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4.5 out of 5 stars286
4.5 out of 5 stars
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How two actors can transform themselves into country singers as convincingly as this is breathtaking, and to give such satisfying, spontaneous and riveting performances is amazing.

Just watch the extended versions of the songs on Disc 2, particularly Reese in "Juke Box Blues", it seems she has completely forgotten who she is, she is just living June Carter, also the great duet of them singing "Jackson".

Phoenix becomes Johnny Cash, he doesn't act or mimic him, he is him, watching his performance you can actually see a comment made in one of the extras that Cash "was the most haunted man I have ever met".

This is no romantic biopic, it is a gritty slice of real life, the lives of Johnny Cash and June Carter.

The extras on Disc 2 are every bit as good as the film in their different way, and the extended songs stand up as an album on their own. Buy, but make sure you BUY THE TWO DISC VERSION.
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Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon give memorable performances in this story of Johnny Cash and his long-time love, June Carter. Johnny grew up poor on a cotton farm, listening to June Carter and her family sing on the radio. He married a girl from home and started singing, but his wife was jealous of Johnny's career and his time away from home. He met June and was smitten, but they were both married; they continued to tour together for years, through June's second marriage and Johnny's terrible drug abuse. June helped him kick his habit and later, Johnny proposed to her onstage.

I really enjoyed the songs in the movie a lot; I was especially impressed that Phoenix and Witherspoon did their own singing and playing and made it look so easy. Phoenix's Johnny is a tortured and self-destructive soul, and Witherspoon's June is spunky and smart. They have great romantic chemistry on-screen and their close-ups are intense! The supporting cast is uniformly excellent, especially Robert Patrick as Johnny's mean and unrepentant father. "Walk the Line" is an entertaining bio pic with infectious music and two very likeable stars.
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on 28 April 2006
I grew up listening to Johnny Cash music played over and over again by my Dad and I really thought I didn't like it at all! I went to see this movie purely because the movie I intended to see wasn't showing. I went with my 11 year old daughter who had never even heard of Johnny Cash.

We went back again after the first showing. It is a 'love story' but a very real and gritty story.

Joaquin Pheonix is more than believeable playing the complicated man in black, and his renditions of Cash's songs are astounding.

Watching Reese Witherspoon in action as June Carter is a treat, and it's easy to see why she earned her Oscar.

Watch out for a passionate performance by Robert Patrick as Johnny's hard liner father.

Altogether a must see film!
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VINE VOICEon 26 July 2006
I went to the cinema with my parents to see this incredible and honest film about Johnny Cash and June Carter. When we left, we realised that we had seen something special on the big screen. A film that literally had the viewer transfixed to the screen. This film was very special indeed.

The film is topped and tailed by Johnny Cash's performance at the Folsom Prison in the early part of the 60's. In between these two scenes, we are shown the main story of Cash's childhood upbringing, his reaction when his brother dies in a freak accident, his leaving home to start on a singing career, get in trouble with women relationships and drugs, up to the moment when he meets and falls in love with June Carter who does her painstaking best to get him off the drugs and to clean his act up.

There are some stunning and memorable scenes throughout this beautifully realised film and there are some powerful scenes too like the one where we see Johnny Cash collapse on stage from a drug overdose. I felt that this scene was filmed brilliantly. I also felt that the performances from the two lead actors, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, were career defining performances and they had never been so watchable on screen as they do here.

Joaquin Phoenix gives Johnny Cash a ruggish and rebel look and he makes Cash someone to relate to and gain some sort of inspiration from. Phoenix, on the whole, is completely at one with Cash throughout the entire film. It's the best part I've seen him play on screen. Reese Witherspoon is utterly believable as June Carter and her performance is breathtaking. I think that these two performances were two of the highlights of the film calendar last year.

All the singing throughout the film were actually from Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. They had spent 6 months rehearsing and getting the voices right for their parts. And to be honest with you, their voices are damn good!! This film is probably one of the finest and honest biopics of the modern age. A must see.
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on 18 December 2006
This film is different. Not in a bad way, in a very refreshing and thoroughly excellent way. Joaquin Phoenix is a convincing Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon is phenomenal. The film draws you in and is deeply compelling. I would recommend this film to anyone over the age of about 15. You don't have to be a Johnny Cash fan to enjoy it.
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on 8 February 2006
I was never really a fan of the music of Johnny Cash.
I went to this movie only because of the good reviews it received.
The movie follows the average Hollywood biopic formula:
Lowly beginning-Rise-Fall-Redemption.
Sounds so bad so far, but wrong.
This is a superb movie.
Superbly written and sublimely performed.
Phoenix is good in the lead role, Witherspoon is outstanding in support.
This movie gave me a new appreciation of the music.
The song "Walk The Line" meant nothing to me before, now I see it as one of the great love songs.
This movie has faults, it may not be 100% accurate, but certainly deserves all the good reviews it has received and the awards it surely will receive.
See it, it's worth it.
"Why do you always wear black, you look like you're going to a funeral..."
Kevin Hardy.
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on 19 February 2006
It could be said that “Walk the line” is a movie about the life of Johnny Cash, a very well-known American artist that overcame all kinds of difficulties to become famous and share his music with the public. However, it would be more accurate to point out that this film is centered both on Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) and June Carter (Reese Witherspoon), and the love they had for each other.
The opening sequence is wonderful, and will make you realize that you weren`t wrong in choosing to watch “Walk the line”. That feeling is likely to be specially strong if, like me, you don´t really know a lot about Johnny Cash, and just want to watch a good and entertaining film. Notwithstanding that, you will also end up learning quite a few things about one of the most important American musicians of all time, and about a period in which many conventions were being broken by new artists.
This film tells the spectator about Johnny Cash´s childhood and his bad relationship with his father (played by Robert Patrick), his time in the Air Force, and the beginnings of his music career, when he met people like Jerry Lee Lewis (Waylon Malloy Payne), Elvis (Tyler Hilton), and the love of his life, singer June Carter. There was a big problem though: Cash was already married to another woman, Vivian (Ginnifer Goodwin), something that June didn´t forget, and repeated to Johnny every time she rejected his attempts to go beyond a friendship.
The scenes where Johnny struggles with his addiction to drugs and with depression are quite difficult to watch, probably due to the fact that Joaquin Phoenix delivers a splendid performance. Reese Witherspoon is also outstandingly good as June, the person that saves Johnny Cash from himself.
All the same, I want to mention that “Walk the line” is not all about drama. There are funny moments too, and also some wonderful scenes recreating Johnny´s concerts that allow you to listen to the real deal. Oh well, maybe not the real deal, because Phoenix and Witherspoon did their own singing, but their version of those concerts is an extremely good one. I am seriously thinking about buying not only a cd with Cash´s more important songs, but also another with the soundtrack of this movie. Listening to Phoenix singing "Folsom Prison Blues" is no hardship!
On the whole, I cannot recommend this movie strongly enough. It is not perfect, but it is the kind of movie that you simply must see and enjoy. No regrets :)
Belen Alcat
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on 10 April 2006
i thought this film is very good, im only young and havent really heard of jonny cash. that said i thought the 2 actors made the film real. reese' performance ws especially good and i thought it was good that they use the actors real voices with the vocals. this film is a breath of fresh air and need more films like this.
must see film
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on 31 December 2006
I adore this movie. It was one I'd always wanted to see in the cinema but never made it to, so I waited for the DVD. As I'd bought it as a gift for my dad, I waited until Christmas day to see it for the first time. I was blown away.

The beginning drew me in immediately. And it's those first few scenes that tug at your heartstrings so you can't possibly turn away. I never knew the story of Johnny Cash, nor had I ever bothered to listen to his music. But since seeing this film, I could just watch it again and again.

The Oscars that were won for this movie were very well deserved. Witherspoon & Phoenix were perfect for these roles. Whenever I watch a movie, I always think "Who else could've played that role?" And if I can't think of anyone, then I know the actors have done a great job. Absolutely brilliant music, exceptional acting, wonderful dialogue and a great cast. This film has a wonderful mixed feel of tragedy, love, humour, music, sadness and happiness. If you watch this movie, you won't regret it. xxx
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on 9 February 2006
One thing for sure there ain't no if's or but's about this movie!! Both actor's have done fantastically well in capturing the songs that only Johnny Cash made legendary. The actors did not try to mimick the real Johnny and June rather they produced the feelings of what the two people held not only for each other but for the work that they did.
This movie stretched far back and gave you the insight of Cashs' background and how he actually became the legend is was and still is today. The film took you right through the rough times and through to the Johnny Cash that he became via the proposal to June Carter.
This film is a very well produced film and deserves much credit for the producer, John Carter Cash for his oversight and also all the other crew and actors involved. Also special welldone to Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix.
Was a joy to watch.
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