the beginning of each level, as you can see the whole level beneath you. You can choose to land any where on the map, and carry out objectives in the order you prefer.
The maps are very big and you can access just about every building and even land on top of them to get a great view of the lanscape. Both the exterior and interior are well detailed, which is something that has been lacking from previous MOH games.
Another cool factor is that you can upgraqde your guns, allowing for a greater capcity of ammo or even better scope.
There are 6 Missions in total which are very long indeed. Gameplay can be saved after completing an objective. The later levels are very challenging indeed, offering hours of gameplay.
Once the game is complete you can replay the levels differently by landing in different areas on the map. There are also plenty of additional extras to watch aswell.
It is fair to say that the graphics are a letdown compaired to the mighty Call of Duty 4, even though Airboune is a newer game. But then again Airbourne was due out months before COD 4, but was delayed, so this factor should be brushed aside.
I think that this is one of the best MOH games in the series and a big improvement on recent outings. It's an enjoyable game, with a selection of in depth challenging levels that you'l want to replay over and over again.
Medal of Honor is back in business.
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on 31 January 2008
I'd just finished Call of Duty 4 and was waiting for MoH to be delivered expecting it to be even better. Sadly, it just seemed like more of the same old MoH format with slightly better graphics. Maybe I was being unrealistic expecting the makers of the game to revolutionize a successful format, but some of the levels were virtually identical to scenes from older games (ANOTHER attack on a bridge somewhere in Holland). I did enjoy certain elements of the game, but over all I was left disappointed. The AI was just bizarre at times (enemy failing to die when you've clearly hit them in the head twice!) The final attack on the tower is cool, but as far as I can make out the only relevance of "Airborne" is the novelty of dropping into the game wherever you want. The novelty soon wears off, and you're left feeling that you've seen it all before. CoD4 broke new ground, and if I had £40 to spend today I'd be buying CoD4 and not MoH.
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on 26 June 2007
If we were being honest Medal of honor games on the Playstation (1/2/3) have been getting worse since the release of the WW2 FPS great that was MOH Frontline. That was a great game and for me defined the MOH franchise. People conplained about the linearity of the levels but i think thats what made them good. I prefered the more lone gunman approach. More recently, EA brought the series more towards squad-based, more open style levels and missions. I was hopeful that MOH Airborne's release on the PS3 might be a return to form and rekindle what made the orginal MOH, MOH underground and MOH frontline so good. Sadly, No....

-Firstly the single player game is very short. There are only 7 missions. COnsisting of airborne drops Italy, France, Holland and finally Germany itself.
-Graphics are quite poor. Both in terms of texture and lighting. Amazingly Call of Duty 3, which was released some time ago now has considerably better graphics.
-Enemy AI is shockingly bad! enemy (and i don't remember ever hearing of the italian's or germans ever doing this) will often run pass your line and take cover behind you or just stand out in the open and start shooting....i mean come on this is a PS3 game for......
- At this point i'll try and say something positive. The sound is quite good. The gun shounds in particular sound much improved and realistic.

Overall thought and as a fan of the series and a big first person shooter fan, this game just doesn't do it. With all these negative aspect, I found myself no longer enjoying the game.
Call of Duty 3 was alot better and i would recommend that or if you just want a great FPS then Call of Duty 4. MOH Airborne though, STAY AWAY.
The parachute has failed!
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on 4 November 2013
i got this game for my boyfriend omg he is addicted every time i come home from work he has it on if i go for my shower he has it on he is so totally addicted feel like phoning a doctor he is that addicted ha ha
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VINE VOICEon 1 June 2008
Medal of Honours big change is that levels are now completely open. Parachuting in gives the choice to tackle objectives in different ways.
And this is largely true, although its now easier to get lost, wandering around for the next objective.
The parachute drop does change after completing objectives. Safe areas are highlighted by green smoke, which is a nice touch. Yet the 2D smoke effects are very disappointing.
However this is essentially Medal of Honours only change, the rest is a case of same old.

The visual polish normally associated with EA games is strangely missing from Airborne. The graphics haven't really moved on and the combat feels lightweight next to Call of Duty. Even menu screens jerk and freeze, despite installing 4GB to play.

Levels such as Market Gardens bridge climax have horrendous difficulty spikes. These can make it more of a repetitive slog than any fun to play. But at only 6 missions, this is over soon enough.
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on 26 April 2013
Airborne is pretty much the definition of a missed opportunity in gaming, and as the first MOH release for the PS3, I'm sure many were expecting more.

Main negative points:

* Graphics- Now I understand that this is one of the PS3's earlier releases, but the graphics are truly poor. When you look at Resistance Fall of Mankind (another very early release), and compare it to this, it's a world apart visually.

* Game-play- The shooting mechanics, clunky reloading and general game-play is the main downfall of this game. It is slow, unsatisfying and to be quite frank, I would rather play European Assault on the PS2.

The only thing I thought was impressive about the game was the whole parachute idea. Being able to choose where you land is a pretty cool feature of the game, however, when you do land, you have to deal with the un-enjoyable combat, so it doesn't really save the game from being what it is.
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on 14 May 2010
I have been a fan of the Medal of Honour games for a long time now and always love a good WW2 FPS and this is no exception!! I haven't had any of the problems some people have stated and will happily play through the game again and again. I will agree it is to short but just start again! Apart from Borderlands (a truly awesome game) this is the most played game in my collection. I can only hope we are graced with Airborne 2.
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