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4.4 out of 5 stars55
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2007
If you are a fan of Beverley Knight, then you may have her 4 studio albums and therefore most of these tracks - so lets address this to those of you that have yet to discover the full wonder of her talent.

Beverley Knight has a voice that harks back to the golden age of Soul vocalists, and when combined with current production, she proves herself the best contemporary British R&B female - fond of Joss Stone, like a little Beyonce, or even Amy Winehouse, then you really should get this best of compilation.

Regretful on "Shoulda Woulda Coulda", that anthem to lost opportunity, Beverley rocks out on "Come as You Are" and then slows it down on "Gold". If there is a criticism, for me the compilers could have made more of the spine tingling ballads featured on her albums - this set focuses on the more uptempo stuff - but I am being picky.

Please buy this, Beverley Knight deserves the widest possible audience. Once you have heard it get the albums this was culled from, and her latest "Music City Soul" and marvel at the breadth and depth of the musical talent of the lady
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on 4 March 2006
An amazing collection of Beverley Knight's greatest hits, and the title "Voice" is certainly no lie.
When people think of Beverley Knight, many wouldn't know her, whilst others would credit her as an "uptempo Mary J Blige".
The hard truth is that Beverley Knight is a true gem of Britain, with enough soul to impress the sharpest of critics, and the right amount of sass to satisfy a public domain.
This long overdue complimation of Knight's best is a magnificent example of the capabilites of this young star -
The soulful "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" is a beautiful feel-good anthem, which is strickingly similar to Knight's older peer in British RnB - Gabrielle. The chorus is catchy enough to entice radio listeners, but is still a perfect song to lie down and listen to with ease.
"Gold" is a slow, easy listening number from Beverley, and the lyrics and vocals are achingly beautiful. A must listen for anyone, this track seems to have a certain "Mariah Carey/Destiny's Child" aura to it, without the overpowering voice or dance vibe to follow.
"Not To Late For Love" is very similar to "Shoulda Woulda Coulda", again showing public appeal but with chill-out sounds.
The catchy chorus is very pleasing to the ears, however, with most of her work at this stage in Beverley's Career (2004/2005), she seems to have taken a back seat in flaunting vocals, and prefering to focus on getting a strong fanbase, which is hardly a bad thing.
"Made It Back" is a gorgeous number, very urban, very "now" and very similar to what Knight's equals on the other side of the Atlantic seem to be aiming at - a certain je ne sais pas surrounds this track, with a Janet Jackson-esque vibe to compare with.
One of the obvious stand out tracks is Knight's most popular song to date - "Keep This Fire Burning" - an attitude packed summer anthem from 2005, in which she chants her way through one of the most addictive combination of lyrics known to man. This song isn't so much about the numbers of Octaves Knight can hit, instead about the number of people she can get backing her on that almighty chorus. An absolute must listen for Knight-Virgins... Fabulous
"Come As You Are" has comercially been Beverley's most notable single to date, from the same album as "Keep This Fire Going", there is obvious pre-listen thought of similarity, and these thoughts are well justified - "Come As You Are" is another 'A-Grade' track with an almighty chorus, and a summer feel-good vibe to it. A slight contrast is the vocal power, which is outstanding in this track, Ms Knight certainly knows how to hold a note, and this is evident throughout the entire album.
"Get Up" is another sassy track, filled with american influence and pure urban beats, with the syrup lyrics to follow... A certain Carribean vibe on the chorus, and this song can instantly be compared to some of Rhianna's work.
"Piece Of My Heart" is a classic Janis Joplin cover, and the new single from this album - this has to bee the absolute highlight of this Greatest Hits package - It has the power, range, sass and pure soul to be counted as a personal favourite of ALL my music. Heavenly sounds from Beverley Knight who really pushed herself on this one.
Overall, a magnificent mix of multi-genre soul similar to the likes of Jamelia, Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles, Rhianna, Amerie and Gabrielle, with Beverley's very unique twist...
This is a must have for every collection...
I present to you, Ms Beverley Knight, and that outstanding "Voice...."
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on 25 March 2006
I was really pleased when I heard that this album was being released as it really gives Beverley the chance to show off how much she has achieved over the past 11 years.
The album starts with:
1. Shoulda Woulda Coulda: This was Beverley's first ever top 10 single and probably the one people know the most and its a real soulful track! 5/5
2. Keep This Fire Burning: Single taken from the 2004 album Affirmation and and its one of the best upbeat tracks on the album. 5/5
3. Come As You Are: Comeback single from 2004 and it has a real rocky edge to it. A really fiesty, powerful track. 5/5
4. Piece Of My Heart: Latest single from Beverley and again it has a rocky edge to it but at the same time, its also very soulful. Good cover version 4/5
5. Gold: This has to be the best ballad on the whole album. The melody and lyrics are absolutely beautiful. The remix single version which was released really ruined the track and I'm glad that the original album version was chosen. 5/5
6. Made It Back (Good Times 7" Mix) - I absolutely love this remix. Her vocals on this track are amazing and the beat is brilliant. Everything about this track is ace! 5/5
7. Get Up - Comeback single from 2001 and the first single to be taken from the Who I Am album. This has a real reggae feel to it and its really energetic! 5/5
8. Flavour Of The Old School: The only song from The B Funk to feature on this album. Personally I think its one of the best from the album and I can't believe it was released way back in 1995 5/5
9. Sista Sista: Single taken from the Prodigal Sista album. Another really soulful track. 4/5
10. Not Too Late For Love: Second single from the Affirmation album. Kind of a a mid-tempo track and the lyrics on this track are brilliant. 5/5
11. Greatest Day (Classic Mix): Again, I absolutely love this remix and its got to be one of my favourites. Everything about it is brilliant and its so catchy. 5/5
12. Made It Back (Original Version feat Redman): I really don't know why this track was included as well as the remix. The remix is 100% better not to mention more successful. I just find this quite dull. The only track on the album I'm not keen on. 3/5
13. Sweet Thing (Live): Really great cover and she sounds amazing live. Glad the album shows off how well Beverley sings live: 4/5
14. Angel (Live): Another live track. Never really liked this song but there is something about the way Beverley sings it makes me quite like it: 4/5
15. Who's Gonna Save Your Soul: A new track to end the album its a really soulful ballad. A lovely way to round off the album. 5/5
Overall, an excellent collection of hits which really shows off Beverley's 11 year career.
If I had to make one criticism, it would be that not enough of the singles are actually included on the album. For example, I would have liked to have seen singles such as 'Rewind', 'Down For The One' & 'Shape Of You (Reshaped)' included on the album instead of the original version of Made It Back and Angels.
Its a must have album in your collection and really showcases the UK urban scene!
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on 20 March 2013
It's really a personal thing..............I first saw Beverley yelling out her take on "Twist and Shout" on the recent TV re-make of the Beatles' "Please Please Me" album. She was so great at that, I wish she would do more Rock, or Rock/Soul.
For me, this album is a little "Too Soul", but as ever, her voice is great.
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on 17 April 2006
I first became aware of Beverley Knight when 'Shoulda Woulda Coulda' received alot of airplay in 2002 and became a top 10 hit. And quite right too. This track rightfully opens this 'Best of' collection and it is a very fine track indeed. Great opening guitar, great tempo, great lyrics. I didn't know any of her earlier work, but some of that is also included here, and is very worthy indeed of inclusion. Some of the songs on here should have been bigger hits - 'Keep This Fire Burning' was only top 20 in sales although in airplay it reached the top 5, and although a cover version, it is one of Knight's best recordings. There are some absolute gems on here which demonstrate what a talent Ms Knight is, as both a singer and a songwriter. I defy anyone not to be totally moved by the amazing vocals and piano on 'Gold'. There's some excellent rnb/funk, namely 'Get Up!', and 'Made It Back', which is just a great dance track, both the original and the Good Times remix. If you like soul/rnb with an edge - as displayed on the rocky 'Come As You Are', you will like this collection of brilliantly produced and performed songs which deserve to become classics of our time. As a bonus there are a few live tracks, including a showstopping, gospel-esque cover of Robbie William's 'Angels' - which shows Knights true versatility as a singer and performer. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who knows anything of Beverley Knight's work - and to anyone who doesn't.
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on 15 April 2006
For so long now, Beverly Knight has been hanging around just outside the big time, seemingly waiting for a break that has never quite happened. One listening to this album will leave you wondering 'why'.

Knight is proof positive that there are Brits that can compete with the US R'n'B divas of Mary J Blige and Destiny's Child's ilk, providing not only multi-octave vocals but also delivering strong and diverse songwriting; and it is her songwriting that so impresses on this 'best of' album, moving, as it does, from the old school club vibe of "Flava of the Old School" through more mainstream offerings such as "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" to the guitar-laden rock feel of "Come As You Are".

Then, of course, there is the voice.

And what a voice it is. You can really hear it develop and grow in maturity over the 10-year span of this album, moving from being an excellent R'n'B voice to one of the best contemporary British soul voices; it seems there's very little that it's not capable of.

The only downside of this album is that, while it offers a good overview of the most commercial offerings of Knight's career, I don't feel that it really offers the best of her work. This should not, however, allow anyone to be put off, as there is the addition of 2 blistering live recordings and the Joplin cover. Highly recommended.
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on 12 April 2008
If a disc still sounds this good and fresh 2 years down the line then it probably always will. These tracks will always sound great and I endorse the praise which all the other reviewers here have heaped on each and every song. What a voice. What a writer. What a fine compilation, showing the full spectrum of her talent from the rock classic "Come as you are" to the tender "Who's gonna save Your Soul". There's still no finer R'n B singer in Britain today and listening to this again will remind you how far ahead of the pack she is. A consumate professional.
Contrast and compare this CD with the most recent Alicia Keys album which is perfectly fine as far as it goes and which has done so very well in the charts. I still think that Beverley Knight singing unaccompanied in a phone box could be more spine-tinglingly good than the much-hyped Ms Keys with whatever production wizardry she has at her disposal. Comparisons with Amy Winehouse are more problematic. How do you compare sunsets to fine wine? These are both phenomenal talents, but if you want consistency then Ms Knight is hard to beat and you don't have the constant anxiety that every new song might be her last...
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on 2 July 2008
If you like Beverley's music but don't actually own any of it, like me, then buy this cd. It's got almost all of her best hits on it and it's brilliant. I'm really pleased with this cd. I'd recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2007
This is the 5th of 6 albums from the soul/RnB singer songwriter Beverley Knight MBE.
This 1 disc album features 11 songs from Beverley's first 4 albums, and 4 new songs recorded for this album:
1. Shoulda Woulda Coulda {3:31} from her 3rd album WHO I AM.
2. Keep this fire burning {3:52} from her 4th album AFFIRMATION.
3. Come as you are {3:42} from her 4th album AFFIRMATION.
4. Piece of my heart {4:08} recorded for this album!
5. Gold {4:47} from her 3rd album WHO I AM.
6. Made it back {3:18} from her 2nd album PRODIGAL SISTER.
7. Get up {3:45} from her 3rd album WHO I AM.
8. Flavour of the old school {4:45} from her 1st album THE B FUNK.
9. Sista sista {4:41} from her 2nd album PRODIGAL SISTER.
10. Not too late for love {3:52} from her 4th album AFFIRMATION.
11. Greatest day {4:42} from her 2nd album PRODIGAL SISTER.
12. Made it back - original version {4:07} from her 2nd album PRODIGAL SISTER.
13. Sweet thing {3:52} recorded for this album!
14. Angels {4:40} recorded for this album!
15. Who's gonna save your soul {3:26} recorded for this album!

Total album running time: 61 minutes, 38 seconds.

There aren't any songwords included with this album, just some pictures and thankyou's. But the thankyou's are heartfelt, like the following:

"Thankyou to all those who have loved all or some of my music over the last 11 years, enough to take it into your homes. I appreciate everyone of you. You have all enabled me to continue to make music and I hope that I can keep giving you something you enjoy for at least another 11 years..and beyond."

If you like Aretha Franklin, Billie Holliday, Chaka Khan, D'Angelo, Mary J. Blige, Nina Simone, Prince or Sam Cooke, then you'll love this album because that's who Beverley states her influences are!

Utterly fabulous!
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on 7 March 2013
I was looking for a change in music and I thought why not after hearing her version of twist and shout.
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