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4.1 out of 5 stars137
4.1 out of 5 stars
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84 of 89 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 3 September 2006
Like many of the reviewers who were unhappy with their purchase, I too experienced a lot of crashes to desktop when playing the original C&C (retro!). Here's something that worked for me:

Control panel

Regional and Language Options

Languages tab

Click "details"

Advanced tab

Tick "turn off advanced text services"

Hope that helps!

Right, on with the review. The first time I saw C&C was at a friend's PC at school. A crowd gathered to see this fascinating new game. We laughed when the little soldiers did pressups if left alone, we cooed at the screaming clatter of a guard tower, and we delighted at the "squelch" noise when you drove over a soldier. We didn't even need to have a go playing it, it was great just watching it. The basic premise of this pack is pretty sound, and with the fix I've given above (and the patch installed) you should have no problem going back in time and seeing how things were done.

What's interesting is that it allows you to see some of the advances in user interface that we now take for granted. For instance, we now take being able to "queue" build orders for granted. But in C&C1, if you wanted 5 troopers you've got to press the button 5 times. "Artifical intelligence" seemed determined to have your little fellas march directly into harm's way for no reason whatsoever. It was common to be unable to finish a level until you killed every last enemy including someone hidden under a tree in the corner of the map. There was no such thing as quicksave. Regardless of all this, there is one other crucial thing which surprised me. The old games were hard. There's a genuine sense of tension you rarely find anymore, and certainly not in the recent Generals which whilst spectacular was very easy.

I found the extra content fairly uninspired, but it wasn't the main reason I bought it. I'm going to try and play the whole C&C dynasty from end to end before Christmas. But not Renegade. I've got a strong stomach, and Renegade makes me wish the microchip had never been invented. What's funny is I remember reading a preview of it in the late nineties and thinking "cool! You can actually BE the commando!". The FPS evolved so quickly and rapidly that now you could rustle up a game in Flash that was better than Renegade. The basics of the RTS however have stayed set in stone for nearly a decade because of C&C. Relic's Dawn of War series has changed some of that (inspired partly by the under-rated Z I might add), and the upcoming Company of Heroes looks set to change it all again. Until then, buy this and remember. If for nothing else other than for: "Cha-CHING!"
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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 11 July 2006
I'm sorry but it doesn't get much better than this, `Command & Conquer The First Decade' if you'll pardon the pun is THE Bomb. A box full of more war than you can shake a stick at The First Decade has it all!

In this set you have... well, every Command & Conquer game to date (apart from Sole Survivor as someone pointed out) really that is until `Tiberian Wars' comes out in January 2007 setting things back to the good old NOD Vs GDI shenanigans but I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who likes these games to purchase this title as I myself have had no problems with this and think some of the negative remarks a little undeserving, there are patches available at Westwood's site that I downloaded FIRST however so this may account for my lack of problems.

Give it a go!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 15 May 2009
I can't complain about the price or the quality of the games - the command and conquer series are undoubtably classics! But if you're expecting to buy this to recreate those LAN games on an xp computer network like I did you may be disappointed...

While it might be possible to patch this to work with xp on a standard tcp/ip network, I haven't managed it yet. Best to look into it first to avoid disappointment.
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32 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2006
Well I won’t disagree with what the other reviewers have said - this game collection IS WELL WORTH IT - for the price tag.
However with so many things EA have done it isn’t quite up to scratch. They say it is XP compatible and for the most part it is - they have gone through the code to make it as XP compatible as it is - however they have also chopped parts of the originals out. Red Alert has some of the game music missing as well as some videos and some of the secret "ant" missions which you have to fix yourself if you want to play. Also they did NOT include the Multiplayer they promised on all of the games – The newer ones still have it but it was not implemented into the older ones – you can fix this with a patch that the community has made, however this does not work 100%. Also sometimes you will experience random crashes in the original C&C when one of your units moves into one of the top corners of the map...
Still this package is great for the price - and hopefully EA will fix the problems they have created and it will be a whole lot better, just don’t go taking your original copies of the games back in a hurry.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 29 July 2012
First decade was originally released in the tail end of win XP. It is now a budget release but has had no further compatability updates to run under windows 7.

Trying to run many of the titles in this bundle will result in a crash.
There are unofficial support pages online giving advice on running under windows 7. Another option if you dont have an old XP PC but do have a spare xp license from a dead PC, trying using VMwartes free player to create a virtual XP
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 24 March 2009
I had been waiting for a long time for this to come out since it was getting very hard to buy and play the older games. But from the reviews when it first came out I waited till EA actually fixed the problems before buying it and on the whole its been trouble free.

Its a real shame EA didnt put more work into it though, C&C is so much easier to play when you spend some time setting up the drivers properly but the game should do that for you really! And there are still some crashes here and there and the bits they added (like the first splash screen) are just plain poor and is more needless EA advertising. At least there isnt any DRM other than 7 codes and a CD check!!!!

BUT the games are still amazing and its been the best 'hours of play/£' purchase iv made in a long time.

RIP Westwood, you are missed.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 September 2012
Im an avid fan of the Command and Conquer franchise , so this was an absolute must for me.

It includes all the C&C games right up to Generals and it's expansion pack, it also comes with a handy interface so that you can access all your games from one menu , included is a bonus DVD that has interviews with some of the people that "made it happen"

Dis-advantages - even though the set is designed to run on XP I have experienced some compatability issues - the older games such as Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn do not run properly I've have also had problems running Tiberian sun but by far the most serious problem that occurred was with Red Alert 2. After installing the game I tried to launch it but to no avail shortly after I experienced problems with system stability resulting in me having to send it away to be repaired. Since then I have bought a new rig with windows 7 I haven't tried first decade yet as im told alot of the games will not work ,but I have heard that an "ultimate collection" is on the way that is compatable with later operating systems , hopefully it will fix a lot of these errors.

I'm giving this two stars , the games that did work worked well but It could have done without it wrecking my PC although this may be a problem specific to me. However despite the issues I've had i think this is still a fantastic collection and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in strategy or fans of the franchise.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 December 2012
Have had this game for a while and not played most of the games besides the first. However I have played most of the old ones (Tiberian Sun, Red Alert and all the ones that were on the original Playstation)

I am a fan of the series and the RTS (Real Time Strategy) style of game and these games deliver for those looking at a game to pick up and play to kill abit of time.

The games no doubt show their age in the graphics department to whay else is out there. But I prefer content over graphics any day of the week.

Campaigns missions will keep you busy if you want to work your way through the game whilst the skirmishes will keep you hooked if you want an all out war.

For me, I find these games will get me playing them for a couple of weeks then I might not play again for months/years. But I enjoy them just as much as the first time round.
Great replay value to be had is probably it's strongest point that few could argue against. But with the standard of games and the new 'gamers' out there replaying these older titles might get you bored easily and quickly but I still think this is worthly of a purchase.
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24 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 18 March 2006
All twelve games of Command and Conquer, who could want more?
Being a fan right from the start, I knew I had to get this. And upon receiving it, I didn't know what to think at first because all the reviews here pointed out numerous errors.
For me, I found none. All the movies played fine, all the games played fine, and the Ant Missions in Red Alert were there as they always have been. I am in awe of this package, and - at the risk of sounding like an old person - it takes me back!
Perhaps they all work perfectly fine for me because I am running XP Service Pack 2? Just a thought to bear in mind. The only, minor, tiny problem I have is that the Network option in the original C&C doesn't work, but shouldn't be hard to fix.
An excellent compilation of all the games, and Sole Survivor isn't in - but that's understandable, since it's an outdated online only game.
A must have for ALL C&C fans, and those new to the games.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 21 May 2011
Only ever bought the ORIGINAL C&C game and then thought the rest
got a bit "cartoony" (?) and then shy'd away from Generals in case
THAT was a let down too !!
BUT, when I saw this package "deal" couldn't resist.
It's like reliving 10/15 years ago :-)
Generals IS good in it's own right and also like comparing it to
the older games, it really highlights the graphic improvements
over the years.
The amazing thing is that each of the Main games was around £30
when new and the Add-On discs around £15 ??
SOOOO, you have 6 x £30 and 6 x £15 of games now packaged in 1 ?!?
NO, you wouldn't pay £30 for the earlier games nowdays . . the
graphics just aren't modern enough, but it just shows you how
things change.
SERIOUSLY, if you ever bought ANY of these games, BUY THIS PACKAGE.
If you didn't but like the Build Base/Build Units/Fight sort of
game . . . STILL BUY IT.
Big-Kid :-)
review image
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