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4.0 out of 5 stars82
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2006
"The Triangle" is the story of a team of researchers, paid to investigate the truth behind the legends of the Bermuda Triangle. In doing so they become wrapped up in a time-continuum and get glimpses of what caused the triangle and its future - but can they escape to get the word out before disaster strikes on a much larger scale?

The story begins in a format similar to "Species" where a varied multi-disciplined team are brought together to trace the missing craft that have vanished over the triangle. It even features a psychic, a-la 'Species', with almost exactly the same role; i.e. witnessing the scene of a bloodbath and muttering "I sense that something happened here" and other pointless contributions.

Despite this opening, I became more and more gripped with "The Triangle". It's a fast moving story, perhaps a little too over-loaded in places, however it contains so many interesting events and encounters that it's a very motivating piece.

These elements include what happens to a triangle survivor when he arrives home after his stay in hospital. His wife picks him up and he comments casually that he thought he remembered the car being blue. That's just the tiny beginning of the powerful anaomalies he experiences, and I won't spoil it by saying any more here.

Similar things happen to the research team, and the plot twists and turns, paradoxes are created, and as the watcher one begins to feel their panic and frustration as events unfold.

Needless to say there are lots of references to the associated "Philadelphia Experiment" and one minor irritation was the word "electro-magnetic" being bandied around vaguely and constantly throughout the film in a pseudo-scientific kind of way.

Overall, though, a great story of the paranormal, over three parts on two disks.
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on 26 January 2010
Diverging realities, multiple universes, anachronistic anomalies, to name but a few. This mini-series very neatly ties in lots of ideas and theories at a pace that is almost real-time. Some questions inevitably remain unanswered because no-one can possibly know the answer but the phenomena are laid out before us in a feast of conjecture wherein lives are touched and the senses stretched to breaking point. I love science-fiction but I am very fussy about what I watch, however, I shall certainly cherish this series !
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on 9 June 2012
Bought this item for my brother with an eye to swapping it for his spare copy of The Martian Chronicles and the other eye remembering watching it when it aired on the BBC many years ago, I thought nothing of it then, I had considered it a no-brainer.
We watched the whole thing straight through a couple of days back, as part of the negotiations for the proposed exchange. I found myself enthralled and deeply embarassed for the tale that unfolded was not the one I remembered watching on the TV before.

Triangle is a quality production of both cast (Ok I did yell devils-son at Sam Neil's appearance but I was referring to his Merlin role, not the Damien Thorn) and CGI that handles a much loved and very mythologised mystery with energy and originality. It even offers something that most films that cover the subject of HI-NRG translocations and disappearances categorically refuse to do, a solution and a conclusion. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it tries to answer any questions, it doesn't but the writers have utilised all the folklore of the Bermuda Triangle and The Philadephia 'Project Rainbow' Experiment thrown in some Star-Trekian sci-fi concepts, multiverses, multiple-probability pathways and Slidersesque parallel worlds. Fictionalising it all with compelling story-telling effect.

It is unfortunate that my brother agreed to the exchange, well now it is anyway. Sure I can put 'The Martian Chronicles' in the DVD cabinet but . . .I want it now.
If I can distract him long enough I might reverse the exchange, I just have to pick my moment. That or I could buy another . . .this requires some reflection!
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on 14 May 2006
The latest in a growing line of slick miniseries produced by the Sci-Fi Channel, Dean Devlin and Bryan Singer's The Triangle draws from a number of standard sci-fi story elements in an effort to provide an original take on a tired enigma. While the miniseries concerns itself with a mystery long celebrated as unsolvable, The Triangle keeps itself from descending into maddening vagueness by demanding concrete answers from both its characters and its story. That's not to say this story is not enigmatic, but this is a brain-teasing puzzle with a surprising solution. Writer Rockne S. O'Bannon should be commended. The Bermuda Triangle here is more intriguing than it has ever been, kept entertaining by the slow revealing of the shadowy sources of its power. The threat escalates as the film progresses and scientific theories--ranging from wormholes to alternate realities to exotic matter--are blended into an engaging, reality-threatening cataclysm of apocalyptic proportion. At the outset, single ships are threatened but by the time of the paradoxical climax, the globe hangs in the balance. The inevitable time-travel is elegantly handled amidst all of this and the endgame is both intelligent and stunning.

The acting here is above average, too, and each of the leads elevates not only their character's role but the film's believability as well. Eric Stoltz, Bruce Davison, Catherine Bell, and Michael E. Rodgers are excellent as a team of unique experts in unusual fields of study. Keeping the story emotionally grounded is Lou Diamond Phillips, whose individualized subplot allows us to experience the film's reality-altering oddness through the eyes of an everyman. The miniseries is beautifully produced, nicely photographed, and the considerable visual effects are always impressive. More importantly, those effects are used primarily to service the story's intricacies, not as a means of distracting from plot holes. In fact, The Triangle's most serious flaws are those extended scenes echoing science fiction clich�s for suspense or drama, chunks of the narrative that will seem all-too familiar--and perhaps, as a result, all-too dull--for fans of the genre. Conspiracy plotlines wear thin too quickly, the quirks of Davison's psychic irritate as they escalate, and Sam Neill's obsessed magnate is instantly forgettable. At those moments when the film is successful, however, it plays off of our curiosity and becomes quite gripping. Viewers have set-out on this sort of strange sea voyage before, but Devlin and Singer manage to make it smart and sexy. The Triangle does make something old new again; the three-part miniseries takes a host of familiar pseudo-scientific theories and science fiction themes and finds a way to recombine them into something that feels, for the most part, fresh.

--Brian A. Dixon

Revelation Magazine
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on 21 June 2006
The Triangle is a three-part mini-series from the Sci-fi channel. For centuries the Bermuda Triangle has been the scene of disappearances of ships and planes. After the loss of yet another ship shipping billionaire Eric Benirall, hires psychic Stan Lathem, journalist Howard Thomas, meteorologist Bruce Geller and underwater scientist Emily Patterson to find out the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle and the reason why his ships are disappearing.

While the avid explorers use all their honed skills to find out what's happening at `The Triangle' a lone survivor of a wrecked freighter returns to a world and a life that he doesn't recognize and which seems to be changing before his very eyes. When he hooks up with Eric Beniralls group they uncover the extent of the problem with `The Triangle' and the US Navy's plan to `fix' the triangle once and for all.

If you like sci-fi mysteries and theories about the Bermuda Triangle then this is the mini-series for you. It's a brilliant miniseries but can feel somewhat long-winded at times. The special effects are however amazing and the performances of Sam Neill and Catherine Bell are especially noteworthy. All in all a really good mini-series.
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on 1 October 2010
I saw a little bit of The Triangle when it was shown on TV, but it didn't grab me then and the timing of the episodes meant that I'd miss one. So I gave up on it and forgot all about it, until I found a cheap copy on Amazon. For the money, I thought I couldn't go wrong.

For the money, it's a good buy, but I found it a little too precious for my own liking. There's a plot that mostly gets explained by the end, and there's lots of odd events and time-shifting and alternate realities to cope with.

The main problem, for me, is that the whole thing is too anodyne - it's too much like comfy slippers and cocoa before bedtime. There's just no edge to this series. It's been made to not offend anybody - an American family-friendly film. The best I could say about The Trianlge is that it makes 'pleasant' viewing.

Production values are high, the acting's competent, the story hangs together (mostly), but it's just too dull to excite.
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on 12 April 2012
It pains me that Americans seem to have so little sense of the difference between classy and dumb. The guys who did the X men movies - I rate those movies. For them to turn out this trash - why? why? why? One can only conclude that that can't tell the difference.

Ok so the CGI went to their heads. But guys, it's been around for a while now, you're used to it, right?

The idea is promising: a drama based on the bermuda triangle. Small team sent to investigate its mysteries etc. Good, good. They threw heaps of money at this, everything looks beautiful and yes the CGI is great. But that's where the problems start.

They cast a plastic Barbie doll where the leading lady should have been. It doesn't matter how many long close-ups you guys give us of her face - it's still plastic, and it doesn't make good drama.

The script has too many painful, dumb moments. I just watched a french film, Indigenes, for which the director and a buddy spent spent two years perfecting the script over 25 drafts. It's perfect. But for this stinker, the bosses paid someone to do the job for them. They made a bad choice, and got a bad script. AND THEY JUST WENT WITH IT. Plastic Barbie actually seems quite at home with it...

The guy cast as the Aussie is probably alright when he's at home, IN AMERICA. But he's hamstrung by his ridiculous attempts at an Aussie accent. It's a running joke throughout the film. Couldn't they have found an Aussie for the part? Really? there's plenty of them around, you know. Bad choice.

Then, at the punchline, they can't bring it home, so they just fudge everything and none of it makes any sense. We're left wondering why we bothered watching all that time.

Seems multimillions and big names still can't make Americans tell the difference...
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on 27 December 2011
Just bought it on the off chance. I was quite surprised. I watched the first two discs on the first night, and was eagerly awaiting watching the final episode the following night.

It's a good film with great CGi with a good story line with fine actors.

I really enjoyed the six hours of entertainment.And for the price an absolute bargain.
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on 3 May 2011
This looked very promising and the cast list was impressive but overall was rather disappointing, impressive opening credits and then downhill all the way.
With shades of 'The Butterfly Effect' which Eric Stoltz also appeared in, and some mildly spooky elements that didn't really tie in with the "rational" explaination the whole thing seemed weighed down by how the mystery surrounding the triangle has been mostly explained away. In fact a lot of time was taken up by various cast members outlining the debunking theories before getting back to the patchy plot. I watched the entire thing but that's more down to my perseverance than the program's worth.
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I had seen the Triangle series and with out any doubt I rate it as a masterpiece.The story is gripping & character acting is too good.The special effects are appealing .First I had seen movie--Bermuda Triangle followed by Triangle to maintain continuity.
Iam very much thankful to Amazon U.K and especially its dealer ZOVERSTOCKS for delivering the same with in a record time in New Delhi--INDIA.I had purchased this a used one.But the quality is superb and as good as new one.
Thanks for it.

Ravi Chaturvedi---New Delhi--INDIA
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