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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars13
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2007
The amount of customisable options there are is amazing. When you start a game there are hundreds of combinations you can have, e.g. size of galaxy, amount of hospitable planets, anomilies, stars, victory conditions, technology rate, etc, etc... Then there are ten races to choose from, ranging from war-mongering Drengins, to the noble Arceans. You can even design your own ships, and make them for a certain purpose, e.g. for speed, for invasions etc... The only bad thing about this game is the lack of multiplayer, but because the A.I. are do good, it almost makes up for it. In the end, I will give this 5 stars. BUY IT NOW!!!
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on 5 August 2007
Few games have lived up to the 'just one more turn' standard set by Sid Meier's Civilisation series. Galactic Civilisation does just that: it can be extremely addictive. Don't buy this for the campaign: it's ok, but that's not the strength of this game - or indeed any in the genre of turn based strategy. It's the random map or 'sandbox' mode that really matters, and it is here that this really delivers. The graphics are good and I disagree with other reviews suggesting bugs: have there been bugs, yes, but the technical development team behind this have fixed them very quickly. The current releases are very stable. Don't just buy this: get the expansion pack as the game really comes into it's own with that. The changes are often subtle, but they are important. Play this, but be warned: it can eat into your time badly. As a final point, once installed you don't need to have the CD in the drive. This is very unusual for modern games and represents a level of maturity, trust and respect for players most software houses don't extend us.
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on 17 July 2007
First off this game as sold is in sore need of patching. The retail version is playable but there have been major changes in the game mechanic and the addition of several important features in the patches. To get the patches from the developer at you have to download a programme that some internet firewalls identify as a virus.
However, that done, you now have yourself a classic 4X game to rival (and in my opinion beat) Civilization.
As soon as you start a game the sheer level of customization is ispressive. From designing your galaxy to designing your race and their ships. All the ships can be designed and redesigned to your hearts content and appear in-game fully rendered as you have designed them.
The graphics are great - you can zoom into one of your planets and actually see the city lights on the planets darkside! The sound as well is just at the right level for you to appreciate that it is there without it getting in the way.

The main selling point for this, and any other 4X, game is the gameplay. In Galactic Civilzations 2 you can win by military (shooting things), diplomatic (talking to things), technological (being brainer than other things) or influence (everyone likes you more than other things). There are resouces on the game map to help you acheive any of these victories and certain random events in the galaxy that may help or hinder you. The frequency of those events and the victory conditions allowed can be customized at the start of the game.
The diplomacy in Galactic Civilizations 2 seems to be a more major part of the game than in any 4X game before. You can trade technologies, unique items, money or influence points (useful for Galatic Senate votes). Once you gain the required knowledge you can sign treaties, band together against neighbours or become allies. Your diplomacy is also effected by the wider game, for instance opening a trade route with another civilization will make them more inclined to like you in the diplomacy screen.

A very cool game that should come with a warning about the amount of time that can be lost playing it! Definatly needs patching though and if possible get the expansion pack : Dark Avatar. This is only available by download though.
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2006
If you have played and enjoyed Galactic Civilizations 1 then this is a must. Yes I have played it (over the last few months in Beta and over the last few days in the final retail version as I downloaded it directly from Stardock).
Like the first game this is a turn based strategy game and although you now get to view the battles (very useful for deciding which of the three types of weapon your adversary is currently using. This allows you to design ships to counter that type of weapon.) you cannot control the battles.
The game is now rendered in 3D and looks very professional and even allows you to design your own ships, which look completely different on the main map. This allows you to immediately see which type of ship you have and if the better course of valor is to run.
The main changes are:-
1. - You can now play any of the races and not just humans. Each race has its own benefits.
2. - Each planet has a certain number of tiles, which can be used to produce your factories, farms, research, entertainment, influence generating or wonders. This means that you have to think much more about which structures you build as you cannot build everything. Some of the tiles also offer specific benefits such as Farming * 100%.
3 - 3d environment. Graphically it is a vast improvement and fun to build your own ships from the basic structure to deciding what additional components and structures you wish to add. OK some of the structures are purely cosmetic but it adds to the whole feel.
4 - There are now 3 types of offensive weapons and their corresponding defenses. This adds much more strategy into building up your fleets as each race may have developed different types of ships. Know your enemy and you will not be lacking. Don't and that dreadnaught could be taken down by a couple of cruisers armoured against its batteries but using a weapon you cannot defend against!!
5 - This now comes with a complete campaign from the start. It is not a pushover as I am finding out.
6 - The game is much more polished and allot of time has been spent in animation and the user interface.
7 - The tech tree is much larger and follows a number of different paths. ie the different paths open up new types of building and improvements on old ones which can be upgraded rather than being rebuilt on your precious tiles.
One of the things however that I like best about this game is that the company that is building the game is also the producer. What this means in reality is that any patches / augmentations / new maps are immediately put up on its site. I have found that for Galactic Civilizations 1 there were constant improvements being added and a support department that actually answered its forum's. I add the last as I have been burnt badly recently on other games.
As a summary this is a worthy sequel to what I consider one of the best turn based strategy titles. If you like Civilization IV type games this is a must. If however you are looking for real time strategy games then this may not be for you. There is no multiplayer however the ability for random games to be generated and 10 civilizations to chose from means that you will never be board. I still play the first game and I bought that 3 years ago!
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on 14 May 2006
This game worked for me Straight-out-of-the-box, but then my system has 4GB of RAM and at least that as a SWAP-FILE, yes you need at least 1GB of both and ideally 2Gb or more for the SWAP-FILE, although the latest Game Update available over the net has rectified its RAM hungry tendencies.

This Game is truly 3D, although only one layer deep, and until you zoom out to just get a strategic-map view; but it is visually stunning.

Game play has some quirks and even though the Tech tree has been simplified since GC1, it is still as unintuitive as ever (sadly it's even less informative than GC1 ). Like any new product, your first two or three games are a learning curve but I didn't find it difficult.

Did I mention it works Out-of-the-Box ? and that it already has a Game Update available over the net? the Update fixes masses of quirks and is based on fan feedback to make the gameplay smoother and more satisfying. The developers are committed to improving this Game with further content and refinements, and they do listen to their fans. You can also Mod the game and find links to those who have already have customised content and modding packages available for free ( a great star-map editor for one).

The Weakness of the game for me is the whole Ship Design aspect. Prettification is not my thing and until you try to design your own ship you don't appreciate the Tech Tree necessity of having to research a seemingly boring development from e.g. Tech-type 1.1 to Tech-type 1.x; but basically the more advanced your tech in certain fields the stonger, smaller/faster and more powerful your ship components become.

The best thing for me is the ability to design your own race but until you've played a couple of games or have played GC1, then it's best avoided, but once you get a feel for the game (from playing in "sandbox" mode rather than diving into the Campaign Mode) then give it a go and choose the abilities you think will work best for you in the game and then create your personalized Empire by any combination of Strategies and Tactics. By the way, Influence works quite well, often better than all-out combat and the all-out planetary-colonization-rush.

Every game has its weaknesses but this one (IMHO) provides much more fun than annoyances, and I have found it more involving than Civ 4 [ can there be higher praise ?] and a significant improvement over GC1. Definitely worth the money!
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on 6 January 2008
This game is very addicitve and i found it hard lo leave it alone. but unfortunatly the constant crashing of this games becomes to much of a nusicence to bother starting it up again. I love this game and feel it is one of stardocks greatest creations, however i couldnt give it 5 stars due to the presistant crashing of the game. All in all a good buy if your not easily annoyed.
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The GALACTIC CIVILIZATIONS series in effect has kept the classic Turn-based Strategy genre alive. When the CIVILIZATION series was going to the dogs (all flashy animations and dummied-down options instead of evolving) and the MASTER OF ORION series was, well, committing suicide, GC reminded us how much fun space colonization can be.

Starting off with a planet of a customizable Universe (size, resource abundance, scarcity of habitable planets etc) one begins his journey of exploration, colonization and conquest. With the exception of rogue pirates (which can be deselected), the factions are well balanced.
The graphics are clear and the interface easy to master and friendly.

What makes GC so much more fun than any other space colonization game is its ship design options. From freighters and colonist-ships to planet defenders and frigates, there are no limits in what one can build. Want something that looks like ST Enterprise or BATTLESTAR GALACTICA falcons? The sky is the limit.
Research will not only keep you solvent and your people happy but it will also make it possible to better equip your ships.

And, on top of all that, this being a STARDOCK release, it comes free of any intrusive DRM scheme.

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on 10 November 2006
Make sure you don't buy a used copy of the game as this voids the serial and renders you unable to update the game. Given the number of bugs and problems in the original release, the updates are essential. In fact, Amazon should post some kind of warning to that effect, I think, but they were probably unaware. I know I was.
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on 10 March 2007
This game is really superb!! Its probably one of the best games I own!! Ignore previous reviews which say the game crashes all the time. It doesn't and must be a problem with his system. It runs perfectly on my PC with no crashes at all so dont know what hes going on about!! Also the guy who says you keep pressing end turn after researching is ridiculous!! He doesn't know whats involved in the game - probably a novice!! I will tell you why this game is the best game ever!! The AI is top notch - it feels like youre playing a human opponent. The graphics are superb and the ability to design all your own ships with accessories is really fun. Theres a lot more to this game than meets the eye!! Create your own civilization with traits and characteristics!! CHoose what planetry improvements to build on your planet, trade with other civs. In fact there are several different ways to win the game like Civ IV such as Cultural victory, diplomatic victory etc. You will never get bored with this game as theres so much to do and consider!! ALso make sure you get Dark Avatar the new expansion just released. That improves on an already perfect game with enhanced graphics, new conditions and new civs as well as new ship components. Several mods exist for this game which can be downloaded. Stardock who support this game are top notch. Once youve installed the game you can download all the updates from stardock and you dont even need your cd once installed. It runs off your hard drive once installed so that another bonus. To sum it up this game is just Superb. Ignore the other reviews because it is just such a cool game!! Trust Me and BUY IT - You wont be dissapointed!!
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on 9 December 2012
I haven't played it that much. But from what I've seen it looks very good but you'd need to do a lot of research to play the game properly as there's a lot to know.
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