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3.9 out of 5 stars21
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2007
Cruiserweight open: Great fast pace action all men given enough time and a suprising ending 2 best match of the night 8/10

mickie james vs. ashley: Nothing special more a card filler please skip 3/10

boogeyman vs. jbl: wow i can't believe how quickly theve dropped jbl it's an insult jst a unbeliavable squash match. unbeliavable=bad 1.5/10

royal rumble match: yay best match finally arives great fast paced suprising end and fun too watch over and over again wish orton won though still not as good as 2001 9/10

john cena vs. edge: not the best edge match bt certainly a nail bitter 7.5/10

mark henry vs. kurt angle: not much too say funny and amazing ending though 6.5/10

altogether 7/10 not a must buy but good for collections
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on 20 December 2013
As a start to the build up for Wrestlemania 22 this event was woefully inadequate. Granted there were some good matches but there were no great matches and some of the the bouts were terrible.

Cruiserweight title: Kid Kash vs Funaki vs Nunzio vs Paul London vs Jamie Noble vs Gregory Helms 6/10
This was an enjoyable but rushed six way match. There are some very impressive moves, but they could really have done with a few more minutes.

Mickie James vs Ashley (Special referee Trish Stratus) 0/10
This match was really boring and everything they did looked terrible. The culprit was Ashley who was clueless, and this wasn't due to inexperience either; she never improved. It is frustrating that a capable wrestler like Stratus is just standing there officiating while Ashley is screwing everything up.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield 0/10
A hopeless sub two minute squash match, there was no need for this to be booked on the card.

2006 Royal Rumble match 6/10
This was fairly entertaining, for most of its duration anyway. The match drags in places and Rey Mysterio and Triple H spend long periods lying down. It was also troubling that WWE built up Mysterio's rumble win around Eddie Guerrero rather than Rey Mysterio.

WWE title: Edge vs John Cena 4/10
An entirely forgettable match which is made worse by the choice of winner. I still can't believe WWE chose to terminate Edge's title reign after just three weeks and put the title back on John Cena. Edge as champion was new and exciting, while Cena as champion was predictable and boring. It got worse for Edge in a post match backstage segment when he was lumbered in a mini feud with the useless Jim Duggan.

World title: Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry 1/10
This was a rubbish way to end the show and, to add insult to injury, it has a screwy finish. Why WWE chose to award Henry a main event run is beyond me; even Kurt Angle, one of the best wrestlers ever, was incapable of having a decent match with him. Presumably Undertaker and Angle's confrontation was tacked on at the end to compensate for the lousiness of the match (it didn't work).

This was a very poor event which featured nothing that could be classified as 'must see' and quit a lot of rubbish. I would avoid this if I were you.
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on 13 October 2010
For actually seeing WWE Royal Rumble 2006 for the first time today, I have to say that I really enjoyed the 19th annual Royal Rumble event.

The match of the night had to be the Royal Rumble match, where 15 RAW and 15 Smackdown superstars had the chance of headlining WrestleMania 22. I have to say that this is one of my favourite Royal Rumble matches because their is one superstar who I was mega happy for and that man was Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio said in a press conference that he was dedicating his match to the late Eddie Guererro and Rey Rey stuck to his word. Rey Mysterio came in as the number two entrant and lasted approximately 62mins by eliminating the number 30 entrant Randy Orton to win the Royal Rumble match. Rey Mysterio in my opinion deserved to win this Royal Rumble match and he was going to face a world champion at WrestleMania 22, so well done to Rey Mysterio for winning one of the biggest matches in WWE history, which is known as the Royal Rumble. 4/5

John Cena vs Edge for the WWE Championship, is perhaps one of the best world championship matches i've seen. I really enjoyed this match between Cena and Edge, who go onto to having a huge rivalry throughout the year. I was really impressed with how Edge was pinning down Cena, but Edge fell to the wrath of the STFU, where Edge tapped and John Cena leaves as the new WWE Champion. 4/5

Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship, was a decent main event, where both superstars were testing each other's strength. I really loved the ending where Kurt Angle used a steel chair on Mark Henry, where the impact was amazing and I liked the way how Kurt Angle exposed a ring turn buckle, so that Mark Henry could run into it and Kurt Angle to roll up Mark Henry for the victory and Kurt Angle is still the World Heavyweight Champion. But Kurt Angle had big troubles, when The Undertaker made his presence felt by alerting Kurt Angle that he wants the World Heavyweight Championship. 3/5

Overall the 19th annual Royal Rumble event was very enjoyable and it was a round of applause to Rey Mysterio for winning the Royal Rumble match.
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on 6 April 2008
Match 1: 6-pack challenge match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
I thought this was probably one of the better matches on the show. A good high-flying opener with a nice surprise ending. There's a place for a spotfest on every wrestling show, and this was definately it.
Match Rating: 8/10

Match 2: Ashley vs Mickie James (w/ Trish as Special Ref)
Mickie James is a fantastic in-ring worker, but even she couldn't drag an acceptable performance out of Ashley Masarro. Seriously, Ashley is absolutely dire as an in-ring worker, and really came across as such here. This storyline with Trish and Mickie was one of the best worked angles of 2006, but the Ashley involvement killed this match. The fans were silent (except for some boring chants) until the match ended.
Match Rating: 3/10

Match 3: JBL vs The Boogeyman.
This pay-per-view's trend for abysmal booking continued into this match, which was a complete squash, and didn't need to be on the card. The storyline, the booking and the match were all hideous. Only watch this match if you like stupid gimmicks and 80's style squashes.
Match Rating: 0/10

Match 4: The 2006 Royal Rumble
This sucked. I love Rumble matches more than anyone, but the decision to put this match in the middle of the show and go for the sympathy ending was utterly pointless. A lot of the action in the match felt very slow and plodding, there were superstars sitting down in the corner for 5 minutes while the cameras were focusing on the other side of the ring, none of the spots came across smoothly... and then there was the finish. WWE wanted to go with the huge surprise, but the match winner was obvious to me and anybody else with common sense from about a month in advance. They played the sympathy card and it was to no avail, as fans would ultimately turn against the winner following his title win at WrestleMania, realising how badly booked and undeserving of a belt he was.
Match Rating - 5/10

WWE Championship Match: Edge vs John Cena
Cena had a very cool entrance. This match was alright, nothing special and certainly not one of Cena or Edges best matches. The finish made little or no sense to a lot of people, as it served to bury one up-and-coming main-eventer for absolutely no reason. Luckily, he would bounce back eventually.
Match Rating - 6/10

World Championship Match: Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle
Take this match and write "EPIC FAIL" all over it. Mark Henry should never even be main eventing a house show, never mind the Royal Rumble. WWE owed the fans more than this after the rest of the show, and they couldn't deliver. Angle tried his best, but the match still sucked really bad. The post-match spot would have been quite cool, but considering we saw a similar thing only 2 months earlier at Survivor Series, came off as hideously clichéd.
Match Rating - 3/10

Overall Show Rating - 28/60

The Last Word: If you really need to waste money, try throwing it off a bridge or something. This Show is not worth the price of the DVD. Luckily the WWE followed this dire Royal Rumble with one of the greatest Rumbles ever in 2007. I would instead recommend getting the 2007 Royal Rumble on DVD, or if your looking for a show from 2006, buy WrestleMania 22.
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on 10 April 2006
WWE Royal Rumble 2006

I Will rate out of 5 Stars

Crusierweight Championship Invitational

Gregory Helms vs Kid Kash vs Paul London vs Jamie Noble vs Funaki

** Above Average Match, nice ariel moves and good speedy crusierweight action, i thought the ending was a bit rushed but a fine match none the less and a good start to the PPV

Mickie James vs Ashley

Special Ref: Trish Stratus

* Poor Match, Not very Exciting and a bad ending the crowd were asleep the whole match

JBL vs The Boogeyman

* Another Bad Match went 2 to 3 minutes how can you get a good match out of so little time not that they would with more time.

The Royal Rumble Match

*** Good Rumble match but to familar to othe royal rumble matches we've had

John Cena vs Edge- WWE Championship Match

** OK Passible Action, The Worst match they've had together the Best being the TLC Match at unforgiven

Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle

* I can't remember a time where you get a bad match with kurt angle in it but mark henry you did it, a slow unsatisfying match to end this rather dull PPV.

The Royal Rumble gets a 6/10 from me because there were only 2 matches worth viewing them being the crusierweight match and the royal rumble but the 2 title matches i thought were letdowns and ashley/james and jbl/boogeyman shouldn't of been on the card they could of put better matches on than that.
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on 25 June 2006
This is by far the very best Royal Rumble PPV ever!

1) 6-man battle royal

Gregory Helms vs. Paul London vs. Kid Kash vs. Funaki vs. Nunzio vs Jamie Noble for the World Cruiserweight Championship

Not the best match of the night but still, decent. 6.5/10

2) Special Referee

Ashley vs. Mickie James Guest Referee Trish Stratus

a very good diva match; fairly long. 7.5/10

3) Single

JBL vs. The Boogeyman

Pointless match. About 1 and a half mins. 2/10

4)Royal Rumble

Best match of the night!A few team ups and continuing rivalrys.


5) WWE Championship

Edge vs. John Cena

I don't know what John Cena's entrance was but a long twisting match.The odd submission which made it a bit more interesting.


6) World Heavyweight Championship

Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle

Both put up a good fight. 2 ankle lock overpowered by Mark Henry. 8.5/10

Overall raing 89/100
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on 30 May 2006
Open Invitational six way match-Cruserweight Championship
Kid Kash(c) vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Paul London vs. Funaki vs. Gregory Helms
Helms came from RAW to Smackdown to win the Championship and stay on Smackdown. Match was open to all former and the current Cruserweight Champions. 8/10

Ashley vs. Mickie James- Special Guest Referee Trish Stratus
Not a bad Divas match. 7/10

Boogeyman vs. JBL
Utterly pointless match. I think it was to keep them both out of the Rumble later in the night. Lasted about a minute and a half. 2/10

Royal Rumble Match
30 Superstars battling it out to get a Championship shot at WrestleMaina 22. Eliminations occur when a superstar goes over the top rope and both feet touch the ground out side the ring. Shocking end to the match as *** ******** picks up the win. 10/10

WWE Championship-Edge(c) vs. John Cena
Earlier that month the RAW Pay-Per-View New Years Revolution was held in which Edge cashed in his money in the bank which gave him the right to wrestle the Champion (John Cena) at any time Edge chooses and won the Championship and Cena cashed in his rematch clause for the Royal Rumble. Good match overall. 8/10

World Heavyweight Championship-Kurt Angle(c) vs. Mark Henry
Ok match. Mark Henry shouldn't even be allowed title shots.The Undertaker comes out to ringside and hits the ring with lightening which was cool, FAKE but cool. 8/10

Overall the PPV got 43/60 I definitely recommend that you buy this.
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on 28 December 2014
The best PPV of the year, every year...
Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship. JBL vs. The Boogeyman. Ashley vs. Mickie James with special Ref Trish Stratus. And of course the Royal Rumble to decide the contender for the main event at Wrestlemania 22.
Also the disc contains an excellent bonus extra, a look back over all the previous Rumble endings, from 1988 to 2005.
A must own for all fans and collectors.
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on 13 March 2008
World Cruiserweight Open Invitational
Kid Kash vs Funaki vs Nunzio vs Jamie Noble vs Paul London vs Gregory Helms 6/10

RAW Match
Mickie James vs Ashley Massaro - Special Referee Trish Stratus 3/10

SmackDown Match
John Bradshaw Layfield vs The Boogeyman 0/10

Royal Rumble Match 8.5/10

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs Edge 7/10

World Title Match
Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle 4/10
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on 1 April 2010

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
6-Way Cruiserweight match 4/5

The Boogeyman vs. JBL 2/5

Mickie James vs. Ashley 2.5/5

WWE Championship Match
Edge vs. John Cena 3/5

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry 3/5

Royal Rumble Match 4/5
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