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4.6 out of 5 stars382
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 November 2011
There is no such thing as a bad "24 hr" home-made sausage!
***Make sure your grinder blade plates are "super-tight" with some strength used, or else you will merely "smush" any meat you attempt to grind*** not tightenin is a common mistake & increases the liklihood of meat & connective tissue being pulled through but not minced.. WE WANT MINCED MEAT not SMUSHED meat!

Whilst the power of the kenwood means there is no aching arm manually grinding the meat it still is advisable for 2 people to be part of the overall process, the kenwood is consistently chewing through the pre-prepped meat as fast as the filler can handle, consistency is the key to avoid air bubbles, so pace yourselves & enjoy the fun, (& results)

We adore our meat grinder / sausage maker attachment, producing a variety of big batches of QUALITY sausages, MINCE & BURGERS.

It's a very sturdy bit of kit that does need to be cleaned thoroughly & made ready for the next use, so best to have a practise run to familiarise yourself, sharpen knives, read up on the basics of sausage making just to keep any form of panic down ...the sausage meat coming out of the machine does tend to make for some hollering & momentary silliness especially if it go's too quickly based on your experience!

As a result of taking our time, its now a family thing, involving our child too, AFTER we got the production line principle down to a fine art, the kenwood allows her to partake & learn cooking, baking & making of quality food, not to mention a sense of achievement & can do ability, not to mention the ability to use a knife (under guidance) to prep & chop various ingredients... our daughter was nigh on a self imposed vegetarian from birth until she found sausages to her liking, now there's no stopping her & it's brought about a change in her diet, outlook & understanding of animal welfare & what we put in our mouths! (bonus)

We batch make 5-10lbs of sausage per batch, often making up to 30lbs total of varying flavours & sausage types so scrub down surfaces & prepare trays to chill, fill & make plenty of space in the fridge for the whole run...(best to think pre-emptively)

Part of the problem folk have with this item is lack of user knowledge which is only aquired if you prepare, read ahead or through simple experience, such as ..

Maintaining the right size of cubes for the grinder & no larger,

Cold hands to prevent fat melting & blocking (that's what the pusher is for as well as keeping fingers away from the grinder)...

Pre-cutting, chilling & seasoning overnight BEFORE you even contemplate getting your Kenwood out in order that you may allow the meat & ingredients to blend properly & absorb flavour, prior to frying / baking some off to see if it's as strong & flavoursome as you require.

Be quick ading & mixing your seasonings, as those hands soon melt the fats, thus cold hands, cold meat, & frequent trips to chill in the extra cold fridge or freezer for a while to help you keep it off your hands & to assist it's way through the machine, it's warm fat lumps that tend to cause you trouble clogging the passage of a grinder.

Partial cleaning by sending "some" white bread through your grinder before & after use.

Remember the "preparation" phrase used earlier, we have now ground our meat (coarse die setting) in essence we've used friction choppers et al to warm the meat, so ad your flavours mix & throw it back into a fridge (I set mine at 1 or 2 degrees the day before to add a more penetrative chill through my meat for both cutting & grinding.

Space, make space & plenty of it, you need it for storage, cutting, learning to make sausage links, or burger piles etc, so elbow room & 2 folk who are up for a laugh but can work as a team, (talking 2 adults here not children until you are sure of your own competence in this sausage making skill!

Mixer on the slowest speed.

Take small balls of the ground meat mix, feed them into the hopper of the grinder.

Air MAY come out first, swelling the casing like a balloon.

Hold the casing in place until the meat fills the casing, then slowly guide the filled casing off the stuffer as it's filled. This is likely to need two people.. one person to add meat into the hopper, one to hold the sausage as it comes off the stuffer.

Ensure that if you see air bubbles, that you force the air out of the casing.

Leave roughly 4 inches of empty casing on the end.
When you've gone through this process & have made a good amount chill them for around 24hrs or freeze them ..don't cook straight away*

*Sausages may burst because they are either overfilled in the skins /casings, or they have too many air bubbles when making the sausages. When using collagen casings they are to be left to "rest" in the fridge overnight. Too much liquid in the sausage can also cause bursting, this means that we try & keep the mix as dry as possible, ..possibly through use of a stabiliser to help absorb liquid (breadcrumbs / rusk, also serving as a filler, ideally we want a selection of ingredients that bind well enough remaining fairly dry but not crumbly.
Cooking too quickly or putting in a very hot pan can also make the skins burst.

Ordering of sausage casings, flavours tools burger presses etc can be done via a basic web search, we use a traditional butchers supplier from up north.

If you get into this then do consider an "embossed" capable vacuum sealer & bags for your output, such as from 100 Embossed Vacuum Bags - 20 x 30cm ..tip these guys have been in the business for years but have limited stock on Amazon, & are well worth a visit!
Another great Kenwood Chef accessory that's stood the test of time, worthy of your time & money for the cracking results it will produce with some "cooks" planning!

To us a good sausage is better than steak as it's far more versatile, & we'd not be doing this now if it wasn't for our wonderful Kenwood chef (KM010 model for reference)

Try making mince with it, then move onward & upward, despite it fitting on the low speed outlet (front) of your kenwood,it like anything mechanical takes a little time to feel comfortable with, the results are worth that initial feeling of intrepidation.

Hand clean, hand assemble, it's simple as pie!

push yourself ...amaze yourself!
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on 4 October 2015
I have used it for a while now mainly to make mince. Simply buy a piece of meat and mince it. It tastes much better than bought from shop and you know what is in it. It is also good for making veg purée.

It feels very solid and is built from aluminium with steel moving parts. You get three 3 sizes of extrusion discs and some sausage adaptors that fit in nicely in a pusher.

Now bear in mind that the casing is made out of aluminium and should not be put into dishwasher. As with all aluminium products they will come out black. However the extrusion disks are made out of steel and they can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. To clean the disk you can either use a brush and tap out any pieces that are left in the holes. Another method is to put some bread through the mincer when you used all your meat up.

It can be fiddly to put together and I find it easiest by assembling it attached to the mixer. Make sure you put the blades the right way or you might get a sludge and not mince.
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All I can say is WOW! Forget supermarket mince, they can keep it! I buy simple value beef and once it has been minced its fabulous without any chewy bits! I reckon this will pay for itself within months.

It is extremely well built and feels very solid. Like most of the Chef attachments this is so simple to fit, although trying to choose the right grinding disc was a case of trial and error to get the right texture. You can even make baby food and puree and this is great fun to play about with and try different ingredients to grind. We have even tried to make sausages, we went into a butchers and bought about 20 skins for 50p and had a go making sausages with pork and herbs. They were definately different! But I will try again but find a sausage recipe to follow.

Some people have mentioned about the cleaning of this gadget and it really isnt a problem. We put pieces of bread in to push out the last of the mince and to be honest once you have done that its easy to clean.

This is a great buy and will last a lifetime I am sure.
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on 7 December 2009
Does exactly what it says if used correctly with the Chef. I would recommend a higher powered Chef if you are going to mince very stiff or gristly meats. We were trying to mince Lamb with skin on.

Works particularly well if you use a slow speed on the controller rather than trying to force through quickly. This way the motor and the meat stays cools and doesn't overheat. Nice and easy to clean if you get yourself a tiny bottle brush to clean the holes. Will probably tarnish if you use in a dishwasher (as Mrs Bird mentioned, and so hand washing and drying is recommended. This goes for any cast aluminium product not just kenwood

Comes with sausage maker nozzle (although I'm unlikley to use that), 3 sizes of mincer discs, a plastic cover for the top dish (so you can cover your meat etc if you have to stop for a few minutes) and a pusher to feed meat into the worm.

I don't know what "dougie D" is talking about as it is clearly mentioned in the title 'Kenwood chef and Major Attachment' I bought just five days before his review, and if you check the part number on the pages for the Kenwood chefs, this is also listed as an attachment.

It is also described under the items technical details "Attachment for slow speed outlet" which is the one on the front as shown in the photos, and it is also mentioned in the product description as an attachment for the Kenwood chef etc , That is the whole point of Kenwood Chefs. One unit and many add-ons.
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on 5 November 2012
I bought this grinder, it worked badly, but I was stuck for economical alternatives.

Encouraged by the generally positive reviews, I decided that my grinder must be faulty, and threw the dice again - I ordered the "exact" same model, but this one so happened to be from a different seller.

That second one works a dream.

The difference? The second one looks the same on the outside, but look inside and it has a white plastic ring where the spinning component meets the casing. This means that it's metal grinding on plastic instead of metal on metal.

So, the first one I bought used to produce loads of horrible oil, presumably emmitted by the machine to (ineffectually) lubricate the metal-on-metal. The instructions said that would only happen for the first use or two, but instead the problem got worse with time, with lots of meat being ruined by the grey oily goo.

The second one I bought never had that problem, and has worked well since opening.

In one instance, making burgers for a huge party, I have used it to grind 28 pounds of beef chuck in one sitting, which it did without batting an eyelid. Yes, that's 2 stone or 14 kilos worth of beef. It's brilliant.

If you buy this, look inside, and if you see no white plastic ring, expect it to fail. Give it a go, and if it does fail, send it back and buy another.

Amazon, please check with Kenwood, and make sure you are stocking the one with the plastic part. It's brilliant.
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on 21 December 2011
I use this in my restaurant for various meat types and have found it really good and easy to use. Some mincers have one speed however the kenwood can be adjusted to go faster or slower as required and is very easy to clean
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on 23 May 2012
Love it ... I bought this mainly because I wanted the mincer attachement, but then got talked into having a go at making sausages by my son. My local butcher supplied me with the sausage casing and some good quality pork belly , and gave me a couple of tip on how to get the best outcome.We made some surprisingly good sausages and knew 100% what went into them!! Minimal fat and no additives.
With anything like this the main thing is to follow the instructions and take time getting the preparation done before starting off. Chunk the meat up first, then start off with the course cutter/mincer attachement and work down. Clear the last bits out by putting a bit of bread through.
If you are doing sausages from there, I have found its better to go a little heavier on the seasoning than you think you need to , and when you are making the sausages, keep the casing wet so it slides off the attchment as the sausage mix fills it.
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on 10 November 2015
Unfortunately I have an older Kenwood Chef and this appliance does not fit it. The locating lug is at the top whilst on my machine it needs to be at the bottom. Also the connection is to big.
review image review image
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on 7 November 2010
I used to make my own sausages 20 years ago with a hand mincer (frigging hard work) and a piping nozzle. I have now moved on to this piece of kit AT950A and very impressed. As another user suggested "go slow" to start with. Most butchers will supply you with skin and it is good to start with equal amounts of pork shoulder to pork belly. 1kg (2kg total meat)of each will give you about 32 good sized sausages. I would recommend you use the course cutter as this gives you a good texture. If you use course and then process again with medium screen you will find the texture very fine indeed thus making the sauage very tight.
You need about 2-3 teaspoons salt per kg of meat. It is important to do small batches even if it is only 2-4 sausages at a time then you don't risk having to eat loads of kak bangers.
You do not have to tie the ends of the skins when you start or finish and when you twist the sauages to the lenght you want say every 4 inches (10cm) twist the fist clockwise and then the next anti-clockwise and so on, this prevents you winding the up (and yourself).
A couple of tips... you will have some sinue tie itself around the centre of the cutter when you have finished mincing, don't put this in you sauasge mix run it under a warm tap for easy removal and discard...when you have finished the last batch put a slice of bread in the mincer to puch all the meat through and clean it, you can just pick the bread out of you finished mince as the colour changes and is easy to spot...GO EASY on the spices or you will over power the meat, many recipes have far too much spice, obviously fresh herbs are better and less strength.
So go and but one and you definately will not be disappointed. I am off to do some kebbe now. PS I bought mine from Currys for only £31.99 free postage.
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on 18 October 2010
I made my first batch of sausages yesterday, with 2 different pork shoulder joints. One was from Tesco and one was from a local farm butcher. The quality of meat made such a difference. The Tesco joint was much more sinewy and clogged the grinder a couple of times. The joint from the local farm butcher went through perfectly (although in appearance was much more fatty, the kind of white melty fat that you get on a decent joint of meat).
The same thing happended with the two different meats when I put them through the sausage maker. All in all quite an interesting excerise in supermarket meat -v- local farm butcher! I used the course grinder and large sausage nozzle to make Toulouse sausages.

This is a superb attachment, easy to fix, use and clean. It made 60 decent size sausages in about an hour. Smaller batches would take a similar amount of time as a lot of the time is in set up, preparation and cleaning. So make loads and freeze them. Use good quality fatty cuts of meat! Well worth every penny and means I can re-create my favourite french sausages!
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