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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2006
Finally, after years of looking like Brets legacy would be left to a 90 minute documentary the WWE and Bret have put aside differences to produce the BEST DVD WWE have ever put together. The DVD consists of a 3 set, the first disk featuring a 2 hour documentary on Brets career that goes right back to the early days of Stampeede wrestling and just watching Bret and Dynamite go is enough of a reason for any Bret fan to buy this in my opinion. From here its to WWE, the Hart Foundation, single action, title glory, his anti american stance and fantastic feud with Austin and beyond. It of course has a section on the infamous screw job, his brothers death and his time in WCW, scattered throughout are small pieces of intervies from Vince and other wrestlers.
An interesting note is the Bret Hart we get through the interview. This isnt an angry and bitter Bret. This is a more reflective Bret and with that comes a side you dont usually see from people on WWE DVDs. For one he is completely open with everything he says and on his reflection of his career gets chocked up on more than a few occasions. Bret has an almost photographic memory of his career and everything he has done and he tells his stories and states his point of view with an honesty and a frankness that makes him easy to listen to. He puts over everyone he worked with and even gives Shawn his props...something Shawn still seems unwilling to do.
The set also comes with a collection of matches selected by Bret himself.
Disc 1
Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs.
One of the many meetings between these teams and an ultra stiff wrestling feast is here for the fans. Not their best match but then theres so many to pick from it wouldnt be fair to call one of the their best.
Hart Foundation vs Killer Bees.
A real gem of a match and a chance to see Bret really carrying a match and playing the heel (and loving every minute of it). Best match of the first disk.
Dsic 2
Bret Hart vs British Bulldog.
Their match from Summerslam and its as classic and epic today as it was then. Its especially good to watch, after watching the documentary in which Bret points out a number of blown spots. Still, they cant hurt the match, which is a good example of Bret carrying the whole thing on his back and this was the match that truly made the HitMan.
Bret Hart vs Bam Bam Bigelow.
Not their King Of The Ring final, which is a little disappointing, but it almost follows the same format, right down to the finish and these 2 also had a good chemistry.
Hart Foundation vs Rockers.
Definetly not the best match these teams had, but its worth watching just to see Shawn and Bret in the ring together.
Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect.
The Summerslam 91 match these 2 had, with Perfects back going the way of the dodo, still an excellent high quality match with slick wrestling and Brets first major singles title (back when the IC belt meant something)
Bret Hart vs Ricky Steamboat.
Ricky will always be a wrestling god and this match is no exception. Brets still developing here so the type of match of the century they could have had once Bret hit 33 never happened, but its a great little match.
Bret Hart vs Ted BiBease.
This was during Brets first singles push and while he was protected, he wasnt allowed to go like he would be from 91 onwards. As a result, the match feels a little flawed and definetly stalled.
Hart Foundation vs Nasty Boys.
Taken from Wrestlemania 7 and featured the last appearence of the Hart Foundation as a team...until Bret reformed them in 97 and also a shock ending which showed how dominente of a team they were by this time.
Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect.
From the King of the ring and here Perfects back is BETTER which means, if possible, and even BETTER match. Fantasic wrestling, great heat, great psychology and the ultimate in classy endings. These 2 just couldnt have a bad match if they tried.
Bret Hart vs Owen Hart.
From Wrestlemania and possibly the greatest opening match in event history. The crowd are solidly behind Bret, which shows how good of a story theyd been telling. Owen plays his part perfectly, great commentry from the King and just a damn good match that should be watched again and again.
Disc 3
Bret Hart vs Owem Hart.
Filmed after Summerslam 94 and def not the best match these 2 had. Its almost like Bret and Owen arent really into this one, which is understandable after the cage match (which would have been better here) but still a good match and I think the last match they had until 96.
Bret Hart vs Hakushi.
From In Your House, filmed during the cliques year of dominance, which is why Bret was stuck in the mid card and is a great example of Bret making a star. By the end of this match people were even chanting for Hakushi.
Bret Hart vs Diesel.
Their Survivor Series match which features a slow slow pace but a great story being told and was probably Big Kevs third best match...ever. Bret plays rough and just seeing him jam a chair into Diesels leg is enough to make you squirm.
Bret Hart vs British Bulldog.
Taken from In Your House in 1995. Not as good as the Summerslam match, but then what could be, but worth watching for some great wrestling and a sick blade job by Bret that looks really disturbing when you first see it.
Bret Hart vs Undertaker.
Taken just after Bret won his 5th title and filmed from the UK where Brets anti american stance was a huge debate in terms of fan support. Bret works like a mad man to get a good match out of big Mark but the real star of this match is the crowd heat. Its just off the charts.
Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit. (Owen Hart tribute Match in WCW)
This being the tribute match to Owen and Nitros last great match. The wrestling is super slick, the match blows beautifully and tells a story, which is what wrestling is all about. Its also intresting to see both men really working stiff against eachother, especially from Benoit who snaps his german suplexes with more venom here than hes ever done in a WWE ring.
Bret Hart vs Stone Cold.
This one doesnt even need an introduction. A classic, classic, classic that changes the face of wrestling, created a star and role reversed 2 superstars in one match. My favourite moment is when Bret grabs a padded chair (the ones always used) then throws it aside for a pure steel one, signalling the chance in styles. This was literally putting a man over and making him a star. Something no one these days is willing to do. All the spot hoggers should watch this match and take head that new stars need to be created, and that sadly includes the bald one in this match.
All in all, possibly the best wrestling set WWE have ever produced. If there is one thing lacking it would be commentries on certain matches from Bret, but otherwise, it has everything any Bret Hart fan could want.
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VINE VOICEon 1 February 2006
I truly mean the title and here is why. Bret Hart is a legend in the wrestling industry without a shout of a doubt and almost every match he had was a classic this follows along the same lines as the Ric Flair collection in the way that it's a 3 disc set but this is something different, something special and something better.

The main feature on disc one contains a very emotional 2 hour documentary on Brets life and his career. Starts off with talking about his father Stu Hart and how he got in the wrestling business, then it goes into Brets upbringing and his relationships with his brothers. The main feature after his childhoos stays in the business and very rarely touches on his private life as many WWE DVDs have before. The most emotional parts of the feature for me were when he was talking about the screwjob in Montreal, losing Owen and the circumstances of the ending of his career.

My opinion of Bret from watching this has changed a lot. You will likely feel the same change of opinion towards Bret happen when he talks about himself in the personal nature and appears to have an extremely high opinion of himself. To some it may seem justified as he is a legend and deserving of all the praise he gets, but I found myself wishing for a bit of modesty.

The infamous Montreal screwjob is touched upon briefly. To many who have read interviews with Bret over recent years, it's obvious that Bret still has a bit of bitterness about the event. However, he does give Shawn some deserving praise and that makes Bret seem a bit more classy than he's appeared to be in the past. Owen was discussed, and for obvious reasons Bret found himself getting choked up during the interview about Own and the incident. This is the modesty that I wanted previously, but of course when talking about a family member who has passed away, you have to expect that level of humanity to show more than any other time.

The anthology of matches sure is a great one, but it's disappointing to see that there are no matches against his long time on and off screen rival, Shawn Michaels. I can imagine I'm not the only one disappointed by that fact.

Disc 1 Bonus Matches Are

Hart Foundation: Jim The Anvil & Bret Hart vs British Bulldogs: Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid

Hart Foundation: Jim The Anvil & Bret Hart vs Killer Bees

Disc 2 Bonus Matches

Bret Hart vs British Bulldog

Bret Hart vs Bam Bam Bigalow

Hart Foundation: Jim The Anvil & Bret Hart vs The Rockers: Marty Jannety & Shawn Michaels

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect

Bret Hart vs Ricky Steamboat

Bret Hart vs Ted Dibiase

Hart Foundation: Jim The Anvil & Bret Hart vs Nasty Boys

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart Wrestlemania

Disc 3 Bonus Matches

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart Summerslam

Bret Hart vs Hakushi

Bret Hart vs Diesel

Bret Hart vs British Bulldog

Bret Hart vs Undertaker

Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold

Although I was disappointed by the absence of matches against Michaels, the professionalism expressed in the interviews when talking about Michaels and also the alternative selection of matches, it's still a worthwhile DVD to have.
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VINE VOICEon 21 April 2006
Only the best in the wrestling industry are deserving of having their own DVDs that focus on their greatest matches and/or careers. And only the best of the best are deserving of these remarkable 3-disc sets that WWE expertly put together. Ric Flair and the Undertaker deserved this treatment, but in my opinion, no one deserves it more than Bret Hart.

For those long-time fans of WWF/E, the name Bret Hart says it all. He was truly one of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling that really revolutionised the business. For those people who haven't really been WWE fans all that long, and you've only heard of Bret Hart by playing the recent computer games where he's an unlockable legend, you're really missing out. Bret Hart's name is truly synonymous with how great wrestling is. And to understand that, you need to check out this DVD.

Originally, this was going to be titled, "Screwed: The Bret Hart story" and focus entirely on the controversial incident in Montreal, which spelled the end for the Hitman in WWE. Thankfully, the decision was made to rename the DVD, "The Bret Hart Story: The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be" and focus entirely on the Hitman's career, which is much more respectful and appropriate to a man who helped the business survive and thrive after the end of Hulkamania.

Vince McMahon introduces the documentary and shows real class by thanking Bret for putting their differences aside to present this story. And what follows is a documentary that lasts over two hours, exploring the phenomenon that is the Hitman, greatly detailing how this legend originated and developed to the status that he deserved to be. Throughout the documentary, we hear comments from the likes of Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and many of wrestling's greats regarding the truly important aspects of Bret's career. And there are many that make up this vast and storied career.

There is excellent archive footage that showcases Bret's amazing talent in his early days. The highlights of his tenure in his father's Stampede Wrestling promotion are vintage diamonds, amongst them being the clips of his epic battles with the Dynamite Kid and Bad News Allen.

Following the documentation of the Stampede Promotion, the Bret Hart story then covers what really made the Hitman an icon and a legend, and that was his run in the WWE. Although I knew of the Hitman's history and career, never had I seen this much footage of his matches, promos, angles and interviews. And I was in for a huge surprise. As Jim Ross says, "You always knew what you were gonna get from Bret Hart, and that was quality."

Practically everything is covered here; his days in the Hart Foundation with Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart, his run with the Intercontinental Championship, his ascension to the WWE title, his crowning as the 1993 King of the Ring, his heated rivalry with his brother, Owen, and of course, the awesome feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. But what really brings it all to life, is hearing it all from Bret himself.

As the documentary details how big a star the Hitman became, Bret comes across as one of the nicest and most confident individuals anywhere. Although there are times when he speaks highly of himself, it's not out of arrogance, and his positive comments regarding himself is justifiable by pretty much anyone, and Bret never forgets those who helped make him the legend he became, as he praises his fellow co-workers.

The Hitman's not afraid to speak his mind on various issues, though. Such as how he felt shafted when he lost the WWE title to Yokozuna at WrestleMania IX, only to stand aside and let Hulk Hogan beat the 600lb behemoth. And then of course, there's his hatred for Shawn Michaels. Although Bret remains proud of the classic Iron Man match at WrestleMania XII, and acknowledges HBK's amazing talents and that his era was coming, Bret doesn't hesitate in letting everyone know how he feels about Shawn as a person, or how he felt on the road leading up to, during, and after the Iron Man match.

When the inevitable subject of Survivor Series 1997 is discussed, it's not covered in the same extent that it has been in the past, and with good reason. Although the Montreal Screwjob is a dark cloud that will always hang over the Hitman, it's irrelevant compared to what he should be remembered for, and that's all the contributions he's made to professional wrestling. Besides, the story behind the event has been covered plenty of times over the years, so don't expect it to dominate what this DVD is all about.

Nevertheless, when the topic is discussed, things take the tone of 'doom and gloom', as it was a great downward spiral for Bret, as he jumpshipped to WCW for his final years, only to be poorly used. Then there's the tragic death of Owen, which devastated me back then, and still scars me to this day, along with everyone else. After a brief and overdue run as the WCW Champion, Bret's career came to a premature end at the hands of Bill Goldberg, which would lead to a devastating stroke.

Although the Hitman's career didn't end happily ever after, watching this DVD made me realise that the good outweighs the bad. The documentary finishes off with an awesome music video that highlights the best bits of Bret Hart's career. As with any good wrestling DVD, there are tons of extra interviews, including a really hilarious story about one of Owen's legendary 'ribs'. Then there're the extra matches, which have been handpicked by Bret himself. All the extra matches are above average and there are some real classics.

Bret 'Hitman' Hart's legacy should never be forgotten. And now, thanks to Vince McMahon, it won't. This DVD is simply the best thing WWE has ever put together.
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on 9 December 2005
Man! What an incredibly long wait for this? I remember gettin' amped at hearing it was in the pipeline a couple years back... It was always such a tragedy that the Hitman's career was locked in a vault somewhere... WWE taking over the old WCW meant they had license to do whatever and it's good to see they did this properly and with the input of Bret. The DVD itself, and the story it tells of Bret's career is another fascinating watch, really focusing on everything from his breaking in at Stampede to life beyond WWE/WCW and the injury which forced his retirement. If an avid fan like myself, they'll be matches that didn't make the extras (noteably WMXII Vs Michaels, WMVIII Vs Piper, the '94 Rumble victory and everything WCW bar the Owen tribute Vs Benoit) that you'd still love to see. But all the matches chosen by Bret are typically five-star-stellar performances (SS'91 Vs Perfect, SS'92 Vs Bulldog, WMX Vs Owen, WMXIII Vs Austin) and are beautiful to watch. There's none to much 'shootin' in it even when discussing HBK and Flair. The only glaring shame for me is they didn't feature the likes of Anvil, Undertaker, Lawler, Foley or more of Austin inbetween commentaries. However Vince, Jimmy Hart, Animal, Piper and the consistent Steve Lombardi (Legendary Brooklyn Brawler) all feature. Amazing talent, truly the best there ever was to step into a wrestling ring, could sell to the moon and back and make others look like they had a right to even be in the ring with him, it's a great buy for the old school fans and something to pass on to the new kids coming through... Sweet as, packaging too! If you only ever buy one wrestling DVD, make it this! For more on Bret, buy Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows which the good people of amazon also stock! (Mick Foley cheap pop style! Yeah!)
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on 26 July 2013
This is simply the Best there is, was and ever will be!! Bret Hart is a great wrestler and a perfectionist, is it writing, editing or wrestling he wants to be the best. The original name for this DVD was "Screwed"; the WWE intended to take one more shot at Bret and make some money in the process, as they owned all of his matches. Over the coming tragedies tensions between WWE and Bret died down and Bret agreed to work with them to create this DVD. Vince opens up the main feature by thanking Bret for his contribution and willingness to work together again.

The documentary is a powerhouse great story, good honest interviews even great music on each section. It starts out from the Hart family home Bret talks about always being around the business, and his armature wrestling career, to starting wrestling in Stampede wrestling. Overcoming the prejudice of being the promoter's son, by working his way up, in some cases brutally earning people respect. Respect has always been the thing for Bret; it is what he craved from his peer, fan and promoters alike.

Then when Stu sold his Stampede territory to Vince; is it on the condition he takes and does something with the talent there. This was Bret's start in the WWE/F. Originally he was paired up with Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart as they had nothing better to do with him. Bret talk about slowly working his way up the ranks with the other even though he was not the name on the main event he was having the best matches of the event with the other Stampede boys.

Moving to singles winning his first title, the finally winning the world title then the King of the ring then climbing his way up the mountain again. Vince pays Bret the biggest compliment saying every person who got in the ring with Bret came out better. Then the family Feud between him and Owen. Then coming back together as the Hart Foundation.

Then comes the change of direction in WWE creative they wanted to put the focus on Shawn and Stone Cold. Bret was not comfortable with this change, which is strange because from his book Hitman, Bret's real life character is more of a player than Shawn's onscreen persona. Then the horrible Montreal Screw job, and Bret's move to WCW. Bret was lost in the creative process in WCW, because of their lack of leadership.

Then the video moves on to Owen Hart, his tragic death to the wrestlers tributes. I was very glad they put Jeff Jarrett's emotional tribute on the DVD, I think this was done very tastefully. Then coming to the end of Bret's career and stroke. A great follow up to this DVD is WWE - Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology [DVD]. Simply because it gives a more in depth looks at the Hart Family including the new generation.

I have been lucky enough to meet Bret at a convention and I can honestly say him and DDP are two wrestlers I was a bigger fan of them after meeting. An example of Bret's character is paid for an autograph and a photo and I got my signed picture, and I was going to pay to get the book signed but he said it was fine and did not charge me or 5 other fans behind me for signing the books. For someone retired and making his money off these autographs I thought this was a real show of class.

The matches are great some of not only Bret's best matches but the best wrestling matches of all time. I might be a bit biased but I don't care, I can watch these matches over and over again and suddenly I am a wrestling fan again. The Matches include the Summerslam 91 match against Mr. Perfect, the Wembley stadium match against the British Bulldog, and the ultimate submission match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Great DVD set worth every penny
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on 12 December 2005
The Best There Is details the Hitmans wrestling career. This is an amazing DVD which featueres Bret Hart talk about his early years in stampede wrestling, Hart Foundation, his WWE Champoinship reign, internal family feuds, Survivor Series 1997, WCW, and the unfortunate death of his brother, Owen.
The 3 Disc box set includes 7 hours of extras, thats 18 complete matches and 20 minutes of the Hitman's interviews and music videos.
Just to name a few matches...
Disc 1
Hart Foundation vs British Bullgos, 1985
Hart Foundation vs Killer Bees, 1986
Dsic 2
Bret Hart vs British Bulldog, 1992
Bret Hart vs Bam Bam Bigelow, 1993
Hart Foundation vs Rockers, 1990 (interesting to see that this is the only match we see on the DVD featuring Shawn and Bret)
Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect, 1991
Bret Hart vs Ricky Steamboat, 1986
Bret Hart vs Ted BiBease, 1989
Hart Foundation vs Nasty Boys, 1991
Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect 1993
Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, 1994
Disc 3
Bret Hart vs Owem Hart, 1994 (WWE Championship Match)
Bret Hart vs Hakushi, 1995
Bret Hart vs Diesel, 1995
Bret Hart vs British Bulldog, 1995
Bret Hart vs Undertaker, 1997
Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit, 1999 (Owen Hart tribute Match in WCW)
Bret Hart vs Stone Cold, 1997
All in all, a great set
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on 11 June 2006
i had long been waiting for a full dvd release of bret hart, and here it is.

after the disappointing dvd of jake roberts, silvervision has pulled out all the stops to make this one a winner.

there is a two hour documentary that features a lot of comments by the "hitman" himself. very well done except for missing out a few minor details here and there.

the selection of matches are mainly brilliant. opponents like the killer bees ,british bulldogs, mr. perfect, ted dibiase represent the best of the "old-school" style of wrestling.

the only quibble i can think of, is i was expecting more from the late 80s to the early 90s: beating the bulldogs for the tag team titles, losing them to strike force, battling it out with the mountie etc.

i easily rate this collection on the same level as the "road wariors" release, as being fantastic.

buy this one and be thoroughly entertained in a total of eighteen matches.
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on 12 December 2006
this is the dvd I have waited nearly a decade for and I wasn't disappointed, it is all about the triumphs and tragedies of the wrestling industry and this guy has survived more than most, a must for all bret fans and fans of wrestling, most people also don't know that bret has released 2 albums, starred in an award winning tv drama and is currently putting the finishing touches to his autobiography which will be out in 2007, the only disappointment on the dvd is that one of his best matches at wcw mayhem 99 was not included but there are rumours of a follow up dvd, I even got emotional when he was talking about the deaths of the members of his family, a must for all with some of his best matches of his career, it was good to see how his career progressed from the early days to owning the Calgary Hitmen his championship winning ice hockey team, I have 2 versions one of which is autographed by the man himself, one is region 1 and one is region 2, it is the region 1 version that I have that is autographed by Bret himself, it is one of the best dvds I have seen in my 11 years as wrestling fan, definitely worth a look and good value for money
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on 19 February 2006
There have been many superstars over the years that have come and gone from the WWE, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold but none of these are perhaps more infamous than the storied career of Bret 'Hitman' Hart.
Due to the issues that revolved around WWE and Bret Hart between 1997 and the release of this DVD, this project seemed like a miracle, as many people would never have thought this would happen. I think this is the strongest release from the WWE which studies the career of a certain superstar.
The two hour documentary is what many people will want to watch, with Bret himself along with a host of other superstars talking about his rise and fall in professional wrestling. Certain aspects like Bret's opinion on the infamous Montreal screw-job, Shawn Michaels and WCW are very interesting to hear. The background he gives on some of his matches are also intriguing.
Disc one also features some interview segments which shows Hart talking about his family, Owen Hart, his wrestling colleagues that have passed on, and how he learnt the sharpshooter.
Discs two and three feature hand-picked fights throughout his career from 1985 - 1999. Some people may find they would prefer different ones, but these basically show how good of a technician Bret was in the squared circle.
I think out of the eighteen matches here, nothing is quite as memorable as his Summerslam match against his brother-in-law The British Bulldog, or the match of year 'I Quit' match against Stone Cold at Wrestlemania.
I think in most cases if your not a fan of Bret Hart, then this DVD might change your opinion on him. This is the story of man whose status in the wrestling world is beyond legendary. He was and still is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.
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on 17 February 2013
Pretty Damn Good!

I've never been a fan of wrestling, I've always found it fairly boring and occasionally cringe worthy (especially when the stars talk "smack") however, my brother has been a fan for years so AI bought him this set as a present. I sat down with him to watch a few minutes with the intention of getting up, but two hours later I was still in my chair!

This very well made documentary traces the life and career of Hart, it's done in a very straightforward and entertaining way. It never focuses on the same thing for two long and briskly moves through twenty plus years of ups and downs. As a non wrestling fan I was surprised how engaging this was. I recommend this DVD not just for fans but anyone who loves a good documentary or finding out about others lives.

Also, it's amazing value for money; the three discs have over seven hours of quality footage. A great buy
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