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4.9 out of 5 stars51
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2005
It seems that every year The Simpsons gets better & better! If you haven't seen season 7, it's possibly be the most funniest & the most interesting season of all times, here's a list of all 25 episodes:
1. Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2 - Conclusion from season 6
2. Radioactive Man - Radioactive Man movie is being filmed in Springfield
3. Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly Doodly - Bart, Lisa & Maggie have new foster parents, the Flanders!
4. Bart Sells His Soul - Bart's on a mission to retreive his soul back
5. Lisa The Vegetarian - Lisa becomes a vegetarian, Homer loses his roast pig!
6. Treehouse Of Horror VI - 'Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores', 'Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace' & 'Homer3'
7. King-Size Homer - Homer is disbled so he can work at home, by gaining 61 pounds!
8. Mother Simpson - Homer meets his real mother
9. Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming - Bob tries to destroy Springfileds most cherished possession, TV
10.The Simpson's 138th Show Spectacular - Troy McClure presents
11.Marge Be Not Proud - Bart steals a videogame
12.Team Homer - Homer & his team try to win the bowling tournament
13.Two Bad Neighbors - The Simpsons vs. The Bushes
14.Scenes From A Class Struggle In Springfield - The Simpsons tries to fit in
15.Bart The Fink - Krusty fakes his death
16.Lisa The Iconoclast - Lisa discovers a terrible secret about Jebidiah Springfield
17.Homer The Smithers - Homer takes over Smithers job
18.The Day The Violence Died - Bart discovers the real creater of Itchy
19.A Fish Called Selma - Troy McClure dates Selma
20.Bart On The Road - Bart makes a fake driving license
21.22 Short Films About Springfield - Small slice of Sprinfieldians day to day adventure
22.Raging Abe Simpson And His Grumbling Grandson In "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" - Abraham & Bart tries to retreive long lost treasure
23.Much Apu About Nothing - Apu is an illegal immigrant
24.Homerpalooza - Homer has a new job, being shot in the stomach by a cannonball!
25.Summer Of 4'2" - Lisa makes new friends
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Here, spread over four discs, are all twenty four episodes of the seventh year of the Simpsons.

Episodes are as follows

Who shot Mr. Burns? Part two.
Radioactive Man.
Home sweet homediddly-dum-doodily.
Bart sells his soul.
Lisa the vegetarian.
Treehouse of Horror VI.
King size Homer.
Mother Simpson.
Sideshow Bob's last gleaming.
The Simpsons 138th episode spectacular.
Marge be not proud.
Team Homer.
Two bad neighbours.
Scenes from the class struggle in Springfield.
Bart the fink.
Lisa the iconoclast.
Homer the smithers.
The day the violence died.
A fish called selma.
Bart on the road.
22 short films about Springfield.
Raging Abe Simpson and his grumbling grandson in 'the cuse of the flying hellfish.'
Much Apu about nothing.
Summer of 4 ft 2.

This is one of those seasons that nobody argues about the quality of, so you can take the merits of each episode for granted.

The discs have the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English.
Subtitles: English.

Every disc allows you to watch an episode at a time or all of the ones on it in a row.

Every episode has direct scene access and a commentary from some of those involved in it.

Many episodes have deleted scenes and the episode menu will let you choose whether to watch the episode with them re-inserted or not.

Every menu screen is different and will play some good visual jokes if you let them run without making a selection.

Extras are as follows:

Disc one:
A minute long introduction to the season from Simpsons creator Matt Groening.
Homer in the 3rd dimension. A six minute long feature about how the computer animation in the third part of the episode Treehouse of Horror VI was done.
Paul and Linda's lentil soup. Sir Paul Mccartney reads a recipe for lentil soup first heard in the episode Lisa the Vegetarian.
Animation showcase: this goes with the episode home sweet homediddly-dum-doodily and allows you to watch it with the animation in various stages of completeness.

Disc thre:
A bit from the animators: fourteen minutes from the episode the day the violence died with a commentary from some of the animators talking about how some of the visuals were acheived. It's pretty interesting even if you're not into the technical side of the subject.

Disc four:
The deleted scenes for the season, which are spread about on the discs between the episodes they come from, can be watched here all in a row. Running to eighteen minutes. Either with or without commentary from the production staff. Some are slightly unfinished and thus in black and white.

Another of the above animation showcases, this time on the episode ragaing Abe Simpson and his grumbling grandson in 'the curse of the flying hellfish.'

Another bit from the animators. This runs for nine minutes and has them looking at the episode summer of 4 ft 2.

Special language feature. Allows you to watch the episode twenty two short films about Springfield with the subtitles in either Italian, Japanese, German or Brazilian Portugese.

Also some original sketches from the animators of various characters and scenes. There are eleven of them and they can be looked at individually or in a row.

It's another good package for another strong season of a television institution.
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on 13 January 2006
Although it has already been said, The Simpsons series 7 is the most consistent of the bunch.
The writer's really outdid themselves producing the the finest, sharpest, wittiest episodes to date.
My favourite episodes have to be:
" Lisa The Vegetarian " as Lisa and Homer conflict over her choice of living with hilarious results. Includes guest voices from Paul and Linda McCartney and the hilarious Homer quote, "It's just a little airborne, it's still good, it's still good."
"Mother Simpson" a heartwarming episode when Homer comes face to face with his Mother and discovers she never died but was on the run from the law. includes guest voice Glen Close.
"22 Short Films About Springfield" A hilarious parody in which we see events from the numerous lives of the brilliant characters than make up the town such as Bumblebee man, Nelson, Wiggum and the police force, Snake etc.
"Summer Of 4'2" " Where the Simpsons (and Milhouse) go on vacation and Lisa finally finds true friendship. Another warm yet laugh out loud episode.
If i could i really would write about every episode, Thats how good this series is.
My only gripe is that not too many years after this Matt Groening and co. began to lose the plot a bit and the sad result is that The Simpsons nowadays isn't half the show it used to be.
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on 25 October 2014
The Simpsons season 7 is another really good season of The Simpsons and is definitely worth buying. It's not my favourite season but it is still up there with the classics. The presentation box is good with this time round being film based and just as with the seasons before 11, it's well packaged with plastic cased holders for the DVDs instead of the cheap cardboard, budget packaging these days. The disc menu is animated with Simpsons characters and the menu is made up of play buttons and plus signs (for the extras) which is my favourite set-up, which they still use currently.

On one of the commentaries we're told that this season was based around season 3, which had good family values and is a favoured season by the writers. I can see the parallels but this season is definitely different in feeling to that one. The season begins with the cliff-hanger of Who shot Mr. Burns? (part two), which was left at the end of season 6. Radioactive man was the first episode where they used digital colour and the look of it is quite different. Personally I prefer the hand coloured look rather than the perfect appearance that computers give these days. Other episodes to watch out for is Bart sells his soul (which I've seen a thousand times), Treehouse of horror VI which has a parody of Nightmare on elm street with Willie as Freddie Kreuger and Homer in a 3D world which has an interesting ending!

Homers mother suddenly appears for the first time in Mother Simpson, which has a sweet feel to it, The Simpsons 138th episode spectacular is a highlight with clips from the show, some never seen before, presented by Troy McClure. Team Homer is a great episode with Homer and pals attempting to win a bowling tournament, but then Mr. Burns ruins their plans, Two bad neighbours with George Bush senior going head to head with Homer is definitely a standout, Bart on the road is definitely a favourite with Bart supposedly heading off to Canada for a spelling-bee but drives away to Knoxville with his friends, 22 short films about Springfield is definitely different with all these different stories occurring around Springfield at the same time, Homerpalooza, which features many guest bands and Summer of 4ft.2 with Lisa finding herself on a family vacation are decent endings.

Matt Groening appears on 16 commentaries which is good to see because he barely gets involved with commentaries these days. David Mirkin gives a nice commentary after one of the episodes about how much he enjoyed being the show runner, a position he began on season 5. I really found the commentaries interesting but that's probably because I am sentimental about the episodes, something which I don't feel about everything post season 10.

There are plenty of extras again this season with deleted scenes, available to play with the certain episodes, deleted scenes with commentary which appears on Disc 4 extras. On Disc 1 we've got a featurette on Homer in the third dimension, Paul and Linda McCartney's recipe for Lentil soup from Lisa the vegetarian, an animation showcase. Disc 3 has Art & animation from the animators for The day the violence died - a fun watch, Disc 4 as well as the deleted scenes has a language feature for 22 short films about Springfield, art & animation in a few different forms including original sketches which is interesting to watch.

Another great season I would definitely recommend to any fan of this show young or old
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 May 2008
Season 7 of 'The Simpsons' maintained the same high standard as the sixth, and brought many great episodes, all of which are here.

Honourable mentions of greatness must include the second half of 'Who Shot Mr. Burns' (both parts are available together on The Simpsons: Springfield Murder Mysteries [DVD]), the time 'Bart Sells His Soul' to Comic Book Guy, the sixth entry into the 'Treehouse of Horror' series, the return of Sideshow Bob in 'Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming' (one of his last 'good' episodes) and when Homor finally met his mom in 'Mother Simpson'. There are a couple of celebrity cameos that were becoming increasingly frequent in the show, including Beatles frontman Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda, who guest voiced as themselves.

There's also Troy McClure hosting 'The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular', a special episode which gave us a behind the scenes look at the show, including clips of the series' beginnings on 'The Tracey Ullman Show', fan mail readings, and a look at the "real" Matt Groening Perhaps of most interest to fans at the time, is the chance to see the alternate ending to 'Who Shot Mr. Burns'. It's a fitting tribute to a great programme, which gave us clever writing, brilliant characters, and more affectionate references to television and movies than we can ever begin to count up. Speaking of Troy McClure, in the episode titled 'A Fish Called Selma', which see the washed-up movie star marry Selma, in an attempt to revive his career. Has the one half of Marge's' sisters finally found happiness and love in her third marriage? What do you think!

As with all the other DVD box sets, it's well packaged with plenty of bonus features including episode commentaries and deleted scenes. Although the subsequent season saw the quality slowly begin to drop, season 7 is up there with the best.
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on 15 December 2005
This is easily the best Simpsons series. The animation hits an all time high as well as the colour. The sound is improved plus every episode has a great storyline, series 8 and onward start to get random. If you were to buy one Simpsons series this is the one to get.
The series has many classics that everyone talks about such as King Size Homer, where Homer becomes obese to get off work. He wears the famous flowered Muu-muu.
As I said it really is the best series and it feels really polished and there is a lot more attention to detail. Only one more thing left to say. Buy it!
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2007
Yet another season, yet another dollop of Simpson greatness. Two Bad Neighbours always makes me laugh and if the other episodes were poor this one would be worth it alone - fear not they are all wonderful. Homer the Smithers, Bart on the Road and Much Apu about Nothing are brilliant episodes. Thank you Matt Groening. Life is that little bit sweeter for your brilliant, wonderful television show!
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on 7 June 2009
I think this is one of the best Simpson seasons. I love the episode "Bart on the Road" and I love "The Day the Violence Died" at the end with Lester and Elizer and at the end of "22 Short Films About Spring field" where Nelson has to walk down the road with his trousers down. I thought they were all great and the Halloween special was probably one of the best we've had up there with Treehouse of Horror V and there's a commentary on every episode. I also thought "A Fish Called Selma" was a good episode and it ends with the classic episode "Summer At 4 foot 2" or something like that. I forgot what the name of the episode was exactly.

Thank you for reading
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on 27 March 2010
I just have to say that since I ever watched simpsons on TV it was really fun and fun and fun to watch.But, that was long time agoo, we cant see it on tv now, so I just had to buy this.And wow, from the houl dvd box that has everything, very fancy and smart, till the content in the dvd-s.Love every piece of it :D.And, to note the seller, extreme fast shipment.Got it just in friday, and ordered 5 days back.Very fast!

Only one .....not big of a problem, the packaging is not very securly, a small piece of plastic from the dvd box got cracked.Its not problem, but you could make the package little more secure :)
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on 2 September 2011
I'd forgotten, until I sat down and watched this box set, just how good the earlier Simpsons episodes were. The stand-out episodes for me are 'Homer the Smithers', 'King-Size Homer', the Treehouse of Horror special, 'Bart on the Road' and 'Mother Simpson'.
Best line from Homer - in 'Bart on the Road' - 'I will send Bart the money to get home, then I will murder him'.
'Mother Simpson' has a bittersweet ending but is done very nicely and the music is perfect.
A great series, well worth having in my opinion!
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