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4.4 out of 5 stars57
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2006
This is a fantastic game. I have been a Star Wars fan, a lego fan and a playstation 2 gamer for years.Most games on the playstation that have tried to do justice to the Star Wars trilogies have been sadly lacking.

I was sceptical to say the least when this came out, but decided to risk it, and was glad i did!

The graphics are good and functional.Simple and effective is the order of the day here.The soundtrack is awesome, as it uses the themes from the films.The game is easy to pick up and play whether you are 8,18 or 28!And so it has real mainstream appeal.There are plenty of hidden extras to find - hidden characters, hidden extras so it really can be a game that will fulfil your gaming needs - you can pick it up and have a laugh for an hour or so, or you can deliberately try and complete all the extras.

The co-operative mode is fantastic too - the playstation 2 hasn't really produced enough top-notch co-op games, but this is one of the best.

There is only one reason i didn't give this 5 stars, and that is because the sequel is now available, and improves on this game by a 100%!My opinion is that you should buy both.

The only niggle with this game is that it is slightly short, but good games always leave you feeling that you want more.And the developers have addressed this in the sequel........

Fabulous for gamers of all ages, and brilliant for fun, or furious completion - BUY IT (and the sequel too!)
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on 23 February 2006
As one of those mean, mingey, old-fashioned Dads who think their children should be reading suitable books, watching educational programmes or outside playing in the fresh air, I had quite a few reservations about buying a PS2 for my eight-year-old son and even more in buying this particular game. Having watched several nephews and friends turn into mindless zombies whose immediate response to seeing anything in front of them is to nuke it, I had developed a particular aversion to fast-blast video games, regardless of how much their mothers might claim it improves hand-eye co-ordination.
However, I have to admit that I might have been wrong, quite possibly for the first time since 1978. My eight-year-old loves this game above all others and much prefers light-sabres to blasters. Although there is a fair amount of armed combat, there is also a lot of strategy, exploration and acquisition. I still wouldn't rate it highly on the educational front but it is a lot of fun, even to the extent that I'm occasionally allowed to use the second control panel we had to buy so that my daughter could engage in co-operative play although obviously on the condition that I do exactly what I'm told and drop out as soon as we get to a tricky bit. The multiple levels and chapters allow for a large variety of terrains and tasks all based (loosely) on the first three films (that's episodes I-III, which of course are the second three films for anyone born before 1965).
The game is certainly absorbing, though the 12+ age-group might zoom through it with relative ease, younger kids will spend months happily developing their skills, acquisitions and it is common enough to enable playground swapping of hints and tips as to how you get through level 3, chapter 5 and whether it's worth buying General Grevus. It also has enough variety to allow them to happily play many of the levels again and again and, as such, is value for money. The only caveat is the flipside of this, there is so much info packed on the disc that it is highly temperamental: finger-marks, dust or the fact that it's the third Tuesday after a full moon causes the thing to crash and the slightest scratch results in irreversible damage which is why we're on our third disc, albeit with conditions about proper care of expensive items relating to the possible reintroduction of pocket-money anytime in the current decade. It definitely requires you to follow ALL of the manufacturers instructions about disc care and consul movement and I wouldn't recommend buying a second-hand one, there may well be a reason it's for sale!
The game is a godsend on wet Sunday afternoons in February and has made no difference to book-reading or the desire to kick of football around; it has got rid of those long dreary hours of trying to find an answer to the cry of “Dad, I'm bored …”
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on 9 August 2007
So, we all know the story of George Lucas's Star Wars saga, we've all seen the movies, bought and collected the toys - far too many in my own life - and all put our hands to our heads when Jar Jar Binks just did not die horribly in the first thirty seconds of the Phantom Menace ! So how was the greatest story ever told (apologies to Christians throughout the world) going to be translated into Lego ?

The answer ? Superbly ! This is a fantastic little game in my opinion, even though I prefer playing games like Obscure, Doom 3 and Silent Hill - I think working for my company for 23 years is slowly making me realise working for the Umbrella Corp might be a better idea.

It was a total break from the norm, an entertaining and refreshing, silly piece of non-sense. Any game that you can put a moustache on R2-D2 cannot really be held too highly in the Mastermind fraternity !

The game is divide into the 3 movies and you can play your way through any of the three - you do not have to finish them in any order, so you can go straight to `Revenge' , if that's your thing. Each movie is divided up into 5 or 6 sub-levels - these you do have to play in order.

The idea of the game is simply to go through the levels, defeat your enemies, collect lego studs and kits, and achieve `jedi' status to gain super-kit bonus's. As you meet fellow characters, you can take control of them and those you defeat you can buy - with exorbitant amounts of studs - in Dexter's shop after finishing the level, to replay any level with purchased or `met' additional characters. This is where the designers of the game have put a lot of work into the planning of the game, as some of the collectables can only be reached or obtained by characters you meet in later stages of the game. And as much as I hate to say it - this is where Jar Jar Binks really comes into his own.

Other really fun characters to control are the extensively jumping and powerful Yoda, General Grievous with his multiple sabres and Darth Maul - lets face it, we all want to play the bad guy !

The publishers of this game advertise it as being suitable for children as young as 3+, and yeah I guess a very small child could well move the characters around the screen and fight a few battles, but - and I would not put my house on it with new generations - I doubt very much that there is anyway that their eye to controller co-ordination would allow them to finish it. I don't play many video games - if I am honest I am slowly working my way through cheap pre-owned ones - and I have to admit I struggled a little on some of the levels. They will especially not find the Pod-Racing and Battle over Coruscant too easy.

Other good features of this game are that when you die (in exploding lego pieces), you do not have to start the monotonous trek from the beginning of the level again, you simply lose a few studs and carry on from where you left off - in fact if your quick you can pick up what you dropped. Even some of the really useless characters have uses, children that can crawl through vents to collect items, Droids that can fly short distances, troopers that can fire grappling hooks to other high levels. Fighting with Tea-cups ? Two player drop in and out allows Dad to play along too.

I never thought that I would say this, but I found myself totally addicted to 3+ rated game !
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on 30 December 2005
A fantastic game. Fun and provides hours of enjoyment. The fact that there is two player drop-in drop-out story mode is great. The range of characters you can play with makes it even more enjoyable. Plus you can unlock additions to the game such as fighting with tea cups or brooms. Even if you are not a massive fan of Star Wars this is a must buy. Brilliant.
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on 12 July 2006
I have two sons of 31/2 and 6 and I was finding it really hard to find a PS2 game that was fun for both that they could play as two players or one player. Thank goodness for Lego Star Wars. It is absolutely brilliant the boys love it and my husband and I are addicted too! They play it again and again they shriek with laughter and jump up and down with excitement while playing. We haven't come across a better family PS2 game. This is original, tricky & easy (depending on level), funny with fantastic graphics all round a big thumbs up. Wonderful!!!!!!!
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on 7 September 2006
I HATE Lego but I love this. It is so much fun. All the Star Wars characters are made of Lego and you get to play episodes 1 to 111. All the gameplay is very fun. There is also a lot of stuff to unlock. BUY BUY BUY I can't wait for the new one and I pre-orderd it.
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on 15 February 2006
My favourite game ever . Some parts are really challenging and some scenes are just lots of fun like the jedi battle and the droid factory and Count Doku. Even my 3-year-old brother can play it really well. In some space ship levels it really feels like you are there with Anakin or Obiwan.
Ben K
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on 31 May 2007
I like it at the beginning of the game in level 1 because you can use the force on some chairs and it plays some nice music. Near the end of the 1st level there are 2 Droidecars, they are a Droid with a force field around them. My favourite level is the last level in episode 1 where you are fighting Darth Maul and he uses the force on you. Every time you start or finish a level you get to watch a story. Stories are like the film but only for a short time. Every time you finish a level you can go into Dexter's diner where you can use the force on salt and vinegar to get some money.

You can buy hints and characters and go into extras where you can buy things like invincibility. If you go to characters you can buy all of the characters that you have already killed. My favourite characters are Jango fett because he can fly and shoot his gun at the same time, Darth maul because he has got a double light sabre and General Grievous because he can jump really high and he has got four light sabres.

I got it for my seventh birthday and played it until I completed it after 2 days.

Sam from Halifax, 7 years old.
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on 7 March 2007
such an odd idea but it really is addictive. it is so much fun well worth the money. i would recommend anyone to buy this game.
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on 7 October 2011
This was one of the first games that took a popular movie, and replaced the characters with Lego people. They have since produced similar games with Indiana Jones and Batman. I think the reason that these games are so popular is the wide appeal. The cute Lego characters appeal to young kids, while the cheeky humour and nods to the film appeal to an older audience. This game really has something for everyone.

You start the game in Dexters Diner, as the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn. As you proceed through the game and encounter new characters, you will be able to play as them, too. In the diner are 3 doors, which correspond to the 3 movies in the trilogy. To begin with, you can only enter door 1, but once you have completed the first level you can enter the other doors. When you enter the first door, there are further doors, which represent different parts of the story.

The gameplay is relatively simple as you fight and jump your way through the levels. There is a certain element of puzzle solving in each level too, with players having to work out how to activate certain doors, or get certain members of the team who are less able to a certain area. There are also Lego models which you must build to help you progress through the game. When you fight enemies they fall apart as they are made from bricks. I like this, it feels less violent than killing people!

The game has loads of funny cutscenes with in game jokes galore. It is a brilliant affectionate spoof of the Star Wars franchise. The music in the game is the original score from the film. This adds to the atmosphere of the game and draws you in.

Two players can play at any one time, with the option to drop out. This can be frustrating if you are playing with someone clueless who is slowing you down, and can cause a few arguments! Different characters have different skills, such as Jedis who can use the force to move objects, and droids who can open special doors.

Exceptional gameplay during a level will enable you to acheive jedi status. You can also collect gold bricks during the game which allow you to unlock additional content.

Once you have completed a level, you can return and explore the level with "free play" as any character you have unlocked. This enables you to discover new secrets about the level. The levels are really fun to explore and there are lots of things to discover during the game. You can find hidden cannisters which allow you to build vehicles that you can use in the game.

This is a great fun game that is stll really popular as it is produced for new formats, hence the game hasn't really come down much in price, unless you get a preowned one. It is the type of game that you will keep coming back to, as it has lots of hidden secrets and content. The spoof scenes are hillarious, sometimes better than the movie itself! The game is good because it is easy to play, but a challenge to complete thoroughly. Lego have found a fantastic niche with their movie spoof series. More soon, please!
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