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on 26 March 2006

LOD&ChristyHemme vs MNM= Good lenth, cool moves, and a mean ending,7/10

Bob Lashley vs Simon dean= Good match also the ppv dabut of Bob lashley, Simon Dean realy does suck lol,6/10

Hardcore Holly vs Mr kennedy= avarege match also ppv dabut for Mr Kennedy, hardcore looked poor just could not keep up with kennedy, kennedy's got 1 cool finesher.6/10

Fatal 4 way for the us title=Chris beniot vs Booker T vs Christian vs Orlando Jordan= What can I say other than "WHAT A GREAT MATCH" all 4 guys put it all on the line.8/10

Rey Mysterio vs J.B.L=Not a bad match both men pulling off some pretty cool moves.6/10

Crusierweight Championship=Nunzio vs Juventud=not bad either but it was for the cruiserweight title both could have done better. But what was realy cool was who won in the end=5/10

"First ever handicap casket match"="UNDERTAKER" vs the Ortons= cool,cool,cool,cool,cool,coooooooool..... match and a firey end=9/10

"EDDIE GUERRERO" RIP VS "BATISTA"=Though we look back at this match with great sorrow as it being eddie guerreros last ppv fight weve got 2 remember that he gave us his all in that match he stayed with the champ the whole way through that match and looked like winning. Im a diehard Eddie Gurrero and always will so be like me and buy this ppv and show your respect to the late great Edwardo"EDDIE"Gurrero rip "LATINO HEAT"=10/10
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VINE VOICEon 17 July 2013
On the one hand, there was nothing wrong with Smackdown's PPV offering here, but on the other, there was nothing right about it either. What is contained within this two and a half hour event is a very, very strong episode of Smackdown. But for a pay-per-view this is a pretty poor showing. A lot of events are described as not being memorable, but in this case I don't think the words do it justice - aside from one storyline shock there is really nothing to remember from this PPV. And that is reflected in the crowd, which is dead for pretty much the entire night; despite the best efforts of the (highly entertaining) announce team, this leads to a rather dull atmosphere, with moves that should have felt exciting instead just happening.

1. 6-MAN TAG: LOD & Christy Hemme vs MNM
There's really nothing of any note here. It's a good solid outing, but without any stand out moments. Heidenreich had an interesting style, and Animal was always good at strong-style traditional wrestling, but none of this is really evidenced here. Equally, MNM were an exciting tag team that could put on some great matches - this is definitely not one of them. The two women went on to become skilled workers, but at this time not so much. 5/10

2. Simon Dean vs Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley gets his PPV debut in a two minute squash match. To me, this is a great shame, as Lashley really was one of the more talented WWE big guys, and could dominate in the ring. But this match was boring, predictable, and didn't have long to get up steam. A botched finish doesn't help matters. Had the match been about three times as long (which would have been possible by removing a bland Simon Dean opening speech and several unnecessary segments between the two later on in the PPV) and some form of offense from Dean been seen, this could have been OK, and would have served to set Lashley up in a much better way. However, as is this is a bit of filler at best. 2/10

3. FATAL FOUR WAY: Booker T vs Christian vs Orlando Jordan vs Chris Benoit for the US CHAMPIONSHIP
This should have been really good. You've got three great workers in there, and Jordan's no slouch either, and the match was given ample timing. But despite this, nothing really seemed to gel, and the crowd were pretty dead. This led to some exciting moments in the match being passed over as average, which could have been much improved by a crowd that was behind the wrestlers. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, so nothing really seemed to gel. This is a match I so want to rate higher, but in all honesty can't. 5/10

4. Rey Mysterio vs JBL
A cliched match-up of big guy vs small guy. And this does follow a fairly predictable structure - Rey gets beaten down, uses quickness to some back, gets beaten down. Rinse and repeat. This format was done to death with Rey's WHC run, and there are some much better examples of the format in there. That said, there are some great moments here, and the finish is very well engineered. 5/10

5. Mr Kennedy vs Hardcore Holly
Relative to the rest of the undercard, this is a pretty good match. I like the Mr. Kennedy gimmick, and this being his PPV debut (one which goes off much better than Lashley's) that gets a good airing. The match itself is fairly hard-hitting, with the wrestlers selling the moves well. This could also be due to Holly's notorious stiffing of new guys in the ring (so maybe they weren't selling all that much). But either way it makes for an entertaining match. Finishing with one of my favorite moves on the roster at the time, there's not much wrong with this match. If only it had been a bit more exciting. 6/10

6. HANDICAP CASKET MATCH: Randy Orton & 'Cowboy' Bob Orton vs The Undertaker
This is an interesting concept, and has a good story going into it. Riddled with psychological warfare and a strong animosity between the competitors, there is some actual mental investment in the match. Unfortunately, 'Cowboy' Bob is way past his prime and it shows as he lumbers around the ring and doesn't really do a whole lot of wrestling. That said, there are some good ideas, and dare I say innovative moments, but both Randy and 'Taker are performing well below par, which is a shame. I was hoping to see a bit more 'Taker MMA, and some more Randy wrestling. After the match the only exciting storyline development of the whole show occurs, and how well it is executed. 7/10

7. Juventud vs Nunzio for the CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE
It's really good to see a cruiserweight match at the top of the card like this, and with two skilled wrestlers there too. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite click, and the crowd seem positively bored (definitely not justified). I would have liked to see a little more mat wrestling as well as some more high-flying, and possible some more outside interference from the Mexicools and Big Vito. A letdown, and doing its placement on the card a great disservice. 6/10

8. Eddie Guererro vs Batista (World Heavyweight Championship) 4/5
There's a very strong story running throughout the match: has Eddie really changed and given up cheating? This is perhaps executed in an overly in-your-face manner, but it's a nice idea nonetheless. The match begins with some clever mat wrestling attempts to bring the big guy down, but the instant Batista gets on the offence he goes for a resthold. This broke up the opening minutes of the match - when you're meant to be sucking the audience in, not sending them to sleep. A frog splash to the back early in the match puts Batista at a disadvantage, and serves to set up a nice bit of back and forth between the two. Once again, a solid match without any stand out moments, but the strong storyline undercurrent does add something to it. What turned out to be Eddie's last match was a but f a damp squib by his standards. 7/10

You don't really get anything worthwhile in terms of extras, which is a shame. Throughout the event were running "instant access" which was interviews with the winners straight after their matches. I would perhaps have liked to see some of this in the extras section, but to no avail. Or perhaps the dark match, which on paper sounds better than most of the PPV card (Regal/Burchill vs London/Kendrick).

In summary, in 2005 Smackdown had a great choice of talent; but judging by this event, they had no idea how to use them. Matches that look good on paper fail to deliver, and there are no surprises from the rest of the card. All in all, very disappointing. As I siad at the start of this review, there's nothing bad about No Mercy 2005, but there's nothing good either.
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on 10 May 2011
WWE No Mercy 2005 Match Ratings:

1. LOD & Christy Hemme vs MNM 3/5

Great opening match and was good to see the lovely Christy Hemme who was in fact one of the gorgeous divas in the WWE. Was great to see her and the LOD pick up the victory over the show offs known as MNM.

2. Simon Dean vs Bobby Lashley 3/5

Though a pretty short one on one match with this being Lashley's first pay-per-view, the match was still entertaining. The outcome of this match involved Lashley performing some awesome power moves and in the end it was Simon Dean who lost and had to eat twenty cheeseburgers after the match.

3. Booker T vs Christian vs Orlando Jordon vs Chris Benoit (WWE United States Championship) 4/5

Very entertaining fatal four way for the WWE United States Championship. This match was pretty much back and forth with all four superstars showing their determination on wanting to be the WWE United States Champion.

4. Rey Mysterio vs JBL 3/5

Pretty decent match between the master of the 619 Rey Mysterio and the Wrestling God. Have to admit that this was an action packed match that was kind of dominated by JBL, but Mysterio did fit in some of his high flying moves. Loved the ending of a huge and great Clothesline from Hell performed by JBL to Rey Mysterio for the victory.

5. Mr Kennedy vs Hardcore Holly 3/5

Very good match and good match for the new Mr Kennedy who had just joined the Smackdown brand. Mr Kennedy showed that he can perform well in the ring and he did exactly that when he defeated Hardcore Holly with the finisher performed off the top rope.

6. Randy Orton & Cowboy Bob Orton vs The Undertaker (Handicap Casket Match) 4/5

For the first time ever, a two on one handicap match with the Orton's going up against the Undertaker. The match was very entertaining and was shocked at the outcome with the Orton's picking up the victory and the casket The Undertaker was locked in was set on fire.

7. Juventud vs Nunzio (WWE Cruiserweight Championship) 3/5

8. Eddie Guererro vs Batista (World Heavyweight Championship) 4/5

For this being the last time of seeing Eddie Guererro on pay-per-view, I have to admit this match he had with Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship was a match that we should always remember. Eddie did put up a fight to Batista and surprisingly dominated most of this match but Batista hit a second huge spine buster and picked up the victory to where both Guererro and Batista shook hands for respect.

Match Favourite: Randy Orton & Cowboy Bob Orton vs The Undertaker (Handicap Casket Match)
Worst Match: N/A

WWE No Mercy 2005 was a great pay-per-view event which was presented by the one and only Friday Night Smackdown. It a must have in your WWE collection as it will be remembered for the last pay-per-view match of the late Eddie Guererro.
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on 21 January 2008
This was Eddie Guerrero final Pay Per View event and made it a pretty classic match Eddie should of won the match but the end of the match with Eddie's smile at Batista was funny and worth watching. The amount of fun and excitement from both men really give this match a worth watch and Eddie try's to pull out some heel tactics but then plays the match fair. Both men in the match really gave it there all with this in all is probably one of the best matches 2005 had to offer and without of a doubt this is the best Smackdown event of 2005.
Undertaker vs Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob Orton in a casket match this was a good match i like the part when bob sprays the fire extinguisher right in undertakers face then an RKO from randy Orton. The win is when Orton takes a hit to Undertaker's head with the chair causing undertaker to fall and be locked in the casket. After that Orton goes crazy and burns it on fire then to find out in the DVD extra that Undertaker is gone and no where to be found. Which left Bob and Randy shocked.
Ken Kennedy had his WWE PPV debut against hardcore holly the match was pretty good Kennedy made it interesting and entertaining because thats what he does best.
Lashley also made his PPV debut against Simon Dean where the loser would have to eat tons of cheese burgers.The sick thing is that this plays all the way through the PPV the part i hate is when Simon finds a hair in his burger sick. The other matches you don't really need to know.

The PPV is good the 2 best matches out of the whole thing is Eddie vs Batista. Undertaker vs Randy Orton and Bob Orton (Randy Orton's father). But if you want to see Eddie Guerrero in a classic battle at his last PPV event its worth buying this piece of history.

The DVD extras fail and lack this is really disappointing as the event was good and there was a good build up to the match with Batista and Eddie but nothing of the was provided in the extras. WWE and Silver Vision really lack with getting extras on any WWE DVD's it's rare we get good segments or matches. Still the DVD is a must buy to add to any WWE collection.
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on 2 January 2008
October,2005 and no mercy,smackdown brands time to shine again,this event will always go down as eddie guerreros last pay per view before he went to the great wrestling ring in the sky,he got the main event as well which i will come to later,all things considered this wasnt the greatest of all the years events,but it had some undoubted brilliance.
The event opened with the legion of doom,they should never have gone under that name since hawk died,so we had animal and the terrible in general, heidenreich along with christy hemme,yum,against MNM along with melina,yum again.This match wasnt that exciting or exhilarating,alot of the short time was given to MNM to make mince meat of their rivals to get the crowd chanting and then bingo the doom would take over,thats the impression i got and that was that,not an opener to have you fainting with its brilliance at all.
next up was a comical match,depends whether you feel like laughing or not,it was the annoying but decent wrestler simon dean against bobby lashley,this match would lead to loads of between match segments where dean would have to eat alot of cheese burgers for losing,that being said ,the match didnt even hit two minutes but i didnt hate the idea of watching dean having to eat more than his own words.
A fatal four way followed for the united states championship,the holder benoit went up against booker t,christian and orlando jordon who i rated alot at this juncture,the match was good,plenty of smacks to the chest to get the crowd baying away and plenty of skill and forceful moves of strength and skill,the outcome was frantic and great at the same time and a fine match as the majority of fatal fourways seem to be.
Next up was a rookie of sorts at this point mr kennedy against the more established hardcore holly,the match was good but emphasised that one of these stars was on the way up while the other was on the way down,kennedy was great here and i am happy with how his wwe career has gone,they havent rushed him and he is a great wrestler and great with the mic,a talent then,an icon of evil now.
JBL was pitted next against rey mysterio,a mismatch on paper but in reality rey gave plenty,JBL had his moments and the match was hard to call in that respect but the outcome may not be a shock but few can argue with the merits of a clothsline from hell,a good match and kept the quality of the event at a high.
Next up was a handicap casket match,given that most of the takers casket matches end up being handicap it was onlt fair that a match be called that as father and son cowboy bob and randy orton went up against the undertaker.This was a great match,truly great,cowboy was lying about for bits of it so the match became one on one but cowboy never lay down for long and had his share of enjoyment as well,this had it all in many ways and the outcome had me dancing away.
Next up was a poor match,not a crap match but poor nonethless and certainly designed to eat away at the events clock,juventud vs nunzio,this match didnt last that long and just didnt work,both men would shine brighter on different days,on this day it was just too average for its own good.
Onto the main event then,eddie vs the champ batista,both men went into this with an uneasy truce and the match was cagey enough at first,until it became clear that eddie wasnt as nice as he was letting on and then the contest opened up and became more brutal and forceful and when it did we were treated to a good match,the outcome was good and the crowd were in fine form,not the worlds finest event again but worthy of 3.5 and thats a good score.
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on 6 July 2009
the best match was ortons vs undertaker which was quite entertaining....A v collectable dvd as the main event was eddies last stand vs batista which wasnt long enough but eddie gurerro's last ever ppv...the other matches i cant remember socant have been that good
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on 5 October 2014
A great buy at a great price.
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on 25 January 2006
In my eyes, this ppv will be mainly remembered for it being Eddie Guerrero's last. The ppv itself isn't quite as good as some of the 2005's e.g Wrestlemania 21, but it certainly isn't a let down.
LOD & Christy Hemme vs. MNM - short and sweet, good opener (7/10)
Bobby Lashley vs. Simon Dean - not hard to figure out how one this (3/10)
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan for the United States Championship - great match and excellent performances from each man, espically the champion. (9/10)
Hardcore Holly vs. Mr. Kennedy - Mr Kennedy's winning streak faces a worthy challenge (5/10)
Rey Mysterio vs. JBL - great match, great moment when JBL countered the 619 into Clothesline for Hell (8/10)
Undertaker vs. Randy & Bob Orton - after their great rivalry I was always looking forward to this casket match. Taking Bob aside excellent match between Randy Orton and Undertaker including a classic Undertaker ending (10/10)
Nunzio vs. Juventud for the Cruiserweight Championship - just skip to the main event (4/10)
Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero for the World Heavyweight Championship - Eddie Guerrero's overdue title shot finally happen at No Mercy 2005 (pity it was he's last). My heart was racing when Guerrero delivered an amazing 3 amigos on Batista, only for Batista to dodge the frog splash into the spinebuster for the 1,2,3... (9/10)
Not that great compared to some of the 2005 ppv's like WM 21, Vegenance or Survivor Series but if your a 2005 collector (like me) or a Hardcore Guerrero fan (like me). Buy it today.
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