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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2007
I am a regular gym goer but chose this DVD for its flexibility. It is absolutely fantastic if you want 20-50 minute (you chose) work-out before work or in any suitable time. It is well structured so you can select which body parts you want to work on (abs, bums, thighs, flexibility etc.) The exercises are done at the right speed and well explained - no need to keep staring at the screen at all times. The instructor also has uncanny ability to spot the most likely thing you may be experiencing ..."I know it burns, but...", "lift the leg higher.." and it helps to keep you motivated. However, I would not classify this as strict pilates as it lacks the focus on breathing and posture and there isn't enough time to get every exercise and position absolutely right. Consequently, I would not recommend for Pilates beginners, but it is really good varied, dynamic and effective work-out for the intermediates. I'm off to buy more 10 minute solutions.
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on 10 June 2006
I bought this workout a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy it. I don't think this would suit an advanced level of pilates, as each section is only 10 minutes long. The sections are: Pilates for abs, Pilates for buns and thighs, Sculpting Pilates, Pilates Burn, Pilates for flexibility. You can do just one section or as many as you like, depending on time available or your mood. If you're a beginner, then I think doing two or three sections everyday would be best (especially as the Pilates Burn and Pilates for buns and thighs are quite tough - even though they're short and you do only 4 or so repetitions of each exercise, but boy, can you feel it!)However, this dvd does not explain the basic techniques of pilates, especially the breathing and using your "core", it just plunges straight into the exercise (which is really good if you're intermediate like me), so if I had not used other dvd's before I would not have learnt about the importance of breath. Having said that though, the instructor's cues are really good, she always says when you're supposed to inhale/exhale, so it really wouldn't be too much of a problem even if this was your first pilates video. As I mentioned, if you're advanced then I would probably give this a miss, as all the exercises are typical of those you'd probably know from other videos and the sections might not be intense enough for you.

As an intermediate, I use the whole DVD for an intense weekend workout, or just two or three section when I come back late from work and am just too tired to push myself too hard. My favourite section is Pilates for flexibility, this includes some lovely stretches for the spine, hips and legs. The instructor is lovely and encouraging without being patronising and the 10 minutes of each section fly by very quickly. I really wish the other American 10 Minute Solutions were available on Region 2 format.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 November 2012
Pilates transformed my life in two weeks. I go to the gym or for a long walk every day but this manageable form of exercise makes me feel positive, confident, fit and toned. I sleep like a baby for eight hours and do not wake up with a stiff back any more. My personal belief is that the more efficient muscles I am developing are helping with weight control. I have so far used the Pilates for Beginners and Pilates DVD's by these instructors, who are pleasant, encouraging and ultra effective. In the Beginners disc are five ten-minute segments so that you can do a length of programme of your choosing (10 to 50 minutes) and work your lower or upper body or both. The others are similar with particular parts of the body targeted plus stretches or flexibility exercises. Normally I do one short session after breakfast and another late afternoon and feel great all day. It is true that the teachers in this series move briskly from one exercise to the next but there is a way around this: I listened and watched each movement for the first repetition without doing it, then performed it and finally went through the same 10-minute routine again to remember it. There is always the "pause" button for those who find the pace too fast. This speed does mean that you achieve a good workout in just one segment. The rhythmic, pulsing music low in the background does not irritate me and she gives just enough repetitions to make me work that bit harder: when I feel I cannot do even one more, there is one more and I do it and feel triumphant. If you need light weights you can use two tins of baked beans so that your only outlay is a mat for under £10 and this bargain set.. Apart from a couple of discs of basics for beginners and intermediates, it has more advanced Perfect Body and Rapid Results exercise sessions and, if you do Pilates regularly, you do feel the need for variety, particularly with the repeated instructions. I have tried other DVD's but these 10-minute Solutions are the best. There is just the presenter on a good clear screen whereas some of the others have fussy visuals with distracting extras. These are presented in slim containers and the box is neat and narrow. With this set of four at a very small cost per disc we can all be ready for the New Year on top form. What is there to regret?
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on 14 March 2013
I bought this DVD collection after reading a lot of reviews of this and other pilates collections. I use all four discs and find them really useful. Would recommend to anyone thinking of trying pilates.
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on 21 March 2006
I chose this DVD because I do not want to lose weight, as I already have a reasonably slim figure, but I wanted to tone up in time for summer. The sets are great and you can rally feel them working. Its really useful to have them in ten minute slots, some days you can just do, say, ten minutes on your abs, then another day you can do the whole lot. If you have had a hard day, the ten minute flexibility set is just great to wind down. The instructer points out mistakes that you might be making, and helps you to correct them. Some of the moves are a bit challenging, but there are modifications if its too hard, or straining your back. There are also modifications for when you grow stronger. Overall, a great pilates DVD, but for those who want to tone up, rather than those who want to drastically loose weight.
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on 18 March 2006
I am relatively new to pilates, but this workout has been one of my favourites. I find that it provides a good variety - including segments for your arms & shoulders and a relaxing/flexability segment which I really enjoy. Parts are very challenging and are not suitable for new new beginners, but are a great challenge to work up to!
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on 18 July 2006
I thought this was a really well structured work out that was challenging. There are 5 sections that concentrate on different parts of the body. There is even a pilates `burn` set that really does get you sweating followed by a stretching cool down section.

The exercises really work at toning the muscles without building bulk and is low impact. The teacher is clear and a good pilates practitioner.

I don't think this is for begginners as you hvae to have a basic knowledge of core strength and pilates breathing. I highly recommend it. The only moan is the cheesy music. It would be better with no music.
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on 14 January 2007
I've tried quite a few Pilates DVDs and this one is by far the best. The rest put me to sleep and are now gathering dust on the shelf. This one is much more energetic and fast paced. I'm a relative newbie since I didn't stick with the other DVDs and so this one is quite challenging for me but not so challenging as to make me want to give up. The fact that it's broken up into 10 min sections is excellent so that you can pick and mix which areas of your body you choose to work on that particular day. This one is a winner!
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on 16 February 2007
The 10 minute pilates is fantastic. There are different options for abs, toning the arms, flexiblity etc... I am not really an exercise person but I found it most enjoyable. You can adapt it to your lifestyle 10 mins or more you can also adapt it to your physical fitness level. A beginner might have to rewind or slow it down to understand the breathing that relates to the exercise. The instructor is very encouraging and motivates you to continue when you can feel the 'burn' Fantastic DVD..
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on 5 June 2016
No idea why these DVD's are so popular.
Due to a long standing knee injury (and probably age as well) I piled on the weight and my fitness level dropped from very fit to well out of shape but I was once a dancer, spent a year learning a couple of Martial Arts, practiced yoga for most of my life and trained in gyms on and off for several years, so I have good body awareness and know the ropes as far as fitness is concerned but having never been so unfit what I was looking for was a kick start before moving on to my own routines. This certainly didn't provide it and I'd suggest everyone avoid it.
My first Pilates lessons were about 30 years ago in a small dance studio in central London. There were a few machines and no room for mat work. This was traditional Pilates. Later - around 20 years ago, I bought a couple of videos by an instructor called Lynn, these were my first introduction to mat Pilates. Her instructions were clear and precise and the exercises were tailored to people of different levels of fitness. Having just tried the beginners DVD in this set, I'm about to search for Lynn's Pilates, which I hope has been transferred to DVD. You see, Suzannes Bowens beginners DVD is certainly not aimed at beginners, her instructions are few and far from clear and orderly.
A good teacher makes you feel you can achieve great things. Bowen's one of those see me-see me aren't I great types, some of whom can also teach, Bowen, on the hand, can't!
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