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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2006
I really enjoyed this DVD and find it's a really good workout, much better than the one Reebok one that came with my gym ball. I found the routines relatively easy to pick up and I'm really feeling the benefit.

The fact that it's divided into chapters so you can choose to focus on certain parts of your body when you're pressed for time is great.

My only warning is that I found you need quite a lot of room. I have to move the sofa everytime I do this to ensure I have enough space. Also some of the exercises involve lifting the ball above your head which is impossible in my house so I do have to do some improvising. Overall however I really recommend this DVD.
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on 10 June 2007
I've just completed my first attempt at this workout, having watched it through once beforehand. WOW! this is a great high-intensity workout if you give it your all.

The instructor and participants are great as you can see that even they find some of the moves quite challenging, but you are encouraged throughout. The pace is easy to follow with no difficult choreography to get your head around, like some aerobic workouts seem to have. You are advised that there are some moves where you will feel your tummy tremble a little as you do this, and that it is not a sign of poor technique - I found this reassuring as I thought it might have been a sign of wasn't fit enough.

As was previously stated in another review, some of the exercises require a fair bit of clearance above your head and you need to be able to comfortably take two or three steps to each side of your main position to allow room for manoeuvre. Another point to bear in mind is that during the warm up you will need to bounce this ball on the floor a fair bit, so you may need to consider if this is going to bother your neighbours. A simple way to dampen this noise is to place a yoga mat on the floor, and bounce the ball along this.

A couple more tips - you will work up a bit of a sweat during this workout, so don't try to do it in bare feet as you may lose grip. Also make sure you aren't wearing shorts, as your skin might start sticking to the ball, making it awkward to move, and it doesn't feel too nice either.

I give ths 10 out of 10 and would reccommend this workout DVD to anyone who wants to really utilise their gym ball.
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on 5 January 2008
I bought this on the strength of good reviews, as I was sure there were more ways to use my Swiss ball than my usual straightforward sit-ups.
I found it an effective and enjoyable workout. The instructor is friendly without being patronising or irritatingly chirpy, and gives clear and sensible instructions. There is a good selection of easy and advanced options, and each exercise lasts long enough to feel it but no so long you get bored or in agony. It's divided up by body area so you can do the whole thing in about an hour, or select particular sections to work on.
The only thing I would say is that apart from the warm-up there isn't much cardio action, so while it will undoubtedly help you tone up and gain flexibility, it's probably less good if you want to lose weight. My plan is to get to know the exercises and build some of them into my regular workouts.
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2006
aerobics oz style on the ball is one of the best ball workouts that i have done first there is a warm up then on to lower body then arms, abs then a great strech to finish a fab total body workout on on a ball
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on 6 March 2008
I did this workout for the first time yesterday and ache horribly this morning - but in a good way. It's an excellent all-round toning workout.

I was expecting lots of core (abs) work, but the workout actually incorporates sections for the whole body - you do leg and bum work (in fact, it's my legs that are the most sore this morning), press-ups and tricep presses, etc. It's 55 mins long but split into sections in case you want to concentrate on one area of the body only. The warm-up is also great, though I adapted it to avoid bouncing the ball and annoying my downstairs neighbours! I don't think it requires too much space - I did it in a floor space about 6' by 5' and with an average-height ceiling.

The instructor is very good, encouraging and friendly but not annoying, and the girls are all obviously working hard. Unlike many aoz videos, it's done in a studio (presumably they didn't want the balls to blow away?).

The cool-down section is bizarrely difficult (notably because it included the dreaded plank) - I don't think I got the hang of it quite but I'm sure it'll come with practice. I felt I could have done with more stretching too - my hamstrings were stretched properly but I woke up in the night with very odd-feeling quads, and realised that I hadn't stretched them at all, despite the fact that the video incorporates lots of squats.

The pace of the workout is quite slow, but as the instructor reminds us, going slow and controlled is the way to build up muscle fibres. Also, I found (as a relative beginner) that the pace allowed me to get into position properly on the ball before each exercise.

I definitely recommend this workout for anyone who wants to tone up and build whole-body strength.
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on 2 March 2008
Well as i had read all of the previous reviews before purchasing this DVD, I really could not wait to work-out with my new ball and exercise routine. I think that its quite a good work-out, its seems just a bit too slow for my liking and i thought that the moves would be alot harder to do. I did enjoy the work-out as the DVD went on and its one that i would encorporate into my exercise routine as i can see the benefits of using this type of exercise.

I would say to anyone who has no experience with exercising with a ball and is a first timer that this is the DVD for you as it is definately aimed toward the beginner, and they also show moves for the more advanced exerciser.

I would say that for the price and quality and the professional way in which this DVD has been made, it is definatley worth the money and it is definately a step in the right direction.
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on 21 May 2008
Definitely recommend this DVD. Give it a go, for the price, you certainly can't go wrong.

Loads on it to play with, if you don't feel like working too hard but stressed after a hard day at work, you can just to the cool down. It feels fantastic. Has really made me keen and I love working with the ball.

Brilliant for toning, I've been doing it for a few weeks and have had plenty of comments that I look firmer and toned.

If you need to buy a ball, remember to get the right size for your hight! This is very important. When you sit on the ball, your knees should not be higher than your seat or hips.

Just buy it, you can't go wrong honestly.
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on 7 March 2008
Have only done this once so far but I felt it in my legs for days after so it can only be good!! Really enjoyed it and liked the fact you could take it further as you progressed, also like the emphasis on stretching which you don't always get. Would have given it 5 stars but wish the presenter hadn't felt the need to talk constantly!
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on 21 October 2008
I'm actually not an athletic person and exercising sounds scary to me! Anyway a friend of mine recommended gym ball for toning and workout. So i bought a gym ball and this DVD from Amazon. Watching that DVD first all looks easy to me but wait till you try it! It really is a good way of stretching your muscles without having to go for 100km jogging! Im glad I tried this workout, really enjoy it for a beginner like myself. I would recommend it to everybody!
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on 26 May 2009
This is a great workout DVD. It combines cardio with core exercises and is great for the arms, legs and abs. Although it doesn't feel like you are working too hard during the workout, I noticed a difference after the first workout.

Highly recommended
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