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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2005
This is a kick-ass album. Uneccessarily spread over 2 discs, this picks up both in terms of quality and in style. The music has that 'classic' Helloween feel that everyone felt when they first heard classics such as 'I Want Out' and 'Eagle Fly Free'. I can't pick out any particular song, as I love the whole damn album. It also rears the band's head back up, as I felt they had become a bit generic over their last few albums, but this is a much needed kick up the arse to the metal community. I would rate this slighlty higher than Kai's latest effort, but buy that as well. Make sure you buy this album.
You haven't bought it yet? What part of kick-ass didn't you understand?
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on 26 May 2006
Take the finest Germanic metal band in the world, add an unbelievable second Guitarist (Gerstner) and the mother of all rock drummers (Loble), send them into the studio and the result can only be the best Helloween album ever recorded! Keeeper -The Legacy is simply the best thing Helloween has ever done! Mind you, I have expressed similar sentiments for the last three albums but I mean it this time!

This album rocks! The songwriting is awesome, the playing out of this world and the production is so good the songs bust their way out of the speakers and punch you in the face!

My favourites are The Invisible Man, Pleasure Drone and Mrs God but each time I listen to the album I discover more!

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on 30 July 2006
Well i have to say that i also thought that it would be impossible to equal the first 2 keeper albums.

I have been proved wrong!!

This is a brilliant album and would recommend this to any Helloween fan or newcomer to this type of music.

I bought this album after looking at the recommendations on this site.

The first song-King for a 1000 years is an absolutely awsome monster of a track which i think is just as good as Halloween or Keeper of the 7 keys.

I bought the first two keeper albums when they originally came out back the the late eighties and loved them.

Highlights for me are

Invisible Man-Brilliant!!!!

Born on Judgement Day-----Breathtakingly fast drumming.Good catchy chorus.

Pleasure Drone-----Very catchy!!

Mrs God---Good track.Definately the single.Very original.

Occasion Avenue-----Very good musically but not quite as good as Halloween or Keeper.

Light The Universe------Excellent Chorus----good to have a duet(Don't be put off by that)

The rest of the songs are all good and catchy.

I was very surprised that this album is so good.I think Andy Deris and the rest of the band have excelled themselves on this.

I was always a Michael Kiske fan but i think that Andy Deris has proved himself to be an excellent singer in his own right bringing Helloween back to where they belong, on top of their game.
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on 7 November 2005
Helloween, the masters & pioneers of one of the most popular & accessible genres of heavy metal ...speed/melodic metal, have in my opinion pulled off one of the most difficult, yet widely anticipated acts in the history of this genre!
The band released 2 albums back in 87 & 88 called The Keeper Of The Seven Keys Parts I & II. Now if you are reading this review, I suspect you will already know that these were both considered masters of their time. This release using the same title yet over 17 years more mature, with a developed line up boasting just 2 of the original 'ween line up could very easily have been a disaster.
Helloween have had a history of new dawns following record company, band member or musical directional issues (not mentioning personal tradgedy..RIP Ingo)which has affected the quality or potential for what this band could have achieved.
However I am a fan & have all their albums & rate this release as high as the previous Keeper albums & add that it contains evidence of a band comfortable with who they are, what they are good at & where they can go in the future...
The album is definitely split into 2 discs for a reason. Disc 1 songs are certainly in the vein of 'typical' Keeper-esque songs...linked to the story of the 7 keys with trademark sounds to support them...speed twin guitar assault golo's, speed double bass drum at ferocious speeds, high pitche melodic choruses, orchestral backgrounds & sing - a - long - choruses.
Disc 2 shows how the band is in 2005. A mixture of modern sounding tunes, yet capturing the essence of Helloween ...much of their lyrics are simple which allows them to be more creative with musical structures for intro's, solo's, bridges etc.
So the keeper linkage works particularly well & with an opening album track 'king for 1000 years' galloping along at 15mins this should keep all Keeper fans very satisfied...and the album ends on a Keeper not with the wonderful 'my life for one more day' which really is such a perfect song from Helloween and an excellent album closer.
In between I was really impressed with the social concern of child abuse behind 'silent rain' listen & be warned.
The most adventurous moment in this album is the clever growing song 'occasion avenue'. Hard to work out what this song means but its very complex in lyric & in sound and at 11 mins in length is the most creative moment on the album.
Other stand out tracks are the catchy chorus of 'invisible man' the interesting 'pleasure drone' the funny yet easy to like 'mrs god'& last but not least ballad with duet female vocals on 'light the universe'
Please do not compare this album to eitehr Keeper Part 1 or 2.
Listen with ears wide open & let Helloween take you on a magical ride which touched more than just a few musical notes with me
Welcome back the Legacy of the Kings ...Helloween !!!
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on 1 February 2007
Helloween were once the most important Power Metal band in the world. This album shows how far they have fallen!

Ignoring the fact that they took the heart (Kai Hansen) and Voice (Michael Kiske) out of the band years ago, Helloween have still managed to make some good albums since.

This is not one of them!

This is a shameless attempt to link back to the glory days. The fact that all the best songs on the first two Keepers were written by Hansen, and the best of the rest were by Kiske, mean that this album should never have been linked to those classics of the genre.

By itself, this would not be a 2 star album. Although there are no great highlights, normally I'd give it a passable 3 star rating. But the cynical way that the title has been used to lure back old Helloween fans, and the disappointment thus created for us fans looking back with a touch of nostalgia, lower its rating.

All in all, if you like the Andi Deris inspired Helloween you will probably like this album. But if you buy this thinking that you are going to be transported back to Helloween in their prime, you will be disappointed!
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on 9 August 2009
Okay let me start by just saying I am a fan a huge fan of guitar music, in particular power/progessive metal style of music. I decided to write this review to drown out two reviews which in my opinion are completely incorrect.

An example of the inaccuracy of one review - when mentioning song writing credits claiming Kai Hansen wrote ALL the songs. He wrote alot of them but not every song. I think you need to double check who wrote the epic 13 minute title track for Keeper Of The Seven Keys, also what about Eagle Fly Free, Dr. Stein, A Tale That Wasn't Right. Songs which are staples on the Helloween live setlist and considered to be some of the best if not the best power metal anthems of all time written by.... Michael Weikath.

Despite being the vocalist during the original Keeper of the Seven Keys albums Michael Kiske is only credited with writing 3 songs. There's no doubting he is an excellent vocalist but he almost destroyed Helloween after the Keeper albums changing the musical direction. People seem to forget this or just haven't bothered to listen to anything created by new singer Andi Deris who himself is an excellent composer and singer despite not having the range of Kiske.

Helloween were heavily critised for writing songs under the 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys' album title years after the originals and especially when there are only now two of the founding members left. Michael Weikath on guitar and Marcus Grosskopf on Bass.

Helloween have always been asked by fans and the media if there would be another Keeper installment and they felt 2005 was the year to finally answer this question and bring the saga to an end. They were accussed by some of simply trying to cash in however the point of the album was to show fans that the current Helloween line-up despite several member changes was heading in a direction which could possibly see them creating their very best pieces of work starting with 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy'.

Okay so to the album review. Why buy this album?

The first disc is excellent with disc 2 being slightly weaker but still enjoyable. Like many people I think the album should have been on one disc.

The Best....

The King for 1000 Years - Epic masterpiece *****

The Invisible Man - A personal fav, sounds great live and really like the guitar solo. ****

Born On Judgement Day - Catchy and powerful ****

Pleasure Drone - I particulary like the harmoized guitar solo, excellent. ****

Mrs. God - The single, this song has a bit of humour to it. Helloween singles are often ****

Silent Rain - A song which has been highlighted for its lyrics, still an excellent song. ****

Occasion Avenue - The 2nd epic on disc 2. *****

Light The Universe - The ballad with Candice Night. ****

My Life For One More Day - Another powerful song which is one of the best on the album. *****

The Rest..... but still worth a listen.
These songs range from good to okay. They just feel like they have something missing from them compared to the tracks above.

Come Alive - Catchy Chorus. ***

The Shade In The Shadows - Great Intro and drumming, no guitar solo which is odd but still a decent track. ***

Do You Know What You Are Fighting For - This song eventually grew on me. ***

Get It Up - Meh... my least favourite I admit. **

So Overall I would give this album a solid 4 out of 5. If songs like 'Shade in the Shadows and 'Come Alive' had that missing something to them and perhaps a couple of the other songs had been left out this album would have been pushing for 5/5.

Excellent performaces from all members of Helloween which continued on into their next studio release, Gambling With The Devil.
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on 13 November 2007
The first thing you think about when you see a band trying to hark back to their glory days is "they've obviously created a crap piece of work, and they need to link it to the glory days to help sell the thing"

Well, if you do think that then you're probably not that far off the mark.

A major word of warning here. If you are expecting to listen to part 3 of the wonderful Keeper albums then you are going to be VERY sorely disappointed. Deris is a fine vocalist, but why oh why do they have to go back to the Kiske era? Helloween have put out some fine tunes during the Deris era, so there's no need to do this. This album sounds nothing like Keepers, and was really misleading to the fans to label it as such.

There are a few decent tracks in this album. King for a 1000 Years and Occasion Avenue to name but a few. But all in all the album, delivered over 2 discs, takes a bit of getting used to.

I'd actually give this 3 stars for the musical content, but for unashamedly marketing this to be placed alongside the majestic Keeper albums (not even Metallica would stoop that low - well, maybe), and failing quite miserably to live up to this attached legacy, I'm deducting a star.

Very disappointed in this effort.
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on 10 August 2014
I love it! Started my "affair" with Helloween in the early 90's on hearing Dr Stein...bought the album and then back albums. Lost interest after "bubbles" but the "raw" album brought me back into the Deris era. This album rocks. Perhaps unneccessarily spread over two discs but from the opener King for a 1000 years I was hooked. The two standout tracks for me are this one and Ocassion Avenue (and these are two of my all time faves) but all songs are melodic and leave you wanting more. This one is never out the csr! As a fan familiar with the band, this one is up there with the best. If new to the band, it will leave you wanting more. You have been warned!
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on 15 November 2005
After a couple of weak albums Helloween come back with a very good work!!! The title is challenging but the final results are good!
The first track "King for a thousand years" is a long song to follow the path of the 80's classics "Halloween" and "Keeper of the seven keys". The epic track cannot match the mentioned originals but it's a good song.
The following track, "Invisible man", is a very good song that reminds me a lil' bit of the Gamma ray style!
The third track, the very fast song called "Born on judgement day", is in a pure Michael Weikath style and obviously... I love it, the chorus is very melodic and fits very well the "romantic and religious" lyrics!
Unfortunately the remaining 3 tracks on the first cd are based upon clichès and aren't as good as the 3 opener tracks.
The second cd is opened by the "long and experimental" track "Occasion avenue" a song penned by the vocalist of the band Andreas Deris. The following track, a ballad, has been written by Deris too. What to say? Deris is a good vocalist/lyricist but doesn't have great musical ideas!!
Here's the masterwork: the Michael Weikath song "Do you know what you are fighting for" it is one of the best song Helloween ever wrote! What a groove and obviously what a vocal melody and Deris sings very well on this tune!!!! Another killer track is the funny rock hymn "Get it up".
"Come alive", "The shade in the shadow" and "My life for one more day" are not bad but don't shine at all!
A good metal album in the classic style of this important rock/metal band. I hope in the future releases we'll get more Weikath and Gerstner tracks and less Deris tracks. Altough Deris is a very good metal vocalist he's not a memorable composer!
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on 23 May 2013
An excellent purchase which shows the German Metal Masters at their bombastic best! Also the lovely Candice Night adds vocals on a track!
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