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4.1 out of 5 stars421
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2008
I'd rather watch my toaster warm up than the war in halo 3!

This game is okay, there is no doubt about it, i own both a ps3 and an xbox so i'm not being biased by saying this game is nothing more than mediocre, average. There is nothing special about it. Games like metal gear solid 4, call of duty 4, bioshock, mass effect, gosh even resident evil 4 (which for me is the best videogame of all time)are miles better. I really have been scratching my head over why anyone would give this game a 5 - okay to be fair, the main character master chief is pretty cool, the music in the background kicks in at the perfect time, every time(especially the intro theme when the game is loading), the enemy AI is very good (i laughed when one of the small creatures after a gun fight said 'you killed my friend!' and then ran off screaming when he realised it was just me versus him), in other words the package is very pretty but there's little inside, and what is inside is not quality.

The weapons in halo 3 i have the biggest problem with. Admittedly they have a cool line-up (especially the sword and hammer weapon-thingy) but the game never realy encourages you to hold on to a weapon and enjoy the power of it, you are constantly lookin for ammo - it kinda reminds me of the scene in the first matrix movie with neo and trinity entering the huge building with loads of guns - when they empty the clip of a gun and then throw it away - this is extremely cool in the matrix, in the movies, but in video games, i don't think so!
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on 6 June 2008
What the hell happened here? No, no, really. What the hell happened? I really do wonder if alot of people have looked past it's glossy coating, or even played Halo since it's very first incarnation.

Halo 1: A refreshingly varied sci-fi shooter that incorperated some of the best driving physics to grace a game, a cool modern hero that rivaled Duke Nukem and Solid Snake of the 90's. Cheesy, but wonderfully so. The singleplayer kept strictly to the point at all times, everything stuck to the plot, and set pieces were played out with impressive AI. How many titles had aliens who hid behind rocks, pelted you with grenades and used force shields so convincingly as they confidently shot from behind their own self assured saftey? Not to mention the marines and grunts screaming and shouting some witty banter.

Sure, the multiplayer wasn't as balanced as it could have been (The pistol, anyone?) But people still play it TO THIS DAY.

Halo 2: Alot of fans had a few problems with this one, saying it wasn't as epic as the first. I disagreed at frist, agreed qietly over time, and enjoyed it evermore as it aged. The plot was a little looser, and the set peices weren't so impressive or the elements so compelling (Sneaking in to kill snoring grunts was fun and hillarious in Halo 1, but twice over?) The pistol suddenly went from overkill to completely useless, but the multiplayer was more balanced, even if I hated the autoaim.

Halo 3: This game is a complete and utter mess. While the plot and story were never strong, they seemed to try and add philoshphical meanings and character set pieces best fitting a heavily plot-driven film. That's good, when there is actually alot of plot. The Cortana memories are incredibly cliche and unfitting. It's as if they're trying to make the Halo script more than it is. The weapons are hollow and seem to have their quality tuned down (Probably to fit the higher res textures on the slowly defuncing laser format of the 360) The opening levels are incredibly drab, the jungle scenes looked alot better in Halo 2. Not because of the detail, but because of the lacking variety and design.

They also have so many enemy types they tried to give each one a tiny amount of screen time. Also, this 'battle' between the two convient factions has all but vanished. I was expecting something similar to near the end of Halo 2, which was breathtaking and a very interesting plot twist. Sadly not, it's defend this dull base, defend this drab and depressing area and move on to this uninspiring Flood hive.

Is it me, or was the ending heavily rushed? The final boss (No spoilers here, though you won't be too bothered) was a complete JOKE. The idea, the concept, the execution. It was pathetic. And just before that, the AI were starting to fail, a few didn't move at all and got in your way. It's not a big issue, so we can excuse that. But Boss, last level, and ending were horridly short and unfun.

The moral of the story? Don't beleive what the magazines say, and don't trust the hype. Play it, you might like it, but if you love games for their gameplay, their plot or even their level of fun. This is an insult.
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on 8 August 2008
When I first got my Xbox back in 2002 it came with a game called Halo. To this day Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the best FPS games I have ever played and comes in my top ten of best games ever. Halo had it all! Great story, amazing graphics, hard core AI, fantastic level design etc etc you get the idea of where I am going with this.

Then Halo 2 came along in 2004 and to say I was hyped for this game would be a gross understatement but unfortunately when I got my hands on the game it turned out to be utter crap! Maybe utter crap is a little harsh because it did have it's moments but it just seemed like a huge step down. The level design was poor, the AI seemed basic, the story was a mess and overall it just felt like I was playing any run-of-the-mill FPS game.

Now we get onto Halo 3 and where do I start? First I would like to say I can not believe how many people are giving this game glowing reviews! When I picked up my copy I had doubts that it would be any good after the mess that was Halo 2 but I thought Bungie may have learned from past mistakes and maybe this would even surpass Halo 1. I thought wrong! The game has the same flaws as Halo 2 but this time with better graphics. The story is laughable with plot holes my 5 month old son can see through, The AI is basic, The level design is so bland and boring it makes me feel sick, the graphics are very very poor and really in a nut shell this game just sucks. IT has the same faults as Halo 2 so really the Halo 3 is just Halo 2 with a lick of HD paint. Halo 3 also has a online multiplayer mode but the less said about this the better as every match is full of young cocky kids shouting there mouths off and letting you know how much you suck. Buy Halo 3 at your own risk
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on 23 April 2008
I've been a big Halo fan ever since it came out, and have suppresed my neggativity out of sheer duty, until now. My main beef is with the weapons, particularly in multiplayer mode. The majority of kills during a deathmatch are either due to grenades or melee attacks, this is because the weapons are completely useless, they serve a better purpose as clubs then firearms. The assault rifle is the only gun that is worth while, all the others are either to weak or too inacurate to be effective, as a result most matches just degrade into a slugfest where everyone just ends up squabbling over the energy sword. This game is not the greatest fps of all time, it might have been once but now its just a bunch of spacemen in silly coloured armour whacking each other with usless clumps of metal. Nuff said.
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on 16 December 2007
Don't believe the Microsoft hype, this game is boring and requires little skill. Look to the Tom Clancy games if you want to play games that are moving forward and are challanging. This is merely a footstep on from Duke Nukem and Doom. Sorry Microsoft less time on the hype and more spent on the game.
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on 12 February 2008
to start off with, i HAVE played all of the halo games, and trust me i loved the first and liked the second. when halo 3 came out i saved my pennys to buy the halo 3 console and the legendary edition and both the controlers AND the head-set. when i sat down to play i was annoyed when i stood back up 5 hours later (while playing on heroic and collecting all skulls) to find that the story was rushed the maps filled with invisible walls and an empty felling inside (mainly because of all the items id bought in celebration of halo 3)

now for a game that so many people have claimed is 'perfect' it should have nothing to excuse itself for. the campaign is short,badly written and rushed i honestly dont know if they killed off certain charicters for laughs or to just annoy people but to kill one of the most developed charicters in the game is a low blow.

the multiplayer is a shadow of it's former self in my opinion the games are now soley controlled by who owns the biggest and powerfullest weapon they can get thier hands on. and most of the community i built up of ignorent fools most are about the age of 10 or 11 and even when you do find a person old enough to play the game they still act like a moron towards everyone.(but hay, the internet has been like this for awhile)

overall this game isnt what next gen should be there are many more BETTER games out there. personally i think bungie got over thier heads with this and ruined it. they focused to much on the multiplayer and shunned the main aspect of a game IT'S CAMPAIGN i dedent pay £80 for the legenday to just be slapped around the face and told "it's muliplayer is good though" if i wanted a game thats built for mulitiplayer id play unreal not a game thats got such a brillient and compelling story behind it. it's like if bioshock went multiplayer! that would completly ruin everything that makes that game good....

good for live
bad for campaign
not worth the money
rent first if you want my advise.
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on 29 November 2007
Never played the first two halos, no idea what all the hype was about. This was generally a very overated first person shooter. The storyline is bad and never got into it, the gameplay was below average and the multiplayer dull.

My advice: Get Call of Duty 4
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on 25 March 2011
such a shame. a generic fps with no class. i was astonished by the positive reviews - the sun said it was the 'game of the decade'. well maybe so if that decade had been the 1980s. really nothing to redeem this one. i played and enjoyed halo 1 but this was a real honker. AVOID!
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on 14 December 2007
I am sorry to say that after all the hype on the release of this game, I was totally disappointed with it. It was pretty much the same as Halo 2!!I can't express my disappointment enough. Don't get me wrong I loved Halo and Halo2 but I was expecting so much more from Halo 3, I am surprised to read such good reviews on this game, does no-one else feel that it is just the same as the previous versions, with better graphics?? Everything is the same from the creatures you shoot at to the places you visit. I'm sorry but I feel there could have been a bit more creativity used with this one. I'd recommend it for anyone who has never played any of the Halo's before but any avid Halo players.... don't expect anything much different from the previous games...
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on 21 June 2008
I don't normally go to the effort of reviwing games but I felt such disappointment with this game that I felt I should review it.

Firstly the graphics are very bad, considering what the console is capable of (i.e. gears of war is a good example) what they have created looks like a child drew it.

Secondly the weapons are useless, I used to love the other halos but in Halo 3 all the weapons are good for is clubs, which brings me to my final point and biggest let down.

The multiplayer, is mind numbingly boring, the player that wins is the one who finds the biggest gun, or throws the most grenades it has no tactics to it and requires no skill to win. Also the matchmaking feature is a joke, I was never pitted against people of the same skill level it seemed to just find the first people available to start a game, and offered no variety in the levels it picked.

Overall this game is a huge let down and a complete waste of time and money.
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