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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2006
Placebo have never been a group to push boundaries, their songs have always been simple, moving ballads or progressive rock numbers. But they do it with such charisma that they instantly become recognisable, and with the brooding vocals of Brian Molko, they also possess one of the best rock singers of these modern times.
I never really knew about this new Placebo record untill about a week ago. What sealed the deal as far as getting it this was seeing them perform some songs of the album on a late night Channel 4 show. I purchased the single Because I Want You prior to buying the album to get a taster of what was in store and I gradually got more anxious to hear it.
Well after listening to Meds several times today, I find this album to be more consistently good than its predecessor 'Sleeping With Ghosts'. The album has a more rockier sound to it and shows the band going back to the roots of their debut. This is also possibly their shortest album to date (which ain't bad considering closing songs like Peeping Tom from Black Market Music lasted over ten minutes and there was a lot of silence).
Lyrically, Molko is no longer dealing with prescription drugs or confused sexuality, instead he shows a maturity in his writing focusing on topics that are as he states 'less gimmicky'. He still manages to make them sound good enough that you could sing along to them, particularly on Infra-Red or Because I Want You.
Musically, this is possibly the most touching album they have made in recent memory. The group seem tighter than ever, which causes them to make emotionally drove songs like Pierrot The Clown or Song To Say Goodbye. Michael Stipe of R.E.M. fame duets on the haunting Broken Promise, which delivers the quiet/loud formula in a twisted way. That song along with In The Cold Light Of Morning are chilling enough to be put on the next proper horror movie.
Overall I am utterly flabbergasted at this album. Its definately a great record and a great return from Placebo.
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on 4 March 2006
After the relative letdown of 'sleeping with ghosts' (despite its obvious highlights) I am absolutely amazed that a) Placebo have even made another record and b) how wonderful it has turned out to be. without talking about individual songs, I'd have to say that the biggest difference (and one that may well prolong thier appeal in the uk) is the change in production. This is one of the richest albums I have EVER heard. Yes ever. For instance.........I never thought I'd hear a Placebo song that sounded like Danny Elfman! (see 'in the cold light of morning') and it is for this reason that I think that, while it is probably their swansong album (multiple lyrical references to the 'end' cant be overlooked) it is also (closely followed by 'without you I'm nothing) their finest album yet. Indeed for any 'early' Placebo fans out there, there is a great parallel between these two albums. Both find Molko at his most despearte and honest lyrically, which made the record far more believable than recent records (the truly awful 'I do' anyone?-where I really felt he had run out of things to say) while it has to be said also, that with a few exceptions, 'Meds' is as melodically dark as WYIN.
It would be wrong to single out individual songs, because this is truly an 'album' designed to be listened to as just that. HOWEVER!......I'd have to say that 'Blind' 'Space monkey' 'Meds' 'Because I want you' and 'Infra red' are among my personal highlights. It must also be added that there are two songs on this record that fit into that 'unbelievable'.....'i cant believe I'm hearing this territory', they are 'Broken promise' and 'the cold light of morning' two of the bravest, magical and unexpected songs Placebo will ever write.
'Meds' therefore, is a masterpiece. A brilliant, soaring emotional return to form and (probably) the last Placebo record. What a fitting end that one of the best 'singles' band of the last decade have produced an ALBUM worthy of all of those great songs.
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on 9 February 2006
I had the chance to get Placebo's new album "Meds" last week before everybody and it's hard to describe how voiceless I was ! This album is probably the best album Placebo has ever made ! All the songs are unique, so good and they bring you back to what Placebo used to do at the beginning of their carrier. From the pure rock "Infra red", to the deep transcendent "Space Monkey", to the wonderfully dramatic "Follow the cops back home" .... And You'll obviously love "In the light of the cold morning" and "Song to say goodbye". You'll love all of them without exception and this album is going to be a very big hit, I am sure of it !!! Can't wait to see them on stage !!! :-)
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on 2 March 2014
Meds is the last album Placebo recorded with Steve Hewitt as the drummer. It perfectly bring to an end the band's musical trajectory starting with their eponymous debut, Placebo, the very dark, Without You I'm Nothing, the exquisitely judged Black Market Music and the more poppy Sleeping with Ghosts.

This album can sound drab, bleak and same-y on a first few listens but persevere and, as with so much of Placebo's work, it will grow on you in its dark-glam-goth style with exquisite production, sound, drumming, voice work, melodies. The rockers on this album such as Meds, Infra-Red and the effortlessly cool One of a kind and a few others are brilliant but the slower, more ponderous tracks also hold up well such as Blind and In the Cold Light of Morning.

Starting with Battle for the Sun and moving on with Loud Like Love, Placebo have changed direction somewhat and much as I appreciate their new style, Meds has to be considered a crowning achievement of their initial period, with growing satisfaction ensuing from each listen through.

Five stars
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on 9 February 2006
Placebo have once again captured their unique alternative sound in an entire record. Although some of the track have a very pop related genre, there is still enough mysterious and dark music to satisfy. A slight step down from sleeping with ghosts. Similarly as with previous records the songs are growing on me with time.
Thankfully i have heard a pre release demo of this CD so forgive me if my ratings differ from yours.
1. Meds - A very solid opening for the record 8/10
2. Infra Red - Catchy melody, less than original lyrics 6/10
3. Drag - Another solid track, again very catchy 7/10
4. Space Monkey - Typical dark Placebo song. Amazing 10/10
5. Follow The Cops Back Home - Slow, melodic, thoughtfull 8.5/10
6. Post Blue - Would fit in the same genre as Bitter End, Will probably become a Placebo anthem 9/10
7. Because I Want You - Disapointing in my opinion 6/10
8. Blind - Gentle mix of vocals and instruments, very solid track 7.5/10
9. Pierrot The Clown - Slow, moving, not as catchy as previous placebo tracks 7/10
10. Broken Promise - Brilliant. Very well written and performed 9/10
11. One Of A Kind - Hinges on if you think the melody is annoying. Personally i think it is 6/10
12. In The Cold Light Of The Morning - One word. Soothing 7/10
13. Song To Say Goodbye - Well built up track, Brilliant Placebo lyrics 9/10
Definately a good record to add to your Collection
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on 26 August 2007
Placebo have been my favourite band for a while now since 'Without You I'm Nothing' I've been hooked on their hard sometimes eletronic songs mixed with deep,honest and reality laden lyrics. "Meds" their fifth album is one of my favourite albums of theirs also this album commemorates their 10 years in the industry, One of the best albums of 2006.

1.Meds (Feat.Alison 'VV' Mosshart of The Kills) - The last UK single from the album which is one of the best songs on the album.The song is in classic Placebo form dealing with manic depression,drug use and sex. From my interpretation of the song, It's about someone who is bipolar and has a really hard time dealing with it but whats more is that they are mixing the medication with other drugs therefor thinking that they can cope without taking their meds but they feel worse but just won't admit it. 10/10

2.Infra-Red - It appears that the psychotic main character of the song intends on committing suicide (as in the first line) but taking the other person out at the same time as an act of vengeance, making it look like an 'accident'.I think thats where the 'infra-red' theme comes in, that is that someone being killed occurs, but you don't see the intent behind the supposed 'accident'; just as infra red is there but you don't see it. It's a really great song again Placebo never disappoint always on point a stellar song that was also the second single lifted from the album with a great video. 10/10

3.Drag - This song is definately old,classic Placebo with the hard guitar riff throughout even down to the way Molko sings on this song reminds me of older songs like "Nancy Boy" and "Every You Every Me".I suppose this song is about somebody, who admires someone else who seems to be perfect in everyway, and hence the person feels a bit worthless, being always behind this perfect guy/girl. I personally think this should have been a single release it's another of my favourite songs. 10/10

4.Space Monkey - I've never really liked this song again, like some of thier previous work they've dabbled with some electronic sounds.Space Monkey is the most experimental track on the album.I see the enormously sexual element to this song. everything from the lyrics to the sound of brian's voice and the way the rhythm is kind of slow and deliberately erotic. I've had the album for a while now and I still really can't get into it, I do listen to it though but prefer the others 7/10

5.Follow The Cops Back Home - This is such a beautiful song again like Space Monkey is has an experiemental edge to it. Brian said that the song was inspired by a visit to Iceland during 24-hour sun. The vistas, the geysers, the salt pools and he wondered what teenagers get up to as there is no police and barely any crime. It was one of the songs that I just instantly loved it's definately one of the best songs. 10/10

6.Post Blue - Again the ongoing theme on the album is addiction and drug abuse and mental illness and of course this song is no exception I get the feeling that the person he is singing to has depression but uses drugs to cope with it all. parts of the song sound like he is trying to reassure them that he is there and would do anything for the person but alll they do is push him away "bite the hand that feeds". It really is a great song I gotta admit I didn't like at all when I first heard but, it's a great song especially listening to the lyrics carefully. 10/10

7.Because I Want You - I think this song is mostly about a relationship between two people. One of them is cheating on the other and is causing alot of strain on there relationship. the other person is finding it hard and feels lonely because the cheating has torn them apart and thus turning to drink for comfort as they don't like to be alone. I always thought this was a weird choice for lead single, I do love the song I just didn't think it was strong enough to make the impact that it should of made. 10/10

8.Blind - I think this song is about a partner thats destroying themself through drugs, self harm etc. Hes begging them not to leave but sounds like hes knows his efforts are pointless and hes kinda given up. Its a great song and very emotional, he saying not to leave him in the dark let him help you get through what your going through such a sweet song is it's own twisted, Placebo way. 9/10

9.Pierrot The Clown - This is such a beautiful,harrowing song. This is my favourite song on the album,to me this song is about phisical abuse and the vicious circle that it generates, the person being abused doesn`t like it but they don`t ask for help, they just let it happen again.Also I think that the figure of the clown was chosen to show that the person abused is a person who hides his/her sadness and always show a happy face even though he/she might be suffering, just like any clown.This song works on so many levels for me.The "Pierrot The Clown" character was always being made fun of and trusted people to easily. He was always being let down. A Naive character who gives too many second chances. This stands as one of the best Placebo songs ever written, to me anyway. 10/10

10.Broken Promise (Feat.Michael Stipe) - Considering this song features R.E.M. frontman Michae Stipe I was expecting something different, like some actually worth listening to!. I gotta say as much as I love both Molko and Stipe I think this is one of the worst songs on the album, if not THE worse.I have tried to like it, I really have perhaps I was so transfixed with the song before anything before it wouldn't live up to it.The song is about being unfaithful and both of you never really recovering or forgiving the person who did you wrong. 6/10

11.One Of A Kind - This song could refer to a person that is living on their own terms for life and is more realistic than people that looks forward to socialize to feel approved and sheltered for people acceptance."On top of the world and you get nothing done" is a sentence defining how there are people that looks more for a group belonging for not being labeled even when they could feel empty inside than be faithful to their own desires. It's a great song the ongoing guitar riff is great and Molko sounds great. 9/10

12.In The Cold Light Of Morning - Some people I've spoken to and listened to the album with don't really like this song and find it weak,I don't see this song as weak at ALL, it drags you right in to the situation and leaves you there. I think people don't like this song because it's different to the rest of the album but it belongs on Meds just like the others. I love the way Brian's voice is deep and haunting almost. People also find it to have a Tim Burton-esque feel to it.This song was ommited from the original tracklisting the the US because of one of the lines, and personally I think it's stupid I've heard worse. It's a great song to round the album off. 10/10

13.Song To Say Goodbye - The song sounds like a story about a father figure, or guardian of some sort, that came into your life and was supposed to be your friend, someone you could relate to, but has a drug problem, I absolutely LOVE this song it's such a sad song and the video, It almost reduced me to tears, how helping someone go cod turkey is a emotionally draining experience. The first verse I think is giving the person tough love and when they are high and out of it they have "the voice that makes you cry". then the second verse is telling them how much your hurting the person. Such a great song to finish on. 10/10

Top 5
1.Pierrot The Clown
2.Song To Say Goodbye
4.Follow The Cops Back Home

If you love the band then I suggest you pick up their most solid work so far.
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on 18 March 2006
I am a Placebo fanatic, and own all their albums. When I heard that Placebo were working on a new album I was really excited, and when I first heard "Because I want You" on the radio, I thought it was fantastic, but not Placebo's best work. So I bought the album on the release day, and I was absolutely shocked. "Meds" is one of the best Placebo album ever, the title track "Meds" cuts deep into you and really reminds you of the first time you heard Placebo. Tracks such as "Blind", and "Follow the Cops Back Home" show that Placebo still have waht it takes to write killer meaningful lyrics and intense tunes. Then there is tracks such as "Post Blue" and "Song to say Goodbye" which shows that Placebo havent gone soft and they can write supreme guitar ryths, and Brian Molko still has that euphoric vocals talent that all Placebo fans love. In sumary I have listened to this album about 30 times all the way through, and can safely say it is an absolute fantastic record, and for me brings Placebo write back up to my favourite band of all time, and this could even be one of my favourite albums of all time. So for all you old fans, dont say the British rock scene isnt what it used to be, because Placebo are still here my friend and theyre better than ever.
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on 15 September 2006
An absolutely awesome album which again covers a whole new range of Placebo experimentations but at the same time staying "timelessly" Placebo. The albums shocked me with a range of new material from Placebo such as "Space Monkey" which on first review sounds like a random pop enduced track but actually proves to be one of the most emotional and shocking track on the whole album. Songs like "Infra Red" remind everybody exactly what Placebo are about and what they stand up for. "Because I want you" is the all out rock track with a massive hint of restrictment to it - providing an odd mix to it - I was in the audience for the video and can verify a live version with a slightly basser line to it would prove much more effective song.

Overall one of Placebo most experimental and shocking album to date. They have truely stepped away from the medicine cabinet lyrics and have produced a much more choppy, rock and less professional electronic album. Its truely the basis of Placebo.
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on 15 March 2006
To begin with, after hearin "Because I Want You" i was rather dreading the sound of this new album. Being a devoted fan of placebo [and feeling rather let down with SWG] i was hoping for something new and different.. but given time "Because I Want You" does grow on you. But once id listened to the album, there was and is no doubt in my mind this is their best album thus far. It is obviously much more emotional lyricly and you can really empathise with some of the songs such as "Broken Promise" and "Blind", Which are both killer tracks. But blended evenly with the ballads are the up-beat catchy songs weve all grown to love, songs such as "Post Blue" and "Meds" are just amazing fun to listen to and really stick in your head. Overall, this is a masterpiece, my favourite album from any band/artist since Mechanical Animals.
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on 13 March 2006
I wouldnt say it's their best yet as some have, but thats because i find it hard to pick a placebo "best album" .. it all depends what mood i'm in as to which i prefer, but without a doubt this new album is brilliant!!
Features a song with Micheal Stipe (R.E.M front man) and Alison Mosshart (The Kills). If you've heard the first single (because I want you) don't judge the album just on that track, it's probably the weakest. Others such as Infra-red, Drag and Song to say goodbye are mind-blowing.
All in all this album easily gets a 5 star rating from me.
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