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4.3 out of 5 stars32
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2007
I got this game mainly due to the fact I like RPGs and there are little available for the 360. Part of my gripe with Fable is largely due to the emmulation of the 360 console as opposed to the game itself however, Fable still has some irritating aspects which I'll cover first.

On the subject of the actual emmulation, the game requires at least 2 or 3 updates to be installed every time I put the game on which is a bit annoying although undertstandable. However, the emmulation at time causes my game to freeze which takes me onto my next point regarding the game.

The save procedure can be infuriating. While for the most part you can complete a "world" save which stores everything you've done you can't do this mid quest. All you can complete is a "hero" save which stores you're experience but not how far you are in the quest. Bearing in mind some quests are very long winded, and during this you do a lot of battling. What really annoyed me was getting half way through one, then going into a different area of Albion only to find my game freezes on the load page leaving me to restart the console. That also meant that I was back to square 1 with the quests.

Lastly on the annoying aspects of this game was the menu set up. Although you can shortcut for quicker access when surrounded by up to 10 undead, fiddling with a trigger button then scrolling through little icons trying to guess which spell was the one you were looking for is time consuming and means you're taking hits all that time. Also, the D-pad shortcut menu also take a bit of getting used to. I allocate expressions to buttons only to find they don't save on the d-pad. Also, when I try to select an apple for health instead of automatically eating apple, the larger item menu appears when it's not short cut to the d-pad button I allocated it to.

Quite a few bad points however, the rest of the game more than makes up for these irritating aspects. I would get annoyed and switch the game off in a huff only to find 10 minutes later I had it back on again as I could't put it down.

You play a young man known as 'hero'. Basically you're trained by the Heros Guild to go out into Albion and complete quests although the way you complete the quests, your choice of clothes, tattoos, haircuts and general actions shape your personality, looks and how the residents of Albion view you.

Your ultimate goal is to rescue your mother (whom you believed dead) from the evil Jack of Blades. By completing the quests, you accumulate experience and upgrade your health, physique and Will (magic) to be able to take on Jack.

The diffculty of the quests rage from ridiculously easy to rather challenging. I'm not a massively seasoned gamer, but I did find the game an easy one overall.

The land of Albion itself is large (and frequently beautiful) so thankfully you have the option to teleport about the place. Be warned however as it was during the teleport load screen that my game crashes frequently.

This game has some nice quirks. I'd single out the upgrade system as my favourite. Hero can perfom some great spells (berserk being a favourite) although you'll go from requiring only a few thousand experience for an upgrade to requiring 20,000 which is a bit of a shock to the system. Fortunately you're bombarded with more difficult enemies and you'll gather this XP in no time.

In short, although Fable doesn't have anything massively revolutionary in it, it's got something else in terms of how enjoyable it is to play. It's also curiously satisfying to complete each quest and upgrade.

Give it a go. Just be prepared to want to tear your hair out at times but for the most part, you'll have a daft wee smile on your face as you sit in your Mayor's Mansion and woo the ladies (personality permitting), or when you play the dashing hero, saving villagers and accepting nothing in return.
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on 10 January 2006
I read the other reviews on this page before deciding to buy The Lost Chapters but was still unsure as to the wisdom of this purchase until I finally played it...
I think if you felt the original Fable was too short then you may feel the same about this too. However, just because it is the original game with add-ons doesn't mean you will finish it even faster. There are so many new and amusing characters, kit, expressions, sub-plots and quests that you will find yourself re-exploring all the maps to see if there are any additions. Once more I found myself totally engrossed in and addicted to the game (much to my wife's dispair - still, she has back episodes of 'Stenders to watch). It really is a much better game than the original!
In summary: if you loved the original Fable, BUY THIS, as you will rediscover the excitement you had when first playing it!
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on 1 July 2010
When fable first came out on xbox i wasnt that into rpg games. I thaught it looked fun so took a chance and baught it. Im really glad i did because it became one of my fav games of all time!

It looks old now and is not as big as other rpg games that we have now but fable has a spark that alot of games dont. Its fun just to walk about the landscape hearing people call you chicken chacer or arseface! its does have its bad points tho. As i said it does look its age so it wont be as good to look at as the 360 games. also has alot of loading bars that seem to take an age to complete. I also think people shouldnt be fooled by the title. Yes it called the lost chapters but it has very little that wasnt in the first 1. Other than that its well worth playing! have fun.

Everyone should play this at least once.
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on 11 January 2006
This game is perfect if you havent played Fable at all as this has additional features and collectables. However if you have already played the origional then its a little bit of a let down as you dont really get much newness untill you near the end of the game itself. Starting up the game looks exactly the same and it repeats itself throught the beggining. However the game is good and the new spells and weapons and armour deffinately make everything more fun. Still doesnt kick headshotting peopel with a crossbow off my list ^^
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on 20 August 2008
This is a fantastically designed game for when it was released; it's fun and interest giving the player a variety of choices during decisions and interactions that determine how their character (aligning between good and evil) as well as the plot of their game to progress.

It's enjoyable to explore the world of Fable (though slightly limited in terms of area paths), with hidden treasures, books, 'demon' doors and soforth being part of that. There are also some amusing side games within it for your character to play.

The music themes during gameplay also make the experience even more fun.

Definitely a game worth playing, hours of fun and you can play it again and develop your character in a different way so you end playing another game with a different twist.
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on 27 April 2006
Well, where do I start? This game is phenominal. The story is so in depth and the possibilities are endless! Good or Evil - for those of you that hadn't played the original Fable these are the two choices that face you whilst you play. Will you lead a heroic onslaught of all that is evil in the world? Or will you pursue all that is pure and good, destroying, and creating a reign of terror along your way? The choice is yours. Anyway, onto the storyline - which I must say is superb! The game starts with you as a small child, it's your sisters birthday and your father has asked you to get her a preasent. You have one problem though, you have no money. So your Dad offers you a deal - for every good deed you do around the town he will give you one gold coin. However, there are other ways of getting the money you require. For example: A local bully is threatening a young child for his toy, and the boy cries for help. You are now faced with those two choices again. You could either: defeat the bully and get the gold off your father for performing a good deed...or you could kick the holy crap out of the little kid until he offers you gold to leave him alone. Its quite simple, yet very entertaining! After the gold is gathered for your sisters birthday you buy her a present and just as you go to give her this preseant, bandits raid the town...typical? Your father is killed and your mother and sister kidnapped. You are left alone. That is until a mysterious man appears and explains that he is your only hope of survival. Now this is where the real game starts. This man is infact Maze, head of heroes at the heroes guild. He and the guildmaster(whom you will also meet)train you to become a hero, to fight evil in the world - that is, if you want to of course, lol! You are told that there is a growing evil arising in Albion (the world in which the game is set) and you are given a series of missions besides the main story line to complete. Along the way you will grow stronger and wiser, enabaling you to use heavier weapons and powerful spells to defeat your foes. You are faced with a huge arsenal of weapons and spells to choose from, each with there own unique ability and strengths. There are also many types of clothing, armour and mystacal robes to wear - all of which you will buy with your hard earned cash...and its tuff being a hero! As for the extra content in the game - excellent! Another island to explore more weapons, more armour, more monsters to fight and another chunk of story to play through. There are so many secrets to unvail, so many choices to be made and so many puzzles to be solved that you will simply never grow weary of this game. It can be played again and again. I loved it, so will you! Now go, buy this game, and be faced with the choices that I have...Good or Evil, what will you be? 5/5 - Phenominal!
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on 1 February 2009
well i got this for my little brother, and i played it after him,

it was a fun game with lots to do and things to see, the AI is excellent and the Graphics are pretty good, and with the addition of new armor weapons customizing your charater with tattoo's and hair styles, and more missions than the first game its a great game,

but alas as the first game is the same as this, .. its too short, worth the money tho just can never get a game long enough for me =)
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on 21 October 2005
If you played Fable and thought it was amazing except that it was too short, you are in exactly the same predicament as i was in. i didn't know whether to buy it or not but after playing the original, i had no doubts. This game is exactly like GTA except it is more fun and interactive. Sure it has the same storyline and it is like playing fable again but with the new pub games and clothes eg// hooded apprentice robes and golden armour, it is much more exciting. More challenges as well. Microsoft added to the original fable but this is a game in its own age.
Bottom line: If you liked Fable, Buy Fable The Lost Chapters. You will have no doubts. It is not just useless addition. It is a superb game and at any price less than 20 pounds, it is a bargain. Buy it now! No regrets.
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on 22 February 2013
The game itself is brilliant and I would recommend that people buy this game but make sure it is not a fake as I have seen a few!
The game came in decent time, works well apart from a few glitchy moments but I bought it used so what more can I expect? Few scratches on disc but no more.

Although the constant "Your health is low" does get on ones nerves sometimes xD
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on 2 October 2013
Yeah, ok, some people argues that it does not accomplish all the promises from Lord Molyneux. Still, it's a great experience.

All elements in it are so well polished, that you can really feel how much love and care Lionhead applied to this creation.

I just love it. It's a small cozy masterpiece.
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