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4.4 out of 5 stars39
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2011
This is not just the best rally sim of all time,but one of the finest racing games i've ever played.The fact that personally i think it can still hold it's own amongst the likes of Forza 3 and GT5(WRC2010 not even worth a look).The dated graphics do not deter because the game play and physics are so good you hardly even notice,be sure to download RSRBR2011from rallysim and you will have one of the most immersive driving sims of all time.
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on 8 February 2013
This is the best driving sim out there, full stop.

The feel of the car is amazing as it takes into account each tyre's grip level - which calculated independently, depending on the type surface they are on....and this being a rally it could be 3 different surface all at once !

When you first lock your brake and slide helplessly off the road ( on the gravel and snow stages ) you get a real shock very much like when you drive on snow for the first time for real.

You really need to understand weight transfer and manage it through steering input, throttle application, and braking, the same techniques as racing driver us to control a real car on the limit( look online for on-limit braking and cadence braking techniques :) )

RBR2012 mod updates increase the appeal hugely but standard game physics are spot on. More realistic then Rfactor 1 , GTR 2 etc( although the beta for RF2 is very realistic )

As another reviewer said,its not a game. If you dont have a wheel, forget it. I used to use a a logitech G 25 but have now upgraded to Thrustmaster TR 500 and it makes a huge difference, but this is a fantastic game/sim with any decent wheel, and at this price its even better !! Works well on Win7 64 too !
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on 8 January 2013
Following putting a two star review due to no game after 10 days i received an e-mail saying that there had been a mix up and they had just shipped a replacement out, got it the next day! very prompt service, sorry for the original feedback, now on to the game!

Truly amazing, some of the best tire to road effects ever, you can feel everything! brilliant, physics very good! I have heard of people in the work of brand new, improved physics in an attempt to resurrect this game from the dead, and the trailer video looks brilliant.

More on the force feedback and physics, the feeling and pure accuracy of the FFB is truly stunning, you feel every bump and blade of grass! steering goes a little light over jumps etc, just night and day prepared to games like Dirt 3, even though that's something like 6 years newer. More on the physics side, the tire physics are just correct not anything like Rfactor where you can't even catch a tiny slide or like Dirt 3 where you can go full speed into corners and just slide through them. Although I haven't done the whole rally school yet it's certainly a brilliant initiative in the game, teaching you anything from forcing the car to oversteer to gain more speed and increase the inertia of the turbo around fast corners to scandinavian flicks round 90 degree corners, this game teaches it all! Richard Burns (the instructor for the rally school)teaches you not just how to do these techniques, but also what the car is really doing when this happens, for example the scandinavian flick, in which a sharp turn to the left and then back to the right causes the pendulum effect to swing the car nicely around the corner while remaining a decent speed. All in all I would highly recommend this game!

Fanatec GT3RS V2
Clubsport Pedals V2
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on 6 June 2009
Excellent buy, but be aware that this is a simulator and NOT a game! You have to drive this exactly like a car or you will simply not get around the courses. If you like this sort of thing you will love this game.
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on 28 July 2010
THE best driving sim.

get the ralleyesim RBR2010 mod and all the carpacks downloaded from ralleyesim, and youll never look back. cars from all eras, right up to today with loebs citroen, loads of extra tracks, and much much better graphics.

this then becomes the rally sim to own (it is anyway in vanilla, but RBR2010 makes it so much more)

yes the graphics arent amazing, but theyre very very good for a game of this age and the car physics engine is second to none, even GPL is unrealistic compared to this!!
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on 5 January 2014
Despite it came a few days late, it did not take away how good this game is. The game has one of the best physic engines even though its a decade old. its is the best rally game i have ever played. Its a must for a sim racing collection
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on 6 April 2014
I have played a lot of rally games in my time and by a long way this is the best. Richard Burns was a British rally driver who managed to win the World Rally Championship only once but that was still enough for a game to be made. Unfortunately, Richard Burns died in 2005, aged 34, and no more games were to be made (Unlike Colin McRae).
- This is the most realistic rally game out there.
- Clear pace note instructions although takes some getting used to what gear you are supposed to be in.
- Brilliant physics
- Graphics are not very good but this is an old game and the physics make up for this.
- Doesn't work if you have more than one monitor plugged in unless you get the plugin
- complete the rally school. This will really help.
- download the RSRBR Mod to get more cars and stages. Makes the game a whole lot better.
- have a steering wheel and pedals

Overall this is a very good game and is worth picking up IF you have a steering wheel and the patience to practice a lot to get good at it and for it to be excellent fun!
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on 5 December 2012
Probably one of the most realistic rally sims I have played despite it coming out a number of years ago, better than DIRT 3?
Good price and delivered on time.
Many thanks
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on 19 August 2013
I bought this excellent value-for-money game for my 8-years old grandson after falling foul of buying a number of games that could not be played with a basic joy-pad that I had got him. As a result, my keyboard would get thumped and hammered when he was excited or agitated and I needed a solution. I found a list of games on-line via Google, that could be played with the joy-pad and this was one of them. No killing, no violence - just loads of boy-fun, trying to get the better of the selection of cars and rally circuits on offer! What's more, my keyboard lives on!
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on 20 November 2010
Still THE best rally simulator available today, which, considering the software's age, is a damning indictment of modern software house's unwillingness, or their programmer's ineptitude, to come up with a product worthy of being called a challenger, even successor!

Buy this - it's the closest thing you'll get to rally driving a car without spending tens of thousands of pounds on a real rally car and taking your life into your hands by going ten-tenths in it on a real track.

Works with Track IR and G25 (gated gearchange with patch).
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