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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2015
I sort of remembered this film, then
saw Amazon had this film (no surprise there then).
You have the option to watch in widescreen (don't mind if i do)
and the extras are quite plush, including a directors yak track.
The print of the film is ok, while the Bad Dreams box art
is excellent. It's the Anchor Bay release of a Fox film and it's R1.
Produced by Gale Anne Hurd to give it some extra clout,
Richard Lynch lords over events & Rubin completes things nicely.
So be transported back to 1988 when anything was possible...or something like that.
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on 6 June 2011
Plot. A girl survives when a cult commits mass suicide but she remains in a come for 13 years then wakes up. She tries to get on with life but people in the mental ward where she is in recovery are being killed. She starts to see things but are they real or imagined and one of her visions is of the cult leader.
This is a very good psychological horror thriller with some interesting deaths so we could slasher to the mix especially one scene that features a blood bath. This was made in 1988 and still holds up today. The acting is very good with Jennifer Rubin as the survivor and Richard Lynch as the creepy cult leader. The plot is interesting and the dialogue is intelligent with some humour for light relief. Very fine entertainment and a good package from Anchor Bay.
Extras include a com, making of, behind the scenes, FX. USA Release Region 1.
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on 11 September 2014
Jennifer Rubin stars as a woman swept up by a local cult who agrees with the rest of her clan to commit a suicide pact, egged on by its leader played by Richard Lynch. But when she survives, the ghost of Lynch hunts her down in her psychariatic ward- or does he?

Bad Dreams is entertaining from the beginning, makes you think, has a decent script and great acting. Those that remember A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors may take a double take at this movie. Rubin seemingly plays the same type of character, with the same problems and in a psycharitic ward. And everyone around her is being bumped off. The story is quite similar, though director Andrew Fleming wrote Bad Dreams before Elm Street 3 was released.

Rubin is very good here. Of course the movie belongs to the great Richard Lynch- every time he appears he steals the show- and is quite terrifying. Bruce Abbot he of Re Animator fame plays Rubins doctor and special mention must go to Dean Cameron who is outstanding as a psychotic patient.

Indeed this is what drives the film, the excellent acting by all. The only slight problem is the finale which doesn't quite satisfy- indeed the ending was reshot after the movie had wrapped. Guns N'Roses fans will get a treat as credits roll with the song Sweet Child O'Mine.
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on 17 November 2013
A sinister cult called Unity Fields commits mass suicide in a horrific manner - by fire - at the behest of its psychopathic leader, Harris.

Only one woman named Cynthia survives to tell the tale.

Now, 13 years later, Cynthia is having reminders of the life changing incident, as people around her begin to die one at a time.

Cynthia finds out quickly that the ghost of Harris is back... to claim her.....

Ironically called Bad Dreams, the film is essentially a remake of A Nightmare On Elm Part Three: The Dream Warriors, everyone in the institution is haunted by the title of the film, and Lynch is essentially Freddy, burnt features included.

And while its a watchable movie, and Dean Cameron is in it (and the best thing), it gets a little bland, and Rubin really starts to grate on you after a while.

Lynch pops up every now and again in his Bonanza outfit, to say something sinister, and one by one people die, much to the perplextion of a running doctor, but the narrative doesn't compliment the story.

There are a few standout scenes, the opening sequence is amazing, but it really falls apart when we hit present day...
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on 28 May 2011
this is a very good forgotton about horror movie which i saw as a kid in the late 80's and recently found on dvd and had to add to my collection as i have a multi region dvd player even if it was not cheap. the only thing about this release that was a little dissapointing was the original ending was now only part of the special features as i read somewhere that test audiences for the dvd release prefered the 'it was him all along short end' rather than the extra supernatural bit which i preferred but this is a small gripe. the story is a religious cult led by the brilliant baddie richard lynch(looks like rutger hauer with a burnt face)who commit mass suicide by burning themselves to death(like in waco without the f.b.i starting the fire)but a young girl survives and 13 years later awakes from a coma in hospital where she is transferred to the mental unit(sounds familliar to the recently released 'the ward')where she starts seeing 'harris' the cult leader appear calling for her to join them by dying or others will have to take her place and one by one her fellow patients on the ward start meeting grizzly ends until the story unfolds to the twist ending.this is not low budget and is well made by people who went on to bigger things and the cast has several familliar faces. should have been a hit but slipped thru the net
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