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4.4 out of 5 stars36
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2005
This is one of the best yet - I got it on release date.. and today I'm on the last level - and no I'm not sad just spend a couple of hours a day on it in the evening!
It follows along with the other games. But it's for players who like the guns. Now you "mod" up your guns/weapons with various different things like more ammo capacity and freezing/brain washing (reminds me of the sheepinator!)
The graphics are as splendid as usual.. and the amount of stuff that goes on during Arena matches can make your eyes go a bit fuzzy.. If you remember the challenges in the arena last time then.. it just a bit like that.
But until I got it home that's what I thought it was all going to be about. But although that is good, it isn't you can still wander around, even get out of the landstalker/other ground based cars etc... whenever you want. You still collect bolts. But I'm affraid... NO Golden Bolts hidden away. They do hide some special money things about.. but no collecting really as such.
The best thing is that you can set the difficulty - for one star to five - and at five you need really nimble fingers!
The cutaways (the video story) are as funny as usual.. and even Al (the geek) and Clank are there. There is no playing as clank which is a shame.
So, in conclusion this one is a little for the Grown Ups and less for the little ones - but can be adapted for both.
BTW... the best weapon (like Ryno and Ryno II) is only 2,000,000 bolts... and I've only got about a 1,000,000 so there plenty more to do.
You can play all areas online. And locally via Co-Oprative play.. so if something is a little difficlut you can get a mate to "cover you" and act as a real team... which is all fab..
You get the swingshot, gravity boots, grind boots.. but no fantastic puzzles this time.. remember the hacker anyone?
Because it's not titled Ratchet and Clank 4 - is a good thing as it's a slight departure from that dynamic duo.. but I'm sure they'll be making a new one for... might I dare say it (wish it)... the PS4! Which is good as this one is about ratchet.
The game will never end - as there is 15 skill points per planet and they are really hard - at least there's no cryptic clue - just do what it says.. but some are really difficult... you'll see.
I've really loved playing this one.. as with all R&Cs... Nice one insomniac games - you did it again!
Go buy it now - it's well worth it!
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on 21 April 2008
Being obsessed with the R&C franchise, i purchased this game after finding out that tools of destruction would not be out on PS2. To be honest, i was expecting the usual adventure type game with a good plot/storyline, however, it was more like a shoot-em-up with a badly writen storyline tacked onto it. The controls have also changed a lot; contrary to the pevious games, the hoverbike races are now the most annoying and difficult to control, and there is no way of changing this. It also lacks the variety of the original R&C games, many of the planets seeme to have been copied-and-pasted with a few colours and enemies changed. Not the best game if you are looking for the classic adventure style, but good if you like sort-of-shoot-ems-ups.
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on 31 July 2007
I have every single Ratchet&Clank game for the PS2 and have bought them all the month they are released. This is the easiest game of the 4. It took me about 10hours to complite the game and I'm no PS geek. It's a great game and enjoyable to play again and again but it lacks the difficulty of ratchet&clank 1. I wanted more from Insomniac and I know this could be better, but still it gets 4/5 for the fun!
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on 21 August 2012
I'm a big fan of the Ratchet and Clank series, but this one has gone a little too far off what I'm used too. Don't get me wrong it's a good game, but not as good as some of the others. It was certainly a revolutionary way of altering the gameplay and the storyline, which in itself makes the game very different and fun. The fact that you don't have Clank on your back has a surprising effect. The game is very interesting in terms of storyline, and the greater ability in this game to customize things is excellent. The vast number and types of weapons in all the previous games do make this one look a bit pathetic, although there is still a decent few in there. The usual comedy of Ratchet and Clank is still there, especially with the presenters on the cut-scenes. The only other downside is that you are stuck in this same place, whereas with all the other games you'd be flying to loads of different planets and environments. This game does try to account for that with quicker gameplay and some environment changes, but it's still not quite the same. The two bodyguard bot things that follow you around do make you feel like you have more support, commanding your own little army when taking on challenges, and again this is a great addition. The graphics are good and the gameplay is fun, with more of an emphasis on competition and moving up the leader board. Overall this game is a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it, although just prepare yourself if you're used to the traditional Ratchet and Clank type game.
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on 8 August 2011
This version of the great Ratchet and Clank series really steps up, which is an achievement considering how great the previous 3 were.

Ratchet Gladiator sees the Lombax, Clank and Al get kidnapped and Ratchet must participate in continuous challenges on a TV show called Dreadzone, a reality TV styled game show pitching Ratchet against deadly opponents with a variety of challenges.

The game has progressed as now you can choose a difficulty level each time you start from 1 star easy to five star unbeatable. Which is a really good feature. I usually try the two star as I'm not an advanced gamer as when I tried 3 star I died almost instantly!

This edition is also different by only having 10 weapons. However this time you can purchase alpha and omega mods which increase with usage and bolts. One I liked was the morph mod, transforming enemies into the famous animals from previous games (e.g. sheep and ducks) Bolts are exceptionally easy to get here despite there being barely any crates as you gain a reward for each challenge you complete.

The weapons are ok to use. The flail is fantastic as it kills everything pretty much but weapons like the silencer are difficult to use.

The controls are different. You can have inverted controls, first person mod etc and it feels quite strange at first but once integrated this game can be completed within a day.

There are a lot of various challenges and all are great to tackle as once more you gather bolts and fight enemies across various planets. Like the last version you fly the hovership and puma and the hoverbike returns and introducing the landstalker, all insanely difficult to control at first but good fun once you know what you're doing!

As with all these games the story is fantastic with a great sense of humour. As a game show the commentators in the background have some witty remarks and sensible comments on how bad you truly are.

Certainly worth checking out but for any advanced gamer you could probably finish this in a day.

Easily the funniest story with some great weapons and challenges.
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on 1 December 2005
Wel, what can i say... Isomaniac have done it again. having just bought the game for my little brother i have found it to be a worthey purchase. From the early levels i have the game to be deeply engriossing and as usual the in move scenes are comical and very rich in animation.
The game itself is by no means a step down from ratchet and clank 3 and it retains many of the elements which has made the ratchet and clank series so popular and admired. it still has an impressive array of weaponary such as the new double pistols and also the ryno II which gives the a high paced feel to it.
althought clank is not present in this game, he wont be missed. the game has brought in a variety of new weaponary and vehicles.
for the first time we see vehicles such as the landstalker beinng used and also two droids that are your sidekicks throughtout the game.
however the best aspect of this game is how weapons are customized. now ratchet's weapons can be customized to how you as a player want to play the gam. if u are a player who goes bullet crazy u can have more ammo capacity while if u are a player who is more tactical in your approcah u can custiomize ur weappon with a freeze ray or morph ray etc. tjhis new aspect to the franchise adds a certain amount of realism to the game and greater control.
dont get em worng however there are still many aspects which are kept from ratchet and clank such as the gravity and grind boots and the infamous ryno, which means it is not a radical breakthrough with the past.
overall this i believe is one of the best platformers in the market right now. so go out and buy it, becuase it is well worth the money
ps. it also has network play and multiplayer play.. soo if by some remote chance u get bored of the single player campaign you can always play witha friend or taking on the rest of the world.
enjoy people
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on 3 January 2006
Gladiator is the fourth (and best) installment of the series. The gunplay is fantastic, the graphics pretty and just the plain fun factor is phenomenal. I just get a buzz from the game everytime i play it! You play as ratchet (no duh) who has been captured and forced to fight on a gladiator TV show! This is a good plot for incorporating various r and c elements into it such as bosses (exterminators). If you play this game on 'couch potato' difficulty then you will breeze through it and it may seem a bit of a waste of money but as soon as you crank up the difficulty level then it becomes rock hard!
a new 'mod' system adds to the fun meaning you can customise your weapons functionality which is really cool. On top of all this you get some really cool robots who permenantly flank you and do annoying stuff like turning bolt cranks.
There are some REALLY FUNNY cut scenes amd references to preious games in the series which is another great feature.
Overall a really good game.
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on 6 January 2006
As all the Ratchet and Clank fans watched the comic fall of the robitic super-crazy Dr. Nefarious float away into outer space, they thought that to be the end of the Dinamic duo, but they were all mistaken.I learened of the realese of Ratchet Gladiator in the earlier half of 2005, the details were very sketchy but it confirmed the realese of yet another merciless, wacky ant totaly insane installment of Insoniac's favourite duo.
The absence of "playable" Clank will not be missed as this game makes up for it in excellent graphics, explosive gameplay and a massive payload of amazingly destructive weapons and gadgets. After his victory agaisnt the crazed robotic "genius" Dr. Nefarious, Ratchet is assumes the psition of owner of the Starship Pheonix and the previous owner, Captain Sasha, is appointed the new mayor of Metropolis. After an embarasing flirt festival with Captain Sasha, a misterious ship boardes the Starship Pheonix and takes Ratchet, Clank and nerdy old Al to a shady gamestation in a sector of space called the Shadow Sector where illegal gameshows are produced.
Ratchet is forced to compete in a relentless and somewhat pointless elimination gameshow called "Dreadzone." And thats where the fun begins. As you progress through the game, you will encounter all kinds of enemys and muster the most feared arsenal of weapons in the galaxy. Including rocket launchers, spaceage ball and chains, dual rapid fire blasters, the ryno and MANY more.
The producer and chairman of Dreadzone, Gleeman Vox, is a nasty piece of work but he isn't gonna put you aginst a robot army without the proper set of wheels. Master the destructive capabilitys of 4 carfully desighned vehicles. Such as the Hoverbike, a fast mover with a pair of front mounted rapid fire plasma cannons to blow the enemy away, The Puma, another fast mover but desighned like a tank, with a 360 degree spinning turret and plasma blasters. The Hovership was featured in R&C 3, but Vox industries lifted the desighns and turned it into a flyingwarshil, with plasma rockets and enough rapid fire auto-tracking rockets to destroy a medium sized planet! Finally, the landstalker and my personal favourite, this four legged titan of terror comes equiped with super rapid firing forward blasters and rapid fire plasma launchers.
This game is a gold mine and i guarante that it will earn platinum status by September, at the most. I havent found a single glitch in the gameplay although, as sad as it sounds, im keeping an eye out for them. Buy this game! It is well worthit!
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on 18 March 2013
I am a huge fan of the R&C series, and this game did not disappoint me in any way. It is a very addictive shoot-em-up with a good story, graphics and gameplay, and if you like those sorts of games, then this game could be for you. It is, however, a little different to the previous 3 games in the series, since this one focuses more on the weaponry and arena battles, and not on puzzles and platforming.
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on 1 December 2005
The controls take a little getting used to, but my word if you liked the boss battles in the other ratchet & clank games then this is the one for you. Your trigger finger will be sore for days as this game is so difficult to put down
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