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4.4 out of 5 stars82
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2007
I have been doing yogalates on and off for about a year. Lately, though, I've been doing it for about 3 months straight, which the presenter/creator Louise Solomon recommends to see results. I have a long history of starting/stopping diets and exercise routines, gym memberships, etc. This is the only program that has had a lasting effect on me, one that I continue to do and love. At 16 pounds, it is SUCH good value. I bought it for retail when it first came out. There is enough variety to suit everyone or yourself depending on your mood. I've had back and neck problems and doing this has helped. Some exercises suit beginners and some suit the more advanced, you need to work your way through all of them and see which ones feel right at first, then move on to the harder moves later.

To describe the actual process: well, it's calm and slow, meditative, yet very intensive. Sometimes it's as little as holding a pose like you've paused midst-crunch, and it feels like it lasts forever, building strength into your abs. yet, it's so gentle no never feel like you're straining joints, etc. There's no annoying background music, Louise talks through the exercises which helps sometimes (reminds you to relax face muscles which you didn't realize were clenched) and sometimes you have to have extra breaths to get back in time with her breaths, as she talks so long sometimes. Still, never a problem. Once you've done the exercises enough, you should have it memorized. I do, and the other day when my dvd player wouldn't play, I did my own routine using my favourite moves. It utilizes yoga poses, of which I'm not familiar, as I never did exercise like this before, but they're like intense stretches. It strengthens the core muscles around your spine and if you're a true beginner, follow her beginner routine. It's usually Louise and about 3-4 other people in the video, and one person always does an easier version of the exercise/pose, which helps. From experience, I recommend doing the beginner ones until you're ready to move on, otherwise you might be sore the day after.

As far as results go, it definitely works. I haven't had massive weight loss, as I've only just started eating properly again. But the difference in my body is hugely noticable, and this is the first summer I feel more confident about showing my legs. For something that feels so 'easy' while you're doing it, it gives results akin to going to the gym. My arm muscles are toned. My waist and abs are defined, and my legs are more toned. I recently noticed my ankles look better (!) Now that I've stuck with it, I am reaping the rewards. It's pleasant to do, and I do it first thing in the morning, and find that it gives me more energy. I can tell the difference in days that I've done it and days I haven't, I'm much more lethargic and my neck and back are more twingy on days I don't do it. I go through phases where I get tired of it, but I always return.

You need space in your living room to be able to lay down and freely move your arms and legs around. I also have just discovered the helpfulness of have a yoga mat. I got an extra cushiony mat and found it has made moves MUCH more comfy. I think I'd injured my wrist doing Wii tennis and doing one pose (downward facing dog) was hurting a bit, but the mat helped. Also, I recommend doing just one workout which is 20 - 30 minutes every day during the week rather than the whole thing (1.5 hours) 3 times a week, just easier and less boring that way. I used to do it the last way and found it worked better doing one workout at a time, maybe two if I felt in the zone, but some dvds have 3 workouts. One more thing; pay attention to her 'breathing system', because I think this is where a lot of the ab work gets subtly slipped in, and as a singer by trade, I think it's helped my lungs get stronger.

This boxset is amazing value. Your body will change, be more toned and, if you're like me, will make you more aware of your posture, thus improving your back etc. There's also a concentration on pelvic floor muscles, which I believe has improved as well, great if you've had a baby. Just get it and don't give up after a week or two; you might notice a few changes right away, but the sculpted look will take a few months. Doing this and eating more healthily has made me feel a hundred times better, both physically and mentally. I can't believe I'm actually writing a review about how much I LOVE an exercise video. Seriously... get it.
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VINE VOICEon 8 August 2007
Yogalates is the concept invented by Louise Solomon, which as you have probably guessed, a fusion of Yoga and Pilates.

The DVD's in the boxset are as following:

- Yogalates: Look great in 28 days!

- Total Body Toner: 4 Workouts, Abs, Upper Body, Lower Body and all 3 together for the advanced student.

- Ultimate Yogalates: Sculpts and tones buttocks and legs, arms and abs.

- Yogalates Energizer: Workouts using the resistance band which is included with this DVD.

- Yogalates Firm, Fit & Flexible: Focuses on stretching and strengthening.

All of these DVD's are available seperately.

I think this boxset is a great purchase, you are spoilt for choice with workouts as on average there are 2-4 workouts on each dvd so you can do 1 section of a DVD that takes 20 mins or do the whole dvd and do an hour.

In most of the reviews I have read people have said that they don't like Louise's voice and that they find it patronising. You have to realise that as being a yoga teacher she talks very slowly, and a lot, in a very soothing voice. I don't find it irritating at all, the commentary helps me to do the moves, especially when I'm all bent out of shape and I can't see the telly to follow the students! I'm not particularly confident at Yogalates so I appreciate the continual breakdown of moves.

You don't really need any kit for this DVD. A resistance band is included with Yogalates Energizer, but if you haven't bought that then you might want to consider buying either a resistance band or the DVD (though the DVD is probably cheaper!) as I find the resistance band is really useful to do difficult moves. Otherwise Louise recommends using things around the house to help you, she recommends a blanket if you don't have a yoga mat, and she uses hand towels and cushions in her workout and I'm sure everyone has those!

I have really enjoyed using all of the dvds, I'm a beginner and I find all the moves manageable to do. Louise always starts with a basic move then shows you ways to 'advance' it, but then there is always one student who continues doing the beginner move so that you can choose not to advance if you wish. It's really useful, I always give the difficult moves a go but then I can always go back if I find it too difficult. The DVD's are not fast paced, they are really well explained and so easy to follow.

The DVD is shot in a white room which people have commented on as boring, but it doesn't bother me. There is also no music, I think this beats whale music or the awful soundtrack that most fitness DVD's have, but if it bothers you that much you can always put on your own music!

All in all I really love these DVD's, I find that I actually WANT to work out which is really unusual for me, I'm a complete couch potato! I have got more energy in the day and the lower back pain that I usually get in the evening has eased considerably. I manage to do 2 30 minute workouts a day and have started to see results after a fortnight.

I would really recommend these dvd's, if you're still unsure then read the testimonials and watch the video clips at [...]
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on 18 August 2006
This box set of 5 Yogalates DVDs has been one of the best exercise purchases I've ever made. Yogalates has been the first form of exercise that I've managed to sustain for longer than a couple of weeks at a time. I have been practising Yogalates for over 4 months now, and am still not tired of it.

Having all 5 of the DVDs is great too; I tend to hop around and do an advanced bit of one of the DVDs, then do an easier section that I know will be relaxing. It just gives more variety.

It's just fab - I get home from work at the end of the day and look forward to doing some Yogalates as a way of unwinding and getting myself out of a bad mood.

For a while, I felt like it wasn't doing much, but I stuck to it, and loads of people have now said I look slimmer, and that my tummy's flatter. I feel like I should be doing more cardio activity, but so far I haven't been, and I'm still seeing benefits.

Look at it not as an expensive purchase, but as an investment in a flat tummy and no more flab.
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on 3 December 2002
This DVD is fabulous, I have always struggled to exercise and have had plenty of gym memberships that have rarely been used.
I bought this DVD as I enjoy Yoga but often find the positions quite difficult and I enjoy Pilates but sometimes struggle with the breathing techniques. This DVD combines the best of both, I found it so easy to follow and it doesn't move to fast so you can always keep up.
I have done this workout every night for the past two weeks in the run up to my holiday and my stomach has flattened considerably, I am very impressed. I would definately recommend this DVD to anyone, of any age.
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on 20 April 2003
This video is great because it gives you the results you want without any hard work. At the end you feel stretched and relaxed, and I also noticed that I slept better after practicing in the evening. Don't forget to buy a rubber band, because without it the workout is less effective. The only part I don't like is that once you've used the video for the first time, the instructor's talking at the beginning becomes unnecessary and you have to fast-forward for ages to get to the actual workout.
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on 16 October 2007
Louise Solomon has put together a brilliant program. I have two other of her videos (Total Body Toner and Fit Firm and Flexible) and her book. I enjoyed working with the band, and like the fact that it is floor work. The workouts on this video are definitely 'baby friendly' in that your baby thinks you are playing with them when you are working out. You can also stop what you are doing, tend the baby and then start right back up where you left off, not possible with aerobics or free weight training as you have to gradually slow down and then stretch before stopping. I enjoyed the yoga poses in the second workout, and the bonus corporate workout is about 7 minutes and it is effective for your shoulders (relieving tension) and for your legs (encouraging the blood back to your heart). It is for people who sit at a computer desk all day. She recommends doing that workout twice daily when you are at your computer. I find her instructions great and her voice very soothing. I like that I don't have to change and get 'geared up' (that feeling of impending dread) for these workouts and that I can just put the DVD in and do my workout and then go out right after. I don't have to worry that I am a mess like I did with traditional gym workouts and aerobics. This program fits my life, and doesn't BECOME my life like trying to schedule trips to the gym.

One other thing that I really like and appreciate about her workout programs is that you don't need to buy any expensive equipment which then you have to store. You just need a cushion, a handtowel and if you don't have a mat, a blanket folded to give you two layers to lay on works just fine and then for the standing postures, just work barefoot on your carpet or hard floor. I have even done this video laying on my bare hard floor before I had the idea to use a folded blanket. Another reviewer said she just used a stretchy knitted scarf instead of the wide fitness resistance band. I think if memory serves me correctly, I even tried used my dressing gown/bathrobe belt for this. It isn't stretchy but in a pinch it will do until you can buy a fitness band.

A no excuse workout that you can do so easily. One workout is 26 minutes and the other one is 30 minutes. If you were to go to the gym, that is at least an hour or maybe even two hours to get ready (pack your kit), drive there, get changed, do your class then get changed and drive home again. With this, you put in your dvd, do your workout and then go - no fancy clothes, no fancy gadgets. I never put on workout clothes - just exercise in whatever I am wearing be it pjs or jeans and yes I have even done this program while wearing a skirt (nobody sees me - I always close the curtains)! So all it takes is the workout time and the 30-45 extra seconds to put your dvd in the player and then put it away when you are finished. Very doable I think - I have a toddler these days and I can do it with her climbing all over me (LOL). It allows me to have time for me, and not get stressed out - I used to get so stressed with my first child because I was trying to do mainstream fitness programs that just don't work if you have a baby or toddler - I would frustrate myself and my child. I don't have that with this program - I am much more laid back and am able to stop the program if need be, then start right back in where I left off.
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on 21 March 2002
I chose this video for its combination of yoga and pilates. I have done it 3 times a week and after 4 weeks really noticed a difference in my body shape!
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on 18 June 2010
I bought this because I've had a lot of trouble with sciatica, and after the last really bad bout, I was advised to take up Pilates to strengthen my core. Because I'd done yoga before, I thought I'd try this.

It's very easy to follow, Louise Solomon explains everything and takes it at a steady pace. I've never been great at sticking to exercise plans, but I'm really happy to do this, every morning. And despite what other reviewers might have said about her voice, I don't find it patronising or irritating, I find it quite soothing.

The programme claims that 'if you do it three times a week for a month, you'll start to lose weight, and if you keep it up for three months, you'll have the body you've always wanted.' Well... I don't know about that but I've now been doing it five days a week for five years, and haven't lost any weight at all, however, I do feel better, more toned, with more shape to my waist and my back feels more stable - although I do still occasionally have sciatica, which I've discovered is due to arthritis in my lower spine.

Aches and pains in my shoulders and knees also reduced through doing these regular exercises.

I definitely intend to continue with this, and have purchased another DVD in the series, for variation.
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on 26 December 2013
I've done Hot Bikram Yoga before, but was no longer able to afford the extortionate class fees after my discounted introductory offers expired, so thought I'd save myself some money and invest in a good yoga dvd set. I bought this boxset as the reviews were generally very positive.

I have only used one DVD so far (the first, non-specialised one) to get used to this style of yoga/pilates and have not been disappointed! Soloman's teaching style is clear and efficient, and her voice is one I'm happy to take instruction from every other day without irritation. The class doesn't feel like it drags on at all and I'm already noticing small differences in my stomach and thighs. In addition, I am currently doing physio to aid my tight calf muscles (due to flat feet) and this DVD has even helped my calves loosen nicely alongside my physio as there is a brilliant exercise for stretching calf muscles.

If you're looking for a good Yoga/Pilates workout DVD, look no further!

Whether you
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on 21 February 2004
I have been involved in fitness for the past 20 years both as an instructor and as a keen participant. I recently discovered Yogalates after I damaged my knee whilst running. Not deterred by its rather amusing title, I gave it a go as I am interested in both Yoga and Pilates. I found the DVD to be a safe, enjoyable and effective form of exercise, especially as a complement to aerobic exercises such as running, cycling and swimming. The moves are explained carefully and in detail. I have found myself being able to slot it in to an odd half hour without having to change into specific exercise clothing, and without having to change afterwards. Even my children enjoy participating. A refreshing change from the usual sort of exercise dvds where a completely inexperienced 'celebrity' encourages you to take part in whichever faddy exercise regime they have 'discovered', but know nothing about. Here we have a knowledgeable expert who is passionate about her speciality. Brilliant.
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