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4.8 out of 5 stars110
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2007
I remember loving this series back in 1983 and last year I emailed Ch4 to ask if they had any plans to release it on DVD. They said no. And lo and behold here it is!

I have just finished watching the second disc and I loved it all over again. Laughed out loud in parts and cried at others.

As someone else said, at first it doesn't seem to have aged well, but this is only in the first two episodes. (Grim reality of some youngsters lives in Liverpool, very depressing). The other three are as fresh as if it was filmed yesterday. Stunning scenery in what should be Wales, but is actually filmed in Yorkshire.

Brilliant acting by James Hazledene (what a loss he is) and David Morrisey. Loved the 'specials' at the end of each disc. Really interesting narrative by 'Billy and Icky'. Well done guys. No bull, just a genuine, affectionate look back at a wonderful production.

If you remember this the first time around, buy it. It will take you back to what you were doing in 1983. If you don't remember it, buy it and enjoy one of the best drama's Britain ever made.
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on 4 April 2006
I first watched this twenty odd years back when I was thirteen and it has stayed with me since. I've eagerly kept me eye out for repeats or video/DVD release and finally my patience has paid off.
Unbelievably it is even better than I remember it and, being at a different stage in life, I relate to it in a different way. It is powerful, touching, uplifting and tragic. It is also interesting to watch the fine acting of David Morrissey at such a young age. A must see.
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on 28 February 2006
I first saw this series on channel four when I was ten.
Being from the city of Liverpool,I was instantly absorbed and could relate to the events in the characters' lives.
Basically it portays two deprived and discontented young men in their last year of school,about to be immersed into the big hostile arena of a city without work and one that's succummed to despair and industrial decline.
In an attempt to discover adventure and contentment they descend upon an unsuspecting welsh village and instantly become notorious,mostly for all the wrong reasons!.
They encounter hostility and warmth in equal proportions.
The usual mis-conceptions about Liverpudlians are prominent with comments such as "I'd better nail everything down that's moveable" and the suscpicious expression on the face as they say "you're from Liverpool,aren't you?".Compelling viewing,I only wish it was released alot sooner.
As I said earlier,the last time I saw it was back in 1983 when I was ten,but I remembered it to this day.
A very convincing performance by all the actors,particularly David Morrissey and Spencer Leigh,whom exhibited a maturity well beyond their years.
A well written series,truly distinctive,thoroughly absorbing,buy it,you won't regret it.
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on 29 January 2008
At the time of its original broadcast in 1983 this was the programme everyone talked about at school, which was no mean feat considering that the last episode was transmitted before the start of the school term.

This is down in no small part to the engaging performances given by David Morrissey as Billy and Spencer Leigh as Icky; their rough demeanour clashed with just about everyone they came into contact with regardless of whether they were at home or in Wales, where they run away after Billy fears arrest and Icky fears losing his best mate and guardian.

The choice to use film instead of video paid in spades as the contrasting urban and rural landscapes were captured beautifully, as was the mood of these communities (despair in Liverpool, anti-Scouse animosity in the local village). As the series develops you find yourself empathising more with these Scallies, especially as they find a refuge in the home of Kidder (played with subtle composure by the late James Hazeldine) who is also something of a runaway himself.

There is little humour, surprising considering that it was written by Willy Russell (who refused to have his name appear on the original credits due to an `artistic' disagreement with the producers), but Icky, as hopeless as he is, does provide some spontaneously funny moments that provides a little light relief. But there is some tragedy and drama thrown in for good measure which impacts not only on the main characters but also on those of us who fall for their rough charm and hope that they make it.

Following in the aftermath of Boys from The Black Stuff, one of the best drama series ever, it has been overlooked somewhat. This DVD release at least affords the opportunity to judge One Summer on its own merits, and there's plenty to commend here.
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on 11 October 2007
In the 24 years since this series was first shown, I've never forgotten it.

Having just left school, and desperate to leave the small mining town I lived in, I identified strongly with the lead character, Billy, who yearned for a place that promised happiness away from all the crap that surrounded him.

Billy, and his reluctant-but-loyal sidekick Icky, did find an escape. To rural Wales. But could it last?

Yes, it has dated, but 'One Summer' is an excellent piece of drama that shows what it was like to be young in the early eighties, when the future seemed bleak and there was nothing to look forward to except a life of misery and crime.

Yeah, I know. How far we've come.

I can only hope for a DVD release of 'Our Day Out', which was another classic Willy Russell TV drama.
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on 3 January 2006
I watched this on Channel 4 about 15/20 years ago and it remains with me to this day. This is an heartwarming adventure about two lads on a adventure to Wales. It pretty much touches on everything, violence, fear, romance, hope and tragedy. Take a chance on this DVD, which you may never have heard of, instead of the usual Hollywood hyped blockbuster and you may well find it a rewarding experience.
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on 18 November 2006
For better or worse during my teenage years I envisioned the characters of Billy and Icky as heroes! And as the years have passed I have held a place in my heart for this show and these characters. With delight I bought a poor copy of this show a couple of years ago on the Internet. Even the poor quality could not reduce the brilliance of this show.

Two lads living in a desperate Liverpool during the dark days of the early eighties. Together they escape the desolation and depravation of their lives and flee to Wales. Never able to fully adapt, or even fit in, they have numerous adventures. Beautiful scenery and great acting. This show takes you from depression and sadness to exhilaration as our heroes progress. The bonds forged between Billy and icky are both uplifting and saddening. The writing is true and not afraid to spoil the happy ending.

I put this work in the highest category of British Drama along with Cracker, Morse and Holding On. Only for me at least it is better! I would recommend this show to everyone and don't think anyone will be disappointed.
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on 31 May 2009
I came across this DVD on Amazon quite by accident, and bought it on the strength of the reviews.
I had never heard of the series and was too young to remember it being broadcast originally.
However, as a fan of older television (they don't make tv like they used to), I am building up a nice collection of DVDs.
One Summer is a worthy addition to my collection and a most enjoyable series. It's just a shame there are only 5 episodes, but that is part of its charm that they didn't string it out longer then necessary.
If you have never heard of One Summer but like older TV drama plays, then make sure you buy this, you won't be disappointed, I loved it.
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on 15 March 2006
One summer is one of those films/series that lives with you for a long time.
I remember when this was shown in the early eighties and no matter what i was doing, i always ensured that i was home to watch it.
To see again the quality, low budget acting by 'billy', icky' and of course the late 'kidder' (james hazeldine) is such a priveledge.
I honestly thought that i would never see this series again, as i have been chasing it over a number of years now, but believe me, it has been worth it.
In my personal opinion i would put this in the same class and category of the likes of kes.
I will be very suprised if you are dissappointed with this.
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on 17 March 2007
If you are interested in this DVD then its more than likely because you saw it when it was on TV all those years ago so there really isnt much point me going too deeply into the plot.. 2 lovable rogue school kids from Liverpool (Billy and Icky)deside to run away to Wales and the story shows their good times and bad times.

Like pretty much everyone else who has reviewed this DVD I watched it as a young teenager (about 2nd year of high school)and it was at that time the best program on the TV, i remember watching it and then going into school and discussing every detail with friends. Over the years i did wonder if it would ever come out on DVD and on a whim i did a google search for it and was amazed that it had been released. like some of the other reviewers i put off buying it, i wasnt sure if it would be as good today as it was when it first aired on TV but i eventualy ordered it from amazon partly because the price was so good.

Most of the series i had forgotten, i could barely remember the plot only key parts of it but as i sat and watched it i remembered more and more.

The picure quality is quite fuzzy (and no widescreen) but i actually thought it added to the feel of the DVD and yes you do see the "End Of Part One" and "Part 2" etc but that never distracted me. i was gripped from the moment i started playing the DVD until the very end.

If you liked this TV series the first time round then i do feel you will like it again.. it may not be for another 20 years or so before i watch it again but it was worth every penny just to see it one more time. it has dated but no more so than any other 70's/80's program.
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