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4.6 out of 5 stars16
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 October 2005
1. Losing A Friend. Was surprised by the "dry" drumming during the verses but they fit the song and grabs your attention then the build up in the chorus. It's a great song to get you into the album. 8/10
2. Godspell. "I've heard about a great big swindle" sings Nina at the start. It's sounds like an "anti-hymn", in the same vein as Live & Learn, great song! 10/10
3. Drip Drop Teardrop - "I'm gonna sing until you hate this song" - Nina you'll be singing a very long time then. This song has an almost "marching quality" to it with Nina knowing what she wants and taking command. 8/10
4. Overload. The first part I thought they were going to burst into ABBA's Thankyou For The Music. This song has a nice haunting waltz feel to it. Bengt mentions on the dvd that Torre asks him to pretend to be a 50's drummer, I think this was the song it was for! One of the slower songs on the album, one of my personal favourites to. "The band must continue to play" never has a truer word been spoken. 9/10
5. I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer. Great opening with the guitar, then Nina's commands grip the listener. A song about a relationship that isn't the healthiest to say the least. "baby you're foul in clear conditions but you're handsome in the fog". Lyrically it's a great song that presents snippets of when a relationships don't work. Musically, it plain rocks. 10/10
6. Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds). This song reminds me of Communication. A song about taking responsibility for your own actions. One of the slower songs on the albums with a great wall of sound on the chorus. 8/10
7. Little Black Cloud. Nice mid-album song. Musically it actually reminds me of something of Radiohead's Pablo Honey. 7/10
8. In The Round - Nice little song. Almost a nursery rhyme for the Cardigans fan! 7/10
9. Holy Love. No intro just straight into the song. The instrumentation on this song is fantastic, so much in there but it all fits there. A song celebrating a love that someone wants to shout from the rooftops. 9/10
10. Good Morning Joan - one of the more simpler sounding pop songs on Super Extra Gravity that you'd easily hear on the radio and hum along to. Nina's vocals sound reassuring to the listener 8/10
11.And Then You Kissed Me II. A reviting sequel to And Then You Kissed Me from Long Gone Before Daylight, I can see the similarities musically, but this song jars on you with the instrumentation to drag you into it and lyrically its one of Nina's finest. "Nervewreckingacrobaticbacwardsband" I believe was the original title for the album. As an end to the version with no bonus tracks Nina's disturbing singing of "happy end" on the last note makes you want more. 10/10
12. Bonus Tracks - Joyous
13. Give Me Your Eyes. Reminds me in some ways of Hanging Around but is more raw sounding than that. Along with I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer are the two songs that get your foot taping straight away. 8/10
14. Slow. Another song that pulls you into it. It makes you feel uncomfortable yet comfortable at the same time with the lyric content jarring you yet the song is so well produced it makes you listen to it even more intently!!! 7/10
On first listen as with the other Cardigans albums I wasn't sure but with each listen, as with Long Gone Before Daylight etc etc each song pulls you into it and you hear something new or gain a greater understanding of it. Elements from all the previous Cardigans albums are here which instantly tells you it's a Cardigans CD, but there's something new here to, a band that just continues to grow with their writing, music and playing.
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on 20 October 2005
This album goes well with Long Gone Before Daylight I think. In some ways the style is similar but it is also a progression. Contrary to the other review, I like all the songs, although 'Little Black Cloud' is probably my least favourite. The instant stand out tracks are 'Losing a friend', ''Godspell', 'Fine Wine', 'Don't Blame Your Daughter', 'In the round', 'Holy Love', 'Good Morning Joan', 'And then you kissed me II', and both the bonus tracks. There are no bad songs on the album, and the ones I have not listed above will probably grow on me more and more over time, as with many of the Cardigans songs. 'Slow' is brilliant in my opinion, very atmospheric, and very good lyrics on this and all the album.
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on 30 March 2006
As a fan of their early albums Life and First Band on the Moon this was a bit of a shock. It's loud, the guitars and vocals are distorted while the drums are dry as hell and the melodies are not that great. I hated it on first play but I stuck with it. Now I think it's one of their best. The songs really start to get into your brain after about 5 listens and the album gets better with every listen after that (unlike the earlier albums which get worse with repeated listening).

A quick run through of the tracks. Losing a Friend - a great opener, sparse but builds magnificently. Godspell - probably the worst track on the album, sounds like its from an earlier one. Drip Drop Teardrop - probably the one that is most memorable on first listen. Overload - the cutest track on the album in 3/4 and not distorted. I Need Some Fine Wine etc - the single which was criminally underplayed on the radio. Don't Blame Your Daughter - awesome. Little Black Cloud - one of the weaker tracks but great lyrics. In the Round - excellent bass line. Could have been a single. Holy Love - epic. Good Morning Joan - another one of the weaker tracks but still a fine tune. And Then You Kissed Me II - what a fantastic end to the album. Nina sings it like she is in emotional agony.

Nina's usually sugary voice can grate on other albums but due to different processing it stays great til the end on this one and she shows that she really is a fine singer. (Why isn't she ever in the top 100 babes by the way?).

So if you like the Cardigans buy it. Be surprised initially but ultimately delighted by your purchase.
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on 24 October 2005
In the world's collective pop consciousness (if such a thing exists), The Cardigans = that song in that Romeo and Juliet flick. And singer Nina Persson, in every twenny-sumthin's mind's eye, will always be the blond pixie with the sweet and innocent voice. On the evidence of the band's last two records though, both the pop consciousness and those twenny-sumthins can go stuff themselves.
Picking up where the stellar "Long Gone Before Daylight" left off, and adding plenty more darkness, reverb and grit, "Super Extra Gravity" is the sound of superstars working below the radar. Perhaps content that their lovefoolish days in the sun are over, The Cardigans spin increasingly dark tales of love and hate and love again and hate again. "Long Gone..." was a deceptively polished collection of almost classisistic tunes, rife with hangovers and spiteful glances over breakfast tables. On this new album, the hangovers seep out from the lyrics to the music, but even though the sound is ragged, the songs are still achingly beautiful.
The Cardigan's new ethos seems to be a line that first reared its jaded head on "Long Gone..." and which makes a return on this album's final track:
"true love is cruel love."
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on 14 June 2006
I've read a few reviews that suggest this album was another change in direction for the Cardigans. I'm not so sure it is as radical as all that as I think it builds upon the sounds and feel of the lovely Long Gone Before Daylight exploring similar themes lyrically and musically. There's even a direct link with "And then You kissed me 2" a minor key version of the Long Gone original. Clearly there are changes though. The drums notably are spare and "dry", (as if oppressed by Super Exra Gravity themselves), the songs are more clipped than on Long Gone, and there's more use of the electric guitars in upbeat songs, but these are not negative points. Melodically it's a great listen, the band have lost none of their abilities in crafting tunes to leave you humming them afterwards.

Persson's voice is magnificent, the best I think on any of the Cardigan's previous outings, and there are a strong core of songs, only the opener (losing a friend) and Holy Love are, (in my view) are behind the pace.

My only (small) criticism would be that some of the lyrics are pretty dire in places, and can detract from the glorious mix of vocal and music, which is faultless. Long may they continue!
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To my ears, "Long Gone Before Daylight" is the best album I've ever heard. This, the follow-up, isn't in the same league but is still excellent, and streets ahead of many other acts.

What lets the album down? Some of the songs are a little messy ("Losing A Friend" isn't a great opener for one), and the album doesn't have a consistent atmosphere like "Long Gone...". That said, some of the songs here are among the best The Cardigans have ever recorded: "I Need Some Fine Wine..." is outstanding, as are "Overload", "Little Black Cloud", and perhaps best of all, "Good Morning, Joan" - although the alternate version on the 2-disk version of their "Best Of" compilation is even better. Nina's voice is as sublime as ever, and the band sound great from start to finish.

A very good, polished album, but just not quite as good as its predecessor.
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on 9 May 2010
Since this CD and Bonus DVD isn't available in the US I was pretty happy to find I could easily order it off of
Super Extra Gravity is a great album. Gritty and beautiful, with a diverse range of songs and sounds.
If you have only heard 'Lovefool' I definitely recommend checking out more from the Cardigans.

The accompanying DVD was pretty enjoyable as well, maybe a little boring at times, and full of subtitles but interesting non-the-less.
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on 26 March 2008
I love this band. I discovered them after Nina did a duet with the Manic Street Preachers and like Nicky Manic, I am frightenly obseesed with them. This album is amazing and for anyone who loves melodic tones, mixed with searing lyrics, all raped up with a beautifully heavy rythum section, this is the mother of all albums. i dispear for all who dismiss the Cardigans, because they miss the point, so be warned only for those of sound mind and intelligence.
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on 21 April 2010
Almost my favourite Cardigans album, some great songs, though not quite as consistently good as Long Gone Before Daylight. Some fine bursts of heavy guitar in-between the mellower songs, I'd guess that the title of the album is meant to be a clue that it's a bit heavier than its predecessor.
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on 17 December 2010
Every song on this album could be a single. It's one of those albums. Epic track after epic track. Fantastic musicianship, fantastic songs. Big songs, big hooks. Relentlessly awesome. For anyone with ears (although mine took 2 listens to click... for shame).
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