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3.7 out of 5 stars23
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2006
This is a wonderfully brave and unusual film in that we have the interaction between the 'red' and 'blue' states of the usa without either trying to change or revolutionise the other's way of life. Her, city-slicker 'outsider' art dealer Madeleine meets her inlaws in north carolina. What we expect is the usual prodigal son returning with new wife, and either the prodigal son to reject new wife and go back to his old ways, or for the new life to clash horrifically and destructively. Blissfully, this is not what we get in Junebug. As an outsider art dealer, madeleine is uniquely placed to let us stand shoulder to shoulder with her as an observer of this small town southern family and the emotional relationships and states that seem so foreign to her and anyone not familiar with that way of life in the audience too. We are passive, madeleine has no influence on the characters, and neither do we. What this means is that we get to, for once, see city and country as different states not in contention. one isnt shown to be better or triumphant. Instead we try to work out the nuances of the seemingly introspective and repressed characters in real time as madeleine herself is trying to. i wont spoil it by describing the simultaneous pain and harmony that is revealed in each character, but will say that the relationship between the younger brother and his child-like wife (amy adams - who was nominated for an oscar for her performance) is particularly well-written; the younger sibling disabled by his brother's return home to be at ease until his car has left the driveway, and the small tokens of love and fondness that in modern urban society seem unimportant that take over dialogue and grand gestures. brilliant - watch it!
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on 16 March 2014
I love all films from Amy Adams. American Hustle, Doubt, The Master, The Fighter. She is an exceptional actress and really should have won an Oscar for this movie.
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on 3 January 2016
This is not a review of the film – which had great merit – but of the Eureka Blu-ray recording.
There are NO SUBTITLES. The actors are barely audible, partly because of terrible diction but also because of poor microphone positions. I caught about 40% of the dialogue; fellow viewers who had good hearing ability fared little better.
Expensive Blu-ray products should always provide subtitles and when they don't, their absence should be made clear on the box.
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on 29 January 2015
The Product Description is an accurate assessment of this well observed, well acted film.
A very good study of family dynamics and how the presence of an outsider (in this case an in-law) with different priorities can bring to the surface oddities of the 'family script'. It is a good natured rendering of family and differences. Charming, slow moving, few days of a visit from city to countryside. Not an action movie.
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on 21 December 2015
I guess where I struggled with this is that I just did not actually care about any character. Then on top of that their interactions were often not believable to me. Because I did not feel invested in the characters or therefore the film, I think my attention had wandered by the supposedly impactful scenes towards the end.
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on 10 October 2015
No need to review this wonderful film,just beware if you're hard of hearing there are no subtitles of any sort on this Blu-Ray.
Would have made do with my DVD if it wasn't described as having subtitles in the description ;(
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on 28 August 2006
A beautiful, emotionally intense film about the intricate workings of a family in America's southern religious belt.

Junebug is subtle in its approach and relies on the excellent acting of each of the family members to express the deep and unspoken feeling that each of them has. Amy Adams shines as young mum-to-be Ashley, while Benjamin McKenzie plays the character of a tormented husband, brother and son superbly.

Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 27 April 2007
Every so often a film is released that slips under your radar ('how did I miss that?' you ask yourself).Slowly though, a buzz of interest develops around the film and when you finally get to see it it's like stumbling across a treasure that is all the better for being an unexpected discovery. I fully expected this film to fall into this category, I can't remember the last time I sat down to a film with such a sense of anticipation, but I'm afraid it didn't fulfil those expectations.

The problem stems, in part, from hype. Hype takes different forms; we'd all recognise the saturation media blitz that accompanies the would-be Hollywood Blockbuster these days. Then you get the more gentle form that is associated with a film like this. Of course there is the Oscar nomination for Amy Adams which raises the profile of the film, but it is the reviews and recommendations by, no doubt, well intentioned journalists that films like this depend on to get the public's attention. Comments like "film of the year" and "a rare gem" and also the inclusion in several films of the year lists. All I can say is if this is a candidate for 'film of the year' it shows how bad things are.

It isn't that it's terrible, its just that there is nothing much here to get your teeth into. It would make a good TV play/movie. There is no plot to speak of(not essential, I know), so it is entirely dependant on the characters and their interactions to spark the interest but nothing happens. There are a few hints at hidden depths and 'past events that still have repercussions to this day' but that's all they are. Ultimately you feel that these 'hidden truths' are so dull (sibling jealousy/life isn't always nice) that they aren't worth delving into anyway.

As an snapshot of middle-America it is OK (but no more than, say, Borat and certainly not as interesting as a good documentary) and it has a good sense of 'place' but that is not enough. To those who argue it is good because 'it's like real life' I say, so are countless other tales("To Kill a Mockingbird" comes to mind)that can be 'real' and provide interest throughout.

The worst moment in the film was about 10 seconds before the end when I thought 'it can't end here, can it?' and it did.

My suggestion: DO watch it, as it is well acted and filmed, but wait for a TV showing
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on 11 July 2006
This film takes you to a strange place. It conjures that silent feeling you get when you step back into your childhood home and you feel as though you've been re-inserted into a reel of film you left behind. I had no idea how the film-makers wanted me to relate to these characters and to be quite frank, none of the plot made sense. That said, when one brother smacked the other on the forehead with a monkey wrench wholly unexpectedly, it felt right. Somehow, he was taking revenge on every smug bugger who ever left home and came back sanctimonious. I'm glad I saw Junebug, since it was a take on Southern American Christian life that had texture and deep complexity, and that in itself was a refreshing holiday from most Hollywood representation. But what this film was intending is anyone's guess. One last thing- the way they made the trees still and then imperceptibly begin gently tossing in the wind was sublime. It was as transcendent as the plastic bag shots in American Beauty, gorgeous visual metaphor.
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on 2 November 2009
Ok, so in some ways Junebug was perhaps just a little too subtle and too slow for my uneducated tastes - BUT it is superbly acted. Amy Adams does not disappoint, but there is so much good acting on display that maybe you are left with the feeling that the storyline somehow didn't match-up. The ending made me think of all the French films I made myself sit through for A-level - is that it?. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it and as stated I'm no film buff. Definitely give it a go.
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