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4.0 out of 5 stars34
4.0 out of 5 stars
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21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on 23 September 2009
Its typical that the most likley time you are ever likely to run out of ink is when you have something important or urgent to print. So its always a good idea to have a replacement of each colour available.

If you can afford to buy in bulk its a little cheaper to buy a whole set. Saves on postage at the very least!

I have always preferred to buy the Epson original inks - more expensive than compatibles but in my view give better results.

For me, the only down side of buying this bulk set is that my 4+ year old R800 was beginning to show signs of age - needing frequent recalibration and head cleaning. And I could have bought a whole new (Canon) printer for less than the cost of this bulk set.

So in finishing this review, these Epson inks are the best, and the R800 is a fantastic printer but if yours is more than a couple of years old and getting temperamental ask yourself if you should be buying all your inks in bulk.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 3 July 2013
*Multi Pack* Originals ** Epson Stylus Photo & Pro Ink Cartridges For R800/R1800/4000/9600 T0540/T0541/T0542/T0543/T0544/T0547/T0548/To549BULK PACKED ** FULL SET ** Epson Stylus Photo 2100 ink inkjet print cartridges T0341 T0342 T0343 T0344 T0345 T0346 T0347 T0348 Office Clearance/Trade Surplus - Print Refills. This company would have ZERO stars if it were possible. The product arrived without any of the original Frog packaging at all. Their stock is out of date as removal of outer packaging has the expiry date on it. I spoke to Norman and at no time was I informed as to the state of the product I would be supplied. Delivery request was ignored as they were informed the recipient was handicapped and would be in hospital on certain days. Of course they attempted a delivery on one of those days. They state that delivery would be made by Royal Mail, it was not which did not help. Attempts to sort the problems were totally ignored and Norman the Manager made false allegations followed up by ignoring emails. If you have a problem with this company do record any phone conversations as you may be accused of attacking their staff verbally as I was. The recorded conversation proved otherwise and in fact stated it was an eBay order which it was not, communication with them is seemingly a very bad point and is one way. You will suggest something which they will ignore and expect you to listen to them.


After I complained about my experience with Print Refills via PayPals' Complaint procedure quoting the correct references it seems as though there was not a link between the two communications so one was closed and the latter ignored in addition to a communication error. PayPal are now aware of this anomaly so hopefully no one should encounter this problem again.

I think the above would have been rectified a very long time ago had anyone complained and it is an example of where complainants have possibly given up so nothing gets resolved both in favour of a customer or a supplier.

I contacted the CEO of PayPal Europe about my problem as I considered my experience was not acceptable at all. Within 24 hours I received a phone call from the Executive Office and was able to discuss fully the entirety of the problem. Within 48 hours everything had been dealt with and the matter was resolved and closed.

The moral of the story is that if you do have a genuine complaint things can be rectified but always record as much detail as possible and copy emails and communications where possible to support your case. If you feel you are unable to deal with the matter yourself due to the stress of it all ask a friend for support and do not feel embarrassed to ask. That's what real friends are for.


From Norman Please do not take this too personally. All further emails will be ignored. Please also do not buy from us again anywhere the experience is exhausting. He is also VERY personal as after being told of my problem he then is extremely rude in relation to it. Gemma another member of staff writes :- You seem a very angry man. Life is not easy. I understand you just can not take out your disappointment on everyone else. All I required was an old fashioned bit of honesty instead of being deceived with product that could damage my printer as I had no alternative but to use it as being immobile I could not get alternative replacements. Neither can I get out to return it at further loss to myself which I do not accept. I mentioned Trading Standards and instead the company is ignoring emails.

I have attached other comments from customers, whilst I did read some prior to purchase I presumed it might be one of those things. IT IS AND WAS NOT. BE WARNED IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY THIS COMPANY WILL MAKE NO ATTEMPT TO RESOLVE AND LIKE OTHER CUSTOMERS THE DOOR WILL BE SLAMMED IN YOUR FACE. WHAT DOES THAT SAY. I TRANSLATE IT AS HARD LUCK WE HAVE GOT YOUR MONEY, YOU WONT GET IT BACK AND IF YOU DO RETURN ANY GOODS IT WILL BE AT YOUR LOSS...*Multi Pack* Originals ** Epson Stylus Photo & Pro Ink Cartridges For R800/R1800/4000/9600 T0540/T0541/T0542/T0543/T0544/T0547/T0548/To549

2/5: "Delivery quick but cartridges VERY old -2009 and 2008. Described as 'new'!! I need them now and they work but for how long I wonder? I will not be ordering from this company again."
patriciajane, 6 June 2013
2/5: "The original box packaging that was shown on amazon is missing. Only the cartridges and the inner wrappings were provided." Mah, 6 June 2013
2/5: "The product was not as described/illustrated. Instead it appeared to be a much older version. However, delivery was prompt and no problem experienced in returning for a full refund."
Vespa, 29 May 2013
1/5: "The ink only can print blue and yellow. The red already got mixed with something I dont know. it is coming out black not red.. But I can not exchange. It's unfear."
Hongqiang Y., 16 May 2013
1/5: "Simply cancelled the order with no proper explanation."
Mrs R., 15 May 2013
4/5: "Good seller but should have explained how the cartridges would be delivered. The cartridges were individually wrapped delivered in a bubble wrapped envelope. This is a minor complaint so that is why a rating of four stars has been given." Nigel R., 11 May 2013
2/5: "The product arrived not as described "original and new". The package is very basic and printout start fading after 50 pages. Not happy about the product. " yy, 10 May 2013
1/5: "they cancelled my order then put the same item back up for sale £40 dearer. would never buy from these again"
disgruintled customer, 10 May 2013
2/5: "This firm is a fine example of poor communication and misleading advertising. When requested for the BC02 cartridge that was advertised, they claim that cartridge 'Is not sent at that price'. I have the e-mail communication to prove it. The delivery was prompt with a reckless attitude to product ordered.Customer service here, does not listen, it 'preaches' to the customer. Buy elsewhere! "
Sanjay Wijesinghe, 9 May 2013
1/5: "The box was completely crushed on arrival. When I opened the parcel I found that the seller had opened the HP box and had removed some printing papers (150 sheets) from this HP promotional package. On further examination I found that the cartridges were labelled as product of Ireland, while the box was saying product of Netherlands. I feel totally disgusted by this treatment."
Mr. M., 22 April 2013
2/5: "This ink cartridge was faulty on arrival. This seller did not arrange a credit or return and only replied to my e-mail to request further details. The refund was arranged by Amazon not the seller."
ken g., 21 April 2013
2/5: "These printer cartridges were old and dried out one of them had the protective shield and wrapping missing a waste of money and unable to contact to rectify and ex plain the situation received a £10 refund in the end on a order that cost £60 first and last time I will use this supplier "
Mrs J., 13 April 2013. Customer refunded for only ONE cartridge.
2/5: "I had to use this anyway, but an Epson cartidge in box is illustrated and an unpackaged cartidge arrived. Sealed, yes, but not sealed in original Epson packaging. Returning was not an option because I needed a cartidge urgently, but I feel the description was misleading." A J., 11 April 2013
1/5: "Still waiting for a refund. This was not brand new. It was a refill. Did not come in orignal box as advertised. Just buy the cartridge from your usual supplier." mickeymouse, 6 April 2013
2/5: "no" Ghulam A., 5 April 2013
4.0 out of 5 stars Not in Frog packaging as shown in picture, 27 Nov 2012

Not in Frog packaging as shown in picture, 27 Nov 2012
By Gadget man (UK) - See all my reviews

This review is from: *Multi Pack* Originals ** Epson Stylus Photo & Pro Ink Cartridges For R800/R1800/4000/9600 T0540/T0541/T0542/T0543/T0544/T0547/T0548/To549 (Office Product)
Arrived promptly.
Not in Frog packaging as shown in picture. Arrived in Epson labelled shrink wrap.
They seem to be original virgin cartridges, but I can't really tell. Loaded ok.
Worry- Is this Ink Cartridge Genuine?, 18 Feb 2012
By J. Wells "JAKI" (Ipswich, England) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Epson Original Ink Cartridge T0544 Yellow (Office Product)
I have always bought original inks for my Epson Stylus Photo 800,even though the price is very high.

Today I am printing important invitations, the yellow ink is out . I replace it with one that arrived from Amazon recently.
Instantly a notice comes up that the ink is not genuine. I click that I will still use it . My time is short. The invitations must go.

No way. The printer has stopped and won't print at all no matter what I do.
It is Sunday and I can't find a shop open.
Nearly out of date ink, 31 May 2010
By A. B. Mcpherson - See all my reviews
This review is from: Epson Original Ink Cartridge T0542 Cyan (Office Product)
This ink cartridge was made in >> October 2001 << and is therefore nearly 9 years old, so it should have been even cheaper.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 10 May 2010
It seems to be harder and harder to get inks for my Epson Stylus photo R1800 at a reasonable price. As archivability is essential I dont want to use 3rd party inks but the price you can end up paying for individual inks is a nightmare -thank goodness for the multi packs!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 18 February 2011
Epson cartridges for the R800 are not cheap but these were a little cheaper than most. Quick to arrive and easy to install and do give quality results. But the automatic cleaning does use ink up rapidly and I always hold my breath when this happens because I can hear the pennies tinkling away with no photos being printed. Yes - they are expensive but do give excellent results. Would recommend the seller AND the product with the proviso on cost!!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 18 November 2010
I bought these inks a short while ago , they are super pigmented inks and used in conjunction with archival paper deliver superb results that will apparently last for 100 yrs plus .just look at images printed withing a year or two on any other printer they will be faded . not with these new inks .7 of the 8 cartridges are currently £16+each, bought from epson and the 8th one priced at £11.99
at local uk stores I have seen these cartridges for sale at between £18 and £23 each .
in my view if you want the best ,you have to be prepared to pay for it ,and to date this is the cheapest I have seen them.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 December 2014
My venerable Epson R1800 is still plodding on, and so far I have stuck with the original Epson inks, but the price for individual inks is quite prohibitive (especially if bought direct from Epson!!) This set of inks are (relatively) reasonably priced and have worked fine so far. I was a bit concerned that the original outer packaging had been removed from this set, so I could not tell if they were still 'in date' or not, but they have run OK so far. The archival quality of the Epson inks is preferable, but the price is becoming ridiculous, especially for older printers and this pricing structure is not particular to Epson.

So, if you need archival quality prints, then these multi packs are the most cost-effective way of buying them, but I am thinking of trying the compatibles, which are 1/10 of the price.
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on 27 May 2014
I would give no stars if I could. I usually buy my cartridges individually as I need them but due to cost I decided to try a multi pack. I saw the bad reviews for some suppliers of this product so decided to pay a bit extra and go with Amazon as the supplier in the hope that they would have a good product. WRONG.
I was sent the cartridges in just Epson shrink wrap and no outer packaging. I know that often happens - to save postage I guess but my cartridges came in a massive outer box that could have held 12 or more fully packed sets!!!! 2 of the cartridges were not even in Epson shrink wrap and had obviously been opened and returned for some reason. How do I know that they have not been used or dried up or are faulty? No manufacture dates or anything to show they are ok. Had to return the lot and now can't print as my printer needs all its cartridges to operate!!!!!
I can see no need for any supplier to open up the outer packaging of any cartridges. Why do they do this????
I can only assume its to hide the fact that multi packs sold like this are made up from odds and sods and all sorts of junk! How do I know that the ones that had been opened had not be refilled generics?????
Very disappointed as these are costly inks. I could not do the return on the site as it would not allow a refund and would not let me print lables. I had to then talk to cust svs to arrange a return and refund. I put a note in with my return to say BAD Amazon and how disappointed I was with the goods and why do they open packs - lets see if I get an answer????
I would never get multi packs from anyone on Amazon that cannot guarantee unopened packaging. I have had a long and very happy purchasing experience of SINGLE cartridges from, InksBroker , Amazon and Allday Office Supplies so I will continue to use them.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 15 September 2010
What is there to say? The inks arrived in good time,nothing was damaged, and they work perfectly, much better than any refills.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 14 December 2010
At a time when the manufacturer is pricing up replacement cartridges, as a prelude to discontinuing the product, it is refreshing to know that for a short time at least I can continue to get a competively priced suppy from Amazon. Well done.
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12 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 7 March 2009
After years of having to pay inflated prices to buy these Epson cartridges singly, it is pleasing that one retailer will offer them as a multi-pack at a fair price.
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