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4.4 out of 5 stars200
4.4 out of 5 stars
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 22 July 2007
Brit ,Hugh Laurie breathes new life into the medical genre with HOUSE M.D, the best show in years. Laurie's brilliant performance combined with a great supporting cast and some impressive celebrity guest stars, this has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows. Without any signs of slowing down, I hope House will carry on to many more seasons so viewers around the world can tune in to fabulously fresh and original episodes every week. Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman) handles the material well with a steady hand, shaping the show, while allowing the supporting cast room to breath. The music, pacing, and excellent writing from David Shore make every installment memorable. The DVD has all 22 episodes of the groundbreaking comedy-drama, and that's great to have so much to keep fans satisfied. The digital transfer is excellent too. If only other shows would take notes from House, then there would actually be something else to watch on television.
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48 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on 19 March 2006
The format of 'House' can't be considered mind-blowingly original, or mould-breaking. As the creators admit on the largely extremely disappointing special features, they wanted to make a CSI-style program set in a hospital, and succeeded. But anyone who has watched the entire series, heart in mouth, chuckling at House's crushing asides but never daring to relieve the tension, knows that this one of the most affecting, life-changing dramas currently showing, expertly cast, brilliantly shot and with writing of real flair and power.
Hugh Laurie is magnificent in the title role, balancing the cold sarcasm of his daily duties with a palpable and heart-rendering fragility that demands sympathy from the viewer even though you're not quite sure you should even care. His accent is flawless and he injects every line with humanity and, on occasions, warmth. He is of course ably supported by his team - Jesse Spenser as the enigmatic Chase is the standout, but Jennifer Morrison's Cameron is just as effective, particularly in the emotionally charged scenes with Laurie. The script is sharp, the sets look authentic and the diagnostic puzzles House and the team solve are rarely anything other than absorbing, often filled with twists. I particularly love the episodes 'Maternity' and 'Fidelity', though the series becomes almost unbearably addictive when approaching the final six episodes or so, where the relationships between the doctors, especially between House and Cameron, comes to the fore.
A shame, then, that those who are desperate to own the series are let down by the DVD packaging. Sure, the front and back covers of the packaging looks fine, but the 4:3 format (as a previous reviewer has pointed out), the lack of any penetrating special features or commentaries, the flimsy DVD cases and the plethora of annoying adverts/public information films which cannot be skipped make for a frustrating viewing experience. If film companies are so desperate to make people buy DVDs rather than download episodes from file-sharing sites and torrents, then they should at least make the real thing look appetising.
Quibbles aside, House is the gold standard for drama - in my opinion it surpasses the often implausible and shock-tactic-prone '24' - and should be viewed with anyone who has any interest in quality drama. The fact that a British institution such as Laurie plays the lead so well is reason enough in itself.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2006
I love this show and have been an avid fan since its first showing on TV. I agree its severely under rated, Hugh is amazing and fully deserves all the nominations and awards he is receiving, he is also supported by an exceptional cast. The plot revolves around a brilliant Doctor, with a few interesting people skills, he must solve the case each week and hopefully save the patient, using any methods he feels necessary..!
There is an element of sherlock Holmes, Wilson ( played by Robert sean leonard) could be conceived as Watson, as he is Houses only true friend... well worth watching, well worth the wait! I have this on Region 1 dvd and love it so much will purchase the region 2 too!! Enjoy...
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 26 May 2006
I have seen a lot of American dramas, partiularly medical and cop ones, and i can definately say the House is the best, by a long way. Every episode has a great plot, a mixture of mystery, drama and Hugh Laurie's unique sarcastic humour. This DVD has all the episodes from the first series included so if you missed the first series definately buy it. If you saw the first series, buy it anyway, it is definatley worth watching again.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 21 March 2006
Whether your curious about the series or a hardcore fan I would DEFINITELY buy this boxset! Ok, the extras aren't as good but the content in the 22 episodes more than makes up for it. When I saw Hugh Laurie was the lead actor I wasn't sure whether it would work. It works! I was bowled over by his acting and cannot wait for the next season to come out on DVD!!! He plays an American physician who needs the aid of a walking stick to get about because of an infarction he suffered (killing off muscle in his leg) which other physicians were too slow to diagnose. He's very bitter about it and that theme is carried throughout the season. Each episode focuses on a new case and you get to see each step Hugh laurie and his deputies take to figure out the puzzle. Theres also a romantic storyline between house and Dr Cameron which is a fun distraction from the medical side. The favourite part in each episode for me is the clinic. House is forced to work there daily and he sees a number of interesting patients. The way he deals with them is really entertaining. My favourite is the guy who sues doctors for a living and the clinic is the only place that will see him. House is onto him straight away and really has fun with him. If you enjoy programmes like ER or CSI then this will make an excellent addition to your collection!
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 15 April 2007
Genius Genius Genius this is television that surpasses the normal standard of television and to those people saying television has been dumbed down by the likes of a big brother generation go and watch House. I'm a loyal ER fan from the days of George Clooney Antony Edwards and Noah Wyle and feared that this would be another medical show trying to steal the concept of early ER but this is completely different and now rivals ER as my favourite show on TV.

There are several factors which combine to make this a stand out show-

Acting- Hugh Laurie sparkles in a role that seems made for him, the one liners clearly his forte but the serious stuff shows us a side that is equally as gripping and developed. For those of you from the little bit of laurie and fry days worried that he has sold out to america do not fear there is something strangely british about the dry sardonic humour. Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison all shine in their roles as house lap dogs and side kicks and provide a touch of reality when House is verging as it sometimes (only occassionally) does on unrealistic. Sela Ward and Laurie's relationship as old lovers is only introduced right at the end but is heartwrenching and will leave you waiting for more when she returns next season. Also as the endearingly loyal best friend and antithesis of House Robert Sean Leonard is perfect whilst Lisa Edelstein as Lisa Cuddy House's boss is hilarious and a wise cracker to rival House himself. A fine ensemble to rival the cast of shows such as ER, CSI, Grey's Anatomy etc.

Writing- the immensly talented writing team works flawlessly on this show and teams high action complex medical dialogue, sparkling one liners and meaningful silences better than any show in the last few years. They seem to have a perfect judge on what the audience wants to see and when they need a different emotion to come into play allowing the audience moments of extreme tension but always a breather moment of relief and humour too. Therefore insuring the show has a perfect balance of high octane drama, amusing wit and intelligent medical insight.

Soundtrack- stunning, Rolling Stones, The Who, Massive Attack, Dave Matthews Band, David Bowie and some great old and new music that compliments the show perfectly and makes House's character even cooler as he seems to have pretty awesome music taste too!!

Complain about extras if you wish but frankly i feel what you get in this box set is plently enough- The Ultimate Maverick In The Ultimate Show!!
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 28 April 2007
Hugh Laurie? The quintessential posh Englishman (well, posh Scot)? As an American Doctor? Come off it..... This must be one of the greatest successful casting gambles of all time, right up there with that genius who created an up-to-then never mentioned younger brother for Frasier Crane because David Hyde Pierce looked like Kelsey Grammar! 'House' is such a great show, with a fantastic central performance from Laurie - sort of Conan Doyle-as-Holmes with a teeny touch of the Grissoms, all uniquely Laurie. It's refreshing to see an American character in an American series who is so acerbic, so amoral, so unsentimental - dare I suggest that perhaps only a Brit could have carried this off so convicingly? When I think back to the fresh-faced Laurie of 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie' (of which I have very fond memories) helping Fry stop the dreaded Marjorie from taking over the Best Damn Health Centre in Uttoxeter (with a triple-dose of damn and extra damn sprinkled on top!)....... And Sean Leonard's Wilson is a wonderful Watsonish foil - seemingly decent and upright, but with a masochistic streak as wide and deep as the Channel Tunnel, plus a slight problem with marriage. A great double act. Every member of the show is well cast - it's also interesting to be reminded of what a prat Chase was back in Season 1. The extras on the DVD release in the UK are apt - and the packaging, although basic, is good enough. All in all, a great show. Hope Laurie gets the Emmy this year - he deserves it.
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23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on 21 January 2006
Take every preconception you ever had about Hugh Laurie, throw it in the bin then sit down and savour some of the best acting to come out of tv land in the past few years. He is a revelation as the cynical and sarcastic pill-popping doctor whose job it is to save lives, even though he can't abide the patients, "treating illnesses is why we became doctors, treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable".
With tight scripts (full of medical jargon I really shouldn't understand as well as I do - step forward 10-plus years of ER watching), a terrific cast and one of the most enigmatic performances of a lead on tv at the moment, these are 22 episodes of a superlative medical drama.
The premise is simple: sick person comes in with an unknown condition; Head of Diagnostic Medicine, Gregory House, MD and his three fellowship assistants go through a process of trial & error to uncover what is wrong; figure out the problem in the eleventh hour; sick person lives (although not always). What has me hitting the play button time and time again is the dynamics between the characters. As with all well-written dramas, characters, their personalities and their pasts are revealed by how they react to the work and the people around them so by the time we actually get to see how House wound up with the limp and a pain medication addiction (in a corking episode called 'Three Stories') we already know enough background to spot the train wreck before it happens.
Highlights include any of the duologues between Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard (playing House's only friend, Dr. James Wilson). Any of their scenes together are a masterclass in subtext and timing and are, quite frankly, worth the cost of the DVD alone. Lisa Edelstein who plays hospital administrator Dr. Cuddy also shines as House's verbal sparring partner on the put down front, as well as having an intriguing have-they-or-haven't-they dynamic between their characters.
Then there are the 'Houseisms'. Each episode, House has various throw away remarks (always sarcastic, no wonder it appeals to me) that act like truisms and anchor both his character and the "home truths" of that particular story. The repeating motif is "Everybody lies". Except me. In this review. BUY THIS SERIES.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 28 July 2007
Hugh Laurie bless your Nike trainers. Only ever seen a few episodes of this on the TV, but rest assured, just a couple of viewings was enough to convince me to buy the box set. Laurie is fantastic as the doctor with the worst bedside manner ever. All round nicely done compelling viewing. TV doesn't come much better than this.
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31 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on 4 March 2010
No subtitles at all? Not even in English for hearing impaired?

The show was recorded in widescreen, broadcasted in widescreen and they ship a dvd in 4:3?

bad sound and mediucre picture.

I'm sorry, i'm a big house MD fan, and I bought this to my personal collection but I never watched it. Might as well download a pirated HD version with subtitles.

Universal failed with this product.
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