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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars105
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 13 March 2006
The Xbox 360 has been waiting for a game like this. Something that will show off the console's huge power reserves and something that is easy to get into but giving you fair few struggles along the way.
All the trailers I have seen for this game have been gameplay footage - there aren't really any cut-scenes to speak of. Between missions whilst travelling in a heavily armoured vehicle or chopper you are able to look around whilst dialogue is played out. Character models, animations and scenery are all stunning and are as close to lifelike as I've seen on any game. Best viewed in high-definition though.
Ghost Recon makes great use of a surround sound system as it enables you to pinpoint where voices, gunfire and explosions are coming from. There is music in the game but its mostly incidental and infrequent, allowing you to listen to the sound effects and hear enemies moving before they start shooting at you.
This is a great game to play, with straight-forward controls and enough tools to get the better of your enemies making it easy to get to grips with, but it is hard, even on normal. It doesn't take many shots to kill you, there are no energy packs and you can't save between checkpoints - so you'll often replay some sections over and over in order to reach the checkpoint. Its a minor problem in the grand scheme of things.
Most of the missions involve leading your team through the streets of Mexico city to rescue people or blow things up. A simple system of pointing at a location with your crosshairs and pushing up on the d-pad will issue an order to your 3 team mates, or a tank or a helicopter gunship. Making the most of your team is the key to success, although it doesn't lead you along like Call of Duty 2.
With plenty of Live options and downloadable content and a game format that feels like Socom 2 on steroids, you really can't go wrong.
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on 4 May 2006
The latest in a long line of Tom Clancy games makes it's debut on the next generation's hottest property, the XBox 360. So you've toiled for your platinum medals on PGR3, played Call of Duty 2 through on "Veteran", dodged bullets by sprinting through PDZ levels, and are now searching for something new, something to truly make others green with envy. Enter GR:AW...

Fast forward 7 years from now to Mexico and you'll have the game's setting in a nutshell. You are the Captain of the Ghosts, a crack team of operatives of whom you have complete control due to the innovative "cross-com". This "cross-com" is effectively your standard HUD, but from which you can command your team members, identify targets and objectives and plan your missions in detail. It's a system that works exceptionally well.

There are eleven missions in total and whilst this might not seem extensive, the difficulty is pitched at the perfect point, where stealth and planning are paramount - it's a great feeling coming up against a situation, taking the time to prepare, and nailing it first time.

Controlling yourself and your troops does take some time as GR:AW makes full use of every click, flick and button press of your controller. However you'll soon be commanding your men with ease, forcing them into recon mode for a softly-softly approach, or imposing assault mode for a fire-at-will. Your team-mates AI is equally impressive.

GR:AW is full of touches which accentuate it's class. If you start to wander too far off the map you won't be hit with a Tony Hawks-style brick wall, instead your HUD will start gathering interference, and you'll be told in no uncertain terms to get back to the battlefield! When sniping you can also pull on the left trigger to hold your breath, to steady yourself for a more accurate shot. It's features like this that make GR:AW stand head and shoulders above it's peers.

Whilst the offline campaign is as good as it is, value-for-money is furthered to astonishing levels due to the exhaustive online modes via Live!. Solo, Team, Co-Op modes, they're all here, with staples such as Capture-the-Flag, Territory and standard elimination. With the right crowd online it's good, tense fun but as ever, this is where a decent Friends list comes in.

At an RRP of around the £50 mark you're paying a premium for being an early adopter of the next generation of gaming, you expect or at very least hope for value-for-money. GR:AW is one of these titles where the steep price point can be entirely justified, with it's intuitive and accessible control system, engaging single-player campaign, extensive multiplayer options, breathtaking visuals and immersive audio, if this isn't on your shopping list or already in your collection, then why do you have a 360?

Visuals: 9

It's unlikely that you'll see a much prettier or detailed game at present on the 360 - hook this up to an HDTV for the full and desired effect.

Audio: 10

You owe this game a 5.1 system or at the very least a decent set of headphones. The panic that ensues when a bullet smashes into a wall behind you is all due to the stunning audio.

Gameplay: 9

Team-based battle games can be notoriously hard work. Whilst a game like GR:AW is never going to be "pick up and play", once mastered it'll feel like all good games should - it makes you feel good when you play it.

Lifespan: 10

A benchmark for a next-generation title. A challenging single player mode and more multiplayer options than you'll ever need - it'll keep you going until the next installment at least.
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on 29 July 2006
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 3: Advanced Warfighter for the xbox 360 is a third person shooter, not that different from all the other ghost recons but does add a few new features. The graphics for this game are excellent just what you would expect from a next-gen console although not as good as say Elder Scrolls Oblivion, but this still is probably the best aspect of the game. As well as the graphics, the physics, AI and cutscenes are very well structured together, your team will hide automatically behind cover follow advanced orders and just adapt well to the situation, another strong point of this game. This game presents some new weaponary to spice things up in the battlefield but to be fair the only good new gun is the one that can shoot around corners but the novelty soon wheres off later in the game.

This new ghost recon generally doesn't differ much from the others, it doesn't offer much new, missions are good but become quite tedious towards the end of the game as does the same old plot, here's how it goes, terrorists try to take over the world, you go in blow a few things up, shoot some people end of story...... Are you still awake? This is entertaining but I just think that a change was needed to make a real impact for its debut of the xbox 360. New console needs new plot. Some people will disagree. I'm not a fan of ghost recon but I also don't not like it I'm half-cast so I'm just an average gamer who plays on this game. This is a GOOD game so fans of previous titles go out and buy it, if you like shooters alot go out and buy it. But just don't expect anything very mind-blowing or amazingly new.

I don't have xbox live so this review is only based on the main campaign.

Graphics 9-10/10

Gameplay 8/10

Story 7/10

Value for money 8/10

Overall 8/10

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on 2 September 2006
I was lucky enough to be given a brand new XBox 360 as a way of saying thank you for all the work I'd done for my now boss (sorry long story). To be honest I wasn't all that excited from what I'd seen of it I wasn't as blown away as I wanted to be, but all that was about to change...

Having set up my new console I placed this game into the machine without much in the way of high expectations. Was I wrong.

My first foray into the Next Gen was about to be the greatest game experience I have had in a while. Sure the graphics look great with neat little effects adding to the realism, but it is when the combat heats up that you get to see where all the extra processing power went. The enemy AI is phenomally good. They ran rings round me in the early stages whilst I was getting used to commanding my squad. It was only through perserverance that I was able to finish this game.

The situation in Mexico city is pure Tom Clancy although I must say the story does get a bit convoluted in some areas - but saying that it does an excellent job of keeping you hooked and making you feel part of the events unfolding.

Unfortunatley this game won't be for everyone. It does have a lot of depth to it and isnt really a pick up and play kinda game. However those who like tactically challenging games should really check this out.
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on 19 March 2006
This game takes siting at home all weekend to a whole new level; it is just awesome. i have never seen a game that is a stunning to play as this. you are the captain of the ghost squad and our mission is to protect the american president and the mexican presidant, (unfortuanatly the canadian pm is killed). using a supurb combat and movement system you guide your troops through mexico in a desperate attempt to save the presidants. the campain mode is difficult enough on normal mode but crank it up to hard and your asking to be anihalated, but the achivements you achieve will make your peers heads spin. there are a couple glitches in the game including not being able to press against the wall in multiplayer mode which can frustrate and irritate you. the inclusion of the uav cyfer drone will save you from death more than once; but be warned if you loose your temper stay away because this will have you replaying missions intill your blue in the face. hopefully a patch will be released soon which will fix the few bugs in the game. the one thing i havent mentioned are the amazing graphics and im not going to say anymore, you will just have to buy the game to see.
Must Buy Game 9.6/10
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on 21 March 2006
Excellent AI, lush visuals with amazing HDR lighting, superb audio, wide selection of weapons and options, very social multiplayer.
Need I say anymore? This game has it all, on the levels, the level of light dynamically changes throughout a game (as if clouds were obscuring the sun) great ambient sounds makes you feel at the heart of the enviroments.
As for graphical glitches; they are few and far between and only noticable when zoomed in with a scoped weapon and strafing past trees, other than that a awe-inspiring game.
A wide selection of multiplayer levels ranging from a open beach enviroment to the heart of a central american jungle, and from the middle of the desert to a sprawling Mexican city.
The solo player campaign is as in depth as it is beautiful, with 5.1 surround sound the player feels at the heart of the fight as Gheurilla rebels attack you from all sides. Dramatic explosion effects are showcased in stunning HDTV.
If you have ever liked shooting games, it is simple you must buy this game.
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on 20 March 2006
Immersive, near-photo-realistic graphics and a solid control system make this a joy to play once you get the hang of it. The single player campaign is difficult but short and hard is not much more difficult than normal, so it doesn't take long to go through both. The weapon models are nice, although they don't actually remove and replace the magazine when reloading which is a bit of an oversight. The cover system is fanyastic but is sadly lacking in the multiplayer mode. Use of support elemtents is varied and exciting, but again takes some getting used to.
Enemy A.I. is fantastic, although friendly A.I. leaves something to be desired. Team mates will often run into the line of fire while VIPs will follow you and not your team mates and also run into the open.
If this game were longer it would have got 5/5, but the shortness of the singleplayer means it doesn't have the lastability it should.
All in all, a pretty good game, and the mini-gun bits are soooo worth it!
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on 9 October 2006
I decided to buy this game from seeing the reviews from game websites, claiming it was "Awesome" "5 stars" etc etc. I felt i was taking a risk, knowing little of the 'Ghost Recon' series. However, the first impressions of the game were outstanding, an excellant atmosphere and sutnning graphics, which blend very well, even the way you character runs and moves is extremly life like. I am just using a standard TV, playing this game on a HDTV the graphics would be outstanding!

The Missions are fun, and dont get repeative. Many similar games i have played can get repeative, start...stealth mode for a bit, shoot, then end of mission, then the next mission it happens again in similar surroundings etc, such a Call of Duty or Rainbow6. However, GRAW seems to make excitement every mission, something new, working within a team. Also you get "intel" from supporting black hawks in the sky, giving you a sense of relism, as in a real war situation.

I thought i was taking a risk buying this game, espically for the price. I was very suprised at how well this game has come out, the designers have done themselves proud. I would definatly definatly recommended this to anyone who is considering buying this game, in doubt? just get it! you will be grateful. One of my favorite games on the XBOX360.
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on 20 March 2006
Ok, i don't usually write online reviews due to the fact that i think its a waste of time, but this game actually amazed me, i had read some of the reviews saying how the trailers were deceiving, giving footage thats not in game... When have the ever given in game footage on trailers, anyways, the graphics are simply amazing and smooth, i have had one or two problems with a laggy frame rate but this is extremley minor, and the gameplay is second to none, when i first put the disk in and played i thought "Oh my god, what have i gotten myslef into :(" then i took the time to get used to the controls, and it shone a whole new light upon the whole matter, hard tedious tasks soon turned into pleasurable warfare, i leave this review in saying the graphics are visually amazing, the gameplay is amazing, online is amazing, overall this game is AMAZING! A deffinite buy for your 360 :)
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on 13 July 2007
I always had a feeling that i would like this game. the second that i took it out of the box, inserted it into my 360 and played it, it was very impressive. graphics are breathtaking with even cars sounding off alarms when they get hit with bullets. Great storyline and challenging enemies. AI is brilliant too. the reason why i gave it four stars is that the multiplayer is not what i thought it was gonna be, sadly the multiplayer is a bit disappointing. it plays more like previous ghost recon views rather than over the shoulder. Other than that, a very impressive game.
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